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Chan Lowe: Rick Scott's rehabilitation tour


Evidently, not all Democratic ideas are bad ones. Even notoriously indifferent Rick Scott has finally decided it's time to remedy his dismal popularity ratings, and has glommed onto an idea first executed very effectively by former Gov. Bob Graham. Good luck to him in his mingling with the groundlings.

More important today is this email exchange I had with a former reader, which I think gets to the core of what's really wrong with this nation:

Hi Chan,
I said so long to the SunSentinel last week. I'll still read it from time to
time when my neighbor lets me have her paper but I just had to stop
my subscription because I just couldn't take the constant left-
leaning garbage your editorial board is shoving down our throats.
It turns my stomach especially in light of an economy that provides
no jobs and a president and his party that are racking up such
tremendous debt that your great grandchildren won't be able to pay.

The drumbeat goes on, it's Bush's fault. We know that he spent recklessly
but that was over two and a half years ago. This egomaniac in the WH now
has made the situation so much worse. When is your board going to
tell it like it really is. Never I guess. You'll continue to pander to the
Debbie Blabbermouth crowd until our region turns bankrupt. I know
you couldn't care less about one subscription lost but as small as
that is, I felt I did something if only to keep my sanity.



Well, John, we do care. I'm sorry we lost you. These days, any loss is a tragedy on a small scale, because it means one less person who allows the point of view of others to enter his consciousness, when there are so many who simply reside in the echo chamber of like-minded people. I wish you had kept us on as part of a mix of your news sources, along with all of those whose points of view you agree with. It's never a bad idea to be aware of what your ideological adversaries are thinking; not only might you learn something now and then (as I often do from conservatives such as yourself), but you might also learn ways we could work together to change the country we all love for the better.

I hope you'll decide to return to us someday.

All the best,


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I couldn't agree more with your response to John's letter. When people rely on one news site or several that tell them exactly the same thing (and what they want to hear), then you never learn the truth. In order to come to an educated decision, you have to look at all sides, not just the sources that are coming from one direction whether they are left or right.

This is the most damaging element in our society. People are too lazy or busy to do the research and just want to be told what to think, especially if it makes them feel good about their existing point of view.

We need to challenge ourselves more.

@Patrick - Well, it's not like the Dems are doing that now... with the whole Fox News thing... no, sir... heh. *cough*


Well thought out reply.


In the era of the internet and 24hr tickers readers and journalists alike have gone the road of convienence when it comes to news. Some readers just look for the tidbit of information (valid or not) that reaffirms their thoughts or belifs to the point that there is no reason to look further, while journalists are racing to break the story (often times at the expense of the facts) to meet the demands of their employer or to compete with other media mediums. It seems to be a cycle that unfortunately will go unbroken. Brave new world or dumbing down to the masses? Jury still out.

Chan, your candor is sincere. However, you are not like most liberals. I truly feel for this guy. The entire news media in the U.S. is in the tank for Obama and have become leftist policy mouthpieces. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, all the major newspapers have hard left bias. Even Fox News is owned partially by Saudis so their investigative journalism on radical Islam is almost non-existent. No one reports the real stories anymore unless it is websites like Drudge or Breitbart. Those that actually do report raw news, bury the story somewhere hoping no one will find it. There are no real journalists anymore in the mainstream media who look out for the American people and report the news regardless of party affiliation or political bias. It is sickening to watch how the mainstream media has become nothing but a wing of government parroting the exact same talking points coming out of the White House and from Congressional leaders. There was a time in this country were the press did their homework and were feared by politicians, business leaders, and those who wanted to hoodwink the public. Today they are all one and the same. They all work together ensuring the "message" is uniform and within conformance. Anyone who steps out of line is either fired, thrown under the bus, marginalized, or threatened. Political correctness helps ensure that differing opinions cannot be heard and if they are they are shouted down as racist, extremist, or outright violent. Just think, we have come to a point in America where asking the government to cut spending and become more fiscally responsible is considered right-wing rhetoric. Need I say more?

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