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Chan Lowe: Cain's 9-9-9 scam


The Republican Right appears to have an endless, mystifying capacity to blindly vote against its own interests. Herman Cain, the millionaire businessman (and don’t you forget it), is riding at the top of the primary polls right now not because the plan he espouses is best for America, but because he has managed to wrap his oligarchic scam in a Twinkie package irresistible to the base.

The 9-9-9 plan, deceptive in its simplicity, is a smoke-and-mirrors concoction designed to shift more of the tax burden onto the middle class and poor without tipping them off. The economic pinheads have peeked behind the curtain, and are busy poking holes in the scheme. When it comes to politics, however, simple sells, especially if it can fit easily on a bumper sticker.

It’s all just low comedy anyway, because nothing like this would ever get through Congress in a Cain Administration, were there ever to be one. Too many oxen would get gored.

At least Cain is entertaining, which is more than one can say for the eventual nominee, and we all know who he's going to be.

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It seems to me that the sure-fire nominee would be Ronald Reagan. Yes, I know, he already served two terms, and has passed away. But I feel that should not prevent people from voting their preferences. I, for one, would vote for Harry Truman if he somehow could run again.


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What name calling? That is ridiculous! I plan on making all of South Florida know about your censorship practices as it relates to conservatives.

Interesting...999 is what you dial in England instead of 911, in other words, if there's an emergency. Similarly, in German, it would mean "no, no, no". Both appropriate--this passes, we'll be in an emergency, so say "no, no, no".

The 9-9-9 plan would soon become 10-10-10, and go up from there every other year - maybe sooner. How high could they go? Take a look at Europe:
(Corporate income tax, personal income tax, vat/sales tax)
Belgium: 34-50-21
France: 33-41-20
Germany: 31-20-25
Italy 31-45-21
Spain 30-45-18
UK/England 27-50-20

The key here is not the 9-9-9, (which sounds great), but that personal exemptions and deductions disappear and there is a new national sales tax. That's just for starters. After that, the sky's the limit. Remember the income tax was originally to max at 6%, for the highest earners only. It didn't stay that way. Neither will 9-9-9.

Chan, at least Cain has an actual plan. You fell for Hope and Change in '08 and look were that got us. Insurmountable debt and a sophomoric solution to tax the top 1%. Pinhead!

"sophomoric solution to tax the top 1%. Pinhead!"

You mean to tax the 1% that owns 55% US wealth that only wants to pay taxes equal to the 95% that owns 15% or lower of US wealth? Pinhead!

I understand. Fox news divide and conquer strategy works well with idiots who love the us vs. them BS.

This man could not have said his predictions any clearer.

The Weak will suck up to the Strong, for fear of losing their jobs and their money and all the fickle power they wielded only twenty-four hours ago. —Hunter S. Thompson, Rolling Stone, 11 Nov. 2004

"We need more taxpayers, not higher taxes". While 9-9-9 may be simplistic-it does simplify the thousands of pages of tax laws that result in the current inequity. Not just 'taxing the rich' which is Obama's one trick pony phrase for class warfare which he knows is not a solution. The 9-9-9 broadens the tax base to include the 47% of the adult populace that pays zero. I'm open to debate on 9-9-9 among the candidates. Other than ridiculing each Republican candidate, what is your contribution Mr. Lowe?

Hey Mr. Independent, feeling guilty about your bad decision in '08? No obscure quote is going to make you feel better. Just don't make the same mistake twice or that will make you the real idiot.

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