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Chan Lowe: Dr. King and the Republican agenda


I do not pretend to be well versed in the oratory and written work of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in his legacy he mentioned the importance of vigilance.

The victories he helped his fellow Americans to achieve were hard-fought. Lives were lost, including his own. Those holding power were not prepared to relinquish it; it had to be wrested from them.

Now, fifty years after the great battles of the mid-20th Century and the Voting Rights Act, we are in danger of backsliding on the progress Dr. King and his adherents made, as Republican legislatures across the land seek to restrict access to the polls by those who, historically, have been known to vote Democratic. The requirement that voters have photo IDs is an onerous one designed to suppress voting by those who don’t have drivers’ licenses (many of them residents of inner cities). Here in Florida, the ban on early voting the Sunday before election day was specifically directed at African Americans who traditionally go to the polls after church.

It’s a sad law of human nature that those who have been forced to give up their mastery over others will always seek to reinstate it. Rather than adopt policies that will attract the support of all Americans, those who want to “take America back” seek ways to make sure that those who would not benefit⎯and who would, in fact, be harmed by their agenda⎯are not allowed to exercise their legal right to register their disapproval.

For some, it has never been the American Way to try to secure the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Rather, it has been to grab what you can for yourself and leave others to struggle on their own. Dr. King’s vision was so broad that he transcended race and ethnicity, dreaming of an America where all people prospered according to their abilities. For his sacrifice and that of others not to be in vain, it is important to remember that the struggle never really ends.

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According to Wikipedia; "The U.S. state of Florida officially began early voting in 2004 as part of post-2000 election reform”. Where does the tradition of voting after going to church come from? Additionally 16 states including such bastions of Democratic voting strength as Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Michigan and Wisconsin do not allow early voting at all.
The move to require positive identification in order to vote is a direct result of the voter registration abuse by the now defunct ACORN. And by the way the next Republican registered by ACORN would be the first.

i think it makes sense to ask for ID at the voting place. Only those who are for voting fraud can be opposed to this common sense measure.

Keep buying in Win Jeff. Remember, toe the line, do what your TV says, and vote against your own best interest. Remember, they know what's good for you, what's right for you, and what you should think. Keep nodding your head in agreement and courageously place the bonds of enslavement about your neck, willingly, thankfully. Good boy.

The data doesn't support the thesis Chan, as pointed out very succinctly by WinJeff. So what new "conspiracy" are you writing about next? The Tea Party must be behind the Wall Street protests, right? I wish someone would support it!
How is it someone can go to jail for robbery over $120 stolen from a 7-11 yet of the thousands working on Wall Street busy defrauding American investors first, and then American taxpayers later, not one has been charged with a crime, let alone gone to jail?! Continue writing editorials about putting criminals (like those) in jail and once it happens, then we can have "Hope" and "Change you can believe in!"

the biggest and only provable act of voter indimation in my lifetime came at the hands racist blacks! and eric holder refuses to prosecute this jerks. the democrats do not believe in the right to vote free from the fear of violence...not obama, eric holder , nancy pelosi etc!! the silence is sad and speaks volumes about the president and his pals!

MLK was a republican, or does that get in the way of YOUR leftist mentality?
Voting laws requiring positive identification help protect ALL Americans. To your point of unfinished, until Jesse wadhesay Jackson, Al notso Sharpton and the other race baiters the work will be unfinished!!

If I had my way Chan, only tax-paying Americans would have the right to vote - not the 48 percent who currently live off the dole. That isn't racist at all - that's being a realist.

Its hard to believe that Lowe and the rest of the SS editorial staff think its a travesty of justice to be required to present picture ID in order to vote.Today I went to the bank to make an adjustment on my account,on the desk was a sign - USA
Patriot Act
Customer Identification Requirements
(a current picture identification that verifies identity including name,address and other identifying information).
I must have to show my picture ID at least 20 times a month.

Until the country stands up and stops illegal immigration and voting fraud, etc etc etc, picture ID protects us all. And you don't have to drive to get the ID. If you can't read and write English and or you're afraid to let anyone know who you are and where you live, then you shouldn't be allowed to vote. PERIOD.

Ohhhh, the horrors.
Heaven forbid one would have to identify him/her self as the person actually voting.
The horrors.
So in order for dems to win you need people voting 10 times? don't you?
You said it Chan, not me.

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