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Chan Lowe: School prayer...again.


If there ever were an argument for fairly drawn state legislative districts, this is it.

Florida’s overwhelmingly Republican legislature is planning to revisit the hoary school prayer issue. It isn’t because our elected public servants care that much about religion. This is for back-home consumption. If the United States Supreme Court would allow them, they’d pass a law making the New Testament a required course for the FCATs without batting an eye.

It’s win-win, as far as they’re concerned. They can self-righteously pontificate about the importance of religion and prayer in a child’s upbringing, conveniently ignoring that children have plenty of places outside of school to develop their spiritual identities… like church, for example (I didn’t say “temples,” or “mosques,” because we all know that isn’t the brand of spirituality they’re talking about). Cynical? Shux, cain't even spell the word. Jus' lookin' out for our kids, that's all.

They can then count on equally vehement opposing speeches out of their counterparts from districts in southeastern Florida, most of whom are Democrats and some of whom (gasp!) don’t even accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

They aren’t Christian, they’re against school prayer, and chances are they’re gonna vote to reelect that Muslim in the White House. At least, that’s how it’ll be characterized when the home folks are whupped up to turn out and vote in November of 2012.

It might be just enough to tip a swing state like Florida, especially when you combine it with all our new anti-voter fraud laws.

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Isn't it interesting how those politicians who claim to want to protect the Constitution only want to protect the parts they like, or agree with? Either that or they don't truly understand what it says, and what it means. (Incidentally, both parties are guilty of this to some degree or other)

I look forward to the day that the pastafarian worship of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is recognized as the one true religion.

Is this nothing more than a stunt for votes? Because they can vote all day and night on this, because it doesn't stop the fact that its against the constitution.

Yahoo! Here's one 'back home' who is so glad the legislature is listening to reason. And many people here in Florida.
Religion, real religion, is so important. It's all about the relationship we can enjoy with the Almighty. And prayer, conversing with Him, enriches that relationship. By the way Mr. Lowe. Let's be real and civil for a change. The politicians have a responsability to those 'back home'. Even if they didn't think religion is important, we do. And many of those politicians must too. Why? They are being bashed by cynics and such. You don't do that just for a vote. That shows character.
Kids can learn about religion at church, or temples or mosques and even home. However, our kids have a constitutional right to exercise their religion in the marketplace too. That is often school for them.
I would hope we could all be respectful and truly tolerant of each other, even if we disagree and argue. And even thank the One who gave us our inalienable rights that are listed in our Constitution.
Oh, and for the record, Mr. Obama is a professing Christian, not a Muslim.

It’s the same trick they pulled to get President Bush elected twice. They put gay marriage on the ballot to bring out the right and the conservatives and “oh, while your’re here, ‘W’ is also against gay marriage so you should vote for him”.

I really don’t think they really care about school prayer one way or the other. They know as well as any rational person that it will get struck down as unconstitutional. It’s just a ploy to get the voters they want in to the polls. It’s really a smart move on their part.

I don't remember-was Lowe calling for balanced redistricting when the Democrat party was busy engineering South Florida districts that included narrow strips of cities across several counties designed to guarantee an incumbents election?
The Courts are finding in favor of students rights to pray in school, as opposed to School Officials requiring or forbidding prayer. The Constitution protects those rights-whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or other.
After 3 years of the current Administration, 9 percent unemployment, trillions in new debt, tax freighted "jobs" bills aimed to provide cash flow to Unions at election time, and a President who waited 3 years until the election season began to have a 'lazer focus' on jobs-the voters don't really need any counterfeit reasons to mob the polls and turn this President out.

How quickly will these "leaders" run when Muslim students want to lead prayer??

Just more fuel to the fire to bring up and continue the fight for separating the Great State of Florida into two States.. The difference of the two Floridas is once again showing its multiple head. When are we in SOFLO going to stand up and say.. We are Mad as HELL and cant take it anymore!! ?..

lots of categories within these posts;
constitutional rights - we should have the right to pray or wear a cross as our right of free speech...and I wonder why people have such a hard time being tolerant of someone praying or quoting the bible...
political maneuvering?...of course it is; when is it not? I'm so disgusted with our politicians and our two party system.
Our President is not the reason why we have 9% unemployment and the current dept - our two party system and the lack of true statesmen is why, oh and the fact that the top 5% of wealthiest Americans are running this country...
We need a strong and true centrist party that has real morals, with the courage to stand by them to fight against big business and the wealthy to do what's really right for Americans, not just for themselves.

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