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Chan Lowe: The Trump GOP debate


If you had any doubts that this primary season is unlike any we’ve ever seen, this latest development, “Presidential Candidate Apprentice,” should clinch it for you. There may be an upside: The crass conflation of civics and entertainment could engage more of the electorate.

The downside, of course, is that choosing the leader of this nation is a pretty serious matter. To relegate any part of the process to a self-inflated showman and attention-seeker is tantamount to admitting that that if America declines to the status of second-rate power, it will be because its people willingly abrogated their responsibility to govern themselves responsibly.

Should the Trumpapalooza turn out to be the circus everyone is predicting, then the craven candidates who slithered onto his stage, fearing retribution if they did not show, will be diminished by the event. The big beneficiary could be Jon Huntsman, who has refused to appear.

Before the White House and Obama reelection campaign staff get sore palms from doing high-fives, they might want to temper their jubilation with the thought of a Huntsman bump. His stalwart display of independence could cause embarrassed and disgusted voters to give him another look.

And Huntsman, as I’ve said before, is the one candidate who really has a chance of beating Obama. Those with the biggest sway in the Republican primaries simply haven’t awakened to it yet.

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"The Donald" & a cast of clowns..Don't get much better than that,if you enjoy a comedy routine...

But wait...Isn't this suppose to be a GOP Debate.?

Yup- it might get so heated up that "The Donald's" hair plugs might get on fire....Good cartoon, Chan...

Was it you or another commentator (or cartoonist; I do read the websites of other newspapers) who made the observation that more people vote on AMERICAN IDOL than vote for the President? And that, by implication, some people treat voting for the latter like voting for the former? Either way, it's another proof of the old saying: we get the government we deserve. It's happened before and it's gonna happen again.

To Bob Babalima:

In terms of "fair and balanced," you might misunderstand Mr. Lowe's role at the Sun Sentinel. He is NOT a reporter. He IS an editorial cartoonist and commentator. If you disagree with his point of view, please feel free to post your comments. Accusing him of his "liberal bias" on an ongoing basis, suggests that you might have misunderstood his function as an opinion maker.

I love Elections Time... Because it gives so much material to cartoons like this. .... I can't wait to watch SNL with Trump and the GOP Jackson Five....

We really don't deserve this gift. But a grateful nation and all late night comedians are delighted.

Obviously, he's not a reporter...but you're missing the point. Why not present commentators/cartoonists that present another point of view, at least occasionally? Lowe is consistent and predictable and I'm sure liberals adore his work. Your paper, however, suffers when readers like me notice that only one vantage point is presented. The one-sidedness isn't hard to spot.

Today's on-line headline is about a comedian asking Gov. Scott---surprise, a Republican--to pee in a cup. Enough said. Yeah, journalism has gone the way of the dodo bird.

This is why I'd never pay for a subscription. I have subscribed in years past, but no longer. This paper is only interested in presenting, as you say, liberal "opinion makers". That makes the Sentinel clearly less-than-impartial.

That ensures that your paper will never get a dime of my money, regardless of how many times your sales staff calls to get me to subscribe.

People actually like when news outlets present both sides and invite good debate. This is why a show like O'Reilley does so well. Most segments on that show are split-screened, with someone like Ann Coulter on one side and someone like Marc Lamont-Hill on the other side, slugging it out, respectfully arguing their viewpoints. I love the debate. I may be a conservative, but I regularly listen to Hill, Colmes, Leslie Marshall and watch Tavis Smiley on PBS. Not a redneck either. Don't care for NASCAR. College educated, conservative working in the education field (there are a few of us).

If you post this, I'm sure many would agree with my sentiments.

To Bob Babalima:

In answer to your question, "Why not present commentators/cartoonists that present another point of view, at least occasionally?"

The answer is that the Sun-Sentinel DOES present commentators/cartoonists who present other points of view. You say that you value Bill O'Reilly? Well, maybe it's time for you to resubscribe since, not only do we carry O'Reilly's syndicated columns on our Op Ed pages, we also give Cal Thomas, Kathleen Parker and Jonah Goldberg room to express their views. I don't believe that a paper can do much better than that in representing the "balance" you may have been seeking.

As for Mr. Lowe, he is the staff cartoonist for the Sun-Sentinel and has been for more than 25 years, in part, because the vast majority of our readers appreciate his point of view--whether they're in agreement or not. Furthermore, Lowe's cartoons are NOT the only cartoons we run. Other cartoonists appear on Saturdays and Mondays each and EVERY week.

If you still choose not to resubscribe to the Sun Sentinel, feel free to post your comments on Mr. Lowe's blog. Just bear in mind that his job is to give his opinion--whether you agree with it, or not. It has been his hope all along that everyone be given an opportunity to discuss their points of view.

On a final note: I wonder...did you understand the significance of the Scott headline to which you referred?

Thank you.
Blog Administrator

MR blog administrator: the problem readers have with Lowe is that he never waivers from his far left drawings that attack anything Republican or conservative.His voice dominates the editorial page because a picture says a thousand words.There have been other cartoons printed from other papers with criticism of Dems but they are few and far between,usually your paper prints that Code Green nonsense when Lowe is vacationing with Obama.You are in denial if you think your paper has balance,Lowe,Lyons,Mayo, Goldstein and Kurlander to name just a few dominate your paper.

To jimbo53,

In response to your statement "the problem readers have with Lowe is that he never waivers from his far left drawings that attack anything Republican or conservative."--

Are you suggesting that Mr. Lowe veer from his true opinions in order to satisfy more right-leaning beliefs?

He has always opened his blog to you, posting your views whether they aligned with his or not.

Lowe's expressing his opinions and you expressing yours is a good thing.
That's what democracy is all about.

Can we agree on that?

Blog Administrator

Blog Admin - why did you ask BB above:
"On a final note: I wonder...did you understand the significance of the Scott headline to which you referred?"
Why would you question whether he understood its "significance"? Isn't Chan asking whether Scott will walk the talk? Is there some question he will not?



You asked, "Isn't Chan asking whether Scott will walk the talk? Is there some question he will not?"

Chan was not the author of the headline Bob Babalima and I were discussing, and made no comment on the matter of Scott and the cup.

I hope this clears things up for you.

Blog Administrator

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