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Chan Lowe: Allen West jumps districts


Well, at least we know what it’s all about, now. It isn’t about faithfully representing the people of Florida District 22, because he just coldly abandoned them.

It isn’t about never shying away from a challenge, which is what Congressman Allen West was crowing just a few weeks ago when the Florida Legislature redrew his district to include more Democratic voters.

It’s about putting his career in Congress first and foremost. It’s been about that ever since he first decided not to run in his own home district. Evidently, the war veteran found the self-described “Jewish mom from Plantation,” Debbie Wasserman Schultz, more fearsome, even, than Iraqi militants.

Somehow, I don’t think carpetbaggers hopping hither and yon in search of U.S. House districts that will elect them is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they conceived of “citizen legislators.” While Congress may appear to be one sometimes, it isn’t a traveling circus.

My editorial board colleague Gary Stein summed it up thus: “If West keeps moving north, soon he’ll be running for Prime Minister of Canada.”

All this is further proof that once these professed anti-government types get a taste of the heady atmosphere in Washington, D.C., they lose no time succumbing to its seductive charms. Like their more entrenched brethren, they come to need that fix.

At least Mr. West seems to have learned something about politics during his short career. Word has it that he’s actually going to be taking up residence in his new district. I’m sure Ms. Wasserman Schultz will miss her favorite constituent.

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What oh What are you going to do without the only African American man you and your group can bash, harrass and belittle on a regualar basis. I snese that you will have a sharp decline in readership when this paper goes back to the sleepy, non-interesting rag it once was.

Mr. Lowe , You are always a very far left person , but I take offense to this cartoon since it appears to demean the uniform and the service of a decorated veteran . I am not sure how many intense firefights that you have been unlucky enough to be in , but having been in too many myself , I think that you have gone to far with this cartoon. I don't care about the politics or the fact that you seem to adore far left politicians like Ms. Wasserman- Schultz it is the uniform and service that I think should never be demeaned !

Once again, you nailed it, West is an opportunist of the worst kind. Good riddance is all I have to say.

As an Air Force veteran, I cannot believe that someone would cry about the uniform issue instead of the real issue of Allan West being inefficient for the residents of the state. Get over yourself, sir and deal with the real issues. And for someone to cry about his being the only African-American, clearly shows that this individual really did not see what West was all about, a self-promoting individual trying to feed off the welfare of the residents for his own gain..

Boy am I glad I moved to NC!!!! Florida will never regain what was once a beautiful status as a true melting pot, but will always keep the status of most ignorant state of the union and the most inconsiderate residents. Why don't you righties ask Sarah Palin to run for office down here, that way, you intellectuals and her can see Russia from Miami.... Now wonder Jeb wants nothing to do with this state....

Thank you Gil for summing it up. As we all know, when West eventually does fail to be elected, he'll be heading to the lobby trough.

At least he is finally going to run where he lives.

OK, I am happy to see him go. What will we do without him? He'll still be getting tv time with hatespeech, fearmongering, and divisive speech.

Banger: It has nothing to do with the uniform. Only someone with a victim mentaility would play it that way. We all know he's scared of running again down here. There is no way to explain your way around it.

The only one who has demeaned the uniform is Mr. West. For someone who never once has missed a chance to remind everyone of his 22 year military career, his actions do not align with his words. I'm sorry to tell you that many of his constituents already knew this when he chose FL22 to run rather than his own district. In typical bully fashion, he picked the kid he thought he could beat to start the fight with. Unfortunately for all those who have served our nation, Mr. West's choices and actions have done more to mock his own military service than anything anyone else can say or do. Good luck Mr. West. As a resident of FL22, I'm glad to see you go.

"Decorated Soldiers" don't get court marshals. I believe you meant, Disgraced Soldier.

Richard above is spot on!

na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

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