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Posted June 26, 2007 10:25 AM
The Swamp

by Frank James

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) reacted a few minutes ago on the Senate floor to the Iraq speech of Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) last night.

Lugar set Washington buzzing by saying that the current military surge isn't in the national interest and called for a deliberate, well-executed drawdown of U.S. forces there.

Here's much of what Reid said:

"...I would recommend and suggest to all senators, Democrats and Republicans alike that they read the brilliant speech given by Dick Lugar last night. It was very good. It was I'm sure prepared by him, every word. I understand Mr. President (Reid was addressing the senator in the chair) that it's not easy to speak out against the war. And I can vouch for that.

I also recognize how difficult it is for Republicans to speak out against the war. It's been hard enough for this Democrat to speak out against the war. Sen. Lugar's conments, and those of a handful of other Republicans who share his view, to this point two have said so publicly, takes real coutage. And courage is the only way we change course in Iraq. Some floor speeches go unnoticed.

Most floor speeches go unnoticed. But Sen. Richard Lugar's floor speech last night is not one of them. When this war comes to an end, and it will come to an end, and the history books are written, and they will be written, I believe that Sen. Lugar's words yesterday could be remembered as a turning point in this intractable civil war in Iraq.

But that will depend on whether more Republicans take the stand that Sen. Lugar took, courageous stand last night. I look forward to working with Sen. Lugar. And hope and believe a growing number of Republicans put his words into action by delivering a responsible end to a war that the American people demand and the American people deserve.

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When Senator Lugar talks, a lot of moderate Republicans listen.

Hopefully, this is a watershed event that helps end Dubya and Darth's insane policies in the failure that is Iraq.

We need to get out of the middle of that multi-faceted civil war NOW!

Is Lugar up for re-election? Must be. He is joining a long list of cheerleaders for our great and esteemed Bush and his grand illusion of getting revenge for Saddam attempting to kill his daddy, attacking Iraq for WMDs, ramming democracy down the throats of the Arabs, and fighting the tearists over there so we don't have to fight them in front of Macys. Ain't it amazing that it took German Lugar so long to come to the reality that I had 5 years ago. And I ain't a blow dried, middle aged member of the majority ethnic group who are fornicating up this country.

It is time for Bruce to spin this into a victory for the lame. Luger is really a nobody. He has a third cousin once removed that gave $20 to a homeless democrat one time.

Slowly, ever so slowly, reality erodes the partisan stance on the Iraq war. There will be a time when all, Republicans and Democrats and Independents, will have to admit that the war was a mistake in the first place. We are losing a lot more than a war here. We must always be very careful to whom we pass the very big guns of America. The potential for making stupid mistakes which cost thousands of innocent people their lives is too great to be ignored while we vote stupid religious issues which should not even be debated in the Halls of Congress.

Who will be the first Republic Swampster to throw Senator Lugar under the bus? I'll wait to see who gets the talking points first. I imagine it will be something along the line of, "Dick Lugar was never a real Republican" or "Dick Lugar could never be counted on and has always been a rebel within the party"

I'd like to announce that Bruce was the winner. On another post he said Senator Lugar should redeploy to Indiana. Congratulations Bruce! Just keep our soldiers headed toward a meat grinder. As long as it's not you, right buddy.

San Miguel,

Your last posting says it all.

Problem is, by the time we get the brakes put on this debacle, the Iraq War will stand just behind the Korean War in the ranks of American wars.


As a native Hoosier, I can remember when Lugar was first elected. He was touted as and conducted himself as a bare knuckled conservative in-fighter.

He was in no way considered a moderate.

Just shows how far to the right the US has been pushed in the last 27 years or so.

I knew the lockstep Republicans in Congress would start changing their tune on Iraq, they're worried about getting re-elected NOT fixing Iraq.


Lugar was re-elected last year - without Democratic opposition.

The point being he has nothing to gain by taking the position he did.

Big surprise. Scumbag Republics are avoiding commenting on the post.

The sooner we get out of Iraq the better. Go Harry!

Fratricidal cannibalism - youse name over by dere is Republican Swamp Poster!

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