Clinton owes her own high school money: The Swamp
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Posted March 31, 2008 4:05 PM
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Hillary Clinton's friends and schoolmates Betsy Ebeling, left, Ernest Ricketts of Oak Brook, right, and Hardye Moel, foreground, of Chicago, at a town hall meeting via satellite with Clinton at Clinton's alma mater, Maine South High School, on Feb. 4. Chicago Tribune Photo by Candice C. Cusic.

by Rick Pearson and updated with a campaign check.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has made little secret that it has been routinely outspent by rival Barack Obama in the extended race for the Democratic presidential nomination and has been forced to curtail checks for some of its vendors and staff.

But stiffing your high school alma mater?

That’s apparently the case, according to federal campaign disclosure reports that show that among more than $8.7 million listed as debts, the Clinton campaign owed $3,161 to Maine South High School in Park Ridge for renting the school for an event, as well as for catering.

Clinton, then Hillary Rodham, was a 1965 Maine South graduate.

The Clinton campaign used the school’s Watson Auditorium for an election eve event prior to the Feb. 5 “Super Tuesday” balloting in Illinois and more than 20 other states. The event was a “town hall meeting,” broadcast on the Hallmark Channel, which allowed supporters across the country to question the candidate.

The FEC form listed only a “Dr. Rose” as a contact at the school. A switchboard operator at Maine South said no one was available to discuss the debt and that the only “Dr. Rose” at the school was Dr. Rose Garlasco, the assistant principal of students, who was unavailable.

Jay Carson, a spokesman for Clinton's campaign, said the invoice from Maine South High School was paid today.

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Clinton has to stay in this race, she has to continue getting campaign donations from her supporters in order to pay off all of the self-made Clinton campaign debts. Clinton should have canned her incompetent campaign manager, Mark Penn, a looooooong time ago.

"Cash-strapped Clinton fails to pay bills"
By: Kenneth P. Vogel- Politico
March 30, 2008 11:38 AM EST

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s cash-strapped presidential campaign has been putting off paying hundreds of bills for months — freeing up cash for critical media buys but also earning the campaign a reputation as something of a deadbeat in some small-business circles.

A pair of Ohio companies owed more than $25,000 by Clinton for staging events for her campaign are warning others in the tight-knit event production community — and anyone else who will listen — to get their cash upfront when doing business with her. Her campaign, say representatives of the two companies, has stopped returning phone calls and e-mails seeking payment of outstanding invoices. One even got no response from a certified letter.

"Is Hillary broke"?
March 29, 2008
BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist

Scoop du jour? Sneed hears major money problems in the Clinton camp may soon become a coroner knocking on her campaign door.

To wit: Word is the cash feeding into Hillary Clinton's campaign coffers has not only slowed down in a big way, undisclosed campaign debts that have yet to be made public could signal the end and have insiders biting their nails.

"Hillary needs to raise money to stay alive," a top Dem source said.,CST-NWS-SNEED28.article

Nothing too universal about this healthcare...

"Among the debts reported this month by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign, the $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for her campaign staff stands out."

"Clinton owes her own high school money"

Drip Drip Drip:

You folks are really petty, I must say. I think that there's a conspiracy against a woman candidate because we women have always had to fight harder and longer than anyone else to realize our goals. Give it up already!

If you think her campaign is managed badly, just think what this country would be like under her management. Remember she was the one who said the president is a manager, someone who knows where the dots for the i's are, and which file the crosses for the t's are kept. So why hasn't she paid those people. "Shame on you, Hillary Rodham Clinton." Why don't you manage your campaign the way you say you will manage the most powerful country on Earth.

How can you be our "girl" with such sloppiness around you?

She owe plenty of people money. Ready to lead on day one...or not.

Yessir, Hillary really takes care of the "little guy", doesn't she? Can't even pay for her campaign staff's health insurance premiums - and these people STILL stick with her. Just goes to show - stupidity is not limited to the poorly educated.

Wow, you don't see many Hillary supporters commenting on this! LOL!

To minimize damage to the Demovratic party, I feel it best if Senator Clinton were to withdraw from the campaign and get on with the big battle coming up in November

Susanna Ehrmann: Your sexism is disgusting. This has nothing to do with her gender.

Susanna Ehrmann | March 31, 2008 4:41 PM

Monica didnt have to fight.

I'm sorry but what does this have to do with the campaign. Is that why everyone was so anxious to see her tax returns, just out and out nosieness? As far as obama out spending Hillary, I guess I don't want him handling the budget for this country if he can't control his own spending, besides I think the amount of money he has spent on his campaign and he is only 130 deligates ahead of Hillary he should be much further ahead than that. If money makes the nominee it is a very sad criteria for this country. It should be on their credentials, not how much money they can spend. To the swamp I don't expect to see this in print for some reason you don't seem to think my comments are worth printing.

That is because the Hillary haters have just been waiting for something this unimportant to rag about. Get a life people. Maybe she is behind in money because she is not taking donations from the big corporations that obama is getting his money from. Here is another Hillary backer that will not post to this blog. Hey swamp people are beginning to notice that you don't print comments from Hillary backers. You really need to hide your partiality when it comes to the candidates. WRIGHT?

She should pay up pronto. Be true to your school...

And we wonder why schools are facing such budget problems when Presidential candidates can't even buck up. Check out more crazy stories in public education at

Hmmmmm...after the HILLraisers and the HILLicopter and every other HILL statement her team could imagine, it's time for a new one for America.


If you check the campaign records, you'll see that clinton has raised the same amount of money as Obama. The problem is that they wasted it all before Feb 5, and now cry that they are being outspent. Maybe mark penn can buy some tv time with the 5 million she paid him. And she's going to straighten out the economy. Don't make me laugh.

Rick Pearson, this is just stupid and petty. The event was not even 2 months ago, and we don't know when Maine South billed the campaign. Maybe the bill didn't go out until March. But thanks to people like you, fanatics like Drudge and Hannity will pick up this piece of non-important non-news and run screaming with it.

She can't find someone competent enough to balance her campaign budget how will she be able to balance the countries budget. This country would great with a women president....just not her, too bad Ann Richards passed on.

Obama doesn't outspend Hillary because he doesn't have control, he does it because he has the cash. Hillary's tax return might reveal a public figure who income shows a less than forthcoming person publicly. These debtors ought to file suit in small (or even large) claims court for their money owed them. Now that would really run up Hills campaign costs. Why doesn't this person wake up and smell the coffee, it's over and it's been over for a while.

Bush drives us into National debt to the tune of trillions... that's with a TR, and this is a story? Get some priorities, people.

maybe this is why she is answering the phone at 3 in the morning.

You folks are really petty, I agree..."I must say. I think that there's a conspiracy against a woman candidate because we women have always had to fight harder and longer than anyone else to realize our goals. Give it up already!"
Let's have a talk about gender issues in this country!

RFB - the issue here is that she's spending money SHE DOESN'T HAVE! I mean I know the country operates with a deficit but what does it say about a candidate that can't pay for the events she's putting on or even her staff's health insurance!! WOW.

Who cares - this type of petty dirt throwing is only going to get worse the closer we get to the general election. I'm sure given time, all potiticians make good on their outstanding debts to society. A long slow roasting in a far south location is my guess, but what do I know ?

Maine South can afford to write it off.

Amusing how this time around she didnt speak at Maine East, oh, she only went there for 3 years...

This story has to be all over the media in a couple of hours. How long has it been since the Clinton campaign could not pay its bills? How long has the candidate known this? I saw that she had "loaned" her campaign something like $5 million. Is this true? Is she willing to campaign on her credit card? Isn't that one of the main reasons for the slipping dollar and our nation's needing to borrow from China? That is, isn't the excessive use of credit debt in the U.S. part of the major meltdown (fuel prices the other)?????

We cannot elect someone who is not fiscally responsible.

Hillary Clinton probably still owes the devil her soul but her earthly debts are becoming a reflection of everything else about her. Her quest for the presidency is nothing short of being dangerously obsessive and compulsive when in essence, she is nothing more than a stalker, stalking the presidency like a jilted lover and if she can't have him, nobody can. With regard to her debts, the figure noted in a comment above as to the amount owed her campaign's health care providers is actually over $500,000.00. It is owed to Aetna Healthcare And CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, but the figure that stands out most to me is the almost $30,000 she paid to rent the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Now, as we all know, Hillary has spent practically her entire adult life living in public housing and we know how it is when you've been denied for so long and suddenly get your paws on a little extra spending cash.

This kind of Clinton bashing has gone on for far too long.
She will pay her debts as she has with other vendors.
The negativity of the Clinton bashers is a very good reason why Clinton supporters will not vote for Obama.

Wow, you really need to read a bit more. If you go to, you will see that Hillary has gotten $118 million, of which $94 million is from people giving more than $200 (ie big money) and $10 million from PACs. For Obama, he has gotten $103 million, of which $72 million is from gifts greater than $200 and $19,000 from PACs. Do you really believe what you say, that "she is not taking donations from the big corporations"? Because that is patently false. She is the LARGEST recipient of big corporation money of ANY candidate. "hide your partiality" indeed!

Hillary owes a lot of money to a lot of people. Do we really want her for president? Wouldn't she owe far to many people as well as favors? This is something that makes you say mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

rfb; please come back to earth. Obama's average campaign contribution is $110. His entire campaign has been financed with small donations. It is hillary who had twenty of her billionare friends threaten Nancy Pelosi. Who do you think gave bill one half of a BILLION dollars for his "library"?

By the way, Senator Obama isn't the one getting the "big corporate" donations. Let's not let forget about that.

Agreed that honestly this is rather petty, but at the same time, a President is indeed a manager, a leader...this doesn't reflect well on management ability.

This... is the result of a movie gone on too long.

Don't worry, I'm sure now that the story is out, her supporters will come thru for her... again. She'll be fine. But her supporters who bailed her out again won't be.

Ms. Clinton... this is a business you're running. When do you throw in the towel? How do you do it with dignity? I know you can do it. For yourself, your party, and your country.

She can't pay health insurance premium for her staff but promised to insure every American? Go figure.

"Maybe she is behind in money because she is not taking donations from the big corporations that obama is getting his money from."

Wow. No comment.

This kind of Clinton bashing has gone on for far too long.
She will pay her debts as she has with other vendors.
The negativity of the Clinton bashers is a very good reason why Clinton supporters will not vote for Obama.

Posted by: alee21 | March 31, 2008 5:25 PM

Hey goofball,

Who says we're Obama supporters?

Ok, let's get past the silly comments about "when was it billed?" The health insurance premiums are a recurring bill and they know exactly when they come due. Gender aside, spending money you don't have and defaulting on bills you do have shows a lack of fiscal responsibility we don't want in office, ANY office, much less president. She stays in the race because she is power hungry, not because she has some noble ideals.

Bah, this has nothing to do with her being a woman. It has everything to do with her being a liar, not being able to manage her own campaign etc etc etc...

Can you answer the phone at 3am when you're sleep deprived?

And if she did indeed MISSPEAK and had a wrong memory, tell me: When at any point in her life did she have to flee a plane and duck sniper fire.

Because if didn't do it at least once, then it's not misspeaking: It's lying.

Are you people insane???????? Who thought this was news worthy? Anyone who knows anything about business or accounting knows that you need a bill/ invoice before paying the bill. This just occurred last month. Then you usually get 30 days to pay. Did they receive a bill yet??? Seriously the Obama people are really trying to get the cameras off Obama and his dealings with Resko and Wright. Also his lack of experience comes to mind. Why hasn’t he shown his IL Senate experience? If he had a lot of great experience he would show it and it would be listed on his web-site, but he doesn’t so it’s not listed on his web-site. Hillary on the other hand has accomplished numerable things in her career of serving the public. By the way, personal tax returns do not equate with not showing your experience. Obama wanted Hillary to show details and then he doesn’t do the same.
At the California debate when they asked about his qualifications/ experience to be president, he took credit for the IL death penalty reformation. He lied. It was not his idea nor was he appointed to the committee. I know this for a fact because a member of my immediate family was appointed and served on the committee for death penalty reformation in Illinois. I know for positive that Obama has lied and I am so sick of people not doing their research. Until people can state what both Hillary and Obama have done with their lives since they graduated from college, no one should utter a word about the subject including the media. I challenge the media to do a comparison of what Hillary has accomplished programs started, top 100 most influential lawyers in the USA, civil rights, etc. vs. Obama.

By the way, Obama knew for a fact the statements that Wright made. It is extremely bigoted to group all white people together as if we would all do or say what his grandmother said. Very sad that to win the presidency Obama was putting his grandmother out there as a racist and saying, "like all white people". I'm white and I've never said or thought that. As a matter of fact, I used to take the 95th St L and most to the time was the only white person on the L. Discrimination will start to decrease when a group is set up comprising every race, religion, and gender. This group will over see discrimination cases and get involved as NAACP only does for black people. These separate groups come across as bigoted and only caring about themselves and not people as a whole. White people are the only group that doesn’t have a separate group working for white’s rights that is because that would be wrong as it is when other races do it. Most white people care about everyone’s rights as most other people of other races do as well. Lets get rid of the bigotry and work together for the same cause, NO MORE DESCRIMIATION! Hillary by the way would be the candidate that would see this through. She sees a problem and then solves it. Obama has not solved one problem; he has only taken credit for other peoples’ ideas including Clinton’s ideas.

Hmmn. A campaign owes a bill for something that just happened LAST MONTH. How is THAT news? Oh yeah. I forgot. It ISN'T! But it is TABLOID journalism which is so chic these days. And Clinton haters bashing away, which is the new trend du jour!

And what about Barack Hussein Obama's 20 years of racked up parking tickets that he ignored from his days as an elite Harvard law school student? $400 he didn't decide to pay until he started running for president?! Talk about thinking he is "above the law"! That's Richard Nixon territory!

Please Obama Messiah, park whereever ye wants, oh crooked candidate from Chicago! Don't let the handicapped parking signs stand in your way to the presidency!

NOTE to Susanna Ehrmann March 31, 2008 4:41 PM

"You folks are really petty, I must say. I think that there's a conspiracy..."

Enough already with the sexism charges! You're not doing women and your candidate any favors. Managing one's finances is an equal opportunity job--and her campaign has not done it well. Period. Don't play the victim.

It’s said an organization’s personality reflects the personality and worldview of its leader. The Obama and Clinton campaigns are the largest organizations either of these candidates has ever run.

The Obama campaign is uniformly recognized as a successful, cohesive, focused, grassroots-supported organization, one that has shattered fundraising records from well over 1 million donors and generates enthusiastic support from across many groups. He has consistently tried to campaign on the issues and, contrary to those who say he has “gone negative,” he aims to stand his ground by pointing out distortions, untruths, and outright lies.

The Clinton campaign, despite starting out with the enormous built-in advantages of name recognition, party establishment backing, big money donors—so much so that she was anointed the “inevitable” nominee for a couple of years—has run a disastrous campaign on many levels.

So again, keeping in mind that an organization reflects the personality of its leader, please take a look at “Even in Victory, Clinton Team is Battling Itself”:

Here’s one from the NYT, a paper that’s consistently pro-Clinton. I wonder how much they softened this coverage:

These are the aides and advisers she chose, and this is how she's lead them. It’s clear she hasn't learned any lessons from the abject failure of her 1993 health care initiative. And now she isn't even paying her staff's health insurance premiums? [Could the average Jane D get away with that without losing coverage?] Methinks it's a bit selfish of her to keep taking money from her supporters if this is the state of her campaign.

Is this what a Hillary Clinton administration would be like? Please, no! The country needs better and more effective leadership; we have a lot to do, and we can't afford this divisive, disrespectful, disorganized, and ineffectual approach to governing our country.

This is what Hillary really meant when she said that she was dodging sniper fire: She was actually dodging phone calls from creditors. Also, it gives us a glimpse into how she'd handle to national debt: just not pay!

The economy is the most important issue to many of us right now. I want the candidate who knows best how to handle finances and who will not make the mistake of starting a stupid war that will get us trillions of dollars into debt.

Since McCain and Clinton allowed their campaigns to go millions of dollars into debt and both voted for the legislation to send military forces into Iraq, this is a no brainer. Obama is the only candidate that can get this country out of the mess we are in and who can be trusted not to make the enormous blunders made by Clinton and McCain.

It's one of the wealthiest School Districts in Illinois -- No tear will be shed for Maine South

Obama owes his whole STATE some answers!

Hillary had the name recognition . .the "machine . .her husband . .etc .. she had every advantage and the people do not want her as a president . .the only reason Barack has more money is because of small donors like me . .Not the Fat Cats that Hillary and her hubby have . . .When we talk about money . .it is the little people who are lifting Obama up .. .this fact should be as plain as the nose on your face . . GO OBAMA

Knowing how honest Hillary isn't, she probably thought she paid these bills, but in reality, didn't. She sounds as inept with managing money as GWB is.

Cheap at twice the price. The Alma Mater got off lucky. Usually, an honorarium is demanded to hear the golden words of such a prestigious lecturer!

The Alma doesn't matter as much as it used to....

Why Does Obama need to outspend Hillary if he is so electable? He's the one throwing money and buying votes.

Those of you who support Hillary or Obama will have cause to look back at President George Bush and wish you had him back. I don't care if a woman is elected - just not this woman. I don't care if a black is elected - just not this black. Call me names if you wish, and if it makes you feel better, but it won't change the truth of the real issues here.

Hey, Susanna Ehrmann. Why does the fact that she's a woman matter? She's got no class at all. The fact that people don't like her has nothing to do with her being a woman as far as I can tell. I don't like Bill either. Do you want us to cut her a break because she is crooked AND a woman? That hardly seems fair.

Maybe Hilary will fight those she is indebted to, watch!

Whats really sad is how much both Clinton and Obama are spending. Elections in this country our bought not earned.

Well, it won't be much longer now. Clinton can't keep spending cash she does not have. She can say anything she wants but money talks and you know what walks.

Wow. The last two weeks have been an amazing contrast in narratives.

Since the Rev. Wright blow up, Mr. Obama has (1) given a highly-regarded speech on race, (2) received Mr. Richardson's endorsement, (3) received Mr. Casey's endorsement, (4) won the Texas caucus, (5) received Ms. Klobuchar's endorsement, and (6) been rumored in line for a significant endorsement from the North Carolina delegation.

On the other hand, Ms. Clinton's narrative includes(1) being called a "wee bit silly" by a Nobel Peace Prize winner for taking credit for peace in Northern Ireland, (2) her problems explaining her trip to Bosnia, (2) having fellow Senators call for her to withdraw from the race, (3) failed to pay her campaign bills, including her high school alma mater and her employees' health care benefits, (4) suggesting that pledged delegates could be flipped, and (5) Mr. Carville calling another Democrat a "Judas," which is just ugly.

Can anyone write a narrative that doesn't make Ms. Clinton sound the the Captain of the Titanic?

If she would only remember these like she does her trips, her school would get 2-3 million but she would have to run and duck.

Hillary, pay up or SHUT UP!










If Obama has any outstanding bills out there, those people he owes wouldn't say one word to the campaign or the media about them. They would just sit by quietly and wait for their money. But the media writes an article about Hillary's bills. I wish the media would tell us exactly how many $$$ Obama is taking from (1)former lobbyists,(2)lobbyists who recently dropped clients, and (3)the spouses of lobbyists. This strategy allows Obama's team to reach the wealthy clients of lobbying firms while technically complying with his pledge of not taking money from lobbyists. And forget Hillary's bills and income tax papers; let's find out exactly where his millions of dollars are coming from. Since he's so transparent, the media should be able to look at all those e-mails coming in with donations and see if those donations add up to the millions of dollars he has spent and intends to spend. Someone is bankrolling him big time, and all the media is worried about is Hillary's bills.

Someone is bankrolling him big time, and all the media is worried about is Hillary's bills.

Posted by: RichardH | March 31, 2008 7:31 PM


You're right, someone is bankrolling Obama. He has more individual donars than Clinton and Grandpa Munster McCain have combined.

It's called "grassroot support", maybe you nuts should look into it for your candidate....oops, to late now...

It's called "grassroot support", maybe you nuts should look into it for your candidate....oops, to late now...

Posted by: John E | March 31, 2008 7:42 PM

Someday all you "grassroots" supporters will find out that you were not the lone supporters of Obama -- but, by that time, it will be too late!

Someday all you "grassroots" supporters will find out that you were not the lone supporters of Obama -- but, by that time, it will be too late!

Posted by: RichardH | March 31, 2008 7:59 PM

Nice try Richie,

You smell like desperation and so does your candidate.

RichardH, the candidates disclose unpaid debts to the FEC each month. Clinton has a pile stretching back to Iowa and New Hampshire, executing the classic going-broke strategy of not paying small vendors: while they need the money more, they also can't afford to sue to recoup a few thousand dollars. Obama and McCain have very few such debts. No conspiracy.

Vicki, for someone who doesn't care about race and gender, they're the only things you mention to support why GWB is better than the 2 Democrats.

It occurs to me that the unpaid bills may not be due to bad management. They may just have been stored in a box that was overlooked in the West Wing. Or am I confusing this with another story?

I don't think we should elect anyone with any kind of ties to Chicago, that should be the number one pre-reguisite.
They have been talking about possibly electing either the first woman or first black president. I don't like McCain either, so how about electing the first write in candidate. Suggestions Please!!!!!!!!!

If she can go into her own personal bank account to give $5 million to her dreadfully inept presidential campaign, you'd think she'd have easy access to $3200 to pay her high school and the caterers.

So not only is she a pathological liar, she's a multimillionaire deadbeat to boot.

She should die of self-disgust.

I think it's sad that the papers are jumping all over Clinton every chance they get. But Barack gets a free pass. Now we can clearly see that our candidates are being chosen by the greatest amount. Barack is the man for change? He hauls in more money and spends it for his own ambition as easily as he changes his story to fit the mood at the time. Change! That's one to laugh at!

ok but I can still relate better to someone who hasn't paid all their debts off because I don't have the $$ than to millionaire Obama.. HOW CAN HE POSSIBLY RELATE TO THE WORKING CLASS?

So much for "no child left behind" Hillary!

Why don't we accept this as a piece of news - it seems legitimate - and make up our own minds? Sure, free speech, but yackety yack.

I'm not even a fan of Hilary but why would her campaign have to pay a high school to appear and speak. Any school should jump at the chance to have any presidential candidate speak for free. Schools pay thousands of dollars to hire "motivational" speakers and Hilary should be a voice encouraging students to vote.

Wow -- with cash management skills like Hillary, Bush will look like a penny pincher.

"It's 3AM, and the phone rings at the White House. Hillary Clinton? This is General Debt Collection Agency about a few outstanding bills you have"

Time for another $5 million loan.

"It's one of the wealthiest School Districts in Illinois -- No tear will be shed for Maine South"

Posted by: Jim | March 31, 2008 5:57 PM

It's not about Maine South, you Hillary apologist. It's about how she's not only a lying creep, married to another lying (and disbarred and perjured)creep, but a real deadbeat also. And this is who you morons want to run this country. Enough with the incompetent leadership!

What if that 3:00AM call is a bill collector? Will Hillary answer that one?

Money can help a candidate to win, but doesn't guarantee a win. The truth Sen. Clinton has not learned how to balance a budget like her spouse. Any company that did not pay their employees would be in trouble. Why should she not be held accountable like eveyone else in this country. Leaders should set an example, what a poor example she is setting. And she wants to be President.

I wonder if the the Rezko's of the world might be financing Obama's presidential bid, or maybe some of those kickbacks his buddies received from those shady deals you report from the Rezko trial. I doubt you'll print this, your paper is very biased! Wake up America what part of God ---- America don't you understand?

Maybe it's time to realize that both Republicans and Democrats are all dirty. They preach change but wouldn't in a million years provide the change that is needed. Both parties seek to consolidate power at all costs...and the biggest cost is the future of our nation. We need to elect a candidate who will shrink government involvement in our lives and eliminate wasteful programs and spending. For all that is good, please vote Libertarian.


Admittedly I'm an Obama fun, but have you Clinton folks lost your marbles?

$8 million in debt for any Presidential candidate is news, period. In this case, its not stable, long-term debt, but a fairly clear pattern of Clinton floating debt on the backs of unwilling vendors so that she can continue to spend like a campaign that only looks like it has money.

For those of you with short memories, this is what Enron looked like.

I would like to see the Tribune treat the other candidate, Mr. Obama, to an equally investigative article.

Like how much does Obama owe Tony Rezko?

Again, it's the Tribune doing all it can to dig up dirt on Mrs. Clinton, while still treating the golden boy with kid gloves.

The Republicans will not be so charitable.

Shame on the Tribune and its slanted reporting.

Why has not this information (see information below) received as much press as Rev. Dr. Wright's sermons? What Senator Clinton's pastor did is abominable. Pastor Wright was only stating historical facts and Biblical Truths! The one blessing from all of the press that he has received is, there are some people who would not have heard the Gospel were it not for this attack of Satan!

When the Rev. William Procanick put his hand on the Bible during his sex-abuse trial in Oneida County Court earlier this year, he swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But as the former Clinton pastor was sentenced Friday to three years in prison for inappropriately touching a 7-year-old girl at his home last March, Judge Michael L. Dwyer said Procanick sacrificed his honesty the day he testified.

Okay, so now that Clinton's pastor has been convicted of child molestation, will we see the same furor directed at Hillary that Obama has had to endure these last few days?


The Clinton's pastor is convicted of child molestation.
So, if Obama bears the guilt for his pastor's comments, then Hillary has to be equally tainted by this guy's crimes.
( This is the URL that will take you to the story.)

It is a right wing conspiracy - Bush incurred the debt and made it only look like it was Billary.

This is an example of the media making up stories as bias to Hillary. It was stated on Larry King last night that this is not true. Any bills that show have not been paid were bills that were paid at the end of the month and have not shown as paid. Get your story straight swamp and stop printing this garbage just to make Hillary look bad. She is going to be our next President not matter how you try to smear her.
Bet this is another one that wont make print.

The people who support Obama are really scary.

What kind of people get so much joy from criticizing and ridiculing another person. Especially a person who has done nothing but spend her life in public service.
If Obama wins the nomination it will be because of all of these misleading and hateful tactics.
If that happens it will be very sad for our Country because Hillary Clinton has too much class to really attack Obama in order to try to win the nomination but the Republican party will have no problem with it. They will be in a feeding Frenzy and Barack Obama will be destroyed in the eye of the public once they see the reality of the man.
Can you say:
President McCain

Perhaps that 3 AM phone call will be a debt collector. then, instead of John McCain ignoring the phone it will be Hillary!

"It's not about Maine South, you Hillary apologist. It's about how she's not only a lying creep, married to another lying (and disbarred and perjured)creep, but a real deadbeat also. And this is who you morons want to run this country. Enough with the incompetent leadership!"

Another well educated citizen. Bill Clinton is not disbarred. He agreed to a 5-year suspension of his license in Arkansas that ended in January 2006.

Further, how does Bill Clinton's failure to pay a $3,000 bill to Maine South (my former H.S.) make Hilary a liar? -- that's some interesting logic.

Hillary has too much class to personally attack Clinton? She continually brings up the "Rev. Wright Issue" every chance she gets. She began sling mud far earlier than Obama.

I would like the trib to do an article on why Obama went to Kenya to campaign for his cousin in thier presidential election.
I would like to see an article checking into his money deals with Rezko, his connection to Ayers, the fact that he lied in his ad in Pa saying he doesn't take money from Oil companies but in fact has taken over 200 thousand dollars from them.

The American people are being terribly misled by this man and by the media's refusing to cover him the way they do Hillary Clinton.

Hmm. Do people remember that when the Clintons left the White House, they took things they had to return. And that they sought donations to furnish their New York house, including the dishes? And going back to Arkansas, she used the governor's influence for business purposes of companies she did work for, and boards she sat on.
But, here is the real thing. why should it cost millions and millions of dollars to run for president or any office? Think what that money buys, and what it could do for those less fortunate, not that they would see a dime of it. We are really out of whack as a country, when it costs so much just to run.

You know, I can't stand Hillary Clinton. I will be the happiest person alive to see her condescending, divisive attitude gone from this election. However, this is a rental from early February! Give me a break. I assumed this was some long standing debt from years ago when I read the headline. But no, it's a bunch of wasted words on a total non-story. Not knowing the invoice date for the use of the school facilities but at worst, this would be a 30-day past due which is far from unusual in the private sector and well within most companies payable days.

Cheryl, you've got to be joking. Poor Saint Hillary, spending all her life in public service, tearfully fending off all those hateful tactics that she's too classy to indulge in herself. Imagine that.


"Hillary Clinton has too much class to really attack Obama in order to try to win the nomination"

You must have stopped paying attention around Feb 5th. She and her campaign have almost exclusively shown a lack of class in their attacks on Obama. On the other hand, his comments about her are direct responses to things she has either said or done. Or not said or done as the case more often is.

To those of you who are attacking Obama in defense of Clinton: His actions do not absolve her of hers.

Pay up, scofflaw.

Statistically she cannot win the nomination and should just end this unflatttering power trip for the sake of this country. The needs of her ego should not outweigh the needs of this country. I'll vote for her if she somehow steals the nomination because McCain is a disaster waiting to happen (and quite possibly a soon to be accused felon for breaking finance laws he co-authored), but I will not be happy about it and I'll support any contender that tries to get the nomination in 4 years.

Good reporting is unbiased. When will you be investigating Sen. Obama's finances?

Well let's call it like it is...Senator Clinton does not have the monetary support she use to have which means that she does not have the individual support. As time goes on, Americans will see the difference between someone who has generated voters and potential voters backed by supporters and someone who feels the presidency is entitled to them because they have the name of Clinton.

You say that maybe the bills were paid at the end of the month and just not posted? that is possible. but what about the two companies in Ohio that called, sent emails, and sent a registered letter for a $25,000 bill and never got a response? If these bills were paid at the end of the month and just not posted, then why no response back to the companies and saying, We sent out check number xxxxx on such and such a date? By not returning phone calls or emails or registered letters is not the way to do it. And this has nothing to do with Sen. Clinton being a woman or Sen Obama being black. And I read another comment that Sen. Clinton never attacked Sen. Obama? Yeah, right. Part of the debates were her attacking him. Go Obama.

Yeah, it's amazing how all of you will crap all over a WOMAN candidate, but Barack Hussein Obama gets away with referencing "typical white people" and his wife publicly denounces this country, and you posters and the media don't say "boo."

Hillary is a fighter, and I happily intend to watch her fight all the way to the White House.

Robert, what has the library got to do with this campaign. How do you think all the other libraries were funded?

Susanne Ehrmann:
"I remember landing under sniper fire," she recalled. "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."
Who said that? What was the goal to achieve?

Now I know why newspapers are dying. I'm not a Clinton fan, but really this is a silly, petty story. One bill is outstanding from a little over a month ago. Who cares?

If RFB would stop crying about all of her letters that SWAMP won't print, we'd have a chance to hear from some folks who happen to believe that Hillery has not been in "public service" all these years but rather, in "service to Hillary". She's learned at the foot of the master that the end justifies the means and you can lie through your teeth if it will serve your purpose. If you get caught, just deny, deny, deny. Say you "misspoke" when exposed, because it sounds better than "lied".

When Bill ran it was "two for one". Now that it's Hillary's turn, you don't hear that any more. Why? Could it be that Bill's antics in the White House have soured the image they tried so hard to create?

If Obama is nominated, he'll get my republican vote because of the bungling of the GOP during the past seven years and he may just be "for real". If Hillary wins, McCain get's my vote because there's a reasonable chance he's honest and says what he believes and she does not.

Now RFB, go back to your crying and cast your gender-based vote for whomever you choose.

Vulture Breath wrote, "Rick Pearson, this is just stupid and petty. The event was not even 2 months ago, and we don't know when Maine South billed the campaign. Maybe the bill didn't go out until March. But thanks to people like you, fanatics like Drudge and Hannity will pick up this piece of non-important non-news and run screaming with it."

It's not worth a headline, but it is somewhat important. They can't settle a measly 3 grand with a school ASAP? Sounds like they're the ones who are petty and stupid. Or just plain thoughtless and taking things for granted. Or rude.

As for "not-news", in the sense that this isn't unprecedented from Hillary, well, Vulture Breath may be right! And she can always take it for granted that people like VB will defend anything she does.

1.Sell all of the Iowa snow shovels on e-bay-no wait a minute we still owe for those.
2. Ask Bill to ask Dubai for a small loan.
3. Have Bejing cut a check through Wal-Mart.
4. Talk to Larry Flynt about NOT posing for a million cash.
Poor Hil the Skip-What a pathetic Nixonian Loser...

I wish Rush would put his money where is mouth is and back Mrs. Clinton so this would go on forever....I love the cat fight....

Doesn't anyone out there remember that it was Bill Clinton that took all of our Social Security Surplus to pay off the national debt. This money was supposed to be protected. We would not be in a social security crisis if not for HIM. Who sold us out to China. Mr. Clinton that's who. Do we really want another Clinton in the white house ? I don't think so !!!

Fortunately, she was shamed into paying the bill. Unless that was an April Fools...

This is newsworthy???????

Lots of people - owe a lot of money. The event was Feb 4; it has been less than 60 days.

When was an invoice sent? What was the due date?

Stop the presses...this just in. Yes, there is a conspiracy, in fact, two. It seems that another group of people are viciously supporting another candidate in the democratic party, can you believe that? There are many top level democrats involved too. They are all AGAINST Hilliary. My God, what are they thinking? They are for some guy named Ohbama, Ohbamer, something like that. More news at 11. The other conspiracy seems to be from the Republican right and conservatives, and they're spouting conspiratorial jargon against Hill to enable electing their guy, McCain. They are using every trick in the book to promote a campaign to keep Hillary from getting as many votes as their guy. What nerve!! What audacity!! Some people just don't understand that there can only be one candidate, Seig Heil!!

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