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The Swamp
Posted April 29, 2008 3:27 PM

The Swamp

by Mike Dorning, updated and revised, 4:11 pm ET

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.--Engulfed in fresh controversy over new inflammatory remarks by his retiring pastor, Barack Obama made a public break Tuesday with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, denouncing the minister's latest comments as "outrageous, "appalling" and a contradiction of the senator's own life's work.

Obama, appearing visibly pained, did in a hastily called press conference what he had been reluctant to do since controversy initially erupted more than a month ago over Wright's sermons, repudiating not merely the words but the world view of a clergyman who had once been a close spiritual counselor and by Obama's account inspired him to embrace Christian faith

Obama was confronting distracting media coverage of Wright's fiery appearance Monday at the National Press Club, in which the minister reaffirmed his view that the U.S. government may have initiated the AIDS epidemic to wipe out racial minorities and praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as one of the most important voices of the 20th and 21st centuries.

"When I say I find these comments appalling, I mean it. It contradicts everything I am about and who I am," Obama said, adding that Wright's comments "end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate."

In earlier comments on Wright, Obama appeared to be walking a careful line, criticizing Wright's most inflammatory rhetoric but refusing to dissociate himself with a man who had been so close with his family.

But after Wright's defiant performance Monday, in which he mocked his questioners and accused critics of attacking the black church in America, Obama was left with little choice but to denounce Wright more forcefully and make it clear his relationship with the minister had fundamentally changed, or risk having his campaign engulfed by the controversy.

Obama said Tuesday he was incensed that Wright had dismissed his earlier criticism as the actions of a typical politician. "What particularly angered me was his suggestion that my previous denunciation was somehow political posturing," he said, calling it "a show of disrespect for me."

Asked if his relationship with Wright had been irreparably damaged, Obama responded, "There's been great damage. It may have been unintentional on his part. But I do not see that relationship being the same after that."

Obama faces a pivotal pair of primaries next Tuesday against Sen. Hillary Clinton in Indiana and North Carolina, and it remains to be seen how Wright's latest comments and Obama's response will be received by their multiple intended audiences--including African-Americans who have been the Illinois senator's most fervent supporters and white working-class voters who have been far more reluctant to embrace him.

(Here's a transcript of Obama's entire speech.)

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Hey only two weeks too late!

A little too late. Now he denounces after his political career is on the line. He didn’t know about Farrahkan before? None of Wright’s views? Please. Wright coming out is a no winning situation for Obama. If it’s true he never heard of Wright’s anti American stands for 20 years one has to question Obama’s awareness and judgment. . If he knew of Wrights hate speeches and denied it then it comes down to just plain lying and serious lack of character.

Dear Fellow Americans,

Our Great-grand Nation, the United States of America
is and will face very critical “Challenges” in coming
years and decades.

The Problems will be tough and solutions would not

The key will the cool, calm, and collectedness of our
next President[ What I call Presidential Temperament’
The one remaining candidate who has consistently that
Presidential Temperament is Senator Obama.

His message of change makes sense. We have to stop
doing business in Washington old ways. The new ways of
lifting each other up and stopping tearing each other
down will not held our Great grand Nation. The
Terrorists around the world[real] and inadvertently
assisted by some shortsighted media [Who are party to
this perpetuation of psychological terrorism of
mis-information, dis-information, and duplicity], that
is what we do not need.

In order to send the message around the world that
America is get Senator Obama our next president. At
least on thing he has shown consistently is the
presidential Temperament. The Temperament of our next
president is very critical address internal and
internal challenges. Let us defeat real external
terrorists snd internal psychological terrorists once
for all.

God Bless out Great grand Nation, its diverse people,
and Senator Obama. He is the ans her to our future
stability, security, safety, and regain our status in the world. Wright is wrong and senator is right. I applaud him for maintaing Presidential Temperament during current primary process.

Yours truly,

COL.[retd] A.M.Khajawall
Disables American Veteran.
Las Vegas Nevada.

As the old adage says: Too little, too late.

That won't stop the rabid right. They only have reasons to vote against someone and no good reasons to vote for theirs. America knows it's a Bush third term.

It's fine and good to denounce when things get hairy like this but you (Barack) clearly had a thing for him up until it became an obvious public relations nightmare...It's a little too late to "pretend" that you are outraged now, especially after twenty years of being his spiritual mentee. Please treat us with more respect than this, Mr. Obama, and maybe we will re-elect you senator when your first term is up. Then, maybe, you can actually serve your term in office, finally.

People change. I have an aunt who is a member of a right-wing, ultra hating church in a small community in Southern Indiana. 20 years ago, she was merely annoying. Now, I don't even know her.

Last year she told me "We should kill everyone in the Middle East. They are nasty people." So much for the love of Christ.

20 years ago, the worst you could expect from her was that she was going to give you another bible for Christmas.

Wright has gone from someone who drew Obama into his church, to an egomaniac who will NOT be viewed favorably by the black community if he continues to make a spectacle of himself.

Wright is making this election All About Him.

I can't name one group of people who have been helped by Wright's constant yammering for attention. Oh, wait, I can -- neocons (McCain and Billary)..

Moisten finger... hold it up to the political wind... then take a stand.

Also, the man married him, baptized his kids and was his spiritual advisor for 20 years. Did Wright just flip a switch and all of a sudden become an Al Sharpton wannabe? Does Obama expect us to believe Wright had this complete transformation in the past few days and Obama never knew he was that angry of a man before? Does he think the voters were born at night or just last night?

While I disagree with Obama on just about every issue and believe he is not qualified to be president, and too far to the left as well, I also feel sorry for him. Obama always has seemed like a nice enough man, but Wright is destroying him (as well as other Obama affiliations and his inability to understand this country is not interested in far left politics, people and terrorists). Wright is a hysterical opportunist who seeks only to make money for himself and harm whomever he has to in order to prove his "prophecy" about the evil U.S. as being correct.

I agree Obama waited too long to sow the seeds of doubt about himself. He is running for President; he should have quit Wright much sooner.

Now that the working class flipped on him; he is trying to correct while Hillary is busy in North Carolina. This has been my fear about Obama all along. Glad we have Hillary as a backup!

perhaps one should explore just how and where the rev. met his current wife.

It's not that Rev. Wright is necessarily wrong about Obama, nor is he necessarily wrong for defending himself against the caricature of him by the media. Obama is a politician. He has to get all people (i.e., blacks, whites, latinos, corporate elites, middles class folks, lutherans, catholics, et cetera) to accept him as their leader, and this is quite difficult. So Obama has to say certain things that line up with the majority of Americans. That's politics. Furthermore, the media knows nothing about black liberation theology. This is true. They speak in sound bites. No doubt. However, he should have waited to defend himself. Could he have waited until Obama secured the presidency or at least the nomination? I think so. Be that as it may, if he cared nothing for Obama at this point he was totally justified in defending himself. If he did care for Obama and spoke anyway, then he chose the wrong time and the wrong language.

He gave him his chance, gave him his way out. That was the best he could do. Wright, though, decided to get cute with him, and that was the end of that. Nobody can ever say that Barack Obama did not give him the benefit of the doubt. Now they cannot say that there wasn't a point where you could push him too far. It's a good political message, and given his strength in the party, it's also a pretty good signal to those who might think that just because he's not pointlessly vindictive like the Clintons that he can't shut somebody down

He gave him his chance, gave him his way out. That was the best he could do. Wright, though, decided to get cute with him, and that was the end of that. Nobody can ever say that Barack Obama did not give him the benefit of the doubt. Now they cannot say that there wasn't a point where you could push him too far. It's a good political message, and given his strength in the party, it's also a pretty good signal to those who might think that just because he's not pointlessly vindictive like the Clintons that he can't shut somebody down

If you thought the swiftboats were bad, wait till you start seeing the attack ads with Rev. Wrong providing the key soundbites.

I do not see why the media is so obssessed with the Wright shadow. How about McCain and Hillary? How about Osama Bin Laden? How about jobs? How about healthcare? How about dying children? How about ending the Iraq war?? As a country, have we gone blind???

When Obama says, we shouldn't be distracted by Rev. Wright's outbursts, he's assuming he has a long and proven track record. The fundamental problem is that we, the voters, don't know Obama.

Dubya said he was a compassionate conservative that was not going to "nation build" during his campaign....how has that worked out for us?

I'm not saying or even implying Obama is some Black Panther, Farrakhan following extremist. What I'm very much questioning is Obama's judgement (his campaign theme) and leadership. I can't think of too many strong leaders that would have stayed in a disagreeable situation for twenty years, even if it meant good opportunity for political networking.

Here again, if Obama didn't realize Wright could have been a liability, why did he purposely keep Rev. Wright off the podium during his presidential campaign announcement? The answer is Obama must have known something before yesterday.

If Obama didn't have any issues with Rezko (or Rezko's wife) owning the property next to him, why did he make double sure all the "i's" were dotted and "t's" crossed. Why did he go through all the trouble of building the fence, but built in an access gate (who would build a privacy fence on the side of the property with a gate??)

His actions are creating a pattern, and they don't say strong leader. More pointedly, his actions say someone who's easily influenced by power.

Anyone can sound tough in prepared remarks, but true leadership can be found only in times of crisis and in the presence of aggressive challengers.

Finally enough is enough and too much is too much! It isn't too late for Obama if the American voters can see beyond the fact that Rev.Wright has a motive for saying and doing these interviews at the moment. There is something goong on really behind the scenes. My late grandmother was a politician in Chicago and I remember her telling me once that in politics those who can hurt you most are the ones you consider a friend and some reverends will sell you down the river to the highest bidder. By the way she never liked Rev. Wright and thought of him as a jack legged preacher with degrees! It's in the voters hands at this point and Wright knew how this would affect Obama's chances in the up coming elections in Indiana and Carolina.

You know, this whole thing with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is totally ridiculous. I had a preacher marry me and preachers baptize my kids, but that doesn't mean I agree with their political views.

It's obvious what kind of a person Barack Obama is after all of this time in the spotlight. And, it's obvious what kind of a campaign he has run.

He is a decent person who has enough idealism left to try to help all of us in this Country.

I think that the media just jumps on every little thing for sensational purposes and that encourages naysayers who don't like certain people to try to destroy them. That is not American and what America stands for.

I will not be listening to any more of this petty, stupid drubbing of either Obama or Clinton. The majority of the American people are bright enough to understand what they see on the campaign trail...and, that is all we really need.

Go away media with your ad nauseum interpretations of everything.

I respect Senator Obama's position and I hope we will hear of a similar concession from Senator McCain and his affiliation with Minister Hagee. That would be the honest thing to do, on Senator McCain's part!!!

You don't write off a friend for making stupid comments. You kick him to the curb as hard as you can when he makes you look like a fool for standing up for him. Obama was magnanimous in his original support for Rev. Wright and justified in cutting ties with him now. He didn't do the pandering political two-step like it seems so many people wanted him to do. He just did the right thing. Sounds kinda presidential to me.

If you thought the swiftboats were bad, wait till you start seeing the attack ads with Rev. Wrong providing the key soundbites.

Posted by: Jeff | April 29, 2008 4:00 PM

This is rich and it's coming from the same guy (Jeffy) who was on here crying about McCain's 100 years in Iraq ads yesterday..

Look yourselves in the mirror and face the cold hard facts: this issue has nothing, NOTHING to do with how you feel about Obama.

The ones that hated him from the beginning will find nothing that he says or does enough to redeem himself in your eyes.

The ones that love him will take this latest proclamtion as a positive sign, become emboldened, and march on to victory.

Whatever camp you are in, this needs to be a dead issue. Move on to important issues. The Republicans are going to massacre you in November if you do not do it to yourselves before then.

What a bunch of sheep we've become. This is news how?

Wright had every right to respond to the defamation of his character as has the right of every American. Moreover, every American has a right to freedom of speech, even if it is counterproductive to the aspirations of a Democratic candidate. Obama, for all his calmness and temperament, falls short of the right kind of judgment needed for a President when he couldn't even decide to quit the congregation of a pastor with whom he says he does not agree. To right off Wright at this point is indeed politically motivated, and Wright was right about Obama.

The good reverend is going down to Chinatown and he is taking Barry X with him. They deserve each other.

How long, do you think, will take them to fully reconcile, if Omaba becomes the president?

My understanding is that Wright recently purchased a million dollar home - apparently ministers get paid more than I expected. I hope his reward for voluntarily and selfishly raising his profile and taking center stage is an IRS audit and a criminal investigation for corruption.

John, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. I know how sad it can be when a family essentially estranges him/herself. Here's to hoping the person you knew someday comes back.

Seems a tad late to be "outraged" and be considered credible. Twenty years in a pew in that church weighs heavily against him. Especially considering the past several weeks trying to explain it away as "nothing" or words taken out of context.

It's refreshing to read that so many of us are choosing to see through the liberal, profit-driven media's fight to keep the Democratic primary race alive.
But I take issue with some. I am completely insulted at the people who can publically confirm on this post that they can no longer support Barack Obama because they have lost faith in him. Why? What has he done that you have lost "faith" in him? Did you really support him in the first place? Did you actually go to the polls and vote?
For a long time, while being a devout supporter of Barack Obama, I could have been ok with Hillary's nomination, recognizing that a Democratic president will champion changes for the people in our country. But Hillary has shown her true colors by launching attacks, continually focusing on negative agendas, and steering clear of the fundamental issues that make this year's election so important.
Jeremiah Wright will not affect the lives of anyone who chooses not embrace his views, and this includes Barack Obama, who has the same rights as anyone. Hillary Clinton dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran in support of Israel will have an effect on EVERY LIVING AMERICAN. And we still question who the better candidate is?
It is this display of our waivering faith that has the United States of America in such disrepair today.
When you put your support behind something, have the fortitude to stick with it. Outside influences, including the media, should not change your views when the very entity you support has not changed theirs. Barack Obama is an eloquent man who has identified the need for change in this country, something that Americans (white, black, Republican, Democratic, etc) recognize is critically important.
Think about it. Make the right choice. I think people who believe in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA will do just that.

Obama is Karl Marx wrapped in a good marketing package.
His view of the world and economics needs to be stopped. We can do this in November and by letting Hillary rough him up a little now.

Electoral math looks bad for Obama (forget national polls they are irrelevant)...We help Hillary, she helps us.....and we can keep the libs out of office for at least 4 more years....might be just enough time to replace a couple of left wings nutcases on the court.

Obama did the right thing. He was loyal but everyone has limits. He had to cut him out ad he did. Bravo Obama.

some of the above comments are very meanspirited toward Obama. He was trying to be charitable and see the best in the man.

Which is no longer possible. Glad Obama denounced him. Also impressed that Obama tried to be understanding for as long as he could. I could not have been so magnanimous.

Wright is a major league egomaniac, and for his own reasons has decided to undercut the best hope for this country.

I usually vote Republican and had been leaning to voting for Obama. However this Wright thing is really troublesome. He seems militant in his views, contrary to Obama, but certainly is hurting Barack big time and people will call into question how much influence he would have. It would be ironic if a black man prevented the first black president from being elected, and a well-qualified one at that. Would he still blame the whites? Look in the mirror Rev. Wright!

Reverend Wright's incidiary comments are offensive and downright scary to this so-called "typical white person". And it causes me pause to consider whether O'Bama may secretly harbor similar absurd and divisive views. To add fuel to fire, O'Bama has only recently begun to separate himself from Reverend Wright and this was done only after it became overwhelming clear to most American's that Wright is a left-wing radical reminescent of Malcolm X and the days of the Black Panthers. And it is ironic that Wright may derail the first black American's chance to become President. The irony is that Wright who professes that white American's are the cause of all setbacks that blacks have experienced in their life and yet in this case a black has been the cause of another blacks downfall. Sorta like the kettle calling the pot black.

What did Obama expect Rev. Wright to do? Just set back and let people talked about him and his family. Obama knew the type of person Rev. Wright was and that he does not back down from a fight. I agree with Rev. Wright his speech was political motivated. Naturally, he has to say the things he says, if I wanted the highest job in the land I probably would have found a sacrificial lamb too. Obama also knew when he joined TUCC what type of church it was and the messages that Rev. Wright delivered. Rev. Wright did not start preaching his first sermon after 9/11; Obama used Trinity to get a connection to the community. I voted for him in the primary and probably will vote for him if he’s the Democrat nominee, I will also vote for Hillary if she is the Democrat nominee, but we all know that the final decision is left up to the “good ole boys network” who will be President of the United States.

I can just hear the lefty loons in about 3 weeks....Oh that Hillary isn't so bad after all.

She's smart and she has experience!


Obama, you are a poor judge of character. Only now do you understand. Is it because now the criticism is touching you personally? Twenty years wasn't a long enough time to gather enough information to see thru the Rev. Wright? Slow learner!!!

Thank God! Mr. Obama I admire your restraint, but you are in a fight for your life in this election; I am so glad you spoke up.

Don't be quite so polite to Hillary, she'd stick a knife in your back if she had the chance. You are up against some very devioius and experienced con persons; watch your step.

Keep going and don't give in to her plea for a one-on-one -- keep up the interviews with the respectful newscasters, those are great. Your interview with Mr. Wallace on Sunday went very nicely and he pitched some hardball questions, which is okay, as long as they are respectful. Best wishes.

Enough already. Obama is the best candidate for President. He's intelligent, reasonable and has courage - when everyone else was rushing after Bush to war, he stood his ground and was against it. Now, he tried to explain Rev. Wright's attitudes, but he's gone too far. Good for Obama for speaking up - and it's never too late! Susan in Chicago

Hey only two weeks too late!

Posted by: Jeff | April 29, 2008 3:34 PM

Jeff your slipping into loser, dead-ender status. Sometime maybe no comment is a comment. p.s. your candidate has NO ecenomic policy and is a LIAR!!! A lap dog an a disgrace!!!

Lapel pins... outlandish Pastors... what is next?

Oh, how about these fuel prices? Sagging dollar? Unjust war in Iraq? Looming recession? Jobs going by the wayside? Food prices?

Hey, at least we have $600 dollars. Whoopie, that may keep my gas tank full for.....one month?

Maybe... everyone who cares about what Wright has to say, should take a second and examine their own level of intelligence.

This is NOT NEWS!!!!! It means nothing! The fact that we're discussing this and not healthcare or the war that is sending this country into a financial crisis is sad.

I agree with the earlier post... you're all sheep. Baaaah!

The Obama apologists are missing the point about Wright - it's not about his views or sermons, but Obama's actions and judgment in light of them. Obama has claimed ignorance over 20 years, attempted to frame this as a racial divide issue, tried to nudge Wright aside as an old senile Uncle, and finally disowned him (maybe). Obama's actions seriously undermine his so-called superior intellegence and judgement, and certainly makes one stop to ponder "are these the actions of a leader who can be a heartbeat away from launching a world war?"

Wright is to Obama what Bartman was to the Cubs. Pity.

Since Wright seems to be working for the Billary camp, maybe Obama is really appalled and really, really outraged—maybe it’s not an act—I don’t think it is. All of us can love flawed human beings who may be sexist, racist, and just flat out ugly-thinking.
For all who say too little, too late, I’m impressed by Obama’s loyalty even when he was still being attacked for not throwing Wright under the bus weeks ago.

It won't take long for someone to piece together a video montage of Obama responding to Wright over the last month that will make Obama look very unqualified to lead this country. It probably is already on YouTube.
I think that Obama is now controlled by "handlers" and can not/will not deal with things upfront. He is always misinterpreted or misunderstood as even he states that Wright misunderstood him in this latest speech. Arrrgggh!
Obama the first qualification of a leader is that you must lead.

That was the other Jeff, John (the Hillary supporter). I had this handle first so I'm keeping it. I was the one who posted at 4:27.

(Here's a transcript of Obama's entire speech.)

- MD and FJ


I've been pleading with people to read the texts of Rev. Wright's presentations for days.

Only now does the SWAMP offer a direct link to actual transcripts, but only to Obama's words, not Rev.Wright's.

Why the change in strategy, SWAMP?

For those of you who are NOT intellectually lazy, check out cspan.org, cnn.com, FOXNEWS.com and pbs.org for links to Rev. Wright's ACTUAL words before you continue to make stupid comments about what he DIDN'T say.

Obama's entire campaign is premised on people acting intelligently and taking responsibility, not relying on the media and others to characterize what is going on in the world. "We are the people we've been waiting for."

Well, if all you're going to do is soak up what the media feeds you, then it doesn't matter if Obama is elected.

Change begins at HOME!

Wow...What a laugh. Look at the foam dripping from their lips. "Great" Americans all!

Rev. Wright is the reason Obama is not going to win the election. It's too bad because I feel Obama is a compassionate and understanding individual. But when you have the image of Obama and this snake (Rev. Wright) to his right side, you lose all sight of the good Obama has been preaching.

Did anybody see Rev. Wright at the National Press Club yesterday, mocking america's eagle icon and giving a sarcastic salute. What a degenerate! I feel bad Obama has this guy in his corner.

Let me see if I got this straight. For 20 years Rev. Wright was this wonderful, loving guy who preached the Good Book to his just as loving flock. The minute Barack decided to run for President, not only did Uncle Jeremiah suddenly turn into a raving lunatic, but all the parishioners at the Trinity United Church went crazy, too. I mean, watch the tapes as Wright spews his venom. The whole congregation is cheering and jumping up while spouting hearty shouts of amen and hallelujah. Look closely and you can even spot the new pastor, Rev. Otis Moss III smiling gleefully as he slaps Wright on the back after a few of Jeremiah's more despicable comments. And we're supposed to believe this is all a big surprise to Obama. Yeah, right.

I was impressed with Obama's honesty. If he had wanted to do the politically expedient thing, just to please the voters in upcoming primary states, he would have dropped Rev. Wright like a hot potato weeks ago. Instead, he grappled in front of the cameras and the press with denouncing statements he found very troubling, while still acknowledging the good Rev. Write had done for his family and in his church. Now, he's displaying his disappointment and anger quite publicly and admitting that the trust he had in Wright to act decently after the recent controversy was misplaced. Betrayal happens, and friendships change and even die; Obama at least isn't afraid to let us see what's going on at this very painful time in his campaign. Far from a political stunt, these latest remarks by Obama look to me like the real thing. Aren't we tired of presidents who are whatever the polls want them to be and don't seem capable of sympathizing with others??

John, please do not overuse the exclamation point. That robs it of its power.

I wonder if Barack's wife, Michelle had anything to do with his decision. After all, he travels a lot, she would be the one attending church there more than he. Perhaps he was swayed by his wife. It doesn't really matter, the man has had his 15 minutes, but the press corps doesn't seem to recognize that.

It's about time. Now all the Obama lovers can stop defending this quack.

Here, here, Barack! I was with you for "not throwing him away," even after hearing Wright interviewed by Bill Moyers. But after his remarks at the Press Club yesterday, Wright tipped the scales in a very smelly direction.

I have always trusted you, but my trust, respect, and regard has increased through this; you've shown balance, integrity, loyalty, and truth. You are definitely my President.

For those on this post who do not support Obama's initial and current position, I challenge you. Had he "bailed" on his pastor, you would have said that was "political" and incongruent with his history there, and you would have been correct!

I've had enough of leaders who don't discern their positions on other people any deeper than superficial judgments; that's not real and it's not how good relationships work.

I feel sad for Mr. Obama now with the unnecessary rift Wright has laid out, and for the selfishness he's exhibited to further damage Mr. Obama's association with him. Perhaps Mr. Obama did give him too much credit.

In closing, I want to remind ya'll that we are not electing Wright to office, that we live in a country founded first and foremost on religious freedom and separation of church and state. This is really all noise that should not be at play at all.


That was the other Jeff, John (the Hillary supporter). I had this handle first so I'm keeping it. I was the one who posted at 4:27.

Posted by: Jeff | April 29, 2008 4:45 PM

Sorry Jeff, I thought it was you.

Reverend Wright couldn't stand to stay silent and miss out on the lucrative book deals and speaking engagements. Jeremiah sold out Barack quicker than Judas sold out Christ.
Sadly, Barack's inexperience did him in. He trusts people like Reverend Wright, Louis Farakhan, William Ayers, and others way too much. That is what scares me about Barack. He would probably trust the wrong people when he became President, too. Barack is a good man but he needs to go on a four year Sabattical so he can mature. He is simply too young and lacks judgement and experience.

Too little, too late? How about Hillary's tardy conversion to opposing the Iraq war, and only when it became politically fashionable? Nothing like an old-fashioned smear campaign to try to divert us from the issues.

Still waiting for McCain to disown Robertson, Falwell, Hagee or Parsley. Oh wait he did. In 2000.....Oh wait he changed his mind and opened his arm up to them when he decided to run in 2008.
Moisten finger....hold up to political winds....Take a stand

No problem.

I usually vote Republican and had been leaning to voting for Obama. However this Wright thing is really troublesome. He seems militant in his views, contrary to Obama, but certainly is hurting Barack big time and people will call into question how much influence he would have. It would be ironic if a black man prevented the first black president from being elected, and a well-qualified one at that. Would he still blame the whites? Look in the mirror Rev. Wright!
Posted by: patrick | April 29, 2008 4:33 PM

Let me get this straight, you were going to vote for Obama, but now your not because of Rev. Wright? I see two scenarios here:

1) You don't think Obama's relationship with Wright is important, but now don't want to vote for him because you think he's been weakened and you might end up voting for the loser. In this case, you're a sheep who can't think for himself.
2) You do think Obama's relationship with Writ is important to whether he'd be a good President. In this case, you're just not very smart.
Which is it?

Thank you, John E, for your reasoned comments. They made much more sense than the silly political rantings of many other comments. I agree, as I have said in other comments, I have an older jogging partner who will be my buddy and friend for life. But he gets more outrageous, and repetitive, as the years go by. It doesn't mean I reject him or the friendship, but I distance myself from his comments. One of the things I have never seen mentioned is that Obama might not have even attended church that often. For God's sake, how often was he even in town???? But not going to church every Sunday is not something he would offer voluntarily, would you? Give him credit for how he has handled this. Hillary has said some very bad things; we are only talking about wright's words, not Obama's

For 20 years Obama sat in the pews and listened to this guy, and only now, when Obama is running for president, does he "figure out" what Wright is all about?

That speaks volumes for Obama's judgement, or lack thereof, to make decisions as president.

I admired Obama's handling of the Wright issue and the fact that he did not make a snap judgment about Wright. Wright's statements on Monday devalued everything the preacher had said on Friday on PBS. I am sorry for Mr Obama for he has been stained by his pastor’s lack of humility.

Wright has had some valid points to make in the past but by being cocooned in black society, he is unaware the efforts we have made in the past decade to work toward ridding ourselves of racism or worse yet he chooses to ignore them. He belittles Obama for his speech in Philadelphia. Does Wright fear that there may be healing?

Obama candidacy for president is a contradiction to Wright's view of this country and Wright's belittling of Obama speaks of Wright as a man who at the end of his career sees that the theology he has been preaching is becoming more obsolete. Instead of acknowledging Obama for who he is, if nothing else more honest in public than most politicians, Wright strikes at him because Obama's existence diminishes the pastor's stature.

When Wright showed himself to be vain and political, it is the correct time for the candidate to denounce the preacher. Wright was slinging mud while wearing his vestment. It is not a pretty picture for the reverend or his former church.

Those who believe that Obama should have disavowed Wright sooner are saying they prefer politicians with less integrity. That is why there is a contest between Obama and Clinton.

Illinois blew it! It had the opportunity to deliver the best president in my life time. But, Illinois also delivered the clown that brought him down! Now we are stuck with Hillary... Thanks for nothing!

Is Obama a joke or what?

He now claims that the Rev. Wright he sees now isn't the same Rev. Wright he's listened to for 20 years; the same Rev. Wright who married him; the same Rev. Wright who was/is his spiritual mentor; the same Rev. Wright who suggested the title for Obama's book; the same Rev. Wright who was on an Obama for President campaign committee.

Bosnian sniper fire must have addled Obama's memory.

Mark, you practice sophistry well. Insult a person with your own preconceived conclusions if they think differently than you and reach conclusions in a manner you dislike. Nice to see liberals at work - 'You are either with me or you are an idiot'.

Keep up the intelligent well reasoned arguments of the liberals.

I am grateful that I don't have to stand and repudiate every mean, ignorant statement made by so-called men of God pastoring churches I have attended (many of them).

Jackson, I wasn't aware that McCain was a member of any of their churches or was married by any of them or had any of his kids baptized by Hagee, et al. Oh wait, there's a reason for that. He wasn't and he didn't.
Remember Barack could no more disown Reverend Wright than he could his own grandmother. "I can no more disown him than I can disown my white grandmother. – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world."
That is, until he DID disown Wright today. Boy, this must be yet another really lousy day to be Barack Obama's political pin cushion... err grandmother.

This is what happen when Religion and Politic try to climb into bed together. These two should never mix company, yet we continue to try to put them together. Now we have Religion verses Politics. This is heading down a disastrous path. Plus is we look at this situation from a Religious stand point Rev. Wright is right and if we are looking at things from a Political stand point Sen. Obama is right, the two side in never going meet and now a friendship is ruin. When one goes to Church leave Politics at the door and when attending any Political affair leave Religion at the door.

Could we just get over this Rev. Wright stuff? The man is clearly seizing his 15 minutes of fame at the expense of Barack Obama. I went to a Catholic Church that had a good reputation of wonderful priests and then my senior year in high school 1968 - 1969 we got a zinger. Our parish was rich with culture due to the Italian immigrants of our community. My own mother was also a war bride coming here from Belgium. Our new priest took it upon himself to release all the Catechism teachers including nuns who were teaching the high school age students. This was during a time when we discussed civil rights and what was going on in Vietnam and relating it to our own beliefs. Well, that stopped when our new priest who was an older man from a rich Irish family decided we needed to know the evils of the world in his view. He proceeded to show John Birch Society propaganda films (hosted by Ronald Reagan) instead of discussing our faith every week. He insulted the Italians and proceeded to discuss finances for each sermon every week instead of the Gospel. This was our church the church I had grown up in and the families we shared our faith with. There was no leaving our church. Even after countless attempts to replace him by the church elders we just had to endure it until he retired. We can only be held responsible for our own words. I am sure Hillary Clinton felt the same way every time Billy Bob opened his mouth.

John E, your 3:45 post is hilarious. You seem to imply that Wright only very recently became a quack, that is, at the point when Obama finally decided to denounce him. It's similar to your position that the Clinton machine only became evil within the last year or so. Oh, and the story about your aunt is touching.

To claim that it is an attack on the Black church by saying that Wright's comments are prejudiced is no different than saying that it was an attack on the White church when people attacked David Duke.

Come on, both of these men were/are wrong. And they were/are wrong for the same reason - RACIAL PREJUDICE. Neither man should be supported or believed when they make hate statements regardless of their skin color.

We all have family members, long-time friends or business associates who hold controversial views.Before we condemn Sen. Obama for the actions of another, we need to ask ourselves "Who is the Rev. Wright in my life?"

Oh, dear, John can't be President now because he has overused the exclamation point and robbed it of its power!

Where does John stand on bowling and a shot and a beer?

This is more Obama word play with a wink and a nod. Where did Obama say he "severed ties?" And Obama hasn't left the church. Rest assured that Jeremiah will be dining in the White House if Obama is elected. Thankfully, that's not going to happen.

I would think all you republicans would admire Obama for standing by Wright for so long. Just like Bush stood by Brownie after Hurricane Katrina, Rumsfeld after mismanaging the war and his own claims of WMD in Iraq. Or is it that Wright is just to uppity to stand by for your tastes?

Why was Rev. Wright asked to speak to the Press Club anyway? What other pastors have been asked to speak there and for what purpose? The answer to these questions will not change who I will support in the race for president and that's Barack Obama.

I'm not supporting him because of his race, his religious affiliation(s), his friends, associates or anything else that has absolutely nothing to do with holding the highest office of the land. I have a great deal of respect for Sen. John McCain, but the reason I'm not supporting his candidacy for president is because I simply do not agree with his war or economic policies as they've been presented. I'm not supporting Hillary Clinton because I feel like anyone who adopts a "kitchen sink" policy against one of her peers in an effort to "earn the right" to fight for her party at the cost of ignoring very real and pressing issues we face on a daily basis during her campaign can't be trusted.

My choice for president is based on substantive issues and not surperfluous and sensationalized stories that, in the grand scheme of things mean nothing. That's why I am supporting Barack Obama in spite of this silly story about his former pastor that just won't go away.

Go, Senator Obama, '08, with or without Reverand Wright. Go, Reverand Wright preach against those wrongs that you see in America!!!

Now let us hear John McCain disavow the toxic, hate-filled, and far more dreadful public pronouncements of Rev. John Hagee, whose endorsement McCain has actively sought and embraced. Let McCain show the integrity Obama has. (And let the Clinton camp join in this demand, by the way.)

The right will spin this as to little to late because they lack any compassion for the difficult position Obama was in. Furthermore they are so desperate to retain power that they will say anything, and do anything to maintain the strangle hold they have over our great country and it's people. I guess it's more important for the brainwashed rightwingers who post here to cling to there broken party than to fix it. John McCain used to be a maverick and I respected him. Now I just see him as another pander bear. Everytime he says something I like he follows it with two things I don't. I really have come to believe that much like Mitt Romney, he will say and do anything to get elected. His policies are unsound and I fear he will be more of the same. I think Barack Obama did the right thing today. I'm sure he was very disappointed with the Reverands latest outburst. He certainly seemed genuine to me as I watched him make a clean break from Wright. He did the right thing and I applaud him for doing it.

Obama 2008

Much ado about nothing. Who cares what this guy says. My minister says things that I don't agree with (and sometimes borderline insulting), but I'm not in church JUST to listen to sermons. I've spent my entire life in the same church, attended weddings, attended funerals for my friends' parents, and got married. To suggest someone get up and walk away from their the friends & family in their church community because the pastor gets a case of the tourret's every once in a while is ludicrous. When Wright dialed up the crazy-talk yesterday, Obama had enough and today denounced him. Good. It's over...can we talk about issues that matter again, please?

It's about time.

If Obama wants to talk to a crazy man, he can always call McCain.

Miss Manners, I'm ALWAYS for them. Especially the shots. I prefer wild turkey.

Remember, he told us all he could no more disown Rev. Wright than he could disown his own grandmother. So where's that put her today?

How mean the posts--does anyone not see the Greek tragedy here? I mean, why would the Reverend act like that-kind of harming a parishioner he shuld harbor almost like a son!
I think of Bill Clinton losing it in a similarly self-indulgent manner harming Hillary too.
I think Barack and Hillary should unite against the people who no doubt love them and man wel, but then, well, just can't control themselves in the face of a stupid, snarling predatory 'news' media.
If you didn't find something sad about the whole thing--you're not a human.

don't understand why anyone is paying attention to Rev. Wright. The media & the general public is giving him way too much power. The more we react the more hot air comes out of his mouth. Let him talk all he wants; at one point he will get tired of listening to himself & his useless rant. We should concentrate on the current issues we face, & the candidates who are running for office, not Rev. Wright.

I don't understand why anyone is paying attention to Rev. Wright. The media & the general public is giving him way too much power. The more we react the more hot air comes out of his mouth. Let him talk all he wants; at one point he will get tired of listening to himself & his useless rant. We should concentrate on the current issues we face, & the candidates who are running for office, not Rev. Wright.

Now we truly know Mr. Obama views, his pastor has spoken for him. His pastor is now the "Rock Star".

Why wasn't Barack Obama "appalled" by his former pastor's racist comments before he became a candidate for President?

Where is Jesse Jackson & Al
Sharpton now that B.O.
needs(???) them!!!
Get these two cons plus the
minister on the stage at the same time & the tent

This message was expected since the first time we watched the videos of his Reverend.
Now it is late to say who isn't totally agree with what their "EX-Reverend" said ....
Too late to Obama ... and all democrats know it.
Go Hillary !!!

Okay, so now it comes down to good-cop, bad-cop and that we'll sympathize with BO.

It's all a scheme on TV, and might deserve an Oscar for both BO and THE REV. but I'm sure they'll be chugging beers in their Hyde Park basements laughing all the way to the white house.

What a fraud... the whole lot is a fraud.

Bravo, Obama, for a job well done while under incredible media scrutiny. Now, if the MSM would only focus its lens on Sen. McCain and his Rev. Hagee problem with equal fervor, then there would be a balanced playing field.

When it's all said and done this is still a defining election on ALL of the politics of the past versus the politics of the future. Gee, I think I prefer truth, integrity, temperance and a willingness to change course as facts on the ground dictate. If you apply this standard to Pres. Bush, he fails miserably and ditto Sen. Obama's challengers.

I'm sorry to say this, but I think the whole thing is staged. I think the sermon by Wright was staged to give Obama an opportunity to get on tv and make a big I'm sorry speech. Remember what happened the last time Obama made his "great" speech after Wright's incendiary comments about America? Well I do, and it was like Jesus Christ was born over again in Obama. Well it wont work this time if people are as wise to his little tricks as I am.

Wright should have stopped after his interview on the Bill Moyers Journal. There's such a thing as 'quit while you're ahead'.

Which reminds me of Clinton....

Mr. Obama,
How can you make a speech today saying he is not my spiritual advisor? How can you say that when he inspired your books title. How do you expect us the people of America to believe in you and your words when you sat in that church donated money and was married by this man. How can you explain why you named him an advisor to your campaign as late as 2008? I am sorry GAME OVER. You were a pretty picture for America to believe in. We as citizens can not and will not have a President that can sit in a pew for 20 years listening to a man who is clearly off his rocker preach white hate and God Damn America. It is sick. There is no excuse for you sitting their and exposing your children to this kind of belief system. You never offer an explanation because you know there isn't one. Just do the party good and step away so we can win in Nov. Begin rebuilding your character so you can keep your senate seat. Its time to go.

Hey guys, great article about the whole flap in the NY Times today by former Swamp reporter Jeff Zeleny. Can I link to this, Silva, or is Zeleny verboeten now?


Two[u][i] weeks [/i][/u]too late?
Try [i][b]two decades[/b][/i].

People take away from church they want to and they tend to leave the rest aside. Think of all the faithful practicing Catholics who use birth control, support a woman's right to make her own medical decisions, support the death penalty, or support the war in Iraq. They know that they disagree with their church's positions, but they still go to church, still take communion, still consider themselves good Catholics. You don't see them out denouncing the church because of the things they don't agree with.

Why do you expect the dynamic to be any different for Obama? Because he is a faithful parishioner of Rev. Wright's church, does that mean that he has to swallow whole everything Rev. Wright ever preached? When you go to a potluck, are you obligated to like everything equally? Or is it okay to skip the jello mold or the mock apple pie?

I still think Obama is the best candidate in this race, indeed, the best candidate we've had in a very long time. Unfortunately we have a whole system set in place in this country (corprate America, corporate media = GOP) who are invested financially in taking down candidates like Obama.

You get what you vote for people and if you are still dumb enough to vote for a third term of Bush America i.e. McCain, this fall, then you'll get what you deserve.

I agree with the "who cares" camp. Wright has obviously used the media attention to grow more radical and launch himself at the cameras. O'Bama can't be blamed for this guy's addiction to shock value.

I'm sorry to say this, but I think the whole thing is staged. I think the sermon by Wright was staged to give Obama an opportunity to get on tv and make a big I'm sorry speech. Remember what happened the last time Obama made his "great" speech after Wright's incendiary comments about America? Well I do, and it was like Jesus Christ was born over again in Obama. Well it wont work this time if people are as wise to his little tricks as I am.

Posted by: RFB | April 29, 2008 5:46 PM

Mayberry RFB,
Since it's well known around here that you're a flunkie Billary cheerleader, then I guess your assessment isn't very surprising.

If Obama ends up losing the nomination or the general election because of Rev. Wright, it will prove that you can't underestimate the intelligence of the American people when running for President.

Four years from now you all will be saying what a great President Hillary is and bragging about all she has done for this country. And all you "sorry" obamaites will be claiming to have voted for her.

Jay, you've got to use these nifty little greater-than, less-than brackets for HTML <> and

Obama's next book should be titled "The Audacity of CHOKE!"

Not sure how Obama could not have seen this coming the day he had his first fundraiser at Bill Ayers house around 1995. Obama should've bolted from Wright's church way back then but he seems to be lacking good judgment.

The fact that Obama chose to associate with Ayers, Wright, and Rezko should say all anyone needs to know about Obama. If you ignore these things than you probably agree with the views of those he associated with since it seems there is no other reason to continue to support Obama.

If you think Obama is being honest about Wright when he says that Wright is not the same person he knew 20 years ago than this might change your mind: http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2008/04/not_the_same_rev_wright.asp.

Whatever way the winds blowin'is all Obama needs to "change" his tune.
What a fruad.

The problem is not Rev. Wright and what he says but that the people have made Rev. Wright a part of the campaign when he is not running for office. Obama needs to stop responding to comments he did not make. Rev. Wright is my former minister. He is a good minister. He is a human being not God, I don't have him on a pedestal. He is a person and a sinner too as we all are. He is not perfect and neither are the people that are talking about him. When I attended church under his leadership I was able to separate Rev. Wright's opinions from the word (Bible). When I attended church it was not to worship Rev. Wright but to worship God and I remained focused. God gave us all a mind to think and the Holy Bible as our resource. I study the bible within the church and outside of the church. Some people worship there minister instead of realizing that the minister is no greater than they are. If he does and says something wrong he will be held accountable by God not us. God has a way of dealing with all our wrongs. Rev. Wright is a person that needs God's help and guidance as everyone else. Rev. Wright is a good minister. He has done a lot for the members of our church, the community and Nationally. His sermons have been televised for years. Why were they not an issue before now. Because of the campaign the focus is on the bad things he may have said what about the good things he has said. The good out weigh the bad any day. He has said things that I don't agree with but it is okay to disagree. We can't discard each other because one says or does something the other one doesn't like. We have to learn to live together, to love and help one another. Condemning one another is not going to help. It is enough evil going on in the world without us adding to it. God is about Love not about hate. Rev. Wright is not running for the President. Why don't the people look at Obama's history and what he has done and what Obama has said and stop focusing in on what Rev. Wright's has said. Rev. Wright is a educated man who can speak for himself. He is perfectly able to respond to questions regarding what he says. The people need to start using the mind that God has given them and separate the candidate from his former minister. Let Obama speak for Obama. Obama needs to stop trying to respond to what Rev. Wright says and respond to what Obama has said and done. Please excuse the typos.

I wonder if Hillary will let Bill out of the house for the next couple weeks. She's probably thinking that things are going her way and the only way to blow it is for Bill to shoot his mouth off again. Any signs of Bill in the last couple days?

"Think of all the faithful practicing Catholics who use birth control."
John, I think you're hitting on the central problem that Wright presents. The "values" voters that went so heavily Bush, particularly among catholics, didn't vote for Kerry and kind of thought that Kerry was a hypocrite for it.
Here you have a similar situation. The argument that Obama never went to church and didn't know Wright's views were so extreme is even MORE offensive to them because it implies he never really believed in belonging to a "black" church in the first place.
To you or me, John, yes it is perfectly acceptable to disagree wholeheartedly with many of the tenets of your church. But that clearly isn't the case with the people that made up the backbone of Bush's two electoral victories. Rather, that's even more offensive to them. I don't want to speak for him, but I think Reverend Wright feels the same way and that's why he turned on Obama.

I think this is an orchestrated attempt by his campaign so that now Obama can distance himself from Wright...it let Obama out of the corner he had painted himself into when he had defended Wright. This is why Wright's comments now seem so exaggerated.....

WHy is it that when Obama and Wright make a mess of things, that the Obama fans blame Hillary. This has nothing to do with her. Wright was correct when he said that Obama will do anything to win the WHite House. Obama is a liar.

It is very sad, but I don't feel sorry for Obama. It seems a little strange that he speaks up now about Rev Wright. It's a little too late. I was going to vote for Obama for President, but decided not too. Obama is truly showing his colors, and Wright is destroying his chances to become President.Wright needed to keep his mouth shut from the start.

Unfortunately what this does is make Obama weaker in the eyes of those who's straddling fences. The next remaining primaries will be long and arduous and those who were looking to Obama as a strong hopeful candidate will see him wrapped in negativity and doubt. And Clinton and her machine will keep pounding away at him, possibly win the nomination and--honestly--be thoroughly trounced come November by the silent majority who voted Bush again a second term. And the once hopeful, almost idyllic campaign of Obama will be another asterisk in American democracy. I was a fence straddler looking for a strong Democrat to change things--but in light of how Clinton and her Clintonites have done the job of the Republican right-wing, I'm not going to vote if she wins the nomination. Honestly McCain is Bush light but better than Madame Clinton.

Why Rev. Wright lost his balance at the National Press Conference and created this theatrical performance that became so destructive to Barack Obama, himself and all Americans, black and white, is beyond me. Barack Obama is the victim here of this fiasco. I think the networks couldn't resist this and are also bought and paid for by certain people who want to shape the next presidential election. Barack Obama represents how far our country has come on race issues but he is not strong enough alone to change the prejudice that still exists. We, the people, have the power to change those attitudes by supporting him for President in spite of all the Billary and now the Wright tactics that have tried to sabatoge him all along the way. Sometimes He is tolerant, compassionate, honest and very intelligent. Maybe Americans want more of the same so they can curl up on their couches and watch the news become sensationalism and a gossip column. I think Barack Obama has an amazing sense of integrity and courage to continually go forward in the face of all of this media madness. He still has my support - actually more-so than ever. He knows that deep down the American people are smarter than all of this propaganda coming at them. My only hope is that he is right.

Mr. Obama,
Just do the party good and step away so we can win in Nov. Begin rebuilding your character so you can keep your senate seat. Its time to go.

Posted by: Valrie Sommerville | April 29, 2008 5:51 PM

Valrie Sommerville duck, I hear sniper fire!!! Maybe if I drink a shot and a beer the sniper will stop shooting. Maybe if I promise everything under the sun the sniper will stop shooting. Maybe if I bash my opponent day in and day out with outragous claims I can get the presidency that I feel I'm entitiled to as a Clinton. I'm Hillary Clinto and I'll do anything to feed my huge ego even though I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yep she your girl.



This isn't about Rev. Wright's outburst or black churches. At the core of the problem is Obama's judgement and leadership.

What do people really know about Obama? What I'm finding out about him doesn't indicate to me that he is the right person to lead U.S.

BTW, if Obama didn't know that Wright was going to be an liability until yesterday, then why did he not invite Wright on stage at his announcement to run for POTUS?

This is the first time I will ever vote. For I just became a naturalized citizen and I will only take into consideration who I think is the best person to lead this beautiful country into the future. I refuse to take into consideration the skin color, gender, or who his/her pastor is or what that person (the pastor) says or believes. I would like to believe that's the way everyone should elect their representatives, be it political or otherwise. I will not let anyone tell me who to vote for or merely base it on anything else other than what his/her ideas and/or plans are for bettering our lifestyles. No, I am not an advocate of Sen Obama, but if I feel he is the best person to be my leader, sure I will vote for him. At the moment, I have not heard enough from any side to convince me. Maybe it's because everyone is just concentrating on innuendo and garbage talk. And that is so sad.

Amazing ........blah......blah.....bal....blah.....balh

Jeremiah Wright has handed Barack Obama a golden opportunity to cement his stature as someone who is not bound by old biases and grievances. If he insists on the diversity within the Black community, and separates himself from Wright's extreme ideas, he will convincingly assure all elements in our society that he can bring people together.

It may be too late for Senator Obama. I believe that Rev. Wright's remarks have hurt the Senator. In my opinion, I don't think that Rev. Wright's comments don't speak for all the blacks or the black churches. He has definitely mixed church with politics. I'm just sick of some blacks always crying "poor me," "poor me." What about the true original Native Americans? What about other immigrants? I also believe that there is no free ride.

why is that ? why we always
try to protect ourselves under a false face of dignity? We can't judge Senator Obama or someone else just because one of his personal friends make a huge mistake, if this is correct then none of us could ever be trusted because there will be always someone who will make mistakes, but of course is so easy to critize specially if you never will have to meet them, please let's be a little more mature.

Why Rev. Wright lost his balance at the National Press Conference and created this theatrical performance that became so destructive to Barack Obama, himself and all Americans, black and white, is beyond me. Barack Obama is the victim here of this fiasco. I think the networks couldn’t resist this and are also bought and paid for by certain people who want to shape the next presidential election. Barack Obama represents how far our country has come on race issues but he is not strong enough alone to change the prejudice that still exists. We, the people, have the power to change those attitudes by supporting him for President in spite of all the Billary and now the Wright tactics that have tried to sabatoge him all along the way. He is tolerant, compassionate, honest and very intelligent. Maybe Americans want more of the same so they can curl up on their couches and watch the news become sensationalism and a gossip column. I think Barack Obama has an amazing sense of integrity and courage to continually go forward in the face of all of this media madness. He still has my support - actually more-so than ever. He knows that deep down the American people are smarter than all of this propaganda coming at them. My only hope is that he is right.

Hey Wright you just made black people hurt more...

Obama acted like he had just heard the aids conspiracy stuff -- it was a part of the looped speeches. He's exactly what Wright said -- a pol who says what he has to to get votes. I find him disgusting -- too little, too late.

How di the late Rev. Billy Graham get away with making negative remarks against Jews and other controversial remarks throughout his religious career, and YET remained a close confidant of a number of U.S. Presidents?

The only comment I get back from a number fo major media people is "good point." RIGHT, good point, but when it comes to Obama, he is dogged in a way that no other U.S. President EVER was with their ongoing association with Rev. Grahram despite his controversial comments.

If people want to vote for another 100 years of war because you upset with Obama and his former pastor then go ahead.

Way, way, way too little, too late. He should have done this immediately - when these issues first came up. He's only doing this to save his political career. It couldn't be more obvious. Boo, Obama. Bad move.

it was a set by hillary s people she s backstabber

It is irony that the man that has been propelled by his words is being brought down by the words of someone he would not properly disavow their words.

Being from Illinois I have been amazed that this charlatan has captured the majority of the liberal democrats for so long. It was quite obvious this person was being propelled by powerful people to be a national leader. Unfortunately his charachter either has been lost or was never there through this short journey.

He has done nothing but talk as U.S. Senator and has been part of the problem in this State of leaders that are clout happy.

All he has is "hope" that he can spend enough money to persuade the people to dis-regard the Wright thing as well as the other charachter flaws that will show up all too soon. Not to even mention his lack of any real leadership experience or legislature experience.

The media keeps pounding on this Wright controversy, and the voters are distracted by it, so we continue to generate the negativity instead of the real issues---economics for one is extremely at stake right now.
Can we just get on with it???
United We Stand
Divided We Fall

This is the guy we want protecting national alliances, right, some waffler who will roll over on his own preacher. He should have rolled over hard years ago, but suddenly Rev.Wright is "inconvenient," as Al Gore might put it, and the Press Messiah Barack pulls the political equivalent of putting two behind his ear. Nice guy, a man of principal. One more misbegotten politician.

good bye- Obama and not a momnet too soon. Just not ready for the big time. He and Axelrod are toast.

I think that Obama has handled the situation about as well as any reasonable person could have. Earlier he gave Wright an opportunity to lessen the furor over his remarks by not skewering him when it first became an issue. But the pastor's ego and ambition could not be contained, so the NAACP and Press Club comments fiascos were born.

After such a betrayal, Obama has repudiated Wright in an appropriate manner. He did what he had to do and when he had to do it.

The three candidates still standing have all had to confront enormous obstacles: McCain was shoved aside by his own party. Clinton was dismissed as a proxy for her husband, fell far behind and was given up for dead. Obama, who came from nowhere to build an appealing image and an effective organization, has been betrayed by his former pastor.

McCain is now the last man standing on the Republican side. Clinton has shown tenacity and is still in the Democratic fray, swinging wildly. Obama has been stung, but is still on his feet.

These three candidates have defied the odds, thus far, and have demonstrated greater stature than the pigmy now occupying the White House. Things could be worse.

I wonder why the media are not reporting the information reported in the New York Daily News:

"New York Daily News columnist Errol Louis writes:

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright couldn't have done more damage to Barack Obama's campaign if he had tried. And you have to wonder if that's just what one friend of Wright wanted.

Shortly before he rose to deliver his rambling, angry, sarcastic remarks at the National Press Club Monday, Wright sat next to, and chatted with, Barbara Reynolds.

A former editorial board member at USA Today, she runs something called Reynolds News Services and teaches ministry at the Howard University School of Divinity. (She is an ordained minister).

It also turns out that Reynolds - introduced Monday as a member of the National Press Club "who organized" the event - is an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter. ...

I don't know if Reynolds' eagerness to help Wright stage a disastrous news conference with the national media was a way of trying to help Clinton - my queries to Reynolds by phone and e-mail weren't returned yesterday - but it's safe to say she didn't see any conflict between promoting Wright and supporting Clinton."

Finally, this is all 'Bama could do. He was being flayed on the cross of guilt by association.
Too bad, America. Maybe in 2016 we can try a good man or woman for prez.
Looks like McBush by default.
Enjoy, America; This is what you want, right?
Hey, how old will Hagee be in '16?
Maybe Teddy Haggard will be available for VP?

"Quick everyone, we don't want to NOT vote for the black guy, but he doesn't espouse any fiery rhetoric about race and we can't just say 'we don't like the darkies.' He's not even a slave descendant! I mean, we can maybe try to make him look like a Muslim, or we can-- Oh wait! Someone who he knows DOES spit out hate about the US? Run with it! Who cares about whether or not that's what Obama thinks, they're both black so it works!"

Ahh, the 24-hour news cycle: All the baseless guilt-by-association that this stupid country can muster... Because everyone knows that caring deeply for someone personally means agreeing with their politics. I know that I personally make everyone fill out a questionnaire when I'm choosing whether or not to associate with them. Then I make sure that the Notary agrees with me too, because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

What a hypocritical bunch of finger-wagglers we have become. Not ONE of you people could pass the test you've created for Obama, and you all know it. But it's a conveniently-fed talking point for when you want to hate Obama, but don't know enough about him to make a real argument.

And if you really want to take this down the 'what-company-he-keeps' route, I will remind you that our current President only listens to people who share his opinions; he prides himself on it.

How well has THAT worked out?

My mother died 90 years old and did not recognize me or my syster. The symptoms started 15 years before but we did not recognize them for some 4 years. Of course, we don'blame her. How old is Rev. Wright?

I love Rev. Wright. He is the reason Obama won't be the next president. HA HA

Tony said: "Unfortunately what this does is make Obama weaker in the eyes of those who's straddling fences."

Andrew said: Maybe reality is perceived correctly sometimes. What specifically has Obama done in his life that has shown the kind of toughness that qualifies him for POTUS?

BTW, Dubya is not a good example of toughness...just uncuriously stubborn.

Gee, Obama's being painted more as a villain now that he's a Christian...what happened to all the outrage over the madrassa, muslim upbringing and traditional African garb? I think he'd been better off just saying he's an agnostic. Why do people get so crazy when it comes to religion? It comes down to who you can exclude.

Obama threw his Grandmother under the bus. Now he is under the bus. Justice has been served.

Go Hillary.

Enough is enough already. I agree with Rev. Wright that he is not running for president. There seem's to be much confusion about what he said destroying Obama. Obama should try to be a little more like Rev. Wright and take a stand and stick to it. I bet Rev. Wright would have stood up for Obama had the shoe been on the other foot.

Vote McBush and let the good war times roll! Get that thrill as the planes launch off the big carriers. Boom shocka locka and awe!. It can't be wrong because it's so cool!
Hey, lets go back in into Vietnam and get some, hey? Destroy those ba$%@rds to save those ba$%@rds, right?

Obama has wahed his hand of Mr Wright, so can we get on with the real issues that are of imprtance to Americans.

Can you imagine if Obama gets to become president? We will have deal with four years of this loon (Rev Wright)

whatever happened to obama the unifier, the candidate who led many to believe that he would always keep the lines of communications open, and actively engage with those whose point-of-view differed from his own or that of mainstream americans?

why didnt he reach out to louis farrakhan and the millions of black muslim supporters that he represents? why didnt he bring them to the table and invite them to be part of the american mainstream conversation.

and now, senator obama has passed up another wonderful opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a negotiator, a communicator, and a facilitator by denouncing the views of the learned reverend wright; thus, turning his back on the critical issues that reverend wright raised which affect millions of blacks and minority communities throughout the united states? views that i believe are held by many in the black community (stated and unstated).

contrary to what senator obama said in philadelphia, i guess he can denounce the black community and his white grandmother. oh well, so much for true believerism. looks like we lost another potential leader and role model to the politicians.

S K said: "The media keeps pounding on this Wright controversy, and the voters are distracted by it,.......can't we just get on with it ???"

Andrew said: Obama was the one that said Wright played an important role in his spirituality, so isn't the Rev. Wright issue a fair discussion on Obama's judgement??

We all paid the price when some bought into Dubya's passionate conservatism campaign. BTW, Dubya also said he wasn't going to nation build (in several debates).

Can you please specifically point to something that Obama has demonstrated or accomplished in his career that qualifies him as POTUS?

If your response is that Obama is a consensus builder (a new kind of politics), then ask yourself this: if Obama can't manage to coexist harmoniously with Rev. Wright (someone he's revered for 20 years), then what real chance does he have with right wing Republicans on healthcare, taxes, oil policy, social security, education, guns, crime, jobs, Iraq.....in short anything of substance. The problem is Rev. Wright does not actually respect Obama as a leader worthy to pass the baton to...right or wrong.

Too Late, Obama knew what the Rev. was like for a very very long time. If Obama disagreed with him he should have changed churches a long ago. It is politically expedient to denounce him now, because Obama's support is decreasing rapidly. It shows me that Obama has a serious character flaw!

I was leaning toward Hillary until all the ridiculous attention being paid to Rev Wright with Hillary and McCain jumping on the "see how bad his pastor is?" band wagon. I'm Catholic and with all the pedophile priests, should I be judged as a sicko supporter no better than they? Get over it people. Wright isn't running for Prez. Truth be told some of what he says is dead on correct. Condeming Obama is reaching and using smoke and mirrors to detract from the real issues.

What a joke Obama is. First he cozies up to Jeremiah Wright, paying homage and thousands of dollars in donations for 20 years. He subjects his young daughters to inflamtory, hate-filled sermons. Then as soon as the reverend starts to negatively impact his poll numbers, Obama feigns indignation.
Secondly Obama befriends a man who during the 1970's tries to violently overthrow the United States. William Ayers, a spoiled rich kid, planted bombs at the Pentagon, and throughout the country. He then ran like a coward when one exploded killing his friend.
Obama's own wife has written about the evils of America, and is just now proud of her country in her 40's. Here is a multi-millioniare who went to ivy league schools, and possesses what most Americans can only dream of. Yet she is bitter towards her country.
Obama's chosen associates, both pastor, friends, and his very wife have displayed a vitriolic hatred towards this country. Why do you find it so hard to believe that he himself is a radica. If nothing else, Obama has shown himself to be a true blue Cook county political Hack.

Oh please. Obama had 25 years to walk away from Wright and he does it now. Nothing Wright has said in the last few days is any different that what he has been preaching for the last 30 years. Obama is toast. It is funny to see all the OBamabots who stood up for Wright now condone him after their savior has said it is ok. The Obamabots are really pathetic. They change their principles and beliefs by whether or not Obama lives up to them. The most pathetic people in the world are those who pick a politician and then defend every move he makes regardless of how wrong or right it is. Obamabots are exaclty like those who defend Bush.

What "particularly angered" Obama is that he called him a typical politician?? This is what caused the final break? Wright has spewed nothing but hate against just about everyone else in America and Obama said he could not disown him. Talk about self-centered!! Obama wasn't really upset until Wright said something negative about HIM!!

Kevin: Thanks for the well thought out and so perfectly expressed post. FOOD FOR THOUGHT....I hope people TAKE THE TIME to digest it!!!

I thought Senator Obama said he could NOT disassociate himself from Rev Wright in that speech that was supposed to be such a defining moment for him and for the our County. Now several weeks later, Sen Obama is reversing course. Is this what an Obama presidency would be like? Publicly stating a course of action and then reversing it a few weeks later? We need a President who will think before he talks.

OMG, he actually did a poll to see if he should or should not condemn Wright. Wow. This is political posturing at its worst.

One thing stands out amongst many of these blog responses.............Obama is a poor judge of character since he has stayed with Wright this long. Well, Hillary is still with a cheating Bill and has been for even longer than Obama at his church; but no one says she has used poor judgment on choosing a husband. If you really care about someone and they do wrong, you ultimately leave that person if the person doesn't change. Obama left his former pastor. On the other hand, Hillary has stayed with Bill through Jennifer, Monica, and goodness knows who else. I guess the Hillary diehards will stick their heads in the sand or find some assinine excuse for her lack of judgment.

God is love. God doesn't damn America. The Reverend Wright should use love to build a bridge and GET OVER IT !

Mark Allen asks why no big deal has ever been made of anti-Jewish and other anti comments made by Rev. Billy Graham. Mark, here is a newflash: Billy Graham never made any such a remark.
Another typical clueless ignorant Lefty.

Chuck said: I'm Catholic and with all the pedophile priests, should I be judged as a sicko supporter no better than they?

Andrew said: pedophile priests molest kids in secret. Does Wright appear to be someone that speaks only in private?

Are you running for POTUS, without a real track record too? Obama is on the record of stating Wright's important role in his spirituality, which makes Wright fair topic of discussion in terms of Obama's judgement.

Anyone can talk about what this country needs and the "real issues", but what good is it if the candidate can't be trusted to execute the plan?

Obama hasn't demonstrate any kind of leadership in his church, a place he claims to play a central role in his adult life. How can you reasonably expect Obama to lead the country? Do you believe politicians in D.C. are any less egotistical than Wright is? (read true believer's comment at 9:14pm)

As a voter, you should really re-evaluate your paradigms and assumptions about the candidates.

The Clinton supporter, Barbara Reynolds, who set up the Wright media circus... 'How fortunate we are that White missionaries came to Africa to save us...' And don't spend too much time looking for her links. She's had her main page wiped clean. A little too late for her, though.

Let's face it Obama followers....you have been scammed by two of the best 1, Barack Obama and 2. Reverend Wright. Obama has been attending Wright's sermons as a student...to learn how to emulate and become the orator like Wright who excites the crowds and rallies his audiences of misguided followers every Sunday. The only difference is that Wright spews volcanic racist hatred to his folowers while Barack spews shallow and non-descriptive promises to his audiences. Has anyone of Barack's followers ever asked him to explain how he will actually effect the CHANGE he keeps talking about. Hey Barack followers...this guy is a real disaster...he doesn't choose his friends and associates very carefully.....misspeaks all the time, and admits that he will over and over again. ...Is this really who we really want representing our country in a time of potential crisis? He might befriend and start hanging out with that little maniac from North Korea or that other mentally challenged megolomaniac from Venezuala, and then say the wrong thing to them. Yes, then what??? I have no political affiliations, however if I was a Democrat, I would definitely vote for Hillary.

Mark, you practice sophistry well. Insult a person with your own preconceived conclusions if they think differently than you and reach conclusions in a manner you dislike. Nice to see liberals at work - 'You are either with me or you are an idiot'.
Keep up the intelligent well reasoned arguments of the liberals.
Posted by: jim | April 29, 2008 5:16 PM

Uh-huh. That's a trait of 'liberals'. Pot. Kettle. Black.

If you want to thrown in with another candidate, that's fine. Not a reason to question intelligence. If you change your vote based on who a candidate's pastor is, you're essentially saying that is a key issue facing the US. Please, tell me how that criterion on leadership and policy will help the US remain competitive in the world in economics, education, etc. I'm all ears.

Kathy - Correction. Wright speweed nothing but hate against RIGHT WING BUSH DUPES LIKE YOU who have historically supported authoritarian warmongering, torture, rape, slaughter, burning tax dollars over open bonfires in places like IRAQ - people like you who HAVE EARNED IT.

Obama has the integrity and organizational skills to mobilize large numbers of progressive voters to push back against the corporate special interest groups. Hillary's wish to win at all costs is playing right into the Right Wing play book as her supporters write the attack scripts against Obama. Hillary's acceptance of money from Rupert Murdoch and praise of Mc Cain as more experienced than Obama should be sounding alarms about who she represents. Expensive campaigns feed the media conglomerates who support the corporatist stranglehold on our government. Tabloid hoopla ad nauseum about the candidates is a distraction from media coverage of the true dangers to our democracy.

A democracy requires factually informed citizens and a trustworthy election process. We are dangerously close to having neither. Corporate Big Brother has been well served by unrestrained Media mergers and the privatization of our elections. The electronic voting machines used in the majority of our elections are notoriously unreliable and extremely fraud friendly. The main stream media keeps the focus on Democratic infighting, while the Rove operatives cut to the chase to win in November by maintaining and enhancing the Corporate Party's structural advantage in the election process. Stalin's comment remains true today. It is not who votes that counts, but who counts the vote. Currently corrupt Republican aligned voting machine vendors design and implement the voting machines that generate our election results. It boggles my mind that the Democratic Party is not up in arms over this Republican home count advantage. Lawyers on the ground after the fact seldom overturn a questionable election. Those who steal elections keep on stealing.

I urge anyone who does not want to live in a Banana Republic to view the DVD's "Invisible Ballots" and "Hacking Democracy " which are available for free on the Internet. Computer viruses that we now know to be easily introduced to electronic voting machines are written in such a way that they can alter election results and then erase any evidence of their existence. Thousands of votes can be altered undetected with little effort by a few insiders. This is why vote counting that is observable by the human eye is the only method of vote counting that is safe for a democracy. We are not a democracy until we have a election process in which the candidate who is declared the winner is the candidate chosen by the electorate. While the Democrats are focusing on Rev. Wright the White House is opposing the passage of the revised Holt bill that would provide funding for paper audits trails of electronic voting machines in the November election. Currently our election procedures do not even meet minimal standards for business accounting practice. Many states use electronic voting machines that do not even produce a audit trail. Most states that have a paper audit trail do not use it to verify the accuracy of the unobservable electronic vote counting. It is as if no one want to know if our elections actually reflect the will of the voter. There is no deterrent to election fraud when there are no audit procedures in place.

Teresa Blakely

Obama dissed his elder. How many other elders or church members will be next?

Wright is right. He's gotta call him out for the liar Obama is.

He turned on his own pastor. Next, Michelle? What are this man's limits? We don't know. None of us know Barry. He just expects us to take him at his word.

Well. I'm watching because so far all I'm seeing is lips moving. This isn't about Wright. This is about trust.

I just cant understand why people cant separate two individuals we all know someone either currently or in the past that other people would deem unfavorable or inappropriate and most would be enraged to be judged by that persons reputation. i think that we have been so tainted by past politicians lies and scandles(Bush and others) that we are afraid to believe that a person can be a politician and be genuine. we get so cought up in what the media and other polititions say should matter we fail to focus on what really matters. this is not an "issue". Mr Obama knowing Mr Wright is nowhere near as important as healthcare, our loved ones dying in a war, the economy, and the environment(the real issues).we all know the U.S. history with the rest of the world, its undeniable! we all agree that things need to change. i just hope that when we vote for the next president our pick is for the person that will help improve the issues that effect all of our lives not who the candidate knows. have we learned nothing the past 8 years? peace

Good job, Obama.

Now all you have to do is renounce Rev. Wright two (2) more times and you'll be ready for the Presidency.

I cannot believe so many people are willing to throw away the best hope this country has for this election cycle, simply because of the views of the pastor of his church.Oh, wait, yes I do- this is America, where as soon as something good comes along, all the opponents have to do is associate them with something controversial- but only if they're "left wing". Bush had every nutjob "minister" in this country backing him, and few condemned him for it.No one seems to remember that Rev. Wright was one of the "spiritual advisors" Hillary called on when Bill got caught with Monica.No one seems to see that McCains acceptance of of Hagees endorsement might mean that he actually believes the hate Hagee spouts.

When I was younger, I went to church. The preacher often shouted opinions I not only didn't believe, but felt had no business being spoken by anyone who believed in a loving God.But, I still attended the church, because it was the church that my family had attended for years.

As for Obama being a liar- puhleeez.Do you NOT remember Hillary getting off the plane in Bosnia and having to run from sniper fire? Oh, wait, that never happened, did it?And how about her unwaivering support to keep us out of this fiasco in Iraq? Oh, wait, that was Obama- hillary voted FOR the war, and still votes to toss more and more of the money THIS country needs at it because Bush insists on it.Obama continues to vote to end funding.

And, as for Wrights comments, including the one where he shouted " God DAMN America"? Um, almost every single one of the evangelicals who Bush used as "spiritual advisors" over the his entire first "term" shouted exactly those same words.They shouted that Katrina, AIDS,and 9/11 were Gods wrath at America for being so "liberal". It was punishment for homosexuality.It was punishment for being "Godless liberals. It was punishment for believing that ALL people should be equal- including gays, Pagans, atheists, etc...But we still allowed Bush to stay in the White House, even though these were the men he called daily for advice on running the country.Daily! Not sitting in the pew once a week or less like Obama.

Anyone who is willing to simply drop Obama as thier choice over something as much a non-issue as this so obviously is(at least to those who have a brain in thier head an can think for themselves instead of reacting to media-driven propaganda), deserves whatever they get in November.And if it ends up being Hillary versus McCain for president,it won't matter which one you get in office- they're BOTH going to finish the job Bush started of tearing this country apart, and spitting on the Constitution.

I'm STILL voting for Obama in our states primary this week,but if he loses the nomination over something this stupid, I refuse to waste my vote on Hillary- I'll do a write in vote for Donald Duck first.

Obama has handled this extremly well. You stick by the side of those you care about, even when you disagree with them. But after a while, if they show no contriton or ability to reconcile, then you have to let them go. This is why we need Barack Obama in the White House.

He does not simply fly off the handle or throw people under the bus for personal reasons. He is the most reasonable, intelligent and sincere candidate we have seen in a generation or more.

Go Obama

Styles said: "I just cant understand why people cant separate two individuals we all know someone either currently or in the past that other people would deem unfavorable or inappropriate and most would be enraged to be judged by that persons reputation."

Andrew said: Obama's is the one that claims that his and Rev. Wright's relationship is very central to his 20 years in Chicago. Unless Obama or someone else comes out and says it was just superficial, I'll take Obama's comments at face value. To riterate, this isn't a casual acquaitance.

What's being judged isn't whether Obama is as militant as Wright, which I don't believe. What should be considered is Obama's judgement and leadership.

Obama said yesterday that Wright is not the same person he knew 20 years ago. But, what about 5 years ago, when Wright made the "God Damn America" comments in church. What was it that Obama saw in Wright that kept him from inviting Wright to stand on stage next to him at his candidacy announcement last year. If he failed to manage the relationship with his own uncle-like mentor, how is he going really going to gather all the egos in D.C. or across America on important issues.

If your look at Obama's actual accomplishments at the IL state level, it would show that he never even attempted to move heavy issues (e.g. removing government corruption, improving economy, budget, jobs). His bridging came on side issues that were used as political trading chips, or ones with relatively certain outcomes. In short, he never took any real political risk.

Many intelligent people can speak to what our country needs....Obama is certainly one of them. But, we need someone that can actually execute the plan. Obama has not demonstrated that ability in any way, shape or form..... if anything, in his campaign so far he has seemed to have much lower threshold for pressure than Clinton (debates, after key losses, and yesterday's press conference).

Obama had no choice. He was between a rock and a hard place with his political life on the line. The MSM and Clinton-McCain cabal created the situation with snippets out of context and guilt by association platforms. Granted, Wright's performance at the National Press Club (arranged by a Clinton supporter) was less than pretty, but he spoke truth. In his heart, Obama knows Wright is right, but publically he has to do what he has to do to survive politically. Next up in the saga will be "Obama does not stand by his friend." A good guy just can't get a break. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. The real positive offerings of Obama have been lost in translation and distortion by his competitors combined with the MSM. The electorate is uninformed, uncurious, and ignorant. Consider the fact that 15% believe Obama is Muslim. They would serve the country better by going shopping at the mall rather than voting in Nov.

Obama will recover from this public divorce. If Rev. Wright was like this 20 years ago, why did the media not pick it up? Why did the Clinton's invite Rev. Wright to the white house? Why did LBJ allow Rev. Wright to be at his hospital bed? I believe Obama when he says, Rev. Wright is not the same man he knew 20 years ago.

Hillary is behind this. An ardent Hillary supporter and friend of Rev. Wright organized Wright's press release to the press. She openly criticizes Obama on her blogs and praises Hillary for what Bill did.

As a feminist, I despise Hillary running on her husband's experience.

I feel that people need to sober up and realize that it's Rev. Wright who's making the offensive remarks and not Barack Obama. The Rev. Wright issue is the only thing that the Clinton supporters can use against Obama. Again I stress the fact that what's being used against Obama are some one else's words and not his own. That's sad!!

The Wright business is being blown entirely out of proportion, and I believe the reasons for this are neither honest nor wholesome.

In focusing so much attention on this, America, which weeks ago was congratulating itself with the idea that a black man could run and win, now begins to show old, true underlying attitudes.

In this the country resembles someone whose hair dye-job was being praised weeks ago for its freshness but is now the source of ugly gossip as the genuine hair color creeps back in at the roots.

God, if Obama made a mistake here it was a small one.

Just look at the mistakes in Washington. Often it seems nothing else goes on there but mistakes.

Bush and the strategic blunder of the century, wasting lives and resources on a colossal scale?

A Supreme Court which effectively appointed Bush in the first place?

Hillary Clinton living with Bill Clinton for three decades of ethical degradation and embarrassment and shame?

Bill Clinton, a man of considerable talents who to a large extent squandered them and demonstrated countless times a highly doubtful character?

John McCain mocking and attacking the Religious Right and then shortly after crawling for their support?

One could write a book called Washington Mistakes. If the author only briefly cited each error and kept the time-frame to say the last fifty years, the book would be encyclopedic in length.

So is he "public divorcing" his grandmother, too?

It is amazing to watch the mob mentality at it's best. Enough already about Rev. Wright. This is really silly season and anyone who would use the Rev. Wright controversy to not vote for Obama are just shallow. We should really be insulted by the media and the politicians who play on a person's inability to know the issues and make rational sensible judgements. We've got a bunch of white pious men and women deciding the this is an issue and how silly of us to fall for this behavior. If you don't want to vote for Obama, then just say it, but don't use trickery, sound bites, and pure ignorance to justify what you are doing. This whole argument is pure ignorance and is of the highest form of shallowness. Stop the mob mentality and be honest with yourself. Get a real issue. Let's start talking about the white preachers who have made horrible statements. You're not fooling anyone but yourself and when you use ignorant statements to justify why you won't vote for Obama, you are the worse kind of human being, not Obama.

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