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Obama, more explaining: Pundits

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Election 2008
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Posted April 13, 2008 12:17 PM
The Swamp

by Mike Dorning

The controversy over Barack Obama’s comments about “bitter” feelings among the people of small-town America shows no sign of subsiding and provoked plenty of chatter among the political consultant and pundits on Sunday morning chat shows.

Democratic political consultant James Carville channeled Ricky Ricardo on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today.

“He’s going to have to do some more explaining about this,” declared Carville, a Clinton ally

“It’s big,” conservative columnist George Will said on ABC’s “This Week,” arguing that it crystallizes doubts about Obama. “Is he condescending? Is he out of touch?”

Democratic consultant Bob Shrum, a strategist for John Kerry’s 2004 campaign, said on “Meet the Press” that the comments are likely to figure prominently in the next Democratic presidential debate, scheduled for Wednesday in Philadelphia.

“I think this will be settled by the debate Wednesday night,” Shrum said. “I think this will be a big issue in the debate. The way he handles it I think will establish whether he can create resonance with these folks he is talking about.”

Appearing on Meet the Press, Republican strategists Mike Murphy and Mary Matalin previewed lines of attack that the comments may fuel in the general election, arguing they allow Republicans to focus attention on divisions within the Democratic party between cultural liberals and socially conservative white working-class voters.

“The damage here is that what he said accurately reflects the current Democratic party,” Matalin said. “It’s more affluent. It’ more liberal, that’s the way it’s moving. He was saying this to San Francisco Democrats, rich San Francisco Democrats.”

“This is a general election nightmare,” she sadded.

Murphy said Obama’s comments were “beautiful” for the Republican party because they provide “a shot of steroids” to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that he argued would weaken Obama. At the same time, he said, they set up a general election argument against Obama, whom he believes will nonetheless be the Democratic nominee.

“Now it becomes the defining point that hurts Barack among the very votes he’s going to need in the general election to beat John McCain,” Murphy said. “This thing is going to stick because it’s part of the way the Democrat(ic) party today is disconnected I think from swing voters who are going to decide this election.”

Still, Shrum argued that efforts by Clinton and McCain to use the comments to portray Obama as elitist could backfire.

“The underlying question here is whether McCain and Clinton can tag him with the term elitist, which is what they want. I mean this is a guy who just finished paying his student loan, who was raised by a single mother and his grandparents, who doesn’t know what it’s like to have $100 million,” Shrum said.

Bill and Hillary Clinton recently released tax returns showing that they had earned $109 million since they left the White House.

“So I think Sen. Clinton has to be a little bit careful in pushing this, because frankly she hasn’t lived in the real world for 25 years,” Shrum added. “She’s been living in a bubble. At a certain point, it will come back on her. But at the moment it’s a blessing.”

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Uh, what exactly is the problem here folks? People in small towns feel neglected by Washington - this is news now? And Obama points this out and it raises hackles? So let's see if I get this - the guy whose dad left him, who was raised by a single mom most of his life, who chose not to pursue a lucrative legal career is the elitist, but the woman who is part and parcel of the $109 million club is not?

Did the whole nation just walk through the looking glass?

The pundits are right but it will
be very difficult to explain away comments that go directly to his poor judgment, character, and credibility
and show a fundamental lack of understanding of this country, its ideals & values.

Sen. Obama has had great success up to now in agitating, organizing and using people to vote for him; his success and overconfidence contributed to his elitist, snooty comments and the revelation of really what he thinks and feels about the country and "typical white people" in small towns.

Had the media & the DNC investigated or vetted Sen. Obama and his fringe, non-mainstream ideas and values, he might never have reached the point of being the possible nominee.

Is the DNC going to investigate him ever or will all of us watch him agitate, organize, and use the country to achieve his fringe, non-mainstream ideals and values
as he destroys our ideals and values?

Great Presidental candates.

One Racist
One Socialist
One Tire Angry Old Man.

God Help this Country!!!!!

I do not believe anyone of these people are worthy of our suppors

He doesn't have any explaining to do, as far as I am concerned. His observations were truthful and it is tough if some American's want lies, instead of the truth!!! Keep calling it, the way you see it, Senator Obama!!!!
I hope you enjoy your 8 year stay in our White House and, I know that you will help all of the Americans that feel disappointment and bitterness, develop a better outlook, by helping them make their life better, with better jobs, better schools and better leadership, than the last eight years!!

Whether it's truth is a matter of perspective. It's not just the "bitter" part, of course. It's the fact that he said this bitterness is why people cling to religion, guns, and their positions on undocumented workers and trade deals. I may not agree with everyone on those issues, but I certainly don't assume they're just bitter and ignorant, and I'm not even campaigning to be their president. THAT is what's wrong with what he said.

Hey, he can say this kind of stuff all day long if he likes, but not if he expects the bitter, ignorant working class, small town lunch bucket democrats to vote for him. I wonder if Obama thinks his clinging to religion is born from some type of bitterness, or was it for political gain?

We don't need a Psychologist in Chief. We don't need him to proclaim our motives for things we "cling" to or believe in. It's arrogant as hell coming from the man who wants to be our president.

These comments, like those of Rev. Wright, seem to focus on the motives of Americans, and find us people of hate, ignorance, and pettiness. That surly exists, but does it exist at the level these remarks seem to indicate? Is this why Michelle Obama is finally proud of her country? Because she has a distorted view of her country?

Seems like Obama is trying to apply some psycholigical motives to a lot of Americans that don't ring true. I have my own views on religion, immigration, and gun control that are probably in line with Sen. Obama's views, but my views don't come from bitterness, and I take issue with his analysis of the small town America I come from.

H.Clinton and McCain see this as a real boon, but one has to remember that Clinton is just Bush -Lite anyway. They are pandering to people's emotions and hope to bring down Obama who's ahead in the polls anyway. But people aren't really as dumb as Clinton hopes they are not when they see her making over 109 MILLION dollars.
Talk about elite. But they ploy works and it workef for Bush over and over, call the opponent what you are before he can call you on whatever it is you are.
I do hope that the public isn't as gullibe as Clinton and McCain think they are and use their brains to see through this.

Shrum's wrong---this will NOT be settled by the debate nor the tweedle dee wee hate Hilary tweedle dum we love Obama's bum media pundits afterward.
It will be settled in the voting booth April 22nd. Only the election was already lost by Obama the moment he teamed up with Bob Casey in PA.
Where this will REALLY matter for the Obama spoiler campaign is in Indiana and North Carolina.
This will not be settled by the debate, Sunday Morning Pundits.

The democratic party has sold out small town America - that is the truth.

The only thing is: there were supposed to be

1) Worker retraining programs to get people who lost their jobs trained in other industries and to get higher paying jobs.

2) safeguards for environmental standards and product safety.


If one tried to get into college or graduate school, one runs up against affirmative action programs - which makes it harder for the typical white person.

Democrats sold you out again.

If one actually works for a company that is trying to compete fairly, foreign companies do not have to adhere to the same environmental or product safety standards as American companies - so we are sold out again.

The democratic party has sold us out time and time again.

Bill Clinton is probably at the top of this list.

Obama is NOT the answer - he is part of the problem here -

THAT is why his remarks appear so insensitive and pathetic - he is actually looking down on people who his own party has already kicked a few times.

Gee, I guess none of these pundits are from small-town America.

His comments hit the nail on the head describing my small-town in Jackson County, Oregon. We're bitter folks here after mill closures and a local government that closed our public libraries. But at least we got our guns and "Defense of Marriage" ballot measures to distract us.

iow, twisting Obama's words is the best the Clintons and Republicans have got. That's it. Total.

Do they talk about WHY people are bitter and fed up with politicians and government? Of course not. That would be them.

So, what is an elitist? Is it someone who says that a lot of people are bitter about the way they have been hurt by the economy, or is it someone who is so rich they don't know how the poor people feel. Does making $109 million in seven years sound like a representative of the regular folk? How about someone who has been know as one of the richest Senators thru his wife's inherited fortune? Neither Hil or John may know it, but a lot of regular folk are bitter about what's happened to them.

Simplicity itself, folks:

OBAMA says "[SMALL-TOWN AMERICANS] get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,"

First substitute BUSH, MCCAIN or CLINTON for OBAMA.


Finally, defend it as non-prejudicial. As not condescension from a bourgeoisie observing the opiates of the masses. And the opiates he ascribes them: Guns, Religion, Hate, Fear.

Will these comments really hurt Senator Barack Obama in either the Democratic primary or in the Presidential general election? They might cause a dip in his poll numbers, and they might create fodder for pundits and for ads throughout the election. However, how will they really affect how voters actually vote? Will many voters really hold these comments against him?

And, could there be a kernel of truth to the comments? What Obama was trying to say is that sometimes people turn away from looking at their economic interests and instead focus on social issues. He was trying to say that some small-town folks become angry when the government can't deliver a sound economic policy for them. Sometimes the party that doesn't deliver the right economic policy for small-town voters does deliver the right social policy for them, so they vote for the Republican instead of the Democrat. These voters might be called "Reagen Democrats," poor small-town voters who would benefit from having a Democrat in the White House but instead vote for a Republican who supports a right-wing social policy that is hawkish, pro-religion, pro-gun, and against gay marriage and other progressive social policies.

Barack's comments are based on the fallacy of false cause, non sequitur in particular. An educated man should know that these statements are illogical. One can infer only that he made them for the specific purpose of gaining the support of a particular group in San Francisco.

This is such a non-issue. The idea that the son of a single mother who pulled himself up by his bootstraps and did community organizing on the South Side of Chicago is more of an "elitist" that $109 Million Clinton or 8 residencies McCain, is laughable.

I notice that this "story" is only still being peddled by the Trib. I just did a quick pass through CNN.Com , ,, and, and the Tribune is the only home page to still even make mention of this ridiculous non-event.

Hillary has 109 million reason why she feels more elite than us Joe averages...

You white people make me sick, it's do as I say not as I do. GO get a life you don't want to see anybody black or any other color in the white house. You are a bunch of low down dirty dogs, but God still rules the Heavens and Earth. No matter how you spin it, Jesus has the final say so. Once he opens a door you can't close it no matter how you spin it, he'll bring one down and put another one up.

The crystal clear image right now is that Obama cares more about black liberation theology than small town America.

sorry to all you Obamaniacs.

The truth is: what is on is agenda for America ? What do you think Michele Obama wants on the agenda for America ???

Obama has presented us with two different stories : black anger and black liberation theology are both OK - understandable reactions to what has gone on over the years.

ON the other hand, small town America - they are "bitter" - they have taken the wrong response - they "cling" to religion and guns - as if for some reason they have not done enough to get themselves out of their plight.

The original rational for Obama's campaign that he is a unifier, transcending race has been trashed by Obama himself.

Any resonable person who thinks this through should wonder if Obama should even continue in the US Senate.

Yeah Obama was so poor that he received private school education his whole life, lived in different countries, always got the best education wherever he was at, and at the same time snorting cocaine. We would have been more sympathetic if he was dealing cocaine and grew up in the inner city.

When people say that Barack said some true things, I find this sort of rationalization as being very flawed. If you pass a fat person on the street do you walk up to that person and point out that they are fat. Were they bitter before they got fat and that is what led up to the overweight problem, or are they now bitter because they are fat. See, there is truth in telling the person they are fat but did any good come from that? NOPE. Obama was pandering to his rich friends in SF that of course look down their noses at those fly-by states that aren't educated enough and only embrace guns and religion. As I recall, after the 2004 election, some prominent democrats(Pelosi being one of them as I recall) talked in depth about the fact that the red states and some of the purple states didn't know any better about who they voted for because there are few good institutions of learning and thus they are all ignorant. I remember thinking that soundbyte should be played over and over for voters because there are lots and lots of great schools located in the fly-by states.

I think its the elite press who are is missing the point. People in small towns, my parents included, DO feel bitter and resentful about a government that is not responsive to their needs and plight. The sorry fact is that the press is focusing on the campaign strategy of Clinton and not the story of the people Obama is trying to highlight, albeit with words that aren't always eloquent.

Maybe the fine people of PA. are not bitter. Losing their homes, jobs and health insurance should make them all very happy. And I guess they are better than say the people here in Miami, that are not only bitter, but mad, disgusted and what ever word you want to use about losing homes, health care and a job. People simply want another excuse not to vote for the guy. I guess voting for Hillary sniper fire, both my husband and my top aide getting paid to promote free trade Clinton is really going to help the people in PA. HAAAAAAAAAAA

These pundits are just looking for something to pundate, during this long break.
Plus it's a distraction from the Bosnia lies and the Colombia Money.

My advice to Obama, don't waste time listening to Carvelle, or Matlin. They don't want him elected.

Read his entire answer to question and you find yourself in agreement.

Clitnon demeaned entire states that she didn't deem necessary to campaign.

it is so sad to see people like Carville struggling to perpetuate the old order and nonsense of washington that has led to the current crisis.Supporting Clinton at such a time is not only retrogressive but against setting America free from the chains of damnation as projected by the old Clinton and Bush order.God save us from the Carvilles of this world.Obama is the candidate to give us this second emancipation as Americans and we are indeed bitter as he said.Period. OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT.WE ARE TIRED OF THE CLINTON-BUSH NONSENSE.

Barack I don't see how the Candidates Hillary and McCain can say anything about you mis speaking in the way you were trying to explain your understanding of how the people are feeling the pain of the USAs pains and woes , when one of McCain's spokes persons referred to you as the democratic parties Tiger Woods , what was that all about , and why should that get a pass ??? And what about the Clintons and all that saying you are just words with no substance , and you have no meaning , just words , a Fairly tail , it is a fair tail to want to hope , no the Clintons now want to say that the American People don't have a Right to feel Like there is something Bitterly wrong with the way this Trade Policy has left America behind , no backup plan for restoring the competitive edge we once held , and was the envy that all these countries so desperately wanted to trade with in Manipulating ways like Currency Manipulation , thats led to the demise we see today , and Clintons out there taking bribes , and they want to call you elitist ???

What a Story! Candidate Personally Receives Hundreds of Thousands From Foreign Sources, Private Interests

Huge Kazakh deal follows financier's trip with Clinton, precedes donation .

The hypocrisy of this is that while his comments were insensitive and partly off base, the truth behind them resonates true. And the 2 people attacking this the hardest are the same people who are from the "Elite" and could care less about small town america. Wake u[ people, do you really think someone who makes 100 million cares about you when your making a paltry 40,000. This is ludacris. Funny I wonder how this quote would have resonated across America if Obama was a white male, I'm sure it wouldn't even register on the nightly news. But since some old school American's are afraid of what the angry "Black Male", who should i mention was raised by a white mother, might due if he's elected, you hang on every word that he utters to validate your own insecurities.

you're so sure this is a big deal are you? watch how quickly this fades. people aren't aftraid of the truth--they want a government that does something for its citizens or at least protects them from criminal millionaires. only Obama offers that kind of improvement. the rest is just talk.

Unfortunately, many people are so conditioned by politicians who speak only what the population wants to hear, that they are blind-sided by a candid politician. It is unfortunate, yet true to form, the negative Billary took the remarks out of context and continues to run a rock bottom, win at all cost negative campaign. Her criticism only continues her destructive motis operandi - she blew the opportunity to take the high road - one she is not familiar with. Go Obama, keep speaking with candor maybe someday the population at large will understand your vision and candor. I believe PA wants something better than what this destructive Billary can offer - I hope so...

This is why politicians lie all the time. Next time Obama should just say all is well with those small town folks. Take their votes and disappear likr those before him.
I can't understand why a man is being made to apologise for telling the truth.

Funny what being in La-La Land can do to make a person say such off-the-wall things.

God Bless The Constitution, the Second Amendment, and the NRA.




The Clintons want this Campaign to turn its attention away from their elitist tax records for at least a moment. Republicans -- THE ELITIST PARTY want to confuse voters.

The Republican party from creation is an ELITIST PARTY.

The Clintons are the upper level of this country's elites.

Hillary is the most divisive, most negative and a classical Shakespear nagger

Tempest in a Teacup.

Much ado about nothing.

A non-issue.

No Obama is not an "elitist." He IS smart though; is that a "problem?"

Only in America.

It is because of the limited thinking of those who do not / can not/ or will not understand the truth of what Obama stated, that W has been in the White House for 2 terms. I am embarassed of the ignorance of our public, who once again threaten to promote the wrong direction for our country while lacking the understanding of issues. 'Psychology' provides the only hope during these times of ignorance.

What galls me is, of course, that he's being punished for, once again, telling a truth that nobody wants to hear: Rural America Needs to stop living like it's 1950. Or 1880, depending on what particular backwater you're trapped in.

The idea that the black immigrant's son is more "elitist" than the white millionaire or the ex-president's wife is just goddam preposterous, but they'll run with it. Oh how they'll run with it...

He should lose, for the very good reason that he's too good for American politics. May the worst man win. Again.

If you want a candidate who truly does talk down to working-class Americans in a fake, smarmy tone, trying to figure out what they want to hear and putting nutso spins on every dissected word of her rival candidate, then, by all means, vote for Hillary Clinton. Never mind that she has no clue what it's like to struggle for survival from paycheck to paycheck, and praying every day that your job isn't sent overseas.

If you are just thrilled to pieces with the present course our country's on and can hardly wait to send more of our brave young men and women to the Middle East for an indeterminate amount of time, then McCain's your man.

If you would like your candidate to have a pretty darned good understanding of the day-to-day life of the average American, be able to negotiate with foreign leaders without arrogance or condescension, and yet still speak to the American public as intelligent, thinking individuals, then I strongly suggest you consider Barack Obama.

Do your research, fellow Americans! Don't take the words of the talking heads on the news channels at face value; check out the candidates thoroughly for yourselves so you can make a well-informed decision.

From this post, I'm sure it's obvious that my own extensive research has led me to support Obama. I keep typing out my own feelings about his speech that mentions bitterness, but I keep using my backspace key, as I know my feelings may not mirror yours. All I can do is reiterate: Do your research thoroughly and carefully, taking other people's biases with a grain of salt, so you end up voting for the candidate who really does best represent the values that are most important to you!

What Obama said is essentially true. People always turn to their "base" when things get tough. It's like going home.

I'm sure church attendance soared right after 9/11 and has since returned to "normal" levels. I'm just as sure gun purchases go up when times get tough and crime goes up.

The problem isn't that Obama spoke untruths. The problem for Obama is that speaking the truth isn't the road to the White House.

Obama needs to lift people. He needs to encourage and inspire people. The best candidates do.

When you speak the truth, then you wind up saying one thing to one group of people and something else to another.

Obama has shown by his unthoughtful comments that he is truly an unelectable candidate. How Democrats think they can win with this guy is baffling.

James Carville

Your time as a consultant was yesterday men! You cannot have too long. Now call it quit sir

Cling to their guns? Anti Trade?

Obama loving media is conveniently ignoring some of the things he said.

First of all the media is trying to make his gun comment into having something to do with "HUNTING?" That is total BS. He was clearly saying that people are "BITTER" and they take their guns and commit crimes such as MURDER and ROBBERY. He is demeaning all these people by saying that since they are "BITTER" they have become a bunch of CRIMINALS! Hunting? Give me a break.

Second he was saying that all these "BITTER" people are anti-TRADE because they are "BITTER." What is he implying here? He is IMPLYING that these trade deals such as NAFTA are GOOD and that the only reason people are against it is because they are "BITTER." Again contradictory statements. Go in front of blue collar PA folks and say he is against trade deals. Then go in front of MULTI-MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES and say he is for it.

All this was said behind closed doors at an OIL BILLIONAIRES MANSION to other very rich people. From what the media is reporting Obama does not allow the media in these fundraisers with rich people. What plausible reason does he have for that? Unless of course he does not want what he is saying to come out! An Obama supporting Huffington Post reporter who was at the event wrote about it because she was shocked. My question now is WHAT OTHER GARBAGE HAS HE BEEN SAYING BEHIND CLOSE DOORS IN ALL THE FUNDRAISERS HE HAS HAD WITH THE SUPER RICH (WHERE THE MEDIA IS ALWAYS BANNED BY OBAMA)?

What Obama said was right on, and the furor is ridiculous. Clinton is destroying Obama and the Dems chances to win the election over McCain, and the meddia is feeding right into this with their needs to get viewers.

We who agree with Barak, What we can do to show the country how he's right, and that we agree with him is to come out on the 22nd and show our support. Hillary is good at coming out an attacking someone in her own FAMILY the DEMOCRATIC PARTY other candidate barak Obama about this but she wants to remind of how she is good friends with John McCain Hillary waht party are you in.

Wakeup123 I am an african american an this name calling is really not where it's at

Please no matter how bitter you are name calling is not hte way to go. Besides you have some beautiful, great, and honest white americanc don't foreget wakeup123 we have good and bad in all races I'm pretty sure your good. So we die hard Barak supporters no matter what will show class, and be respectful of others who may not share our sentiments.

obama is a pretty smart guy and said wat he said cuz he wanted to get the vote in cali....

he is going to say wat he needs to get the votes and thats why he complains about people taking things out of context....

i want a president that can fix our economic problems and healthcare problems... not give me speeches... but until people realize all the tax cuts we got in the past are going to be payed for sometimes now since the gov lets it go tax free, we may as well push towards universal health care... cuz if the tax bracket gets corrected then all u billionaires will be helping to pay my medicare...

obamas health care plan works on him getting big companies to fork over money to cover there workers leaving the family only to pay for the kids... if he can't persuade the companys to listen then his healthcare plan won't work... peolpe will be worse of and all he will say was... you took my shit out of context yo and no one will listen to me "the Great Uniter" ... the sad thing is i wish i could be like obama and pass on a vote the way he did in the senate cuz no one in the race is of electable material...

I don't think it's your background or your income that makes you an elitist. It's your attitude. I come from small town that's been seeing a sudden and unexpected shift towards affluence - so I can personally attest to this theory. I've seen people that grew up in the same struggling financial situation as the rest of us that now think they're above their roots because the tide of real estate, etc turned in their favor. Likewise, I've known people who have always been financially fortunate who humbly make it a point to do their duty in public service.

As for the candidates at hand, while I personally don't think Obama's words were as insensitive as some believe, given his position - he does need to be more cautious with these issues. He's not the socio-economic underdog many believe. Single parent household - yes. But both parents were highly educated (PhD's), and he always attended private schools (St. Francis Catholic School, SDN Menteng 01, Punahou).

And on one last note: this is not to say that Clinton had it rough by any means, growing up in the suburbs. But the extent of someone's current wealth has little baring on their intent to help the less financially fortunate.

In sum: To my fellow Democrats - let's keep things in perspective. Yes - Obama may have fumbled in word choice. And yes - Clinton is loaded. But I do believe both candidates have the best intentions with economic issues.

it was surprisingly stupid of him to insinuate that bitterness makes people ¨cling¨to religion. he implied that religious people are weak. there are millions of voters out there who live by their religion each and every day, based on faith, not bitterness or anger. this guy´s just not ready for the white house. go hillary!

Obama was simply speaking his mind but it backfired on him. He has such an arrogant snotty attitude and seems to think he is above everyone else. Although I think its very unlikely but if by some mistake he wins the nomination I will vote for Mccain. GO HILLARY !!

The whole quote still leads one to believe that the economy is a source of bitterness that translates to how this group of working class cling to guns religion anti-immigration anti-trade apathy xenophobia when they vote. Obama and his clan want to win the election on the 8 year old rhetoric that has defined what is a Republican (Iraq) and what it is to be a Democrat(economy). God forbid should a Hillary, or a liberal, want to show some understanding for what is important and why it is important in the lives of others who represent the opposite side of the spectrum. I mean you are either a bible gun toting thumper or eager to take the guns of others away. Whether or not people are in fact bitter over the economy, as Obama had said, does not cancel out, what some are bitter about about what Obama said, that the working class cling to these issues out of any type of bitterness. They vote on those issues because they effect and are important to them. There is no one definition of an elitist. Most of the time these people are considered the top of the food chain. Considering what it takes to run for president they are all elitists. However, the distinction can be made on many things like status, actions, and words. Sometimes you can have the status and the actions, but if you bring in the elitist rhetoric is makes it worse. Since having a high status or taking certain actions can over lap with the profile of an elitist it may not really be an accurate reflection of the person unless he engages in elitist rhetoric.. This wasn't THE whole truth. It was Obama's truth. Hillary might not be "credible" to make the assertion that Obama is elitist on many grounds, status/actions, compared with Obama, but that doesnt mean that just because Hillary is less credible to speak in comparisons, that what Obama was expressing, words, was not in fact an elitist attitude. Keeping it where it's at, his "poor" choice of words, in the confines of his statement he did sound a lot like an elitist. I love how the guy backed by more Paris Hiltons from Hollyweird, celebs, is "one of us." Well I'm not bitter. I am ENTHUSIASTICALLY OVERJOYED that Obama, who is now leading in the Gallup polls, will be elected with less of that annoying magical will walk on water clout over him--as I have suspected all along he does have a big ego. He's the new deal to most of America because most of America doesn't live in the hood. All they know is that Obama is black and had a white mother and did well in school (not like those hoodlums) therefore he must be magical--I mean he so "clean and articulate" even if he ends up apologizing over and over for his choice of words. Until America is ready to elect Rev. Wright as POTUS, I mean the Obamamites were all up in arms in defense of the reverend might as well put your money where your mouth is, you aren't sticking up for anything but a hope that you can repent your own bias and something new automatically means something better.

The idea that Obama is elistist is pretty ridiculous. He was the first candidate that recognized the potential of regular folks to change government. His fundraising and campaigning depend on regular folks who may be "bitter" and want a change. It was only after he tapped into this potential that everyone started realizing that regular people have a lot of power.

Understanding this is what helped him blindside the Clintons who - like other politicians- relied on big companies and special interests. Obama has proven that when regular people get involved in politics, just from our sheer number, we can influence things. That's not elitism, which allows "in" only a select few.

I'm much more concerned about how it's coming out now that the White House okayed torture than I am about what any of the candidates say. This is being ignored at the Swamp--why?

Hillary is shooting her mouth off by defending the 2nd amendment?

Son of a gun......!

What's astonishing to me (or perhaps it shouldn't be) is that the media reports on Obama's comments amount to the 15 second clip about 'clinging' without the context of his statement, followed by the attack from Clinton then the attack from McCain then the part of Obama's Muncie, Ind. speech where he proclaims that he's 'in touch' - What's lacking from these clips? SUBSTANCE Once again, the media fails to play, first, the substance of his initial comment, or the part of the Muncie & Terre Haute speeches in which he states that they don't cling to guns or religion, per se, but in the VOTING BOOTH, they cling to these ISSUES rather than larger economic issues. Indeed, this was a bit of a misstatement for Obama, but the underlying truth of his observation IF the media will play his observation rather than the substance-less attacks and defense, is likely to resonate. The larger question is if the Main Stream Media and the politicians can move beyond sound bytes - only then perhaps can someone, whether Clinton, Obama, or McCain will be able to discuss, articulate and effect SOLUTIONS...

Obama 08.

Politicians have been the masters of half-truths, deceptions and spin for longer than any of us would like to remember. They love the smell of blood and with that scent brings the spin – the twisting and misrepresentation of their opponent’s words.

Unfortunately, many politicians have stuck by their erroneous belief that the electorate is not able to handle truths and must be treated like children. They feel compelled to stand on their platforms and say whatever is necessary to obtain the vote. It is as if they have sold their souls to the devil, without regard to the fact that they are our employees, public servants – elected to serve our great nation in a honorable and truthful manner.

Now we have the Senator from Illinois, whom is now being ostracized for his speech in San Francisco. Yes, his poor choice of words left his message open for misinterpretations, however the essence of his words represents a truth that cannot be denied. This is a truth that is true for any city in our great nation. The past economic growth that have benefited the few have left the vast majority behind... and yes – there is bitterness and resignation.

The Senator from Illinois has elected to state truths without regards to the consequences. He has shown that he respects the people of this great nation by not taking the easy road to “politics as usual”. Let us be careful in our interpretation of his words and not ignore his message of change and hope.

Obama and the rest of the Dem party would do well to apologize and acknowledge that it is exactly this kind of behavior that led to the current regime. Narrow-mindedness is as (or more) prevalent among educated liberals as it is among any other groups. It is time for the party to stand corrected, hat in hand, and acknowledge that they need people who embrace religion, people who want the freedom to own firearms, people who would like to engage in honest dialogue about the effect of immigrant labor on wages, etc.

I think John Edwards had a good understanding of these things but he was systematically silenced.

The sad part is, his discussion on why people aren't voting for politicians based on economic issues is being turned into an attacked based on religion, gun control, and immigration.


cheryl--the media is ignoring torture and women being raped by U.S. forces and contractors in Iraq because---
They want us to lose to McCain.
They want Obama's 'non-lobbyist' corporate dollars returned to the oligarchy.
It's that simple.
Hilary Rodham Clinton's supporters are not the enemy.
The corporate media promoting the myth that Hilary will lose in the election booth are the enemy.
I once supported Barack Obama.
I think if he explains some things to Hilary about his background in politics--things he should have revealed long ago--and she still thinks he won't be a liability to us in the Fall, she could accept him as a veep.
Otherwise--I think it's back to U of C with him.

It's ridiculous how people are bashing Obama over this. Some "journalists" are so easily fooled by the Clinton camp. Hire someone with a higher IQ.

Can someone please provide a quote of Obama's that is racist? I plan on voting for him, but I won't if he hates white people; I just have never seen evidence of such.

Of course, some of my friends occasionally use racist slurs and my parents have strong, discriminatory stereotypes. Does that make me a racist?

It's not the racism, it's the stupidity.
You just don't say things like Obama's said outloud.
Tony--I don't know HOW to explain it. People who've followed politics closely for about 50 years just know it when they see it.
Here's the PA poll (which is how and where we vote--much more accurate than some gallup poll of national 'sentiment') and it's before the ridiculous comments this non-vetted politico uttered:

She's leading him 50 to 44% before the comments! And in Indiana--it'll be worse.
I just hope he quits before he takes the whole damn party down with him.
We have 150,000 soldiers (they're people not troops) stuck in harm's way and Bani Sadr could let his fingers off the balloon and we'll lose more kids than the 19 we lost last week while Barry Hussein was a deer in the headlinghts, posturing with Petreus while Hilary was painting him into the corner.
Don't like hearing Hussein? Well get used to it if for some reason he makes it onto the ticket.
All of this mess is such a waste!

Go Obama!!!!!
nomination is a done deal sheeple. thank god Billary has no chance... McCain = nothing more than a speed bump.
hello President Obama.

This whole non-issue is a waste of time. Focus people. Can't you see, the more you discuss this, the less you think about the real issues, which is exactly what the candidates want you to do, stay distracted and don't press them on the real issues.

This is an utter non-issue. Obama stated some obvious truths in a slightly un-diplomatic way. Pundits who are looking for an excuse to keep Hillary in the race are bending this all out of proportion because they've got nothing else on him.

You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

The pundits continue to talk themselves into irrelevance. I've lived in small towns. I've seen it happen. Politicians like McClinton take all material issues like economics and health care off the table, and when that happens, yes -- the only remaining meaningful issues to vote on are moral issues and federal intrusion in our lives. Under the Clinton presidency, I saw one small town near where I live flip from 75-25 Democrat to 75-25 Republican in eight years.

And then the condescending pundits agree with the 109 million dollar woman that the guy who just got done paying off his law school loans is the "elitist."

This is mostly of interest to bored talk show hosts and losing candidates. The rest of us are not schoolchildren who feel the need to twist an obvious mis-statement into much more than the speaker intended.

The state of journalism in this country has hit a new low. This will have absolutely no impact on Obama's solid base of supporters and if the republicans think that this is what is going to get people to vote for McCain, I hope their retirement plans are in good shape, they'll need 'em.

Elitism is the belief or attitude that those individuals who are considered members of the elite — a select group of people with outstanding personal abilities, intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes — are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight; whose views and/or actions are most likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom render them especially fit to govern [1]. Alternatively, the term elitism may be used to describe a situation in which power is concentrated in the hands of the elite.

Oh yes, Obama stinks of elitism as does the national democratic party and Hillary Clinton for that matter! Need any problem solved? They've got the answer, let's pass a law! Nothing is to be left to the individual.

Senator Obama must stop the groveling and "explaining" every single thing that he says. His response should be "I said it and I'm moving on". Afterall, Hillary said the "I dodged sniper fire" at least THREE times, and it was proved to be untrue--has the media had her to EXPLAIN ONCE. No, they haven't. McCain said he didn't know the economy was in dire straits--and the media has not called that "aloof", "elitist" or just blame "out of touch". So, why is it every time that Obama says "well"--it must be explained to death?

Obama is the Trojan horse for hate in America. Nothing more.

Nobama. No way.

I wonder when we can get back to electing candidates based on their platform, integrity, and character rather than 1) what we think the candidate's pastor said, or 2) whether or not one candidate is somehow more elitist than the others, or 3) if a candidate's middle name somehow makes him aligned with the an extremist minority of one particular faith, even though he is an American citizen who has served in multiple levels of US government.

Perhaps this is the job of the press to get us out of this mess - by ending the soap opera/gossip column coverage, and replacing it with serious discussion about the future of the country.

If it means that gossip column loving readers stop subscribing - great. Journalistic integrity comes first. Gossip column afficionados can find Perez Hilton style political sites like the Drudge report all over the web.

So, it depends on where you are, but I think it's fair to say that the places where we are going to have to do the most work are the places where people feel most cynical about government. The people are mis-appre...I think they're misunderstanding why the demographics in our, in this contest have broken out as they are. Because everybody just ascribes it to 'white working-class don't wanna work -- don't wanna vote for the black guy.' That's...there were intimations of that in an article in the Sunday New York Times today - kind of implies that it's sort of a race thing.

Here's how it is: in a lot of these communities in big industrial states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, people have been beaten down so long, and they feel so betrayed by government, and when they hear a pitch that is premised on not being cynical about government, then a part of them just doesn't buy it. And when it's delivered by -- it's true that when it's delivered by a 46-year-old black man named Barack Obama (laugher), then that adds another layer of skepticism (laughter).

But -- so the questions you're most likely to get about me, 'Well, what is this guy going to do for me? What's the concrete thing?' What they wanna hear is -- so, we'll give you talking points about what we're proposing -- close tax loopholes, roll back, you know, the tax cuts for the top 1 percent. Obama's gonna give tax breaks to middle-class folks and we're gonna provide health care for every American. So we'll go down a series of talking points.

But the truth is, is that, our challenge is to get people persuaded that we can make progress when there's not evidence of that in their daily lives. You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Um, now these are in some communities, you know. I think what you'll find is, is that people of every background -- there are gonna be a mix of people, you can go in the toughest neighborhoods, you know working-class lunch-pail folks, you'll find Obama enthusiasts. And you can go into places where you think I'd be very strong and people will just be skeptical. The important thing is that you show up and you're doing what you're doing.

What is patronizing and elitist to me is saying that people like me are somehow not angry and fed up, while you ship off our jobs in backroom deals over NAFTA. Out of touch is promoting a war and being deaf to the cost that small town America is paying with every casualty. I'm worried that otherwise intelligent people will be turned away from Obama because of this nonsene and in four years working people will be just as screwed as with the Bush/Clinton coalition.

We know little about this Senator from Illinois. He has been a member of the Senate only three years. Apart from his remarkable academic background and his humble beginnings, it is hard to believe that he has the stature and the decision-making skills needed to be Commander in Chief. Many people have achieve academic success and have done so from humble beginnings. What programs and policies does he offer? He saus that he is post-partisan, yet he votes entirely along party lines.

Oh brother. I seem to remember about a week ago when a woman called some black kids "monkeys" and we heard wails and moans about the "PC police" clamping down on the First Amendment. "What's the big deal? I call my kids monkeys all the time." So where are the complaints from those same people now? Why don't we see any "So what? I call my wife bitter all the time" comments. Why can't Obama say some people are bitter, and this bitterness shows up in the fringe beliefs they cling to? It's true.

It's because he's black, of course, and there are a lot of white people who've decided that if there are words they can't use to describe blacks, then there must be words blacks can't use to describe whites (whom they infer Obama was talking about by applying the faulty equation Small Town America = White America.) So they pretend to be outraged when, in fact, they really couldn't care less, but are happy to have another excuse to cut into him. Phooey. Typical white people.

To wakeup123. Come on your kidding we know you are really WRIGHT!!!

First having money does not make an elitist. Looking down your nose and those less fortunate than you does. Making these comments about the people in rural America to your wealthy contributors behind closed doors makes you an elitist. Second the TV and people contributing to this blog keep pounding the the BITTER remark, including the people on Stephanopolis this morning. It is not the Bitter comment that is insulting to us rural americans, it is his comment about clinging to our guns and religion that makes his comments so condescending. As if we can't handle our bitterness in the normal way without clinging to religion and guns. We go to church to streghten our faith in God, and as for the gun thing I have never owned a gun, and I don't believe in hunting. So I don't understand his comment on this. If you were to poll the people of rural America you would probably find that the households that don't have guns out number those that do. It is the people in the ghettos of Chicago and NY and all the big cities in America that probably own (most likely illegally) the largest persentage of guns in this country.

I don't get it... why does Obama need to apologize for saying the truth?

Or do you have a different explanation as to why millions of conservative Americans vote against their own self-interest by supporting the Republican party?

Obama nailed it when he said:
"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Which elitist pundits, newspeople, TV talking heads....or presidential candidates.....don't understand that small town America...and, I venture to guess, large town America also.....are definitely bitter and angry and fed up with this and past administrations for failures to help US citizens in all walks.

Otherwise, why would the campaign mantras of all be using the word "change"?

Wait, what? The $109 million pot is calling the $1.3 million kettle black? Who is the elitist here?

Lets pretend John mcCain said "inner city people are bitter and are turning to guns and their religion." somehow I bet the libs and Obamabots would equate that to another attack on the black church and mcCain blaming blacks for crime. I bet none of you would say McCain simply spoke the truth, although he would have been speaking the truth based on the surreal amount of murders going on in the inner cities.
Obama is all about change for the average Joe? Seems like he couldnt even change his little district of illinois. Murders there every day.

Clinton and McCain have, to their everlasting shame, scratched the not so latent scab of racism that always arises when those who, for whatever reason, have not obtained an advanced education and/or confortable economic status take some rather perverse comfort in the fact that they are at least not members of a minority group. I have seen nothing in the demeanor or message of Mr. Obama which could be described as "elitist". He does have a good command of the english language and actually speaks in complete sentences, which is refreshing after having suffered through some 7 years with a president whose lack of communication skills have been ridiculed worldwide. I am a caucasion with a post-graduate education and it would certainly seem to me to be in the best interests of this country to have someone of his stature as president. The unfortunate truth is that no amount of religious fervor or gun ownership can resolve the plight of our small towns or communities which have lost a major source of employment and people in those communities should be very wary of any multi-millionaire who professes to understand your needs.

Being an uppity snob has very little to do with how much money you have, or were raised on, frankly! It's learned, and developed over one's life, regardless of wealth. I know because I don't have all that much money, my parents have even less, but I could definintely be considered a snobby kind of person myself. I appreciate the fine things in life and even though I may not be able to get them all, I still know the difference. A poor university student without a dollar to his name, can still look down on other people, or claim others "still" cling to Gd as the opiate of the masses, or the like, thinking that his intellect somehow puts him above the common, undeducated slob.

So, the fact Obama was born poor or had his mom die, or whatever, well, so what! He's an Ivy-League graduate, let's not forget, and he has evolved into a congressman and a presidential candidate! That's a long way since childhood.

So can Barack still look down his nose at others, and be patronizing?

Damn right! And he certainly seems to have been caught doing so in San Francisco!

A. If Clinton has any brains, she won't bring this up at any debate. Obama is a glib, but shrewd speaker and will manage to spin it the way he has everything else ane end up being praised for his utterances.

B. His flock will vote for him no matter what he says. That's a given.

C. He will be the Democratic candidate because look at the only other alternative. (See reason B.)

D. He will become the President for pretty much the same reason. (Plus reason B.) Accept it; deal with it; get over it.

Either I missed it, or the media hasn't mentioned it, but it's ironic that the speech that makes many consider him an "elitist," was one version that he delivered to other elitists, his large donors for his campaign. He put forth a different, seemingly apologetic version for the people he spoke to in his attempt to worm his way out of it, the unwashed masses.

If nothing else, these campaigns have given us some new "N-words," (regardless of how they are spelled,) "Typical white people," "elitists," "bitter," "mis-spoke," "bamboozled" and whatever else pops up in the time between now and November. And we shan't forget, we will have a president that can go from "polite" conversation, into "ebonics," determined merely by who the audience is.

The only possible remaining "shock and awe" is who and how he selects his running mate. Oh yeah, let's not forget Bush (or his puppet masters,) finding some way to cancel the elections. Just about everything else has happened over the past few years.

I am an elitist. And Obama's correct that small town America is bitter and ignorant. They keep insisting on believing that long-term politicians like Clinton and McCain are somehow untainted by their years in Washington. They fail to recognize where Clinton and McCain's money is coming from. Small town America is stupid enough to vote for leaders that drive up the price of education and give huge tax breaks to their corporate employers, opting instead to focus on gays, patriotism, religion, or guns.

So I say to you, small town America, it's your own fault for being so stupid. It's not the fault of us educated namby-pamby intellectuals in the likes of Cambridge or Hyde Park. We tried to warn you, but you were too busy watching Nascar, American Idol, and Fox News.

Could you please quote the quote in full?

For those of you like Hillary that think everybody in this country is just opitimistic and tickled pink i suggest you read the blog threads for one of the stories featuring the Bear Stearn bailout. Bitter person after bitter person recounting their personal tales of woe and wondering why a poorly managed investment house is worthy of a bailout...meanwhile they can't pay for gas or buy groceries. Why is this such a surprise..."I'm from a small town and I'm not bitter and I take offense at his comments". Did he say everybody in every small town is he didn' why are you taking offense? My guess is that you don't live in a old coal or auto town with unemployment upwards of 30-40%...why don't you make a call to one of those towns and see if they are offended because Obama was able to feel and articulate their frustration. How is what Obama said any different than pointing out that there are voters out there that feel disenfranchised? As he demonstrated with his speech on race, Obama is a student of the human condition...he makes an attempt not to just pander to his voters...but to understand them. When did insight become indicative of bad judgement ? Obama an elitist? Please...he cut his political teeth doing community organizing...meeting and helping people living in poverty. When is that last time Hillary Clinton or John McCain came within 5 feet of a homeless person? Study those tax returns one more time...who is really out of touch? There are a lot more zeros between me and the Clintons then there are between me and the Obamas. There is no doubt that Obama can remember a time when paying all the bills was a problem. When do you think the last time Hillary cringed when filling up the tank? As for the "I'm not bitter" buttons that Clinton is handing out in North Carolina...I suggest Obama pass out a button that reads "Duck if you hear sniper liar"

Hillary Clinton 2008

I am from a small town and Obama spoke the truth. What upsets me is the way some close-mided people throw "liberal" around as if it were a dirty word. Thank God I know none of them.

Obama continues to to try to talk sensibly about the difficult, complex and, yes, controversial problems facing people. Clinton continues to indulge in the cynical soundbite politics of yesteryear.

oh, carville, matlin, and especially Will think obama needs to explain more. will, especially saying obama is condescending is a real joke! i have heard Will tell us for years how the economy is so great. he doesn't know what people are complaining about? this is what he says while middle class people lose their jobs to overseas workers. they almost never get a replacement job that pays the same or has benefits at all. sometimes they have to get 2 bad ones to replace the good one they lost. leaving no time for their families or to enjoy life.will is the epitome of condecsension. as for matlin and carville they are both working for the same candidate this election. obama is telling it like it is. the pundits should go get a real job.

Wow, the media pundits get it wrong again. What a surprise! They thought Rev. Wright would sink him and he bounced back in the polls. They misconstrue his comments to make it seem as if he's saying people turn to religion ONLY because of economic strife - a crude Marxism - even though he clearly did not say that.

Desperate HRC lovers will cry again, I suppose, when they discover the Americans get what Obama was saying: people turn to the familiar in times of strife because it's familiar and comfortable, not because they're duped. Obama knows that. I bet Clinton does not. But she sure knows duck hunting I suppose.

And then John McBush is going to come along with his trophy wife and lecture us about honor. Yeah, that'll work.

Perhaps Senator Obama's choice of words was indelicate, but he accurately described the feelings of many Americans, not just small-town Midwesterners.

Perhaps Senator Obama's choice of words was indelicate, but he accurately described the feelings of many Americans, not just small-town Midwesterners.

Perhaps Senator Obama's choice of words was indelicate, but he accurately described the feelings of many Americans, not just small-town Midwesterners.

Chicago Trib is scum.

Run the whole Obama comment, not take it out of context and try to create controversy.

Pundits in America are PAID to spew their filth, to lie and obfuscate to us, Americans, and keep us dumbed down on false memes - like this one.

Find the actual, complete quote of what Obama said and judge for yourself the so called controversy.

Pundits are human garbage, just a waste of skin.

Pretty soon we will have a Radio Rwanda type situation (pretty soon? listened to Mark Levin lately? Ann Coulter? Read the Chicago Trib?).

Garbage. Human filth.

If Obama had stopped at 'bitter", this would not be a controversy, Every American has every reason to be bitter about an endless war, a sinking economy, an energy crisis, myopic vision of our elected officials, random gun violence and a tarnished image of America around the world, to name just a few things. No one, however, wants to hear an academic analysis of how their bitterness manifests itself whether through their hunting hobbies, choice of religion or prejudices. As an educated white male, I completely agree with Obama's assessment. However, this is political suicide to echo these sentiments publicly. Obama may well win the nomination ultimately but he is toast in the general election. I can only imagine the republican attack ads replaying the Rev Wright comments, Michelle Obama's comments and Barack Obama's most recent comments. Obama is toast. We might as well skip the election and just hand over the keys to the White House to the old geezer.

I was offended when Ms. Clinton called all Obama
supporters “hypnotized latte drinking elitists,” and again when she said that victories in smaller states, like my home state of Minnesota, should not
count in determining who would make a better candidate in the general election. I am troubled by her attacks on Obama without regard for whether she might cost a Democratic victory in November. I agree with Obama; I feel the Clinton, Bush etc. administrations made me feel disenfranchised. It is so clear Ms. Clinton is desperate and will do or
say anything to win, not caring if it hurts the DFL or
the country. She completely distorts the intent of
Obama’s words, and denies that he is the front running DFL candidate for a reason. Does she want us to believe that she, as the representative of blue collar workers, sipped a beer rather than a latte after she was shot at by snipers in Bosnia? She and her friend John McCain (who married beer and owns 8 homes) are the peoples’ candidates? Give us a break.
Obama was instrumental in winning a minimum wage increase when he was state senator in Illinois. Bill Clinton brought us NAFTA and the largest prison population in US history. Currently he is running around on private jets purchasing rights to uranium mines, and making a fortune consulting with South American leaders on how to work around trade agreements intended to protect American workers.
Today in Minnesota Obama secured one more super delegate. Inch by inch, we will defeat the Bush/Clinton dynasty.

Obama will lose in Nov that I am sure of. Dems get ready to lose to McCain/Rice

Why do Liberals think "This is a truth America wants to hear?" The truth isnt that the people are 'bitter', the truth is that Americans are SICK AND TIRED of having politicians like OBAMA shove THEIR VIEWS down our throats!
In this election, any REASONABLE person doesnt like Obama, Clinton or McCain. Unfortunately its the field we have to choose from. When stuck with the lesser of 3 evils, I will not choose Obama. Because he IS out of touch with reality. (And thats not saying that Clinton or McCain arent.)
I, for one, am not ready to accept Obama as the Messiah. I am from Illinois. I have seen his handywork. And let me tell you, if this is the class of person you think can run this country, then God help us.

Obama's attempt to characterize small town America pales in comparison with those who voted for and suported the war to bring democracy to Iraq only to watch the country burst into the worst corruption since, well, Saddam Hussein's days.

How vain and arrogant were Sens. McCain and Clinton to believe that they knew best how Iraq should be governed? Now the Iraqi people - even the "good guys" - are showing them what THEY think about democracy.

Bear in mind that 70% of Americans once supported the war. So if that's you, then consider yourself even more elitist than Obama.

There is no issue to be resolved. People are trying to make this into a scandal, which it is not. People should be bitter the way their country and Constitution was hijacked over the last seven years.

What is the real problem ? bitter is not real problem... is the sense of this phrases... I'm bitter and for this reason I'm christian? this is real problem... Obama demonstrated real intention, he is not "typical american" . This phrases remember Marx and not of "typical christian" ....

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