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Final Post - So long and see you on TheEdge

This is our final post here at the News Illustrated blog. After much consideration, we have decided to move News Illustrated into our multimedia gallery, TheEdge.

We have redesigned TheEdge to display the pages in a larger, easier-to-read format than the blog will allow. You can now read a full page without having to download a pdf or you can print one out with a simple right-click of your mouse.

Here are a couple of examples:

teeththumb.jpg debtthumb.jpg

On TheEdge, you will also find our games, interactive graphics, data center, special features and a new widgets section.

We will continue to post a new News Illustrated page every week, as well as updates to other features. So keep checking in.


Len De Groot
Graphics Director

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TheEdge', 'Final Post - So long and see you on TheEdge', '', 2)" target="_blank">

Stem cells aid in the regeneration of body parts

These cells are amazing. Research is expanding fast. Check out The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research to answer all your questions.

Read about research in regenerative medicine, that is generating new tissue from your own stem cells.

Download the Sun Sentinel's News Illustrated to see how stem cells will be used to grow your own teeth – in your mouth.

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Afghanistan's election results: More violence to come?

Thursday marked Afghanistan's second-ever presidential election. At least 26 people were killed in scattered attacks, but overall the threat of violence did not keep people from voting. Preliminary numbers show that voter turnout was about 40-50 percent. That's not as good at the 70 percent voter turnout in the 2004 elections, but still good considering the threats and violence.


What remains to be seen is how the results will play out. Both of the main candidates are claiming a victory at this point. Many fear that voters of the losing candidate will dispute the results as being fraudulent and start riots. Officials are warning candidates to help keep tensions down.

Preliminary results should be announced Saturday night, though official results are not due for about two weeks.

Also, here is an interesting video done by Democracy International showing what they did to keep the voting and results from being tampered with.

For more information and updates as the election results move forward here are some links for you:

- Brookings Institute's Afghanistan page has plenty of new information that gets updated regularly.

- Election Guide's Afghanistan page - provided by IFES, an international nonprofit group dedicated to the building of democratic societies. They are one of the best sources of online updates for the election.

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How tropical waves form

Click on image to learn more.


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Football helmet technology

Every football season, players across the country are treated for concussions. Although helmet technology has improved in recent years, traditional helmets sometime fail to protect a players brain from hits.

Xenith — a company that makes innovative sports technologies — has developed a new football helmet that uses shock absorbers that adjusts to the magnitude of hits. It is designed to reduce the sudden movement of the head, which reduces the risk of brain injury. There are some high schools and colleges that are using the technology now, and the NFL could join the parade sometime in the future.

Make sure you read this Sunday's News Illustrated page which talks about Xenith's new technology and also gives some incite on Riddell's concussion fighting helmet, the Revolution IQ.

Here is a video about Xenith helmet technology:

Here is a look at Riddell's helmet technology:

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North Korea: Journalists freed

Want to know more about this country?
Well, I've got info, links and a News Illustrated page. Download the page that ran in the Sun Sentinel.


FOR INFO ON NORTH KOREA or pretty much anywhere else.


globalfirepower.jpg and GlobalFirePower have a wide range of information, statistics, maps and lists of current events.
Also, there are North Korean maps to download and print.

Look to the CIA World Factbook to find a country's flag, maps, information about their people, economy, communications, transporation or military.

National Geographic has an interactive map, with roads and satellite view.
The Professional Travel Guide has information on top destinations, hotels, interactive map and geography.


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Recession: Employment takes longer to recover

It can take months for employment to catch up to an economic recovery. Florida's unemployment rate often takes longer than the nation's.

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Looking for something to do? Play cricket at the Lauderhill stadium!

For those who have driven by the Central Broward Regional Park off State Road 7 and Sunrise Boulevard in Lauderhill, then you probably know there's a really nice cricket stadium that was built to accommodate cricket tournaments, like last year's MAQ T20 International Tournament.

However, since the stadium was built there have been few of the envisioned tournaments coming to the region, as highlighted in a Sun-Sentinel story by Georgia East that is coming Tuesday.

So, let's do our part to help out the county and fill up those stadium seats by learning how to play cricket. Check out this graphic that my colleague Cindy did a few years ago. And if you're interested in American cricket leagues check out the Cricket Council USA.

But if you do want to play: Be warned, the game could take a long time so definitely clear your schedules on a weekend afternoon.


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Who owns the Arctic Circle?

ArcticThumb.jpgThe United States and other countries are fighting over who can claim the Arctic Circle, including oil and fishing rights. Billions may be at stake.

Researchers at Durham University in the UK developed a map last year that shows the major claims and disputes.

You can see a simplified version in Sunday's Sun-Sentinel, as well as a map of potential oil fields.

The United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf will meet August 10, 2009 to decide who owns the those chilly northern reaches, including the North Pole.

And Santa Clause may need a Russian passport.

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Attention fashionistas and Chanel fans, if you don't already have the Chanel iPhone application to stay on top of the latest styles on the runway, you can download it here:


Download Sunday's News Illustrated this week to see why Chanel is such a classic name in fashion thats been around for 100 years!


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