Bannister re-injured?

This just in: Brian Bannister is out of today's start for Triple-A Norfolk after just five pitches. According to a Mets official, Bannister, who is on the disabled list with a strained right hamstring, felt something in his leg as he attempted to cover first base in the game against Toledo.

Update: Mets assistant GM John Ricco just said Bannister took himself out of today's game for the Tides with "tightness" in his right hamstring. He'll fly to New York tonight and have another MRI on Friday morning.

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Heilman into the rotation, please. As LIMATIME is already down 2-0, can we get serious about winning?

I would be shocked if Lima gets another start after this Cardinal loss today. Take a chance with ALAY SOLER. Norfolk-AA so far 12.2 IP, 14K, one walk. 1-0 with 2.84 ERA in 2 starts. He is 26 years old! Do it!

Is the NL East Race still over?

I think we can all agree that it's never a good time for Lima Time.

I know the pitching is looking rough after Pedro and Glavine but at least Scott Kazmir isn't emerging as a future number one...oh wait.

Still no time to panic though.

Lima Time should be over now. But how about these bats going sleep at the worst times? If everyone was hitting the way they are supposed to maybe this road trip would have been better than 3-6.

Heilman must come out of the pen. Bannister is on the shelf indefinitely, and was struggling while winning. His resume is a strong spring, no more. Eventually one of the top three will go down. Short term we need two starters, and can expect an occasional Maine type call up. Wilmar need to get over the bullpen fixation. Heilman is the best candidate in the organization. We do not have the luxury of leaving him in the pen.

Send Lima back to Peru...Now it's Jeremy Gonzalez's turn...Where is Mike Pelfrey ?

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