Ever-Lasting or Brief Audition?

Like Jose Reyes and David Wright before him, Lastings Milledge’s major-league debut was a big deal. Several New York area newspapers yesterday summoned columnists from days off or other assignments to take in Milledge’s first day at Shea Stadium.
Are we seeing a three- or four-week audition while Xavier Nady recovers from his emergency appendectomy or will a dazzling first impression have a lasting impact, putting Milledge in the lineup on a fulltime basis and putting Nady in the fourth outfielder’s role when he returns? “Xavier Nady is our rightfielder,” Willie Randolph insisted before Tuesday’s game, before later adding, “Anything can happen.”
If the kid is a phenom, Nady won’t get his job back, which will make the Mets’ bench stronger for what will surely be a pennant drive. If Milledge’s stay is brief, he’ll benefit from the experience. It’s a win-win situation for the Mets.
“Quickest hands I’ve seen in a long time. If he continues to learn, you’ll be watching him here for a long time,” Cliff Floyd said. “I’m looking forward to watching him. He has a knack. He knows what he’s doing. I think he learned a lot in spring training. He knows what he’ll be one day. He’s just doing what he’s asked to do now.”
Translation: When Milledge is with the Mets for good and not just a stop-gap measure, he won’t be batting eighth.

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I am concerned about the Bill Madden's comments in the Daily News that the Mets may have brought up Lastings because he had an ego problem in AAA (he is supposedly full of himself for rising up the system so quickly) and mgmt thought that being on the major league level might help cure that. Couldn't brining him to the majors make the problem worse? I also hope he doesn't upset the chemistry this team seems to be building if the rumors are true.

Morning: We are now doing what the Yankees could never do in recent years and tha is keep our homegrown kids with an influx of free agent signings. They have made the move with lastings Milledge and since we have a lead now, maybe management should just say, it is now his time and we can live with the growing pains of him being with the major league club. He is our future along with David and Jose but maybe the future is ready right now.

Milledge looks awfully cocky for a 21 year old. I think that Xavier Nady's appendectomy explains his recent slump, and he will come back strong. I think that once that happens, The Mets should send Milledge back down to Norfolk, where he can play every day. Nady is the right fielder on this team, and to remove him now, with Milledge slated to take over in left field next year would not be a smart move - from a Nady perspective.



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