K-Rod and his red contact lenses

drac.jpegI wish I had a camera-phone because words don't really do this justice, but I've never seen a player wear blood-red contact lenses like the ones that Francisco Rodriguez sported for today's bullpen session.

Instead of wearing tinted sunglasses like most players, K-Rod had lenses in that are a deep scarlet, giving his eyes the reddish hue of a vampire. A number of local TV stations taped today's interview, so you might want to check out SNY, NY1 or FOX-5 tonight to see what I'm talking about.

"It helps with the glare," K-Rod said.

I wouldn't be surprised if they freaked out a hitter as well.

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In KRod's defense - Bausch and Lomb used to make bright orange sunglass contact lenses for action sports and I had a pair for Sunday afternoon softball games. I hated wearing sunglasses because the lenses would get smudged and sweat would drip on them. I wore contacts anyways, so I got some of the sports tinted contact lenses with my perscription. They were AWESOME. Unfortunately, Bausch and Lomb don't make them anymore

I remember Brian Roberts a few offseasons ago came into spring training wearing Nike contact lenses hat had a red outline. He said that he was able to see the stichings on the ball, basically in HD.

He should be banned for wearing performance enhancing contacts

Where would you get contacts like that?


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