Perez responds to Warthen's allegations

Oliver Perez denied this morning that he is out of shape, only a little behind after making only two starts in the span of 19 days for Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. Pitching coach Dan Warthen made the claim that Perez had put on weight during his absence, but Perez bristled at the allegations by his locker.

“If you want to run with me, we can run,” Perez said. “I feel good. Maybe we were working different in the Classic. We didn’t do [pitchers fielding practice] and all the exercises we do here, but I feel good.”

Maybe so, but Perez didn’t look that great Wednesday against the Tigers. He threw 92 pitches as he failed to make it out of the fourth inning. Detroit battered him for five hits and six runs, including a three-run homer by Placido Polanco. Perez also had six walks.

“I’m a little behind,” Perez said. “But I have to more games and I have to be ready.”

Now the Mets have less than two weeks to undo the damage from his leisurely time spent with Team Mexico. Perez had a 9.45 ERA in two starts for Mexico, and threw a staggering 85 pitches in the second one, when he allowed three homers to South Korea.

Even Perez, who signed a three-year, $36 million contract this winter, admitted that he could have done more to be ready if he stayed in Port St. Lucie rather than participate in the WBC.

“Oh yeah,” Peres said, “because I just throw like six innings in 19 days. If I was here, I’d throw more than 10 innings. That’s why in spring training, you need to get ready to have all your pitches.”

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So why did the Mets not GIVE him a regimen to follow each day if they know he is a loose cannon, make him call in or call him each day, but don't just leave him for 19 days ASSUMING he will stay focused and regimented. Given the investment they just made and knowing him as they do, shame on them for not protecting their investment better. He is just an irresponsible kid, but where were the brains who let him just go away for nearly 3 week in the first place (see CC Sabathia) and did not keep track of him while he was gone.

As much as I cannot wait for the season to start, can we all get serious for a second.

Omar has done NOTHING to improve the everyday palyers on this team.

We still have NO CLUTCH hitting, no RF, no LF, no 2b, and no staff.

Santana is great and then what ???? Pelfrey? Maine? Perez? do you guys trust any of them in a must win game? In a series in Philly or Atl ?

The whole Phillies team LAUGHS in the Mets faces....Dares them to play well. Talks smack.

Mets answer by collapsing year after year after year !

Love the Mets, but 3rd place is in their future this year!

Tell you more game ONE....Just like I did in 08 !!!!


This rotation is looking mighty shaky right now:
J Santana 4.70
M Pelfrey 5.09
J Maine 10.38
O Perez 6.23
L Hernandez 3.07

Yeah, I know all about this being spring training, but they have been going against mostly back up players and gotten hit around pretty good. Runs are runs and if you are a competitor, you should be able to bring some measure of competence to each game. Work out your delivery and pitches on the side.
Brief check of Phils and Yanks and a good number of their starters have good ERA's.
Come on, Mr. Warthan, where are you?

Steve s, the mets can not tell Ollie Perez what to do. Yes, they own his contract but not his person. It is the players responsibility to stay in shape and do what they have to do to keep up. The Mets shouldn't have to follow behind him as though he is a child to get him to do his job.

FIRE OMAR, STFU and go buy some Yankee gear.

Cool..FO is were quiet this winter.
Vegas has the Mets winning 87.5 games....would you take that bet...?

Uncool...FO is were quiet this winter, and that was about the only highlight of the winter. You really cover your bases don't you? You always predict epic failure, so at the end of the season if the Mets do well you can be like see they have an allstar team they should do well, or if they fail you can say I told you so. So how about if the Mets make the postseason I propose you come on here and eat your words.

Maine was given a must win game at the end of the '07 season and almost pitched a no-hitter. Perez was given a must win game in the NLCS and pitched brilliantly.

What's your take on the vast bullpen improvement? Does that not count at all? Get lost clown.

Mr. Warthen, where are you?
John Maine so far: 2 innings / 3 walks / 2 runs / 0 strikeouts
That work with him Monday seems to have paid off, right?




FO: how about a new comment occasionally, instead of cutting and pasting the same dumb comment day-after-day.

If anyone remembers this, Maine broke camp last spring having not lost a game and an ERA in the 1's. While Perez and Maine's performances are subpar so far, it is still just spring training.

Maine went north last spring and struggled right out of the gate. So, again, spring ERA's mean nothing!

Sheesh, the negativity that follows this team around is pathetic. If you don't like them, don't follow them. If you think they are entitled to win it every year over the other 29 teams, you are being unrealistic.

Maine pitched 5 innings and gave up one earned run. I'll sign up for that. Did you clowns even watch the game or read the box score.

I am sorry my comments bother you. Deep down you know I am speaking the 100% truth.

This team has the higheest payroll in the Nl and ahs more flaws than Roid Rages English.

The pitching Staff has an Ace and then 4 question marks. How can Omar not see this?

I am far far from one of these guys that says spend spen spend....FAR FROM IT !

I have always asked for the "dirt dog" type player. Teh type of guy that wins at all cost yett is not a bonified star....i.e Werth, On'Neil, Roberts, Youkalis, etc. etc.

Who do we have like that ?

Then we turn and look at our stars. Not ONE of them is clutch. Not ONE of them is a leader. Does that not scare you as a fan?

The Phillies mock this team. Spit in their face and LAUGH ! Call them chokers. How do they respond ?????

Our 2nd baseman is a joke and a cancer. Our RF, LF, and C are all avg and unclutch. Schneider cannot call a game, cannot block the plate, and hits like Lupus !

Simple facts folks...Simple Facts !

Go Mets....Just FIRE OMAR....He is CLUELESS !!!

I have to agree with FO...Omar ranks only slightly more effective than Isiah Thomas.

I have to agree with FO...Omar ranks only slightly more effective than Isiah Thomas.

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