Gameday Live 91: Mets at Braves

Welcome to another evening on the Mets Gameday Live blog fans. Marcus Henry will take you through tonight's action. The Mets (43-47) take on the Braves (45-46) in Atlanta tonight in the final matchup of this four-game set.

Fernando Nieve (3-3, 3.03 ERA) faces the Braves Javier Vazquez (6-7, 2.95).

Johan Santana got the Mets back in the winner's circle yesterday, tossing seven innings of scoreless baseball in a 5-1 win for his team. The Mets dropped the first two of the series and had lost 13 of 18 prior to the win.

Nieve started off hot winning his first three starts. He dropped his last three starts, including a 3-0 loss to the Reds on July 10. Nieve can hardly be blamed for all three losses. In his three losses the Mets have scored a grand total of one run.

Offensively, the Mets will be without Gary Sheffield again. Jeremy Reed gets the start again in the left field. He went 0-for-4 yesterday. The hope is that Angel Pagan, who went 3-for-4 with a run and an RBI can pick up where he left off. The Mets will also rely on Luis Castillo, who in addition to being the team's hottest hitter lately, is 24-for-70 lifetime against Vazquez.

We'll see everyone after the top of the first.

Mets fail to get run in from third with one out. Angel Pagan doubled down the rightfield line to start the game for the Mets. Luis Castillo sacrificed Pagan to third. Daniel Murphy lined to the pitcher for the second out. David Wright lined out to right to end the inning. Braves 0, Mets 0 - Middle of 1st.

Nieve has smooth first inning. Nate McLouth popped out to rightfield. Martin Prado grounded out to third. Chipper Jones walked. Brian McCann flied out to shallow center to end the inning. Mets 0, Braves 0 - End of 1st.

Former Brave Jeff Francoeur grounded out to short. Jeremy Reed struck out swinging. Alex Cora singled to right. Brian Schneider singled to left. Nieve grounded out to the pitcher for the third out and hurt himself as he landed awkwardly on first. Tim Redding is in to pitch for the Mets. Mets 0, Braves 0 - Middle of 2nd.

Tim Redding is pitching for the Mets. Garrett Anderson flied out to centerfield. Escobar hit a solo homer to left to give the Braves a 1-0 lead. Kotchman grounded out for the second out. Church flied out to center. Braves 1, Mets 0 - End of 2nd.

Pagan struck out looking. Castillo singled to shallow center. Murphy flied out to center. Wright walked. Francoeur singled to right, scoring Castillo. Wright moved to third.Reed grounded out to second to end the inning. Mets 1, Braves 1 - Middle of 3rd.

Redding gets out of trouble for Mets. Vazquez singled to center. McLouth walked. Prado grounded into a 4-6-3 double play. Vazquez moved to third. Chipper Jones grounded out to first to end the inning. Mets 1, Braves 1 - End of 3rd.

Cora flied out to center. Schneider grounded out to the pitcher. Redding struck out swinging to end the inning. Mets 1, Braves 1 - Middle of 4th.

Braves get run off Redding. McCann flied out to right. Anderson doubled down the rightfield line and moved to third after Francoeur had trouble picking up the ball. Escobar singled to left, scoring Anderson. Kotchman grounded into a double play to end the inning. Braves lead 2-1. Braves 2, Mets 1 - End of 4th.

Mets fail to get a run across. Pagan flied out to deep center on a nice running catch by McLouth. Castillo reached on an infield single. Castillo was caught stealing for the second out. Murphy flied out to right to end the inning. Braves 2, Mets 1 - Middle of 5th.

Mets relief pitching breaks down. Church walked. Vazquez reached on a fielder's choice error, Cora dropped a throw from Murphy, allowing Church to second safely. McLouth walked, loading the bases. Redding was lifted for Elmer Dessens. Prado singled to left, scoring Church. Braves lead 3-1. Jones flied out to deep left, scoring Vazquez. Braves lead 4-1. Dessens was lifted for Pat Misch. McCann singled to center. Prado to second, McLouth moves to third. Anderson flied out to short left. Escobar doubled to right, scoring McLouth and Prado. Kotchman singled to right, scoring McCann. Escobar was thrown out at the plate to end the inning. Braves 7, Mets 1 - End of 5th.

Mets go down in order in sixth. Wright struck out swinging. Francoeur popped out to left. Reed grounded out to first to end the inning. Braves 7, Mets 1 - Middle of 6th.

Church walked. Vazquez sacrificed Church to second. McLouth walked. Prado lined into a double play on a nice diving stop by Murphy, who tagged first to get McLouth out. Braves 7, Mets 1 - End of 6th.

Mets down in order for the second straight inning. Cora grounded out to second. Schneider lined out to the pitcher. Angel Berroa struck out to end the inning. Braves 7, Mets 1 - Middle of 7th.

Mets get through 7th unscathed. Brian Stokes is pitching for the Mets. Jones grounded out to second. McCann flew out to left. Anderson singled to right. Escobar grounded into a force play to end the inning. Braves 7, Mets 1. End of 7th.

Braves cruise in 8th. Mike Gonzalez is pitching for the Braves. Pagan popped out to second. Castillo flied out to deep right. Murphy struck out to end the inning. Braves 7, Mets 1 - Middle of 8th.

Parnell gets through 8th. Kotchman grounded out to first. Church grounded out to first. Norton walked. McLouth walked. Prado flied out to deep right. Braves 7, Mets 1 - End of 8th.

Soriano is pitching for the Braves. Wright flied out to center. Francoeur flied out to center. Reed grounded out to third to end the game. Braves win, 7-1.

The Mets drop to 43-38 and are 9 games behing the Phillies, while the Braves improve to .500 46-46. The Mets are in Washington tomorrow to take on the Nationals in a three-game set. Tim Redding gets the loss (1-4, 7.16 ERA) and Javier Vazquez (7-7, 2.86) gets the win.

Mets starting pitcher Fernando Nieve left the game in the second inning with a quad injury, running out a ground ball. He will have an MRI done on Monday.

It was a pleasure. Good night everyone.

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I have watched this team my entire life..I have had enough




where are these spineless owners !!! why don't they address the public --Met fans , and explain the reason they are playing Dead !!

The Wilpons suck !!!! Omar sucks !!!!

and what's left for Mess fans is the same old sh!t !!! losing way's !!!

Thanks Freddy for meaningless games now in July !!

How much lower can these guy's go !!

At this point it does not really matter, but is there anyone out there that would bat Wright fourth in this lineup other than Jerry?

Your best hitter is supposed to hit third, to guarantee an AB in the first inning.

Murphy hitting third???/

Mets are 7 games out in the wildcard, with the easiest remaining strength of schedule in the league.

This is not impossible, but every day of inaction by Omar makes it tougher. There are ten 1B available for nothing that would be better than Murphy at this stage of his career, yet not only do they continue to trot him out there every day he hits THIRD??

This is insulting to fans that have spent their money on future tickets. At least try, dont have to break the bank and give up prospects, but bringing a true 1B (shelton?, Clark?) and a true SS would give them a better chance of treading water until/if the big boys return.

I can see it now, they all return, get red hot and rally to miss a playoff spot by one game, exact opposite of the last two seasons.

I am almost hoping that they stay where they are. After the
last two September's, your scenario would be another knife
in the heart. I am thinking if things stay the way they are, there
is no way that Omar can be brought back, regardless of the
injuries. And if that is the case, I want someone from the Angels
in here. They always seem to get the best out of their
players, and Maddon went from the Angels to the Rays, who were
one of the biggest laughing stocks in all sports, and made
them a very good team.
It is almost comical the way the players are dropping, if
you wrote this as a story no one would believe it. Then of course,
for Sheff, Mets say 'it is just a cramp' (after he looked like he was shot),
so play a player short, AGAIN, and now we find out is was/is worse.
Remember Reyes being carried on the roster for a week or so,
before he finally went on the DL. Do we have no first baseman even
in AA to be brought up that we are even considering Tony Clark
or Julio Lugo for SS. I would rather bring up a kid and give him
the experience. I am sure if they are on the 40 man roster,
they make extra money, so that won't happen. Just like the
ONLY reason Tim Redding is on this team is because of the
money he is making, he is horrible. Nats did not want him. I am
sure Niese will be called up to replace Nieve, who can't walk,
but 'may miss a start' according to Jerry, but please release
Redding and bring up someone and give him a shot. I wonder if
Ryan Church walked 3 times all year with the Mets, and
he walked 3 times yesterday in front of the pitcher, disgusting.
Mets should presume Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado won't be
back this year, and plan accordingly. There are some players
who would hold value for other teams. But of course with their
luck, Sheffield now goes down. An AL team could've used him as
DH. I am sure most on here will be happy as I feel the clock
is ticking on Omar, but I also feel the Wilpons are much
more into making money than giving a rats a$$ how the fans
feel. I have said for years, the Mets treat their fans the worst in
baseball. You can't even go to opening day unless you
choose 5 other games, or same with a Yankee game. Then
they advertise 2 days before Yankee series that tickets are available.
So maybe Wilpons are getting what they deserve.
In my opinion Johan is the only untouchable on this team,as
he seems to care. K-Rod is not going anywhere, but all others
should be available as far as I am concerned--thanks for
letting me rant!!!

Omar the village idiot needs to go.

There are only a few keepers on this rotten ball team:


There are many who need to go:

Start rebuilding by trading the above bums. At least Beltran and Reyes might bring some actual value in return. The rest are addition by subtraction.

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