Sell-offs? Are you kidding me? Sell-offs?

selloffs.jpgSorry, but I have to laugh when people start talking about how the Mets should just become sellers as they approach the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. Like that's going to help them rebuild for next season or restock their farm system.

Right. We all agree that the season is over. There's no debating that. But if you're a contending team, is there anyone on the Mets you would even want? Even if Omar Minaya bought the plane ticket and sent the player to you?

Forget the players on the DL. It's tough to trade guys that can't run on dry land. Unless other teams are looking for someone to vacuum their pool, count out Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado.

There's about three guys the Mets have that would interest other teams: Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriguez and David Wright. I highly doubt the Mets are moving any of them.

Who's next in line? Jeff Francoeur? Gary Sheffield? Alex Cora? Brian Schneider? Jeremy Reed?

And if the Mets were able to move any of these players, who will replace them from Triple-A Buffalo? Jonathan Malo? Cory Sullivan? Robinson Cancel? Emil Brown?

Even if the Mets have a 0.00 chance of making the playoffs, they still have to field a major-league team of some sort to play out the remaining 71 games on the schedule. Let's not overrate Citi Field as a gate attraction. You can get Shack Burgers in Madison Square Park, too.

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Actually, Sheffield would be the Mets' best option to trade.. Hes quietly put up BETTER numbers than Holliday last time I checked (a few days ago) and a bonus is that he has no salary that maybe a contending small market team would have to deal with. Hes not going to be able to play in the OF everyday but he can play as a regular DH or split time in the OF, or even just as a bench pick-up...

Oh but yeah, hanging onto him (and other free agent-to-be's that cant bring back compensation) for the rest of the season for whatever reason is apparently the brightest idea, well put Lennon.

i don't think you can get shack burgers in bryant park. you can get them in the UWS or in madison square park though.

also, the mention of shack burgers is the only bright spot in your post.

NM - Where are you trading these guys to - Toledo?
You're missing the point. Nobody wants these players because none of them are any good. I'm not advocating holding onto them. I just said you can't trade them because nobody wants them.
And if I'm a contending team, I want no part of Sheffield, I don't care what size market I play in. Even if he's free.

FYI - In his last 13 games, Sheffield is batting .268 with zero homers and a .317 SLG. Oh, and he hasn't played in three days because of a bad hamstring. I'm sure teams are lining up for him.

Thanks, Simon. Obviously you're right about Madison Square Park. I fixed the error. The other stuff is correct, however.

Omar should try to rid himself of as much payroll inflexibility as possible, even if he doesn't get back useful stuff. If he can trade Castillo, that opens a spot and frees up some money. If he can trade Stokes and Feliciano (Angels and Dodgers need 'pen help), he might be able to get something useful. Oliver Perez could interest a desperate team and take another bad contract off the books.

Who cares if he brings up mediocre talent from Buffalo. It can't be much worse than the mediocre talent in Flushing!!

hilarious stuff Lennon.. never gets old.

"because none of them are any good" - yeah, I mean Sheffield is only hitting .286/.388/.481 .. and for what its worth Matt Holliday is hitting .276/.371/.424 .... hmm? I guess Holliday is not any good either.. Nobody is going to pay the price Beane wants for Holliday, the Mets can trade Sheffield for a much cheaper asking price than what Beane wants for Holliday. I also have a difficult time believing nobody wants a guy who has proven he could at least split time in the outfield, or play as an everyday DH, or even just be used as an extra bat for the bench.

"FYI - In his last 13 games, Sheffield is batting .268 with zero homers and a .317 SLG" - yeah you're right; he has no power left in him, he already used it up this year.. hes going to continue hitting this badly, yeah good call on that one..

"I'm sure teams are lining up for him." - for a team that needs a bat for their bench and/or to split time in the OF I would not understand why they wouldn't check in on Sheffield.

It's basically Blowing up this Sh!t team !!!!!

Baaaaaaaa BoooooomB !!!

NM - Sheffield CAN NOT play in the outfield. He's a joke. He's plays LF here because he has to, and that's Omar's fault. Any contending team would not even thinking about bringing him on board, unless it's an AL squad in need of a part-time DH.

Trade Castillo.

Not gonna get a lot for him but at least we get rid of a lousy contract.

Minaya has to be fired as does Manuel, Shines and Warthen.

Omar claimed this team could hang in there. He guessed wrong.
Didn't make a move when it mattered and now the season is toast.
Time to start looking at next year.

Play Murphy at third to give Wright a break. Let Niesse get some starts.
He looks like he's mastered the minors.

If they can get something ANYTHING for Sheff then do it. He can
help a contender off the bench.

Classic with the Jim Mora reference. Gotta maintain a sense of humor.

David, stop laughing.

No one said they were going to get top prospects for any of these players, but even a draft pick is better than continuing to play guys that have no future with the team. As a fan with tickets for August games, I would rather see some young guy trying to make it than Sheffield and Cora toughing it out to play with injuries, as valiant as they have been.

Feliciano is a quality lefty reliever and has true value.

Sheffield (if not injured too bad), Cora, Livan, Reed, Pagan, and Castillo (Mets pay contract) could all bring back a low A ball type player that might have a future in the bigs, or might not, but better than nothing.

Wayne - As a fan, you would rather watch Cory Sullivan, a soon to be 30-yr old with no future in the majors, than Sheffield or Pagan for the final two months? Speaking from a fans perspective, if trading those guys gets you a nothing minor-league player, with no chance at the bigs -- a guy as a fan you will never see -- what's the point?

Again, you're presuming other teams want those players, which they don't. They have plenty of lousy guys in their own organizations -- or even better ones at their disposal.

As for Feliciano, the Mets have him signed through next year, too, so doesn't it make sense to keep him if you plan on fielding a competitive team next season? Good lefthanded specialists are difficult to find and the Mets would have to search for another one. If Feliciano was in the last year of his contract, I would try to move him, sure.

Wayne 80 you can't trade for draft picks. And we shouldn't be trading Pagan. He is a quality 3rd or 4th OF when heathly. I would keep him.

The others that you mentioned should be traded if we can get something back along with Tatis, Schneider and Green. The other injuried pitchers won't get us anything. Keep them until the off season.

Kay hgfh

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