Source: Manuel, Minaya jobs are safe

With nine players on the disabled list, including three members of the Mets' core, it became apparent early on that neither Jerry Manuel nor Omar Minaya was going to take the fall for the team's dismal performance this season.

Manuel is signed through 2010, and Minaya's three-year contract extension doesn't even begin until next season. So it wasn't surprising that a source confirmed today that COO Jeff Wilpon already has assured both Manuel and Minaya that their jobs are safe. The story was first reported by

If you want to read more about why Wilpon came to this decision, check out this Mets Insider from July 9, entitled "Mets' Manuel, Minaya will get pass thanks to injuries."

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If there are no changes to this team, I will not renew my ticket package - it's that simple.

I dont care there is no excuse for lossing period. Jerry needs
to be shown the door

Now there's a threat that'll really scare Fred and Jeff.
There will be changes -- but they won't necessarily make sense.

Ooh, a vote of confidence! No one's every gone back on one. Didn't Willie get from Omar a couple of days before the axe fell?

great !!
basically Freddy the Scum-Bag is telling us fans to drop dead !! He is not doing no more spending and he is going to keep the same sh!t .

The only way the fans can get back at this a$$hole is to stop spending money on Mess product's and do not go to these meaningless games anymore !!! than hopefully the a$$hole will wake up !!!

Jerry and Omar got votes of confidence, but the real culpret, Tony Bernazard, didn't. Maybe the Wilpons will fire Tony the Backstabber and hire a real director of player development. It would also send a message to Omar, since Tony is his ally.

Face it, Tony has a great deal to answer for regarding the NY Mess. He directs the scouts and the minor leagues, which may well be the worst in baseball. The only two prospects for the Mets are Flores and Marte, both 17 and light years away from helping out in CitiField. And the picks the Mets have made show that Bernazard is clueless. How do you take a college relief pitcher like Eddie Kunz in the first round? That's like drafting a punter with your first pick. If you need a reliever, you draft a starter with great stuff and move him to the pen if he fits (like Rivera, Papelbon and Parnell). IMHO, Tony should get the axe, Jerry should get a mulligan and Omar a warning and one more chance.

FYI, call the Mets offices to voice your displeasure directly. They have a customer relations dept. Call the main ticket phone #, and go through the prompts. Enough is enough with this team!

Damn. My baseball season is over -- I just hope the Phils don't repeat the World Series.

Fred Wilpon also announced today that those responsible for his investment due diligence will not lose their jobs. The Madoff scheme was impossible to predict, believes Wilpon, so there is no reason to fire anyone.

In fact, since he has no money left to invest, they have been reassigned to the baseball department where they will consult with the Mets' crack team of scouts and physicians on all future player acquisitions.

IM a fan since the Polo Ground days i lived and died with this team all these years BUT this is to much i have never seen such incompetence not even in the 70s.T he Wilpons maybe good business people BUT their not good baseball people,keeping Omar and Manuel shows how baseball ignorant they are.SO it hurts to say this this but im boycotting this team and i think we all should its clear the Wilpons care nothing about us fans SO no tickets,no tv,no merchandise,no mets all the time,then maybe has business people when the bottom line is hurt maybe the Wilpons will wake up and get us a GM and a MANAGER we deserve.

Congrats Wilpons.....Now I focus all my negative energy on YOU !!!

As the great Bill Parcells once said: You are what your record says you are....No excuses

Even healthy this team was an 85 win team.


How can you give Manual a vote of confidence. All he has done was to be the Right hand man in one EPIC collapse and to be the top guy in a repeat performance of the EPIC collapse. Manual's bullpen management style for two years under Willie and a continuation of the same style for over a year now on his own has been an abysmal failure. The constant pulling of starters too early, changing relievers too often and never giving any reliever any chance to get in a rythm has failed miserably.The team and the manager have been operating in panic mode in late innnings for three years now. That has a lot to do with Jerry's bullpen over-management (lefty,righty,lefty,righty,lefty......) style. When are we going to ever give a reliver who has gotten two quick outs an opportunity to get a third and develop a little rythm. Hopefully the Wilpons wake up soon or CitiField will have many empty seats in September.

thats it for me !! I`m done following this team till it`s sold to a person that knows what they are doing. sad but I`ve had it , took along time but now I`m disgusted !!!!!!!!!1

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