Today's lineup

Pagan - cf
Castillo - 2b
Wright - 3b
Francoeur - rf
Tatis - lf
Murphy - 1b
Santos - c
Cora - 2b
Perez - lhp

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Im so sick of these pepsi / verizon / whoever else cerrone is blowing these days / logos plastered all over the place. remember when he partnered with SNY and he was all “uuuhhhh i promise this is still matt cerrones metsblog and it wont turn into a big ad-infested waste site”? matt cerrone is a sellout. you had a good thing going, matt… now we have to look at a pepsi logo every time you put a game preview up? A pepsi logo thats bigger than the mets logo???

its like watching soccer on ESPN… taco bell logos all over the place, you cant even see the ball. Anywhere but the states, you have a screen with nothing on it but the action… once in a while they show the score, never a useless logo… its tacky, its bad design, and its shows that you could give a frick less about what you’re doing. SURE GUYS, THROW LOGOS ALL OVER, WHERE THEY HAVE NO PURPOSE BUT TO CLUTTER THE PAGE AND BRAINWASH MY READERS.


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