Today's lineup; Berroa up

Angel Berroa has been called up to fill the roster spot vacated by Argenis Reyes. Here's today's lineup:

Pagan - cf
Castillo - 2b
Wright - 3b
Sheffield - lf
Francoeur - rf
Murphy - 1b
Cora - ss
Schneider - c
Perez - lhp

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isnt Angel Berroa property of the Yanks?

Skanks released him a few weeks back, since he was hitting under .200.

Great article in the Post on how clueless and broke the Mets are!

Could of traded Fmart when they had the chance...Another blunder

Don't worry Mess fans , Ollie Metal Perez is pitching !! I have all the confidence in the world that he will go 5 innings , 5 walks and give up 5 runs !!

Thanks Omar ! 36 mil. and now there is no more money for you to spend on !!
for that price could of gotten Wolf , Abreu and Hudson !!!

John Harper of the Daily News started bringing uip the fact that Ollie's salary could have been spent on Wolf, Abreu and Hudson. Only problem is that it's not accurate.
Wolf makes $5 million and so does Abreu. While Hudson's base is $3.38 million, he is easily hitting his incentives and will make $8 million this year. That's $18 million or $6 million more than what was spent on Ollie.

The point is simple MT

Omar, Bernazard, the coaches, and 75% of this team MUST GO!

Including blowing up the rotten core

Yes, but if you signed those guys you could subtract some other salaries, like Sheffield and Castillo.

And who cares about another $6 Million in salary, are we going to blame Bernie Madoff the rest of our Mets fans lives. What Wilpon lost is his problem, not ours.

And at least Hudson had to perform to get his money, Castillo was guaranteed.

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