"We didn't actually beat ourselves"


Talk about setting the bar low. That's what Jerry Manuel had to say after the Mets fell to the Braves, 5-3, last night at Turner Field.

Translation: Look Ma, no errors!

Give it up to the Mets, folks. They threw to the right base, ran out every batted ball and didn't wear their caps backward on the field. Well, that and $6.50 will get you a Shack Burger at Citi Field if there isn't a W at the end of the day.

There's 74 games remaining in the season, and at this rate, about five or six meaningful ones left. A few more losses, combined with a few more Phillies' wins, and the Mets' deficit will hit double-digits. Then what?

I'm jumping ship on the whole treading-water-until-they-get-healthy thing. I was on board for a while, guzzling the Kool-Aid about the Mets reloading for the second half, but Omar Minaya's "updates" yesterday finally changed my mind.

I'm with David Wright, who had this to say last night about waiting for the likes of Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran:

"I’m so tired of talking about hurt guys," Wright said. "I’m just worried about what’s going on here. it’s to the point where, if we get them back great, if not we have to find a way. It’s just too much talk about the hurt guys. These guys aren’t having any outcome on our game and somehow we need to talk about them."

He's right, of course. But what's left to talk about?

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David, there is nothing left to talk about... This season is over and Omar will get a pass because of the injury excuse...

His lack of roster and upper minor league depth was exposed this season. Drafting under slot, spending to cure the team's ill's... Forget it...

This team has a $140M payroll and is not going to even compete in the 2nd half... That is a disaster and embarrasing.

Minaya has got to go, these injuries are showing are truly shallow this organization is. Unfortunately, he'll get a pass because of said injuries...

This article pretty much says it all ->

Yes, the mets are a thin team. But in fairness, what team could have survived this rash of injuries?

Fire Omar-Fire Bernazard- blow up the core- can the caoching staff- build the Farm

Step one: fire all above and bring in a new GM and let him pick his staff

Step two: Trade Feliciano, Sheff for young prospects that can help start the farm..Felic can get a decent young kid on a team in the race needing a lefty in pen!

Step 3: Trade Reyes to Boston for Elsvury and one of their young arms......Or Reyes to Twins for Mauer....If not Reyes, than Wright

Step 4: in off season offer Jason Bay what ever he wants

Step 5: bring in dirt dog type players with grit and hustle....GAMERS... They do not have to be all stars .... Just smart hard working bench guys like Cora

Fire Omar

I agree !!! This team need to have a meeting with Freddy, Jeff, Omar ,BernASS , their Scouts , Their medical staff , coaches , farm system and anything else that smells bad ----and what has to happen is , have Omar hold the BOMB right in the middle of this CR AP and set it off !!!!


and let start fresh and do it right this time !!

It's un believable a new stadium and a disaster !!!

F.O. is on the mark with 1 and 2, but no way Boston is going to trade Ellsbury and they'd have to give Minnesota half this overpriced team (and the money to pay them) to get Mauer.
And Bay likes playing for Boston, so he's not likely to go anywhere. Start taking offers for Delgado (a DH/PH for an AL contender), Cora and Tatis. Play Murphy at first every day and decide by year-end if he's worth keeping. Put Berroa at SS and see if playing every day helps him return to his rookie-of-the-year glory.
Bring up Niese and let him pitch.
Send Parnell to Buffalo to regain some confidence before he becomes Heilman Jr.

David, I nominate this blog for blog of the year, great job!

I would not throw in the towell yet though.

I would send Murphy down for a refresher course, promote Evans who has excelled in his course, sign Tony Clark and platoon with Evans.

I would give Berroa and Francoeur a full time shot, they are young enough to turn it around and talented enough defensively that playing them every day will not hurt defensively, as it does with Murphy. Cora is doing the best he can but is playing hurt and needs a break, Berroa will actually help defensively and cant really hurt offensively too much.

Reed should be in the lineup every time a righty is on the mound for an opponent.

And Manuel needs to set the bar much much higher, the next player to make a bonehead play gets blasted in public. The next umpire to make a bad call gets dirt kicked and thrown at him. Light a fire Jerry.

Then, if all else fails and they are behind more than 10 games by 7/31, I trade everyone of any value that does not fit into the future plans (Delgado, Sheff, Livan, Feliciano, Green, Cora, Reed, Wagner) even if they only bring back draft picks and promote anyone vaguely resembling a prospect.

Begin the rebuilding process, mercilessly.


No matter what these Mess do it will not work !!! They are and have become a rotten team from top to bottom !!!
Berroa is a cast off of the Yanks --he basically stinks ! and there's Omar waiting and ready to scoop up any cr ap that's available , as long as it under the major minimum salary !!
Neise , is another stinker as well as these other players you have mention!
Sorry to say , we need to start over from the Wilpons to our scouts and medical staff , including Omar , BernASS , Jerry and coaches !!

our core players are damaged goods too !
Beltran is done --2 bad knees that wil be with him for the rest of his life !
Reyes looks like he has chronic hamstring problems,
Delgado with hip problems at his age is done !!

and if you look at the whole picture with this Mess , you will realize that the whole organization is rotten from top to bottom!!!

We need new leadership , owners and everything else that has a rotten smell !!

It's unbelievable how we open up a new stadium and the smell of losing is still upon us , if not worse than ever !!!!!

For the time being, Minaya and Tony B aren't going anywhere. The Wilpons suffer from the classic affliction of bad family businesses -- blood and loyalty over competence.

The only thing that will motivate the Wilpons to make a move is a rush of non-renewals from season ticket holders. If this team goes into the tank and unemployment hits 10% . . .

That's it -- the wheels have fallen off. This team is dead and the rest of the division will feast on the corpse that is the 2009 Mets. The entire med staff and scouting office should be cleared out -- I mean everybody. Omar and Tony are safe for maybe another year.

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