Where dreams come true?

Sitting in JFK awaiting a flight to Disney World for the winter meetings, I wonder...


Can it happen?
Could the Yankees acquire Dontrelle?
Is the big leg kick worth, oh, Melky Cabrera, and then some?
Maybe the Marlins really would trade him.
Highly unlikely.
But still...
Maybe, just maybe...
We could find out this week.

Comments (48)

Its a nice dream but I doubt it will happen.

I don't know Jim. From what I've read his numbers are mediocre at best and another Marlin national league castaway? I certainly don't have the answer on who to go get, but they would be better off with a proven AL starter. It's possible your dream could turn into a nightmare!!

do not give them melky!
we have so many more people to offer like johnson and pavano.
trade johnson and pavano and darrell rasner for willis and anabell sanchez or willis and scott olsen.
or even try to get jacobs hes a pretty good first baseman.
or just trade johnson and pavano for willis.

Based on Cashman's recent trend of getting rid of high priced talent, and bringing in young, cheap, promising players, I seriously doubt he would give up Melky to get Dontrelle. Dontrelle is going to get very expensive thru arbitration, and Melky is not arbitration elgible, and is improving rapidly. Plus, Dontrelle's numbers just aren't that great even though he pitches in the weak NL. Trading A-ROD and his $16 million dollar salary, for a package including Brandon McCarthy and Joe Crede, or Ervin Santana, Shields, and Figgins, fits the new Yankee creed.

No way does "Cash" take on salary with Dontrelle. He is more likely to lower the team payroll by moving A-ROD for McCarthy and Crede, or Santana, Shields, and Figgins. Cutting the team payroll, and adding young, promising, cheap players is the new Yankee creed.

It would be nice but I think there are several other teams who could and will put together a better package.

looks like some people like Victor still dont realize that other teams arent just out there to make Yankee life easier. Jonhson and Pavano make 26 mil combined next year and have numerous injury and motivation problems. Why the hell would the Marlins give away Willis and Olsen who prob make about 5 mil combined next year, are young and have endless potential. The obvious answer is they wont, so thanx for saying something stupid, and forcing me to waste time shutting it down.

Victor- Are you kidding? Do you really think the cash strapped and young Marlins want Johnson and Pavano?
Dustin- There are teams with better prospects but the money comes into play here. Dontrelle is going to make a lot of money and some teams with better prospects won't want to pay him. Others with money like the Mets who THINK they have the prospects may not match up. Milledge hurt his value last year and Melky's may never be higher than it is now and as several have pointed out on this blog, OF's are much easier to acquire than arms. Look at the FA market next year: Vernon Wells, Ichiro and more. The Mets have always assumed they would be a lock to get Willis, but I don't think they match up as well as the Yanks right now. Heilman was there other big chip and he hurt himself by pitching poorly in the playoffs. That's why if the Yanks are going to land Willis, it has to be this winter. Too much can go wrong next season: H. Sanchez could get hurt (again) and Melky could slide back a little. Even if Melky turns out to be an all star OF, it's still a good trade because there is always one available if the Yanks ever do have that need.

I have a better idea, Victor. We trade A-Rod for Pujols, move him to third. The Cardinals will probably also throw in Chris Carpenter for good measure. Then we package Randy Johnson and Chris Briton for Johan Santana. We trade Matsui for Miguel Cabrera, and Pavano to Boston for Matsuzaka after they sign him, and make them pay half his salary. Then we'll really have a great team! Oh wait, I just realized this isn't MVP 2007 for XBox, it's the real world.

I know, I'm an idiot.

I hope so Jim. Yankees need another frontline starter, Make it happen, Cashmoney...

Humber Sanchez was former number #1 prospect of Tigers until he got traded and got hurt.

Melky's value is so high right now that Yankees would move him. Second, He can play defense and can hit

Tabata is #2 prospect of the Yankees and considered to have five tool talent.

Jim B: What would your opinion be if the Yanks did indeed make the following trade:
Marlins get: M. Cabrera; H. Sanchez; Cash
Yankees get: D. Willis

Would you think this is a good trade. I thought the Yanks might consider throwing Farnsworth in somehow and offering to pay some of that salary, not sure about that part though. The Yanks do seem frustrated with the fact that Farnsworth's back gets locked up more than Greg Anderson.
Safe travels Jim and bring back some juicy tidbits for us, can you tell where hungry?

Have a safe trip Jim B and bring back some good news for us!

Jim A: I think that would be a great trade for the Yankees. I know fans love Melky, but pitching is what wins, and Dontrelle is a young, exciting lefthander. I think if he's available (a big if), you get him at all cost. I believe this is only his first year of arbitration coming up, so you would have his rights for three more years before he becomes a free agent. But, of course, I think this is a pipedream for Yankee fans. I'd say 5 percent shot. They did inquire about him last year, and the Marlins asked for some ridiculous package, if I remember correctly. Here's a though: Would you do Willis for Melky, Proctor and Sanchez?

Yes, I would do it that deal in a second.

Cox will replace proctor and resigning dotel to one year .

Here we Go Rule V Time these players will be exposed his year.


Shelly Duncan (OF/1b/DH) cheap Power bat that might get selected

Charlie Manning (Lhp) lhp specialist that might get selected it's either Him or Coke (see Below)

Kevin Howard (3rd/2nd baseman) ( All bat no glove won't get selected due to bad 2006) somewhere Tony womack is smiling

Francisco Butto (rhp) ( Major league stuff could get selected as 12 man in another teams bullpen)

Omir Santos (C)

Andy Cannizaro( Util)

Eric Abreu (rhp)

Rudy Gullien (OF) Aka The Anti Tabata. he eas a 5-tool stud that was compared to Manny at one time. Injuries have slowed him down and right now is stuck in High A...He won't get picked but if Erold Andrus could get picked then Mabye so could he.

Cory Stuart (rhp) side arming right hander that could get converted into a submariner Average fastball 91-93, Hard breaking low 80's plus slider and he also throws a change-up. since he hasn't pitched above Low A yet it would be a Reach for someone to select him.

Eric Hacker Rhp Injury plagued righty that throws an assortment of pitches...wont get selected because he hasn't made it past low A yet.

Ferdin Tejada (Power righty) Best stuff out of all the unprotected guys by Farrrr. Mid-high 90's fastball. Plus slider and developing change-up. He was converted into a pitcher back after the 2004 season Many scouts compare him to another former postion player that was converted into a Pitcher (Brazoban). He had TJ in 2005 ,The Yankees Put Tejada on the AAA reserve roster to Protect him so it's doubtful that A major leage club will select him.

Gabe Lopez (2nd base) Great defensive second baseman but that's just about it ( 261 avg 20 hr in almost 2,000 at bats) Won't get selected

Elvys Quezada (rhp) Has finally gotten it together as a relief pitcher BUT....hasn't pitched above A ball could get selected because of his Stuff

Phil Coke (lhp) Newman was slick by putting him on the AAA reserve roster His has Major league stuff and had a BIG season this past year so unless some teams think he's the Nex Andy Sisco expect him to be in Trenton Next year.

Gerado Casadiego (rhp) could get selected due to his Experience in AA (60 games) by a NL Team but really doesn't have Good stuff to warrant that.

Abel Gomez (Lhp) Power lefty that has had SERIOUS contol problems (his delivery is similar to foulke's. Still young and he hasn't pitched above low A It would be a Shock if he gets selected though.

Edwar Gonzalez (OF) signed in 2002 he has put up decent #'s While still showing his tools but he More than likley won't get selected.

Mike Gardner (rhp) won't get selected even though he's putt up a nice era in 4 years of service

Edgar Soto (Lhp) Protected in the minor league Portion of the draft, he has big league potential and stuff but asking a kid to make thejump from the Rookie ball to the bigs is a bit too much.

Paul Thorp (rhp) see Gardner...

Wilkins de la rosa (lhp) Very special Arm that could have gotten selected in the minor league portion but was put on the AAA reserve roster for protection.

The Marlins would make it hell for the Yanks to get Willis. I love Melky and I would hate to see him go. I believe we have enough pitching in our farm system and it would not come at such an expense. It is time the Yanks turn to their system for answers and not other teams. The Yanks have some promise with Hughes,Sanchez,Karstens,Rasner,Clippard,Cox,Chamberlin. I rather wait to see if these guys develop into a (Willis) or even better than him. After all Willis pitched to a 3.87 era last year now translate that era in the American League and it looks a whole lot higher. In his last 3 seasons he pitched to a 3.30 era,a 4.02 era and his best season in 2005 a 2.63 era. But yet pitched to a 3.87 era last year.I am sorry to me he is not worth the talent that we might have to give up for him.

Jim B: I think I would add Proctor to the deal if that's what would get it done. With a rotation of Willis; Moose: Wang: Igawa and a toss up between Pavano,Johnson or a youngster, I'd have to believe the bullpen wouldn't be taxed as much as last year. Proctor claims he heard a clicking noise in his elbow late last season so maybe his value is as high as it will ever be.
Maybe Sturtze can come back and fill a void in the bullpen but like others have said, they have Britton, Bruney, possibly Dotel and maybe even David Weathers could fill the spot.

Willis had a good rookie year and a great 2005 season,the other 2 seasons were wildly inconsistent.Upside is he is 24 yrs old,logs alot of innings and likes to compete.Lefties have a tendency to blossom later than righties.Of course there are exceptions.The Yanks would in my humble opinion be foolish to trade top flight talent for Willis.The Yanks want to do things within the farm system.They just thru away 26 million posting fee for an unproven but talented lefty starter in Igawa.Believe me the Yanks are not gonna throw around that kind of money to make him into mid reliever like some of you have proposed.Willis is I think a free agent after 2007 and if he has a decent season is gonna command big bucks.Why would the Yankees resort to a policy they've been trying to shed ? St.Louis proved you can win with # 3 type starters .The Yanks scored an average of 5.75 runs per game in 2006,a pitcher with an ERA around 4.00 is going to win a ton of games with a team like N.Y.E.g. Pettitte. Go after Lilly or Padilla if necessary and be patient with the talent waiting to emerge from within.The only real question mark the Yankees have right now is who's on 1st, Abbott or Costello ? Thanks Alexia for that breakdown of possible Rule V draftees.That was great!

The Yanks have not changed any policies, they simply dumped the only overpaid vets that they could. We're not becoming the Braves here folks.
Willis IS young and could be in the rotation for over 10 years. I posted earlier that Proctor heard a clicking noise in his elbow near the end of the season and I don't think his value could be any higher than it is now.
This team cannot wait for youngsters to develop the way it is presently constructed with older players at almost every position (except 2B).

Cashman has been reducing the team payroll by trading high salaried players for young, promising,cheap players. Acquiring arbitration eligible Dontrelle, for a package which included Melky, would not do this. Trading A-ROD and his $16 million salary for either McCarthy and Crede, or a package including Ervin Santana would. The trading of A-ROD fits the new Cashman approach to putting our "07" roster together. Acquiring Dontrelle does not.

Jim A. I don't really understand what you're talking about ,I don't consider a 30-32 yr old position player as old .Outside of Posada and Giambi the Yanks are fairly young at every position.Don't you think that if Scott Proctor heard a clicking sound in his elbow,every GM ,if they had sound scouting reports would have gotten wind of it? It's silly to think the Yanks could get away with trading defective merchandise ,wouldn't you agree ?

Ruse- Of course I would agree but the Yanks sent Proctor in for an MRI right after the season ended, so I beieve there is some worry, especially with the amount of work they piled on him last year.
The players that are 32 and above are still signed for at least 3 more years each and none of those players will be better than they are now in 3 years. Mariano Rivera is 37 so that is a huge window that is closing.

I'm nervous about Willis mainly because of what another poster mentioned on a previous blog - his delivery seems like he's an injury just waiting to happen. I'm no sports doctor, but still..

Vic- nah you're not an idiot, we're just busting your balls. It was a crazy trade idea though.

Jim A. Let's face it ,if the Yankee position players continue at the current level of production for the next 3-5 yrs then we have nothing to worry about ,do we? You have to admit were looking at an all-star caliber team up and down the line-up.People within the organization have labeled J.B.Cox as the heir apparent to Mariano,and last yr they drafted the great catching prospect from Venezuela who'll be ready in 3-4 yrs,with Tabata and Melky near ready to slip into the starting outfield sometime soon where does the Yankee organization fall short in your estimation ? C'mon

The lineup doesn't fall short at all for the next year or two. Then I'm certain production will start to slip from Posada, Damon, Abreu, Giambi and possibly Matsui. Let's face it, the older guys get, the more prone to injury they are. Tabata and Melky are not ready to replace the production of Matsui and Abreu at all, and may never be able to. Those guys are special players as are most of the guys in that lineup. Along with skill, the Yanks will need a lot of luck for their prospects to develop. How many times have we heard them pump up their prospects as if they are the next breakout stars? Halsey; Lilly; Jaun Rivera; Andy Phillips; and you can go back and look at Brien Taylor; Roberto Kelly; Bobby Meacham etc.
All those guys were very high rated prospects that at one time or another were never going to be traded because they were so highly rated. Let's face it, prospects are just that, prospective players and most don't pan out so if you can trade one or two for a proven, but young LH (I can't emphasize that enough) pitcher, than I think they have to do it and something tells me the Yankee Mgmt. would do it if given the choice, in a heartbeat.
I don't see the harm in trading an OF who can be easily replaced and a RH pitcher that we basically don't know what will happen to in the future for a guy who has proven he can pitch and has a lot of years ahead of him to get better.

The Yanks shouldn't trade any young players for any NL pitcher(s). So called good NL pitchers that come over to the AL get "torched". Stick with AL pitchers, and at least you know what to expect performance wise.

If you can package Melky for a Willis type you do it in a second.

Melkys value will never be higher.

Braves Signed pitcher Tanyon Sturtze, who had been with the New York Yankees, to a one-year contract.

Thank God he's gone, he was horrible and Braves signed him. Braves will continue to be awful by signing losers like Tanyon Sturtze.

Braves sign Sturtze to one-year, $750K deal


ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Braves signed right-hander Tanyon Sturtze to a one-year contract Sunday on the eve of the winter meetings, hoping he will be able to come back from rotator cuff surgery.

Sturtze is guaranteed $750,000 and would make another $350,000 if he spends one day on the Braves' 25-man roster. He also could earn another $450,000 in bonuses based on the number of appearances he makes as a starter and reliever.

The 36-year-old Sturtze missed most of last season with the New York Yankees after undergoing surgery on May 23. He had a 7.59 ERA in 18 appearances before going on the disabled list.

Sturtze has pitched 269 games during a big league career that began in 1995 with the Chicago Cubs and includes stints with the Chicago White Sox, Texas, Tampa Bay and Toronto. He is 40-44 with three saves and a 5.21 ERA.

Sturtze spent the last three years working mostly out of the Yankees' bullpen in middle and long relief. He made $1.5 million this past season.

Mike's Plugh Winter Meetings Plan


Since everyone likes to play Cashman especially all of us in the blogging community, I thought I'd write up my own Winter Meetings agenda, as if I were GM. Here goes:

1. Sign Igawa.
2. Sign Zuleta.
3. Get a final answer on Andy Pettitte.
4. Inquire about Dontrelle Willis.
5. Inquire about Freddy Garcia.
6. Trade (dump) Carl Pavano for a lefty reliever.
7. Drink a Hurricane or two.
8. Pack up my bags and come home.

Here's my thinking. Getting Igawa signed ASAP puts to rest any leverage that other GMs and agents have over my roster moves. Everything else I do about pitching plays off of having him under contract. As much as I like Craig Wilson, and as happy as I'd be if he were our starting firstbaseman next season, I like the idea of trying out Zuleta at a bargain price, say 2 years at $5 million. His consistent performance at .290/360/.550 across every level of competition leads me to believe he can post between an .850 and .900 OPS in the Majors. If he ends up hitting .275 with 20+ homers, he's a steal in this market.

Next, I need an answer on Pettitte. Play or retire. There's no sense in letting him string us out over the next few months. If he doesn't give an answer, let him come to us. I'd also look into both Dontrelle Willis and Freddy Garcia while I was in Florida. Nothing urgent, or worth giving up the farm for, but if they happen to be out there it's my job to see if I can get them. Willis is younger and has more upside. Garcia is a solid pitcher that you can plug in and forget about, something the Yankees have very little of in the rotation right now.

Trading Carl Pavano is a must. You can't expect to get much, but there should be a fair package of middle relievers and prospects that will make the Yankees happy. I'd love to get a lefty middle reliever that can actually pitch, and cash. If anyone can make this happen it's Cashman Money. Work it out brother.

That's it. What about backup catcher and middle relief, you ask? Here are my answers for both:

Backup catcher (Wil Nieves, Kevin Nelson, Ben Davis)
Let them battle it out in Spring Training. Nieves has had time with the Yankees, albeit very few at bats. Nelson was in the White Sox system in 2005, but came to the Clippers last year. He hit .283/406/.415 with the Charlotte Knights, the ChiSox AAA club, last season. He's going to turn 26 in April, so he's fairly young. Ben Davis is the other option at AAA Scranton, but I don't think many people have faith in him. If these three guys fight it out at Tampa and no one comes out a decent prospect for the Bronx, then Cashman can sign someone. Why do it now, when the market is red hot?

Middle Relief (T.J. Beam, Brent Cox)
I'm very comfortable right now with a relief core of T.J. Beam, Brent Cox, Mike Myers, Scott Proctor, Kyle Farnsworth, and Mariano Rivera. If we need to sign Villone to make sure we have a second lefty, do it. There aren't many great options out there. If Pavano is subtracted and a league average reliever plus a low level prospect comes back, I'd say job well done.

I thought Villone had already signed with the Indians I believe?

Not yet jamie...

Jim A.,I dislike going over and over this nonsense,BUT I will !Halsey,Juan Rivera,Phillips,Meacham?,these guys were never considered top flight blue chip can't miss prospects,they are more symbolic of how depleted the Yankee farm system had become in recent years.Lilly was obtained in a trade w/the Dodgers,where he under achieved in their farm system and was seen as expendable.Brien Taylor was a great prospect who ruined his arm/career in a brawl.The crop of young players the Yanks have in the wings are way beyond what they've had in the last 15 yrs or so.Baseball players are in much better playing shape than they've ever been before,and barring serious injury play at a high level well into their late thirties early forties.Moises Alou just signed by the Mets is 40 yrs old and has had a career marred by injury yet still hits .300 .Do you think Jeter is going to retire at the age of 36 ? I doubt it.My point about Proctor which you seemed to miss ,if he does have a bad arm ,who's going to want him ? Villone,Sturtze good riddance the Yanks could do a lot better than those retreads.Cashman has more up his sleeve than Nieves,Chavez and the like,do you know how many pitchers show up for spring training ? tons and are caught by catchers who are released at the end of spring designated for assignment?

Don't waste your breath ruse.

Talking to some of these people is like talking to a wall.

They have the attention span of a door knob.

Eric, Maybe you're right.This blog was kinda fun once upon a time.Geez

Where's the love???

Ruse and Eric,
I guess you guys get all bent out of shape when someone disagrees with you. It so happens that most people on this blog disagree with you.
I forgot the kid's name, but the Yanks traded him to the Reds a few years ago, he was the last "blue chip" pitcher we had and you never see him anymore. I guess this blog was fun for you guys when everyone said "yeah, your're right". Sorry, there are other opinions here and that's what this is for. Eric's only input on this blog has been to insult people and cheer for friggin' Andy Phillips...yeah, he'll bring a pennant.
Do you guys think the Yankee farm systme is in such great shape now? We have a couple prospects that are considered can't miss.
That's it. They still have a very low rated system so pumping up some prospects and trading them for a YOUNG LH pitcher is the thing to do.
What I meant when discussing Proctor's elbow was simple, and similar to Andy Pettitte's situation when he left. The Yanks had a feeling the elbow wasn't in good shape so they didn't offer him the big money and he left and guess what? The elbow came apart and he had surgery. Could be a similar situation w/ Proctor now. Maybe there's nothing on the MRI, but if Florida would want him in a trade, I'd do it and so would Cashman, I'm certain of it.
Lastly, regarding the age of the players. I didn't say ANY of them would be retiring in a few years, what I said was none of them will be BETTER than they are now in 3-5 years. Do you really think Jeter, Damon, Matsui and Abreu will be better at 36-37 years old than they are now? Get real, it's not happening. The team is built to win now, they need pitchers who will step in now and win in the playoffs and they don't have much right now. Wang will win a game and you saw what happened this year with the rest of them. Hughes won't be ready until next year as the kid hasn't even pitched a full minor league season yet. If you guys want to go to the playoffs w/ Karstens, Rasner and Igawa in the rotation, all I can say is thank god you don't work for the Yanks.

Andy -- the problem with trading Pavano is that right now he has zero value. And forget about packaging him for a lefty PLUS cash...the Yankees would be the ones having to give cash for someone to take Pavano.
Cashman himself was saying as much on Friday on Michael Kay's radio show in NY. He claimed that he's already had teams call him inquiring about Pavano, but he stated emphatically that he would not trade Pavano just for the sake of dumping him, AND pay part of his salary - especially in this market. He said he wasn't going to pay to have Pavano pitch and help another team win, and I don't blame him for having that attitude, especially with what's been developing around baseball.
The gyst of what he was saying, in my view, was that he is going to hold onto Pavano and wait for the right deal to happen. With someone as injury prone as Adam Eaton getting the guaranteed years and money he did, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that a team will come along and offer something halfway decent for Pavano. It just hasn't happened yet, and there is a strong chance that it won't until at least much later in the winter or into the Spring/Summer.

Hey Jim A -- I didn't see Eric or Ruse getting bent out of shape. On the contrary, you're the one who's getting bent out of shape about someone having a dissenting opinion. I thought Ruse's last post particularly was thought-out and had some merit, whether you agree with him or not. I know that according to the likes of you and Rick Keyes, us young-ins are wrong any time that they disagree with those who have years on us, but give him a break.

thanks atticas ,the problem I have is Jim A.doesn't have his facts straight,the Yanks offered Pettitte competitive money to stay in N.Y. he decided to split because spoiled 32 yr old millionaires would rather spend time w/family than play 5-6 more yrs w/the team he came up with retiring at the age of 38-40 w/ an entire lifetime ahead of him to spoil his family rotten w/ the multi-millions he's pocketed.Jim you can check on this if you want ,but the reason Pettittes elbow started bothering him in 2004 is from his inexperience as a batter he swung awkwardly at a pitch and his elbow popped.Pettitte was 21-8 in 2003 his last season in N.Y. showed no signs of diminished capacity.Jim A. you're flaying away at 2 many balls in the dirt.Just get your facts straight.I'm more than happy to disagree.

Well, Ruse, I actually have to disagree with you a bit. They say that it was the bat's fault that his elbow went, but the truth was, his elbow was a question mark before he went to the NL. I think the whole batting thing was an excuse to avoid the whole "told you so" from the Yankees. That being said, I can't knock the guy or anyone for wanting to play close to home. I think after 2003 the Yankees took for granted the fact that he was going to re-sign, and gave Houston too much of a chance to swoop in.

Sorry for the double-post, but I just remembered a point about Pettitte from then. I remember reading up on the situation off ESPN insider, and according to one scout's take on Pettitte after the 2003 season, his "elbow was about to explode." Whether it was the fact that he was taking swings or what, he turned out to be at least somewhat right, though the severity of which can be debated.

just some facts...
1) Jim A - the pitcher whose name eludes you is i think branden claussen, who was supposed to be a no.1 prospect and fizzled completely with the reds.
2) andy pettitte - he was having elbow problems while still with the yanks due to him relying heavily on his cutter. i don't know whether that's the real reason he wasn't resigned by the yanks or was used as an excuse after they had taken him for granted and basically did not negotiate until it was too late. proctor has thrown quite a few cutters as well last season, so if he's developing a similar situation he should be used now as a chip when his value is highest.
3) this is a very intelligent and profound blog. let's not make it personal.

What I recall about Pettitte's elbow was that the Yanks did an MRI after he experienced some pain and they found a "gap" in the elbow joint or something like that (I have no idea what that means but it wasn't good news).
Atticas: I didn't have a problem with any facts or opinion that Ruse stated, what I had a problem with was this part of his post: "Jim A.,I dislike going over and over this nonsense,BUT I will" I just found that part a little condescending. Also, I'm 40 years old, not ancient so I don't have any problems with "young uns".
Gil: I remembered Claussen's name in the middle of the night last night, but I knew someone would come up with it, great call. Remember when he and Alex Grammas were supposed to be the next 1 and 2 pitchers for the Yanks. Other teams have always accused the Yanks of pumping up their prospects to trade them off, which is really just shrewd if you ask me.
This is a great blog and I'll try not to take anything personal as long as everybody respects other folks..maybe we should read our posts before submitting, the written word is usually perceived wrong.
Back to baseball: I love Andy Pettitte and would love to see him come back IF:
a. He convinces folks he is ready and willing (fired up) to play.
b. He REALLY wants to be in NY, he is not just making amends with the players union for signing with Houston. Some may recall agents and the union giving him a bit of a hard time for taking less money to go to Houston, even though it was home for him, because other pitchers were looking for him to set the bar for pitcher contracts that year.

Also, at this point in his career and for most of it, I always thought of Andy as at best a number two, mostly a number 3. We seem to have a lot of those, but no clear number 1.
Happy Times!

Yea, but I'd take Pettitte in a heart beat, no. 2 or 3...because once October rolls around, there's nobody else I'd rather have on the mound as my no. 1.

thanks atticas for clearing the Pettitte thing up.Claussen might have been looked at within the organization as their best pitching prospect but certainly didn't rank with the best talent thru out MBL.I'm sorry Jim A. you felt condescended upon,I am older than you ,so you should respect your elders!I'm just kidding!It would be great in the future if everyone could be slightly more factual when presenting a viewpoint.Checks and balances emerge thru our jousting.I don't mind being mistaken.

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