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Herzog here, pinch-hitting for Kat for Friday night’s game against the Pirates.

Doug Mientkiewicz held court at his locker before the game, talking about how much he misses being a part of the team and how he hopes to be back by Aug. 1. He will have surgery to repair his broken right wrist on Tuesday, when a pin will be inserted.

He said that even though he was woozy as he was being carted off the field last Saturday in Boston, he could hear the loud ovation at Fenway Park. “I never thought I’d be cheered again in that ballpark,” Mientkiewicz joked, aware of his role as villain for (a) trying to keep the ball after the final out of the 2004 World Series and (b) now wears the uniform of the dreaded Yankees.

Mientkiewicz also confirmed that Mike Lowell had called him at Massachusetts General Hospital Saturday night. Lowell is the Red Sox player who collided with Mientkiewicz Saturday, causing a slight concussion as well as breaking the wrist that had been first been injured sliding into second in a previous game. “I kidded him that if he was half a step faster, he’d have been by me already,” Mientkiewicz said.

Friday night’s Yankees lineup is one that has been working lately:

Johnny Damon DH
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu LF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui LF
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Miguel Cairo 1B
Andy Pettitte P

Joe Torre said he will continue using Cairo at first because he likes his defense, “as long as we keep scoring runs.” If he feels he needs another bat in the lineup, then Josh Phelps would return to first base.

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This kid pitching for the Bucs is good.

Bob Sheppard isn't PAing the game tonight. Who is the guy doing it? I've heard him before, but I don't know who he is.

Mr. Shephard had a long-time back-up, a youngster about a quarter of a century younger than he, with a similarly 'classic' but less distinctive style. Most likely its him, but I can't remember his name.

Thanks "D"

The only thing that I can say so far is that I hope we get this guy's pitch count up cause we can't seem to get going against him.

Jeter needs to buy Cairo a fruit basket nomsayin...



Gorzelanny is good for on average 110-120 pitches.Pirates have a decent bullpen.Yanks need a big hit.



What's up?


Yanks got home about 4:00 am this morning.



I hate to say it but...




I hate to jinx it but we've DEFINETELY EARNED THIS!!!



Go Godzilla!!! Was hoping for another A-Rod blast but this is vuper exciting!!!

Yanks have tied it up, Phuck....it aint over yet...no fat lady singing...

GODZILLA brought it to 3-2~~ go NYY!

These interleague games provide interesting match ups. I don't understand the rotation, does one division play another every year?

Maybe Cano could read his own scouting report? He just struck out on exactly the pitch that Murcer said earlier every scouting report says to throw him with 2 strikes.

Or is it bush to read your own scouting reports?

I can't keep track of these nuances...


I don't expect you to understand our excitement.

You pledge allegiance to the flag that has "the best record in baseball."

The "come from behind victory" for you is nothing new and it's a testament to how good the Sox have been this year.

Put it in context though man.

When have this years Yankees showed any sort of heart/fight/tenacity whatsoever?(...Other than the games against the sox of course)

You have to understand that when I and my fellow minions here are thrilled
it's because we've all had to endure to this point. FINALLY THE TEAM LOOKS LIKE THEY HAVE A FU*KING PULSE!!!

I know it's not over and if they lose this game I'll be pissed but I'll still sleep a whole hell of a lot better than I would've 2 weeks ago in the Anaheim and Toronto Massacres...

I'm elated with what I've seen in the last 7 days.






I seem to recognize these guys. They look real familiar. I know them from before...

Nice job boys!

Okay Melky, I need you out on the field at 9AM tomorrow to practice catching balls that are hit straight at you.
As an OF'er myself, I know from experience that those are the toughest balls to catch, but you have to do it.

Meanwhile, over at SOSH...

When Matsui hit the tying HR...
"One can complain only so much because Nady's shot was even shorter, but Je--s that is annoying to see."

When Melky pulled the rock:

"Melky strikes again!!!"
"That. Was. Awesome. That's the Melky Cabrera I remember!"
"Melky having trot nixon flashbacks. Melk Dud."
"Dude hit a line drive pea, think it knuckled ala D_ick Allen, and melky running sideays sort of overan it, as it passed him glove level, it was NOT over his head but by his head. He overran it or it knuckled back, yes didnt go a good job replaying the balls path. Then ball went to centerfield wall, Melky ran as fast as his little legs could carry him bless his little milky heart, but alas and alack poor eurick, it was to no avail. He relayed it to CI, who didnt even bother to make the throw, and also CI looked a little pi--ed."

But there was also this...
"Even with the snafu, I still have 0% confidence in the Pirates' chance of winning this game."

Yanks rally in the 7th...
"Is the PIT pen that poor that they would throw Gorzellany to 110+ pitches? "
"This is not going to end well."
"And here comes the arsonist to face Slappy. It was fun while it lasted."

Jorge ties the game with his single...
"Ladies and gentlemen, your 2007 Pittsburgh Pirates. Do we get to play them?"
"Aaaannnndddd, here comes pitcher #3 from the pen. Lets see if he can get one f---ng out. It would be progress."

Marte gets to Pirates out of the jam...
"Wow. Why wasn't Marte in to start instead of Torres?"
"Huge, HUGE ba--ing up by Damaso Marte there. Awesome."
"Alive, but we know how this is going to end."
"I agree it was a poorly managed inning, but Torres came in to pitch to ARod, I don't know if you want to bring in Marte there. Worst move was bringing in Grabow to face Abreu who was lifetime 3-5 of him. I think bringing in Marte to pitch to Abreu would have been the better move."
"Tracy got replaced by Grady Little. Enough said."

A-Rod makes his great stop on Bay...
"Man I really hate 2007 Arod."

The final rally begins...
"Cano really does have a nice swing when he isn't chasing garbage."
"Damon IBB. Capt. Intangibles (who grounded out with Damon on the last time he was up) is at the plate with the bases loaded. C'mon Pirates! Double-play baby!"

And last, the Captain's game-winning "blast"...
"Of course another cheap hit wins it for the f-----rs."
"What a b---h hit. The pirates s--k."
"Yankees king of the cheap hit as always...ah well"
"Don't even bother the next two games - Maholm and Chacon will be lucky to last three innings."
"Sure wish the Sox got to play the Pirates at home instead of the Padres on the road"
"Can't wait for Clemens to ride in on his white horse and defeat a 2-8 NL pitcher tomorrow. The Yankees are definitely playing the c--p part of their schedule but they're also playing better. Sox need to match them."

Only 3 games under .500, things are starting to look a bit better.

PHUCK - Seems like you tend to get drunk fairly regularly? Some guys have all the luck.

A win is a win, no matter how you get it. The Pirate pitcher was very good. Every team will parade lefties out to the mound to start against us.

A Rick Rant

One side note on Cairo - All last winter I kept saying that we didn't need to carry 4 1B because I included Cairo in that mix. Many on here were dogging on me and said Cairo shouldn't really be considered an option at 1B because he was actually a middle IF, etc.

As it turns out, Cairo seems to play the position fairly well. So, apparently we really didn't need to carry those 4 1B after all. My contention was that we could go with 3 1B (counting Cairo) and then have the spot needed for Bernie. And, as things turned out this year, we really needed to have a 5th OF on this team. Just wanted to point this out in defense of my off season evaluation of how Cashman was assembling the team.

As my good friend Chip would say, use facts to make your point. And, the facts are that Cairo CAN play 1B. Maybe not for 150 games a year, but certainly good enough to cover enough games so that we didn't have to carry 4 1B. And, with the extra roster spot, we could of had room for Bernie. The defense rests your honor. Man, that makes me feel better!

Bill B:

LOL! Thanks for the above link to a funny article!


I agreed with almost all your points then, and I still agree with all but one of them today. I am completely with you until you reach the word "Bernie".

That was a great win and a well-played game (except for Melky's gaffe, but he has already redeemed himself with many outstanding plays). Although Jeter's hit wasn't a monster, it was as good as a home run since all we needed was one run to win.

Gorzelanny entered the game with one of the lowest averages in all of MLB, so it was anticipated we'd have problems with him. He threw 117 pitches in 6.1 innings and left with the score tied. We used only two pitchers, Pettitte and Mo. (I guess we're saving the bullpen for Roger's outing today).

It looks like the REAL Yankees are back. We've won 4 in a row and 7 out of 9. We came from behind twice last night. We are only 5 1/2 games behind in the Wild Card race. If we keep winning at this rate, with 103 games left, the Wild Card is very doable (1st won't be easy since just Boston just keeps on ticking and ticking and we are still 10 1/2 games behind...)

The Yanks still would have been forced to carry another utility infielder if Cairo was giving ABs at 1B.As they're doing right now w/Basak.Wasn't there a song called "My Attorney Bernie"?
It's a given Giambi wouldn't have played a role at 1B seeing he's probably done for the year.
Phelps is the 2nd coming of Dick Stuart.Witness for the Prosecution.

Lilly 4-4 3.99 ERA

Hey Guys,

We all had our opinions during the Hot Stove League. Cashman made his decisions and we as fans must live with them. The one facet of Yankee management is "what can we do to make it right". The pitching collapsed and Roger was signed sooner then expected. I'm sure as we gain ground with more wins. Cashman will be tinkering with the roster to win. Mussina and Pettitte did not get the wins after excellent performances but the team did. The SP must give us the oppts. to win. This plan is starting to come together.

Question: Could you imagine the hitter Cano would be with some discipline at the plate swinging at pitches near the strike zone. Melky, Cano and Abreu seemed to get along. Maybe Abreu's plate discipline will rub off,please.


Answer: I spend every one of his AB's imagining it. Great swing. The guy's physical talent could make him a superstar if his mind were put in gear before operation of his mechanics.

At first I thought he was just young and inexperienced and would 'get it'. Now I wonder if maybe he's simply not very bright or coachable.

Mark Buehrle said if he was traded to the New York Yankees

Big Apple


Pitcher Mark Buehrle said if he was traded to the New York Yankees, he would call a team meeting the first day and let everyone know he would not be following Yankees policy and shaving his facial hair. ''I'll make sure it's put into my contract,'' Buehrle said.


I hope Yankees don't sign him.

See yesterday's thread for responses to Buehrle's nonsense.

Robinson Cano smashed an opposite field double in last night's game which missed going out by a foot.I know he's been striking out far more than he did in 2006.League pitchers have made adjustments ,now he needs to show patience and plate discipline.In his young career he's always hit better in the 2nd half of the season.Remember he's still only 24.

I don't expect much out of Clemens the remainder of the season. In the AL, he is a #4 or #5 starter. Today, he should do well considering the opponent, and the Yankee Stadium crowd giving him added energy. So much for the Torre edict that MO would pitch 1 inning max per appearance. How many times has he already violated that promise? Our greatest fear is that MO and Proctor don't either "go down" or "wear out" at the same time.

diane and anonymous are lovers.

stankees suck

We really don't know how Clemens will do. Can he do as well as he did with Houston? Will me mentor Hughes?

Bruney, Mo, Proctor, Henn ... they all hard, Farns too ... and they need to be cared for in a special way ... the Yankees have burned out arms back to Habyan, Stanton and Mendoza.

Every warm up pitch has to be counted ...

It is good to see the Yankees get back near .500. I look at the standings and only a few teams have a worse record.

The Yanks will probably get the Wild Card now. It depends on if Mussina can throw about 88 mph, Andy's back holds up and we make a few good trades, which all are iffy at best.

Just my two cents.




"I'd like to...", and "I'm going to try to..." -- those are about the strongest statements I saw.

But VIOLATION wouldn't fit with that, would it?

Let's by all means have drama instead of facts.

Especially since poor Mo is really close to "going down" and "wearing out" due to over-use.

I love the Mets!


Ooooh! Steamy!

And since I've no idea who Anonymous is, I can't even deny it!!


I know you're wearing out your little fingers coming up with a response, but I have to go watch the pre-game now. I'll stop by later for those dozen names.

it's true baby!

I need to get a life.

does anyone here actually think the yanks will make the playoffs this year?

yank cranker

we care about your opinion as much as we care who your favorite team is and the wind chill factor in Anchorage, Alaska. time to get real, you dumb ass.

I fear the Yankees. Sorry.

I prefer to stay anonymous due to my ugliness.

From Jeff Passan's column on the draft ...

Segment from article on MLB link at Yahoo! Sports ...

To Boras, all of this is a transparent joke that neuters the free market even more than the existing rules. If baseball wants a draft in which the best players go to the best teams, he said, it should allow the trading of draft picks. Otherwise, every year, a player like Rick Porcello – the right-hander out of Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey whom Boras, as well as a handful of scouts, describe as the next Josh Beckett – will end up drafted at No. 27 by the Detroit Tigers instead going No. 2 to the Kansas City Royals, because, as Boras said, "The market for the elite player that doesn't carry the customary risks is only five to seven teams."

Pedro for president.

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