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So the Yankees added to their wild card lead by taking two of three from the Mariners. They could potentially cushion their lead even more this weekend, as the Mariners and Tigers are playing one another. A good weekend for the Yankees against the Royals could either lift them a bit more over both contenders (should they split) or put one team virtually out of the race (should the other sweep).
The division looks like quite a long shot. For any of you out there, is the wild card a disappointment compared to a division title? Or would you simply be happy to see the Yankees make the playoffs after their rough start?

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Making the playoffs is the goal. The team recovering from the lousy start proves their mettle and talent throughout the organization. Also, it shows the work that Cashman has done to improve the entire organization not just the 25 guys on the field.

I believe that WC teams have won the WS in a couple of the most recent years? Making the playoffs is the goal and being hot at the end is much more important than what happened in April.

The team needs to wake up and start playing these also ran teams like they were Boston! We need focus and intensity on each game and we need it NOW. That is what JT's job is all about, getting these guys to play like we all know they can.

Making the playoffs is great! No one thought we could do it in June. This will be the 13th year in a row!

Yankees have won the division from 2001 on and have no World Series wins to show for it. The WS winner isn't always the best team, it's the hottest. I'd almost rather the Yankees get in as a wild card with that "every game counts" mentality and hope it carries them over to a successful playoff run.

Just the playoffs baby!
I don't care about the division at all. Does anyone care that the Yanks won the division in 2004? Nope.

As little as 45 days ago, we were unsure this team would even make the playoffs at all so the wild card is fine with me. Like Rick says, it's a matter of who is hot at that time. Just look at the Cardinals of last year.

I agree. Just get in the playoffs any way that you can. It would be kind of nice not being the team to beat this year. Watch out because the Yanks can creep up and bite you. The most important thing in playoffs is pitching and unfortunately that is our main downfall right now. I hope they can hold it together. I think it all really comes down to Clemens. If he can pitch, and pitch well, then we might be ok.

I think this is the beginning of a long stretch of wildcard titles for the Yankees. The Sox are stocked and have an exceptional group of young talented players that will carry them to division titles the next few years to come!

We are not the BIG fish in the small MLB pond that we use to be. Teams are not rolling over like they use to for us.

I mean really, we have the best player in the Free world playing for us and all we can do is second place. It's not individuals, it's a team working together and being consistent day in and day out. The Red Sox don't blow anybody out 24-3, but they don't lose 16-0 either!

We probably best get use to looking up from down below at the Red Sox, along with Toronto, Baltimore and Tampa Bay.

These games against those divisional teams the next few weeks scare me the most! We don't care about any of them except for Boston and that's why we lose to them all. Tampa Bay, the worst team in baseball coming into our house and taking 2 out of 3 from us. Don't they know we are going to the playoffs? They have some nerve coming in and making us all feel frustrated. Maybe it's not Tampa Bay's fault that we all feel so frustrated when we lose to them? Maybe the Yankees just are not as good as we all "dream" that they are?????

KC will be the BIG surprise of all this talk when they step up, having played good ball the past few weeks and "surprise sweep" us!

Lookout KC's com'in ta get 'cha!!!!!!!

Don't just brush them off because they don't matter. That's why you're where you are in the standings! You play great against the good teams (well except California, who's going to "take you out" in the first round of the playoffs anyway), but you suck against the bad teams.

OCTOBER BASEBALL is the goal of the whole season. It takes the game to a different level -- IF your team is in it. Once they are, it doesn't matter how they got there.

The playoffs are the playoffs. Let the Red Sox win the division and we'll take the wild card and the World Series trophy...fair enough for me.

Can you believe Rick Ankiel had 7 RBI's in one game last night ...


Where is Michael PTRS today? Reading up on Nietchze?

Jim A. is right, we just need to get into the playoffs.

Look at 1985 Mets, they and the Cards had the same identical record against every other team in the NL. Only two games vs. each other separated them.

Go Yankees on to victory ...

It is raining and only about 80 in ST L ... it was 105 almost for 14 days in a row not long ago. What a nice relief.

Very sad to hear the news about Ankiel.

Anonymous, why don't you use your real name ... why be such a bleeping coward?

Here is hoping that the Bosox have one more 4-5 game losing streak left in 'em. We might still catch them if our bats and starters get hot at the same time. I feel some heat coming on!!!! Anything is possible this season. Go Mariners (keep Sheff out of the dance)

Anthony, if you're looking for Michael try the copy room. He ordered several thousand copies of the news report about Ankiel's eight deliveries of human growth hormone from that 'pharmacy to the roid boys'. My guess is they should be ready for distribution about now.


I know where your heart is but let's all be realistic. The Yanks are not catching the Sox. Let's shoot for the Wild Card and do the damage in the playoff. If all the races stand as it is today the Yanks would play the Tribe. They are playing very well right now but I would definitely rather face them then the Halo's. At this point let's just make it into the playoffs.


Now I was looking for Anonymous, who is such a coward in being unable to use HER own name ... whatever.

Anyway, sad news about Ankiel ... he's not that big, only 6'1" 210 lbs he's not even as big as me ... so ... what is HDH and what does it do and did he take it? He must have ... Jim. A., said it could be used post surgery.

In the end it can only destroy your health.

What a downer.

Anyway, thanks Marianne.


Wildcard Lovers,
You are an absolute moron. If you are going to post something that long and ridiculous, get your facts straight. On May 19th, the Red Sox played a deuce against the Braves. The Sox won game one 13-3. They lost game 2 14-0. Baseball is a funny game, and yes, ALL teams pull the occasional Jekyll/Hyde routine. That's just part of the game....always was, always will be. So get your facts straight and pull your head from your a$$. You may also want to pull that same head from the same a$$ and realize the Yankees too, have a bunch of young studs, and should be contenders for some time.

By the way, where do you get the ba!!s to use the phrase "sweep 'us'" like you're a fan. You're an imposter and a misinformed, ignorant one at that. Get a clue.

Home field advantage is all a team gets for winning it's division. Big deal. Back when "speed" teams were tailored to their "astro turf" home field, it was a decided advantage. Currently, (other than "bragging rights"), winning your division is "much ado about nothing".


Let's see if you can go a whole day without writing a hostile response.

People make mistakes all the time... a few days ago you claimed the Red Sox lost a series to Tampa this year, which they haven't.

Sometimes people type something quickly and may get something wrong. But there's no reason to go into the "you are an absolute Moron" "you are an imposter" blah blah blah.

How about interacting with people like an adult?

Thanks a bunch.

Oh yeah, start using a name.

If the playoffs started today...

It would be Red Sox vs. Indians

Angels vs. Yankees

Mets vs. Padres

Diamondbacks vs. winner of one game playoff between Cubs and Brewers.

I for one hope there is a 3 way tie for the NL Central... just to see what would happen


I take it you didn't read "Wildcard Lovers" post. It is borderline silly, don't you think? In fact, it's almost schizophrenic...first he/she refers to the Yankees as we or us....then they are "you". So although I understand your point about anon being hostile, that first post was somewhat crazy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
I think that the Yanks need a "change of scenery" going into the post season so the WC is fine by me. As one of the guys just pointed out, the last 5 years that we've won the division what do we have to show for it?
2002 - Anaheim beats us in 1st round
2003 - made it to the Series, then lost it.
2004 - We all know THAT one!
2005 - Anaheim beats us in the 1st round
2006 - Detroit beats us in the 1st round.

After the miserable hole that we dug for ourselves and are still climbing out of, the WC looks mighty good.

I read it... and it was nuts. But Anon tends to go for the unpleasant post a little too quickly.

I like this place when it is good solid baseball debate and less about people saying "You are a moron" and "I think you are posting under different names" etc.

That cr@p is just tiresome.

i will take either one prefer the division but the wildcard is not bad look at the florida marlins

I'm sure Yankee fans would trade in those division titles for the World Series titles won by wild card winners since 2000

(2002 Angels, 2003 Marlins, 2004 Red Sox)

plus 3 other pennant winners (2002 Giants, 2005 Astros, 2006 Tigers)

One thing I just noticed...
all of the AL teams listed beat the Yankees in the post season... and the Marlins did too.

Maybe the key to a title is to beat the Yankees!

Just a theory

If the key to the title was to beat the Yankees Anaheim would have won most of the championships in the last ten or twelve years. Their record against us is second to none in this era.

Ironically the last time the Yankees was a WC winner was 10 years ago in what was another TRANSITION year.

The team realized in 97 that basically the 96 roster cannot cut it and made big changes for 98. Knobby etc. and we all know what kind of year 98 was.

The key ingrediant for this team is a LEADOFF HITTER. a healthy consistant LO Hitter. You can cross your fingers with Johnny but if a trade of large poportion is offered , the Yankees may have to jump on it.

Melky is not leadoff material.

Sully posted about a "3 way tie". Baseball has some "screwy" tie\wildcard setup, so that playoff games don't run for several days. Does anyone know what they are? Hypothetically, you can have 3 teams end the regular season with identical records. I believe if 2 of those teams are in the same division, they play a 1 game playoff for the division title. The loser is completely eliminated from any post season play. The 3rd team automatically gets the wild card without playing a playoff game. If anyone knows what the rules are, please help.

Roy -

That is why Boston HAS to win the Division. of they slip into a tie with the yankees, then the VS record falls into play with the Yankees winning due to having as of now the Better head to head record.

You kind of got it, Roy.
The way that would work would be if one of the teams would be the Wild Card... but in the NL Central, that isn't the case.

The Wild Card will either be the NL West runner up or the Phillies.

So a three way tie in the Central would be a true three way tie without the benefit of giving one the Wild Card...

Which is why I want to see it!

We almost had it last year when the Astros, Reds and Cardinals all were within 2 games of each other going into the last weekend.

(How much do you think Houston and Cincy fans were hating watching the Cardinals win the World Series?)

This year you have not only 3 teams... but the Cubs and Brewers are closer geographically than Boston/New York... and the Cubs and Cardinals are ancient rivals... throw in the Brewers losing to the Cardinals in 1982...

And you could have a wonderfully angry three way tie!

Who can't be rooting for that?!!

You kind of had it in 05 with the Yankees, Boston, and Clev all was close to Identical records (yankees pulled away ) and all the Yankees had to do weas make sure they maintained their season victories against boston add Clev winning their games and Boston would have been eliminated

The fact is, the WC team HAS gone on to win the WS title several times....so I agree...the WC team has just a good a shot as a divisional winner.

As it stands today, it should be a great post season.

As it stands today...I would rate the teams with the best shot at the WS this way..from best to worst...Angels, Sox as 1 and 2, with the Yanks and the Indians a virtual toss-up....but, who knows in the post season...

I'd be disappointed with a Wild Card birth and a first-place Red Sox finish in the division. Just because.

But the ultimate goal is a world championship. Period. The season is a disappointment and a waste any year they don't win it all.

The difference is, Bronx Bomber, is you knew one of those teams was going to be the Wild Card as well.

So it was Yankees, Red Sox and Indians all with virtually identitcal records, and which one was going home.

As it turned out, the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels DID finish with identical records.

With the NL Central, there is no Wild Card team in all probability... so the chance of a three way tie with TWO going home is... well... damn cool

Especially because I don't really care about any of those teams (although I would like to see Milwaukee in a playoff sometime in the next quarter century)

So you have the 3 way tie you describe. Do they flip a coin to see which team waits to play the winner of the 1st playoff game? That's not fair, as 1 team would play 2 games, and the other 1. Teams play 162 games, and have the toss of a coin possibly decide their entire season.


I believe the decision is based on the head to head record for each of the three teams. The two teams with the best head to head record against the other two play a tie breaker. Is that correct Sully? It is kind of hard to describe.

I stand by my previous description of "screwy", regarding the "playoff formula". This is NFL stuff. When a team "grinds" through 162 games, an identical record should merit a team getting to play for the opportunity to advance.

I would guess it would be a coin toss or maybe the one with the best divisional record...

Maybe a pie eating contest.

But Roy... what if there are 3 teams that qualify for one slot?

I say staring contest

My playoff formula would be GM's, pistols, and 20 paces.

OK Yankee fans... I'm outta here.

What are people rooting for when Seattle plays Detroit?

I am hoping the Yanks make the playoffs via wild card or division but I can't help but feel this is still a one and out team. Granted they can get hot I just don't see them doing much damage. This team over the last few years has been a home run hitting ball club relying on just the long ball.Although they have made adjustments to pull away from being just a long ball club they still have a few of those players.This team is 4-48 when trailing after 6 innings. Now granted some of those 48 losses were blowouts but some were close games in which we could have won if they did not sit back and wait for the long ball. In the playoffs we are going to face great pitching.Look at how well we looked recently against Felix Hernandez(7 IP,5 Hits,1 Run) or Erik Bedard(7 IP,4 Hits,0 Runs).That is just a sample of pitchers that have shut us down that we are blessed to not see come playoff time. But we will most likely see Lackey,Escobar,Carmona,Sabathia and who knows if the Tigers takeover the Indians for the division than you can replace Carmona and company with Verlander and friends.
Remember good pitching stops good hitting.

Ant Colony,

Are you really foolish enough to believe it's just the women that can't stand you on this blog and that Anonymous is just one person? There are lots of people around here sick of your political rants and religious elitism -- in addition to your insults towards New York. Yeah, so Newsday didn't write an article about a Cardinal player whose having a good month. Big deal. You're obsessive and persistent and you're making lots of people sick -- not just the women.

Instead of using Anonymous, maybe we should start using Disgusted with Ant Colony#1, Disgusted with Ant Colony#2... would that be better for you?

The only victory the Yanks got in Anaheim last month was the game Lackey started. The Yanks will defeat the Angels in a 5 game series. Bank on it.

The Indians are only 1 game behind LAA. We could get the Tribe for the first round if everything falls into place.

I'm keeping my fingahs crossed on that one, Rick.


No more "bank on it" guarentees. Bad enough mike and the mad dog make awful and nonsense predicitons.

It was just a day or two ago that both mike and chris russo claimed that if the Yankees beat SEA in the 3rd game of their series, Yankees were a lock for WC. They felt SEA would fall off after that loss and DET poses no threat.

Ironically, Mike and Mad Dog said Yanks would blow by DET last year in playoffs and that Yanks would beat K. Rogers, hands down.

Look how that turned out. Optimisim is good, but guarentees = bad karma (except if you are Mark Messier)

Source: Glaus received steroids
Pipeline pharmacy provided drugs to All-Star 3B

Former World Series MVP and four-time All Star Troy Glaus, currently a third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays, received multiple shipments of performance-enhancing steroids, according to information obtained by SI.

A source in Florida with knowledge of a Signature Pharmacy client list alleges that between September 2003 and May 2004, multiple shipments of nandrolone and testosterone were sent to Glaus at a Corona, Calif., address that traces to the player. Though the information only pertains to receipt and not actual use of steroids, both nandrolone and testosterone were on Major League Baseball's banned list at the time.


Hmm, Did Angels world series in 2002 as Wild Card and they beat the Yankees?

I am always surprised when I see the Angels lose a game because they look perfect when they play the Yanks. I never looked at the standings in their division because I figured it was a runaway, but was shocked to see a couple of days ago that the Indians are so close. The Yankees' psyche would be in a very happy place if the Angels didn't make the playoffs, to say the least. I don't see that happening though, but I am wondering what the heck happened to Scot Shields, he used to slay every team, now they're talking about dumping him.
Fortunes can turn on a dime and I just hope our Yankees are red hot in the playoffs.

In a 5 game series, and considering the Yankee record vs. lefties, the Indians and Sabathia are "not" what the Yanks would wish for. If you want the Yanks to get out of the 1st rd., it's the Angels you should wish for.

But Yankees lost 2003 world series against Marlins. Giambi never won the world series since He signed with Yankees after 2001 season.

Troy Glaus won 2002 Mvp world series and beat the Yankees. Angels won the world series in 2002.

It's only a matter of time before a significant player from the Yankees (other than Giambi) is mentioned in the HGH scandal so I wouldn't gloat too much about Glaus, Ankiel and others. I'm of the impression that just about everyone was doing it so I don't even care anymore. I do know that HGH helps you heal from surgery (at least that's what Wade Wilson's explanation was) and I just finished Canseco's book which seems to be very accurate. If I had read it two years ago I'd have thought it was hogwash, now, not so much. Canseco's an idiot in general, but I think he's telling the truth when he says tons of players are "cheating" (is it cheating if everyone is doing it?).

But Yankees lost 2003 world series against Marlins. Giambi never won the world series since He signed with Yankees after 2001 season.

Troy Glaus won 2002 Mvp world series and beat the Yankees. Angels won the world series in 2002.

Its was Aaron b*** boone who hit a game winning hr against Redsox..

Mad Dog hates the Yankees so you can't listen to a word he says.

Anonymous: Don't pay any attention to Wildcard lover. He's obviously a Red Sox fan going off on an anti-Yankees rant. He can't even get his viewpoint straight (a dead giveaway). Somebody like that should be ignored because they speak from emotion, not fact. Pay no mind to Sully either who always feels he must defend nasty Red Sox losers when Yankee fans call them out for being insulting knuckledraggers.

Same with Big sloppy cough cough **

Jim A.,

No s**t, Sherlock.

Looking right at a couple of guys in our line-up NNG (Not Named Giambi) who've slimmed down a lot in the last year, since the hunting horns started getting louder and closer.

Jim A,

No gloating about Ankiel, just sick of hearing his damn name for the past month as though NY media should give him as much attention as the Yankees.
It's not about hating Ankiel, it's about Ant Colony being a pest as he calls himself so rightly.


With hgh you don't slim down and then gain power. You have to look at the players who gain 40 pounds in a couple of weeks and suddenly become powerful. The Yankees are slim and powerful -- not bulky and powerful.

Wildcard Lovers is a closet Blue Jay fan experiencing "also ran" anxiety. Laughable information. I did not say Bosox will lose 4-5 games in a row, just am HOPING for it (although it probably won't happen) unless......Lucky the Squirrel makes an appearance!

Jim A,

You even joked about Newsday finally giving Ankiel media coverage. That was very funny.

I've never seen a Blue Jay fan on this site -- or in NY. We always assume insulting Yankee comments come from Red Sox fans first, then maybe Mets fans. There was a gungho Phillies fan here recently -- just this one I've ever come across ever.

Or, Wildcard Lovers might be a Nationals fan...


Hope you're right. Don't know a thing about HGH. Just thinking about the coincidence (?) of the hunters closing in and the hefties slimming down.

If you guys think that Giambi's still using Hgh, or Steriods after Giambi meets with Selig and Mitchell investigation then you guys must be hypocirite. He's the only person who went to talk to Selig and Mitchell investigation. Since Giambi returned to Yankees lineup,He done nothing. he batting .200

My Yankees lost the WS to Louis "Steroid" Gonzalez and were killed in 2002 by Glaus. This is not to excuse Giambi or Sheffield either, but some of these roiders have just killed the bombers.


I definitely wasn't knocking you for your comments on Ankiel or anything like that. I was right there with as I got tired of Ant demanding he be covered by Newsday myself but I would just look at Ant's posts and if I saw the names "Ankiel" or "Lilly" I moved ahead a bit. Both comments were played a bit so I cared not to read them again.

The HGH\Steroid hysteria is a "media creation". Your "average" fan really doesn't care who is using what. All they want to see are the homers these "sluggers" hit. That is why your "average" fan "voted" for Bonds to be a NL starting outfielder. We "diehards" care, but we are in the minority.

The problem with the steroids issue is that unless someone fails a test you will really never know who did and did and not use it. There will be many questions marks about this whole era. I know I would be pissed if I didn't take steroids and put up great numbers but was lumped into the whole "steroids era". It makes you question almost every player.

If you (meaning us baseball fans) don't question almost every player, you know the media will feel compelled to do it. And as you know, people think if it's in an newspaper it must be true, right?

Except for Newsday right Ant. LOL Jim you are right. I just hate that when I tell my kids about the players of today I will have to tell them about the players that cheated and tell them that there is a possibility that a lot of other players also cheated but were not caught. I just wish for the old days of the naturally big strong young kid with great talent ala Mickey. Oh well life goes on. At least it is Friday and almost time to go home.

I agree Dog. My son keeps asking how Barry Bonds cheated, he's hearing it from his friends and it's hard to explain about steroids so it's going to be difficult to define this era for our kids.

Happy Friday all, I'm out of here, but will check in over the weekend occasionally.
Let's hope the news is good for our boys.

The Yankees have been the best team since the all-star break and right now they are better than the rest, with the addition of the young arms. If the youth movement can perform consistently then there will be success inthe post season


The Yanks are 6-0 vs the Tribe this year!

The Angels own the Yankees.

Hopefully what Rick did was years ago and has no effect now nor on his long term health.

Any reader can demand his or her favorite stories be covered.

USA Today

Charles Krauthimer (spell?)

Both covered Ankiel in detail.

What else can be said now, especially to cowards in the shadows to timid to use their own real names.

Joe Torre strikes again. Add Vizcaino to the list of pitchers he has destroyed. I am thankful for the Joba Rule, ( to protect Joba from Torre), he would have been another name to the list. I for one can't waite for Torre to take his seven million dollar salary to another team

Major League Baseball does not test for HGH, but a player is subject to a 50-game suspension if his use of the hormone comes to light. The chances that Ankiel will be punished are remote short of an admission, according to a source, because of the absence of testing and the timing of his alleged use.

Authorities already have indicted Signature but have yet to target The Health and Rejuvenation Center (THARC), according to the story. Anti-aging clinics have come under investigation for paying physicians to prescribe steroid and HGH to patients they have never seen. The Daily News report suggested that Ankiel is not known to be targeted for prosecution.


Does anyone know the HDH long term and or short term side effects? Why would someone take it, and taking it years ago, would that help someone now?

Worse still, I read a journal article that said all the Big Pharma stuff people take and rinse and flush is in the groundwater all around the USA and that we are ALL consuming what everyone takes.

The St. Louis College of Pharmacy has been commissioned to study this issue ... it will be a major problem for the next generation ...

Strange how things work.

You can't beat the devil no matter how you try.

All of these things must have side effects. They are not natural so they can't be good.



Yes it is a very depressing story ... Is Roy Hobbs gone? Around here people are very upset. I met a black woman, Reggie, named after RJ ... at the supermarket and she was very upset.

We were talking about Reggie Willets of the Angels and O U.

She said, "Did he (RA) go over to Barry Bonds' house?"

I met another man, very nice family, three kids and he suffers from major chronic pain and he was also very upset ...

I suppose everything is tainted these days, and the lesson to be learned is to take joy in ourselves, our personal relations and personal relationship with the Supreme Pan Pizza in the sky ... rather than in the feats of others.

Very upsetting indeed ...

I still don't know what HGH does but I suppose it is very bad ...

Sigh ...

The Wild Card is fine considering what happened in April and May ... the division has always pretty much been realistically out of reach ... maybe others diagree ...

For 200 million you would expect more ...

I wonder what would happen if EVERY team had 200 million to spend ... that would be interesting to ponder ... feed it into a quantum computer and see what happens.

What a cavity this clown displays....stayed tuned boys and girls....he obviously thinks he has "true ingredients"...but like most Sunday morning cooks....he is all grease and no breakfast.

watch him turn the temperature up and make sweeping statements...typical of a paper-ass cook.

Maybe if you didnt spend so much time with your head between your knees, you'd have a clearer view of reality.......just a thought.

Your comment was idiotic.

Too bad you can't deliver it in person ...

It just makes no sense.

If every team had a 200 million dollar payroll, what would change, if anything?

Do you possess the intelligence to forecast that?

As usual the koolaid flows here, now the Yankees will make the Post season and win the WS! What possibly tells you that this team will win the WS. Are they hot, think not considering they are still hovering around .500 over the last 18 games including sweeeping the SOX! TO think that somehow they are going in to LA and beating the Angels who basically own them is laughable! They will make the post season in time to lose to LA! Wake up get a life and stop fantazing over a team that is basically a .500 team against the league and is 27-11 against the central who they once again play this weekend. A sweep against KC makes still makes them .500 agianst the rest of the league. Even worse against the Angels who will run their asses into the ground during the playoffs. Who pitches after Wang against the ANgels? Hughes that's funny, Clemens even funnier, Andy will be handy for the Angels and forget the bullpen because the game is over before they become involved. The ANgels are a better team in a short series, the proof is the several short series already played in which the Yanks came up woefully short, get a life and say good night in the first round!


I was not referring to you,,,as far as I'm concerned you are a reasonably intelligent person with more than average knowledge of this game we call baseball...you,clearly are very articulate and have some experience with the writen word. I dont alwys agree with you...or your doom and gloom forecast for the state of the human condition...but, at the same time I dont totally discount it either.

In short, I was referring to our ever obnoxious friend, "Bend Dover" and his "ever so clever" 6th grade mentality....

Relax Anthony....

The Angels are a better team for the season. Period.

The Angels are the better team at their place.

At Yankee Stadium I think we can hold our own with them ...


Then maybe Clemens ... Mussina is shot, with his fastball slowing down and his confidence has to be hurt.

The Angels may be the best team in either league. Why not play them right out of the box?

The two toughest kids on the street ... eventually they are going to fight.

But it has been such a strange season of ups and downs, who can see for certain what will happen?

(General Statement. But who knows? Hughes could throw a no hitter in the Playoffs or get hit hard. Someone could get a blister. Nothing is guaranteed except things will shake out in a way none of us expected for sure.)

Sorry for being too sensitve Casual Observer, I am getting a good going over today, maybe deservedly so and I will take my medicine ... and try to be and do better ...

To be honest I am very very upset about Ankiel ... it is just so depressing, can't we have one untainted feel good story?

Any why are these steroids so rampant. If they are so dangerous, then why doesn't the FDA make them illegal? Or am I missing something?

Sigh ...

Nope, there's no such thing as the pure untainted feelgood story or life. It's all a mix. That's why some people like the Giambi story better than the airbrushed stuff. It's like real life. Neither all white nor all black, just a regular mix like all of us here.

Ankiel is still exactly the same guy he was last week, no better and no worse. The only difference is that now we may (I say *may*) know more about him.

Isn't it a good story anymore, his turning from a pitcher into a hitter? Now that he's imperfect?


You are right, we are the best team probably since the beginning of June.

But to respectfully disagree with Jim A., whom I like very much ... I think the road trip through the Angels place and Detroit exposed the very worst of what is possible. 11 PM start not counting, and Kat covered that ... what a piece of journalism!

I think we, and our kids, could fall apart out West. But Ian is from there and if he pitches, and isn't getting married that day ... well, who can say he won't blow people away? USC is a great program. The University of Spoiled Children!

Hughes is iffy at best. I like him. But as Viper said he hurt his ankle. I tore my left ankle tendon my freshman year in HS and it took almost two years to recover. It has held the kid back.

We have youth yes, as you pointed out ... Joba, Duncan, Melky, Philp, Andy P., Ian ... and they are strong kids ...

But against Vlad G. and Lackey ... the Angels are just too tough at home, too well rounded. They remind me of the 95 to 03 Yanks to a lesser extent.

But I do want us to win and beat them.

Beat the Angels in the first round and I GUARANTEE we win the WS. Who could stand in our way?


Mice K?



Very good pitchers and probably good people ... but the Yanks don't fear them.

We took on Lackey on the road ... maybe we have a taste for blood.

And Mussina could surprise on long relief. As I mentioned yesterday Catfish Hunter had his shoulder manipulated under hypnosis in 1978 ... maybe there can be a medical cure for Clemens. I don't like cortisone because it rots the sack around the heart. What's worth that? Nothing!

Mussina should hire a personal trainer and get really strong for next year ... he needs about 4 MPH back on his fastball.

I think Mussina cares. He is highly intelligent. He must be sad to see his skills decline.

Just my two pence. Two quid. Two Bob. Two Shillings. (No pun intended.)


Regarding Vizcaino: Clueless Joe is the only manager I know of who can wear down pitchers who are considered "workhorses" in baseball. It never ceases to amaze me how Joe does not learn from past mistakes. I have enjoyed most of your time with us, Joe, but it is about time for you to go. And take Gator with you. Only want to see Gator in Spring Training with an invite, and in Old Timers Games.


It's depressing because Big Pharma is EVERYWHERE, even in the ground water.

What one person takes, we all take. And no one's talking about it!

I can only say I talk to many people every day, all kinds, different races, cultures, finances, and everyone I spoke to today was VERY upset about Ankiel.

The nice black lady at the Supermarket especially. People love the Cardinals here. It's like a religion.

I had to let my students follow the WS on the Internet in class last October (the month that comes before Novemeber) or there would have been a riot.

Ankiel means so much to this town.

Shocking really and and I am very sad about it. Very down. To be honest.

I know there are some who complain about those who use something other than a real name for their moniker, but really, isn't it fun to see how people describe themselves in their made-up signoffs? Like bend over? No one else here would have been so crass as to call him that, but when he does it himself, no reason not to enjoy.

JT does wear out pens

(Your name here)

Guidry is over his head ... he made a few comments to the press where he didn't know what was going on when I thought he should have known ... but it's not easy to coach at that level with little experience. He wants to be around the game, that's obvious, he misses it.

I think if there are 12 pitchers you need more than one coach.

But you made some very good points ...

Joe rides the hot horse till it breaks down.

He never learned this phrase, "You can sheer a sheep a hundred times but only skin it once."

Joe sheers and skins the bullpen at the same time.

But a nice man otherwise.

Unless you just have to ...

Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
I think Ben Dover is a pretty slick character. He's made Casual Observer look silly and he has a good knowledge of the game.
Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of

It is what it is Marianne ...

You are right, the good and the bad all together ... I hope Giambi does well ... but I cringe for the long term side effects of Big Pharma ...

Just in my feeble mind.

Though I might disagree with you ... in this respece my dear, I think there are pure stories ...

We just may not know of them ...

And even Lot's and Noah's children were tainted by the world ... what other hope have we?

Michael PTRS,

Would you consider leading our baseball-Jesus mission trip to Red China? We will tour the slave labor laogai gulag as we look fo new Yankee baseball talent!

Won't you please join us, lead us in prayer along the way ... and yes, do send us ALL YOUR MONEY!

Jon Habyan? Nice try.

Habyan was traded from the Yanks to the Royals in 1993 -- three years before Torre became the Yankee skipper.

Both Stanton and Nelson had their best seasons with the Yanks and neither had arm or shoulder problems.

In this respect ...

Jammer ...

Lo siento ...

Mi an hamnida ...

Viper you have a keen mind ...

But you forget ...

Torre was Habyan's manager with the Cardinals ...

Oh, damn that Anthony!!!!!

Torre relieved Habyan on the mound at Shea Stadium vs the Mets ... if you saw the game he said to JT if you can read lips, which I was trained to do ... "I have not idea where the ball is going ..." As I recall ...

You must listen to the sound of the Grasshopper, Viper ...

When you can write a post without typing on the keyboard, then it will be time for you to leave the monestary ...

And Nelson, given the opportunity to play for Torre again, literally dropped everything and left in the clothes he stood up in, raced from the ballpark to the airport and flew in to New York with nothing but a bag of equipment, loping into the Stadium in mid-game with an ecstatic grin.

Yep, he felt mistreated by Joe.

He apologized for not putting on a suit to travel back to the Yankees

Dear Viper, my great friend,

And it's John Habyan. From Brentwood.

Not Jon.


Not Jon.

Add the "h"

Also known as "Fabian" which is how he signed his name in high school ...

(Viper: "Damn that Anthony! Oh hell!!!!")

Torre has burned out a few arms here Marianne, can you not admit that?

Or am I wrong ...

People should interview the pitchers I listed one by one ...

But maybe Nelson was ok? He threw a lot with Seattle ...

But when they leave, they all go DOWN HILL!!!!!


Proctor and ...
(Your Name Here)

Please illuminate us Marianne, what is your theory?

I know Wetteland had a bad back and retired rather than collect money for nothing ... a very good person, an uber Christian if you will ...

Does Torre handle the pen correctly? ER not pitching for like two weeks while Proctor pitched all the time?

I don't want to disagree. You are a baseball genius.

Again, nice try.

Your attempt to be Mr. Slick has fallen short.

I know Habyan was with the Cardinals and I know Torre was managing that team.

But we're talking about the Yanks.

Habyan only threw 47 IP in 1994 under Torre.

He threw only 40 IP with STL in 1995 (Torre got fired that season) and was traded to the Angles and threw 32 more innings for that organization.

Check out the stats -- you're making up stuff.

Yes, it seems extraordinary that the Yankees would trade pitchers when they are about to 'go downhill' as you describe it.

Wonder how that happens?

But can't ponder any longer tonight. Game's on!

Anthony, I'll be sure to correct every typo or spelling error you make from now on.

Dear Viper,

I am just giving you a hard time ...

I think John hurt his back ... and there is such competition at that level and always someone to take your spot that he pitched anyway while hurt.

Did you know he pitched a no hitter while in the minor league system with Baltimore? I'll bet you did. It is in a 1985 edition of The Sporting News ... why don't you look it up ...

I think he wound up on Colorado's team if I am not mistaken, but as you said in April "Anthony is not too bright ..." I believe that was your original handle.

Are you saying Viper that Torre hasn't burned out pitchers in the pen? Like Scotty this year?

I like Torre as a player, manager and as a man, but we all have our flaws, yes?

Unless you are perfect and have somehow figured out how to conquer life?

He is not always good with the pen. And you know that. You are smart and you know baseball. I can see that ... and have for a long time ...

But I went to high school with Habyan, so I know his story ... and always rooted for him to do well ... very proud of his success ...

Did you know he had a scholarship offer to Oklahoma State?

You probably knew that too.

Good to see you on your toes though ... means a lot to me ...

Torre has burned out arms in the past, but most of those arms are a dime a dozen (Sturtze, Proctor, Karsay, Quantrill...etc).

None of those guys were anything special before they became Yankees, so I wouldn't expect them to be great once they left NY.

Torre didn't kill the supreme arms like Mo or even Gordon.

Mendoza's arm problems can't be attributed to Torre with any certainty because he had arm problems before he got to the bigs.

Did you have a memory lapse? Think back to 2004.
Because of Torre both Gordon and Mo hade nothing in the tank when Boston lucked out in the playoffs.
In fact,Gordon is still suffering from the effects.

Realizing my ignorance about HGH I looked in the papers for actual info about the substance hidden among the paragraphs of scandal about Ankiel and Glaus.

Roger Rubin and T.J. Quinn reported:

"According to the FDA, prescriptions of HGH are limited to adults with serious hormone deficiencies caused by pituitary tumors and conditions such as AIDS "wasting" disease. Doctors have latitude with how they prescribe some drugs, but not with HGH, said Gary Wadler, an associate professor of medicine at NYU and a committee member with the World Anti-Doping Agency."

They went on to add that the recovery of a young healthy person from injury or surgery was not one of the conditions for which it is allowable to prescribe HGH.


NSH, thanks for information.

For his take on the various double standards being applied in the Ankiel story, you can catch Jayson Stark's column at:


He writes about the difference between responses to Ankiel and Bonds, and between football players and baseball players, when it comes to allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs.

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