UNION: Yankees will deal with Scott Boras

scottboras.jpgSo, remember those reports today that the Yankees will only negotiate with Alex Rodriguez as long as he doesn't bring his friend Scott Boras with him?

Michael Weiner, general counsel for the Players Association, told Newsday's Ken Davidoff, “the union has been assured that the Yankees will respect Alex’s decision to designate Scott Boras as his representative.”

Boras was not on the call today in which Rodriguez told Hank & Hal Steinbrenner and other team officials he wanted to come back and was willing to make sacrifices. But he will be a part of the negotiations. He's his agent.

Maybe Joe Torre can now come back, too? Nahhhhhh.

By the way, on a totally random note... Did you see the Pope is coming to Yankee Stadium next April? I was wondering, do you think the religion reporters who follow him around will sit in the press box? Okay, okay, back to A-Rod.

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Just gotta love this Boras guy, huh? Man, how'd he get his hands in nearly every single cookie jar throughout baseball????

Let me get this straight. Yanks are back tracking on their word. They will now deal with Boras, and they will now bring back Erod and his 0-27 in the playoffs. Now Mariano will definitely get the 4th year he wants, even thought the yanks say they will only do 3!

Even if you get Arod, Posada, and Mo.....Still no Pettite. Let's say you get him also.

Still the same sorry team as last year with WANG as you ace!


Hey Roy --
When A-Rod "re-signs" with the Yankees, are you going to start calling him A-BACK? or A-OPTIN? It could get a little "tedious" over the next 10 years.

I'm glad that Hank and Hal are "going back on their word." Ultimatums like "if he opts out, we won't deal with him" are dumb. It leaves you no room to change your mind without looking like an idiot. It's very Sonny Corleone, not Michael Corleone.

Now it looks like both sides screwed up - A-Rod is going to have to take $20 million less than what he could have gotten and the Steinbrenners look like schmucks for talking to A-Rod after they swore not to. Both sides should admit their mistakes and move on.

Nespn- PTI is portraying Hank Steinbrenner as a weak figure who backed down on his word of not going after A-Rod if he opted out.

Hey Sox Fan Idiot, we got Hughes, Kennedy, and now Joba in the rotation and hopefully Pettitte back. Wang won 19 games. It's gonna be a better rotation and a bullpen managed better by Girardi.

Red Sox suck!!!

Boras the Snake is a clever one for sure. He knew there was collusion taking place between the owners/GMs that he would not be able to prove, so...he asked AFraud to go to Yanks and negotiate without his presense, KNOWING the union would make the Yanks talk to him if they began re-negotiating with Rodriguez.
This guy is a danger to society!
What a slick piece of.....typical lawyer!

No Harm, no foul. Forget all the posturing. If A-rod truly wants to come back, eat the Texas $ he cost us, then all is good for both sides. If he takes the same or less than it would have cost Yanks without him having opted out then Hank S. could still be construed as true to his word in practice. We don't lose any young talent/pitching & keep great regular season production. We're better off with him once we get over our emotions. He did finally win over the fans & his teammates this year at long last, even me. Just get him a shrink to cure his post-season psyche, or just bat him 8th. There's enough other guys that should be able to produce. Fix the bullpen & we're all set.

It's about time a team boycotted Boras. Even better when it's the biggest team in sports. The players union can posture all they want but A-Rod threw Boras under the bus.Boras lost a lot of credibility and lets hope a lot of clients. Baseball deserves better

The Yankees are not going after A-Rod -- on the contrary, A-Rod is going after the Yankees. A-Rod is accepting less money which would offset the money lost to the Rangers, so the Yankees can offer him a lower salary. If he doesn't accept it there's no deal. Plus the Yankees are not competing with other teams for A-Rod, there's no bidding against other teams. It's a fair deal. If the Yankees really want A-Rod, there's no reason not to negotiate under these circumstances -- especially since we are seeing a humbled apologetic A-Rod and a screwed embarrassed Boreass.

How is there collusion going on?
Teams that CAN spend $30 million would be better off signing 3 $10 million players!

And why is Girardi being PRAISED for his handling of pitchers?
Didn't all of his pitcher's arms go dead the second he left Miami?

Don't get me wrong, I think Girardi was the right choice for the Yankees. It just seems kinda sorta strange that he's been dubbed a great pitchers manager

In the 70s I thought Jackson was bad
in the 80s I thought Henderson was worse
In the late 90s early 00s it was Clemens



Roy White
Thurman Munson
Sparky Lyle
Craig Nettles
Chris Chamblis
Lou Pinella
Willie Randolph
Ron Guidry
Dave Winfield
Don Mattingly
Mike Stanley
Jim Leyritz
Bernie Williams
Paul Oneil
Jim Key
David Cone
Derek Jeter
Mariano Rivera
Jorge Posada
Andy Pettite
Joe Giradi
Tino Martinez
Scott Brosius
Robinson Cano
Melky Cabrera
Joba Chamberlain
Phil Hughes
Ian Kennedy


NOT A-ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK Michael...
Here's a question for you

Using that pool of players, what would your starting lineup be?
What would your rotation be?

I know I'm a Red Sox fan and not supposed to weigh in on this...

But this would be my team from that pool

C - Munson
1B - Mattingly
2B - Randolph
SS - Jeter
3B - Nettles
LF - Winfield
CF - Williams
RF - O'Neill
DH - Chambliss

Sp1 - Guidry
Sp2 - Pettite
Sp3 - Cone
Closer - Rivera
Set Up Man - Chamberlain
Lefty Set Up Man - Lyle
Long Man - Hughes

Where is Gossage? Mendoza? Wetteland? Stanton? Nelson?

Where's Ed Figueroa?
El Duque?
Luis Sojo?

I'm sure there's some connection between the Pope's comming to the Stadium and reports A-Rod now wants to return. But I can't quite figure out the exact connection. Is the Pontiff a righty or a lefty?

Someone told me the Yanks are interested in Lowell but to play 1B??? Wouldn't we have to give up a draft pick to the Red Sox for that? We don't need Lowell anymore!

How are the Yankees going back on their word? A-Rod came back to them. They would not deal with his agent. They are making him give them the 21 million back as a discount, that would of counted toward his contract if he didn't OPT OUT. So you riddle me this Red Sux fans'. Are the Yankees better off with A-Rod at 3B? They would not have to trade any pitching for Cabrera or sign a hitter(Lowell) who can only hit and Fenway. So the only reason you are pissed is that he will back to haunt your asses. Remember they will now have all their chips to trade for Santana. I will say the Yankees would be the favorites to win it all next year if they get Santana too.

My apologies to any of those players I missed. I just want a team I can root for again. The start of the downfall on who the Yankees have aquired was with Clemens. It has continued with Musina, Brown, Johnson, Giambi, Sheffield and especialy with A-ROD. I guess not Mussina but I never liked the signing anyway, the first time he was a free agent he said he would never sign with the Yankees.
A-Rod is a cancer the same way Sheff, Johnson, Brown, Giambi, & Mussina were & are.
The only reason why A-Rod is even thinking about talking to the Yankees is that he is not going to get more than $250M than the Yankees offer from any other team. That is still more than $249,999,999.99 more than he is worth.
If you sign him what does that show your young players, just be as selfish as you can.
The players I mentioned above and all the other players that have also been mentioned are why we like the Yankees.

This isn't a done deal yet so I wouldn't count it until a deal has been reached. If I were the Yankees I would keep looking at options for third base because if they allow Boras to enter the negotiations, this could go down the toilet in a hurrry. Some of the guys on that stupid show on ESPN, the one with the reporters who weigh in on topics and then get booted off or whatever, they all said ARod was still going to the Angels. It sounded to me like it was darn near done but you just never know.

Sully: I'd replace Chamberlain with Gossage on your list. Joba was great for a month or two but he did blow his biggest appearance in the playoffs so I'm not 100% sold on him yet. Goose was the man! and if he doesn't get into the HOF this year I'm going there and picketing! I'd also volunteer to pop Joe Morgan in the mouth.

If A-Rod thinks he is worth more than 25M a year what is Mariano Rivera worth?
If he was not in our bullpen would we have won 4 World Championships? Maybe one.
Our teams won in the 90s with good starting pitching and maybe the best bulpen in baseball history. 6 innings of quality starting pitching and blanks 7-9.
What is Mariano worth?
If A-rod is worth $25M+ a year than Mariano should be paid $100M. Add the fact he has been nothing but class for 13 seasons while A-Rod is nothing but a better version of Darryl Strawberry. Not the Stats or the drugs but his demeanor of not growing up. He still acts like a spoiled teen.

M. Pastore,
I'd say Mo Rivera is worth about $15M per season and that's a great offer the Yanks made and by waiting to sign it, Rivera is making himself look bad.
Rivera has been on the team for the last 7 years, how many titles have the Yanks won in that time?
No one person is responsible for the Yanks championship run. Not Mo, not O'Neill, Tino, Jeter...nobody, just like A-Rod alone is not responsible for the Yanks NOT winning over the past few years. The Yanks need pitching and defense, and they haven't had good pitching for years but it's getting better with the arrival of some young talent. Now, if those rookie pitchers can succeed and you mix it with the lineup the Yanks will have if A-Rod stays, then you are looking at an extended playoff run.

Taking A-Rod off the team does not make it better. Let me put it this way, if A-Rod signed with the Yanks tonight, the team would be much better then they were yesterday, but no better than they were on October 27th when he was still on the team. They need to compliment the hitters they have with good pitching and I think they may have finally gotten that message and help is on the way with Joba, Hughes and Kennedy set to pitch in as starters and Ohlendorf and hopefully some other young arms in the bullpen. Oh, and a trade for Santana would be nice :)

Very well put Jim A

When exactly did A-Rod haunt our asses?
I remember slapping a glove and him never advancing past the first round after the '04 playoffs and the Red Sox winning 2 World Series.

If that's haunting, then do NOT call the Ghostbusters!

Just what I've been mulling over, Jim A. All this hysteria and the Yankees so far in this off-season have not improved over what they were as they played and lost their final game. Without Andy Pettitte, they're worse.

They could have become REALLY worse, of course, by losing all the free agents whose return was questionable, instead of apparently being close to retaining three out of four.

But for me any real celebration will have to wait until I see the team actually improve.

Maybe by next week they will initiate that process. I'll be watching hopefully.

Mariano is INFINITATELY more valuable to the Yankees (and the Dodgers for that matter) than A-Rod.

Letting him twist in the wind while acting like a scorned lover over A-Rod makes no sense WHAT-SO-EVER!

You can win without A-Rod.
Every single World Champion in baseball history won without A-Rod.

But if you are going into the next season with question marks in the rotation, you had better be DAMN CERTAIN your ninth innings are secure.

And if Joba is stupidly being put into the rotation, then all, and I mean ALL, attention must be placed on Rivera instead of Rodriguez. And that means knocking off the "It's a good offer for a 38 year old pitcher" implying that he is no different than Jaret Wright.

If he goes to Los Angeles, I don't care if you sign A-Rod, trade for Cabrera and reincarnate Joe DiMaggio. You ain't winning with questions in the rotation AND the bullpen


I remember last November saying Cynthia will be a big part of Negotiations.

Yes I siad it and the "experts " on here said ahh no you don't know what your talking about , we got more connections than lego , he leaving blah blah.

Reality is the issue he took a big hit , his woman LOVES NEW YORK and felt that she would be in hostile territory with all that is going on especially trying to raise two kids. (one on the way) there was no way she wanted to just abandon NY and she felt the kindness of the Yankee org.

The "Experts" need to stick to whatever and leave alone decisions based on Human Nature

The player Union needs to shut the f**k up and let this play out , if the man feels he wants to deal with the team then let him , this is FACT HELPS the union if Arod and the Yankees work this out and may repair anger that fans may have towards these greedy players!!!! If Arod is presenting Moral then let him do it and stop showing signs of greed. remember Union You need fans to fill the arena in order for your players to get big pacts

No doubt about it, Bomber.

You're good. :-)

And Archangel?

Plenty of room in the new format for his flights...

If this current pace continues, Boras will have helped get the best individual player in baseball, after an MVP season, a pay *cut.*

That's gonna look great on Boras' resume, no?

The guy is baseball poison. Just like Donald Fehr. Pure baseball poison. Don't get me wrong: I think it's fine that the players have a strong union, and they have great agents who can negotiate for them to get market value contracts.

But those two individuals have done more to undermine the spirit of the game, the best interests of baseball and the players they represent than anyone since the Black Sox scandal.

Fehr should be absolutely ashamed of himself, and all that he did, to protect the use of steroids by baseball players. Boras is just as bad for similar reasons.

Just looking at A-Rod and Jason Giambi over the past season, it's clear that Fehr and Boras are just an absolute disgrace.

Darn it, Redsox and Rest of Boston sports just won't die

Boston Sports teams like Pats and Redsox will never go away, even for one stinking year. They're gonna get Miguel Cabrera for Redsox. They resigned Curt Schilling, they'll resign Varitek soon. They're getting Haren where's this youth flux and transitioning phase everyone kept saying was gonna happen? They already have Beckett as their ace .Same old crud. Looks like it gonna be a big challenge to win championship as Knicks and Jets when Pats and Celtics keeps winning every freaking year. I mean Redsox just won a championship this year while Yankees haven't won in seven years. Jets and Knicks haven't won nearly fourty years.

Girardi already stated if Mo leaves Joba goes to the Pen

"Letting him twist in the wind"

Not only a stanza off of a Robert Plant song that escapes me as of now but definately not a reality with Mo. His offer is more than adequate and quite frankly too much , imho. He will undoubtedly go down as one of , if not , the greatest closer(s) of all time...though at almost 39 Father time catches up with all of us. Take the cash and be greatful for the MORE than generous contract.

If ARod wants to be a Yankee , GOOD! What are the alternatives? Seriously , who can step in and replace his production? Wow , he sucks so far in the post season but if not for him The Yankees wouldn't have sniffed it this year. Let's not forget that...w/out him 3rd place , no wildcard.

We all make mistakes and try to pull power plays throughout our lives. Some are in our favor , some aren't. Age seems to make one think clearer and possibly this is ARod's "epiphany"? I hope so as his resigning leaves The Yankees MUCH more flexibility.

The Yankees have been in contact with Mike Lowell's representatives about the idea of him signing to be their first baseman.

If they're hoping to drive up the price for the Red Sox, there's been no sign so far that the team is interested in budging of its current three-year offer. Lowell is a poor fit for Yankee Stadium (plus the new ballpark in 2009 will have similar dimensions) and much of his value comes from the belief that he's an above average defender at third. If the Yankees really want to pay $50 million-$60 million for a 34-year-old unlikely to be much more than an average regular at his new position, the Red Sox should gladly let them and take their first-round pick in return.
Source: Newark Star-Ledger

Does John Sterling make anyone else sick besides me?

Diane/Jim A; You guys are right if Mo, Andy, Arod join Jorge the team has reached status quo from last year but we have some chips to go after Santana with Arod back. To be a force next year we must improve the SP and RP. Girardi may help us win some of the one/2 run games which were not a good % by a change of offensive style. Also playing some of the young guys more than Joe.

Which of these 4 Yankee top of the orders would you rather have?

1. Rivers

2. Henderson

3. Knoblauch

4. Damon

On paper you have to say 2 or 4. But which ones won world series? 1 & 3. Good pitching will always stop good hitting the Yankees and you A-Rod FANS have seem to forget that.
1. Pettite to anchor the staff
2. Rivera to SAVE the games for the youngsters so they do not loose games after they pitched good.
3. Posada to be a veteren catcher to work with the youngsters during the game.

Without A-Rod the Yankees have more than enough offense to win the World Series.


I have never liked the way Arod conducted himself off the baseball field and even sometimes on the baseball field. But the Yanks really do not have an answer as to how they would even attempt to make up for his production if he were to leave. Unless they gave a way their young pitching which is our biggest asset going into next year. The fact he came to the Yanks without Boras says a lot and makes me feel alright about re-negotiating with him. It was never about the money with signing him, mainly because its not my money and he is hands down the best player in baseball right now.

If Arod does sign it also gives us the ability to go after Santana. I still do not give up Joba or Cano in any scenario though. Hughes, Kennedy, and Melky should all be tradeable for a proven Ace in Santana.

With that all said we still really need Andy Pettitte back for one more year obviously. I believe he will return if Mo stops messing around and takes the 45 million no one else will offer him. Specially since Posada is coming back as well.

With all of these moves that are more than likely going to happen we will be a much stronger team than last year.

Having Joba, Hughes, and Kennedy(and/or Santana) for an entire season will greatly improve our rotation and our bullpen if Joba is put back where he was this year. Ohlendorf is another guy I feel will be a solid arm in the pen.

Humberto Sanchez may take at least half the season before he is at full arm strength but from what he has done previously he should be another solid upgrade in the pen.

I am very confident about our 2008 season and so should all of you.

Mark my words Yankee fans, the only reason A-Rod is negotiating with them is because no other team will pay him the money. No other contract has come within $5M of the one he signed 7 years ago. The Yankees are bidding against themselves. If he wants to stay a Yankee he should not be paid more than JETER, RIVERA, POSADA, or PETTITE. No more than $18M a year. Thats the only offer I would give him for only 4 Years. Why should that loser get paid more and for a longer contract. He wants to be a Yankee well he is part of a team. That is something he never learned. He is afraid of his image, WAH WAH!!! NO BODY LIKES ME!!!!! TO BAD DEAL WITH IT. HIS PROBLEM IS HE IS STILL ACTING LIKE A SPOIL TEEN!!!!! YOU OPTED OUT OF THE CONTRACT DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!

I am not one of the fans who are mad that he wants to leave. I NEVER WANTED HIM HERE TO BEGIN WITH. THE SAME FOR CLEMENS, GIAMBI, SHEF, MUSINA, JOHNSON & BROWN.

The Yankees screwed themselves by not taking care of Pettite 4 years ago and they just rectified that. Do not make the same mistakes as the 80s & early 00s because getting the best men on paper without the right chemistry does not work.

Again why is Pettite excused and Arod is not ??

Pettite was offered a pact long ago and he bolted!

now he trying to use that same lame excuse .

his number were ok in his first years as a yankee he benefited off of run support

so why is AROD a loser

how many games did mo lose ??

if you want to be technical


I am trying to figure out how you can compare A-Rods situation with Andy's. A-Rod opted out of his contract to see how much money he could get from another team. Andy opted out because he is considering retirement. I do not see any correlation. Please explain your point.

What's up with the military time on this new blog?

Sully, in 04 he wasn't the only Yankee that did not hit. He did hit .258 in 04 against the Sux in the ALCS. We all know that he was not alone in not hitting in games 4 through 7. But this year you seam to forget the homeruns hit off Papelbon, Schilling, Beckett. We all know the regular season is one thing. But he did put up good numbers against the Sux in the regular season. I just wish the Yankees would of had the chance to play the Sux in this postseason. I know for a fact things would of gone a lot differently for the Yankees and the Sux.

To add to your point, Andy Pettitte also said he will sign with the Yankees or retire, that simple. His agent said that if he decides to come back, he'll sign with the Yankees within 24 hours. I don't know what Anon is thinking.


You are right, but this Anon (I think it is the same Anon) thinks that he is going to sign with Houston. I read that Houston contacted him but Andy informed them that he was not interested. Either way, you can not compare the two situations.

Because you can Compare..

players are players they all are represented by the same union.

What we do not understand is perception.

Lets say Andy uses the family thing and actually pitches for the stors next year, you all will be saying ahh he wanted to be near his family etc. basically excusing him

How would that effect a repairing team attitude and how do you think Arod would feel in seeing that.

Sometimes Fans are just as phony as Players.

we have to remember that the players reacted towards the Torre situation as well. What do you think would've happened if Jeter was a FA this year.


I am not following you. What is wrong with Andy wanting to retire to spend time with his family? Are you saying he is using that as a smoke scream to appeal to the fans as a true Yankee who would only pick his family over the team? Please explain.

I hope Andy comes back because he is needed, but I always expect shady ways with these players.

My loyalty is too the uniform maybe once in awhile I root for a player whom I felt was mistreated.

Like Lieber


Sorry I just picked up on what you were saying. I just got the "stros" thing. I would be pissed and upset and lose all respect for Andy if he went to the Astos next year after he made the comment about the Yankees or retirement. I am sure most of the people on this blog would feel the same way. I would be more hurt because I consider Andy a true Yankee. A-Rod I could care less about.

My thing is if he retires then retire don't suit up for an astro uniform period. I don't care if it's may and you sign a astro pact that will still make you suspect.

People saying Arod is not needed is bugging!! period I know we are hurt by his movement , and honestly I begining to think MO is acting a little like an a**

I will remind you guys that its a player option to come back in 2008. Andy is just doing the right thing by his option. I believe that he is a man of his word and will retire or play for the Yankees.

Was a player option to Opt out as well so basically Arod's reasoning for opting out can be viewed as sincere as well if you wanna go there. I mean come on why do you think Pettite is doing this ??? Torre , ownership basically REASON so why Arod does,nt have a reason? and remember he has a agent that had him since he was 17 years old (i did not know that)

I guess the difference of opinion here is that you think Pettitte might actually go back to the Astros. This is of course possible, but the man came out and said "I will play for the Yankees or I will retire, that's it. I will not consider other teams". The Astros contacted him and he told them the same thing.
Most fans, like me, believe him. If you don't then I'm sure you have your reasons but the man has never really pulled anything shady on the Yankees at all. He told them when he was a FA that he wanted to be a priority and get his deal done quickly. Cashman told him "bring me your best offer and I'll beat it", well the strategy backfired as the appeal of playing near home meant more than money to Pettitte and he TOOK LESS MONEY which in and of itself is completely against the grain of modern players so I do respect him.

Now, if suddenly shows up in a Astros uniform, he will feel the full wrath of Yankee fans, worse than A-Rod would have felt had he signed with the Red Sox the day after opting out. Why? Like Mike says, Andy is a homegrown guy, a guy we've rooted for over the years and come to love as a player and who has shown to be a man of his word.
I'm happy A-Rod is seemingly on the verge of coming back, probably more than almost anyone on this blog because I don't really buy into that "true Yankee" stuff, I thought he was a Yankee the day he was traded to them and I've never changed my mind about wanting the best player in baseball on the team.

Boras was deceiving fans, the Yankees and possibly his own client. You cannot say the same for Pettitte at all, he's been up front about everything.

Jim A., one of the anons (21:26) is a cross-posting troll who leaves a trail of identical turds on different Yankee blogs -- signs as jb elsewhere.

Jim A,
I had to go back a few posts (20:31 - whats up with the military thing?) but I want to give you a round of applause. You are absolutely, 100% on point with those comments. Pitching and defense win in the playoffs. Period. Good hitting will expose mediocre pitching, but if you have the horses, you will shut them down. And I believe we have the horses. Yankees DID make Mo an offer, just waiting for him to agree.
Prediction: Here comes Santana....
4 years - 80mil (w/Cy Young award 80 mil).
For Hughes, Melky and 2 "2nd tier" pitchers to replace Silva in their rotation.
Whaddaya think?

Don't worry, Gramps. A bar of soap and a "Hooked on Phonics" manual should do the trick. We just gotta remind these Bosox fans to make sure Gerty gets off the ground, washes those jeans, and doesn't forget to brush that tooth!

Go Yankees!!!
Welcome back, Me-Rod!


Easy to handle. Scroll. On. By. If you see the tag 'anonymous', skip past it to the next authentic commenter. Saves agita.

Bomber, Mike, and Jim A.:

Don't forget that Pettitte may have a personal services contract with the Astros that will kick in after his playing career is over, like Clemens. So after retirement as a player he may show up in Astro-world the same way many ex-Yankees do in Yankees universe, performing one non-playing function or another. That would not qualify as betrayal.

I agree with Jim A., he hasn't given us any reason over the years to doubt his word. No reason to get our blood pressure in a spike over the remote possibility that he's had a character transplant.

Some points

1. For a while I was the ONLY one hear saying the Yankees should talk to AROD after the opt-out.

2. Some people hear complaining that we are now no better than last year. "Status quo." Well, we were the best team in baseball the last half of last year. The rookies will be better, middle relief will be better, and we may still get Bonds!

With Arod possibly coming back we can now make some trades (matsui etc. ) and try to land another set up guy for the 8th inning and or another SP


I would only be upset if Andy went back to the Astros as a pitcher. Whatever he does after he retires is totally up to him and I would wish him luck with his future endeavors.

Jon K., not a complaint but a simple, accurate observation: the Yankees have not yet become a better team than they were when they played and lost their last game, and very possibly they are worse (if Pettitte is gone for good).

I am very hopeful that beginning next week we will see NYY FO begin to address improving the team, and I will be delighted to celebrate when they make it happen.

Until they do, there's nothing to do with this champagne.

Mike, same here.

Mike from Jersey: Agreed, I'd love to see Santana in pinstripes, now doubt. I bet every team's blog is full of people like us saying the exact same thing- they want him on their team.

Diane, I agree with Mike: If Pettitte chooses to take a job with the Astros after his playing career is over, that's no different then Dave Righetti being the pitching coach for the SF Giants, no hard feelings and nothing but good wishes from me.

Jon K: The Yankees were the best team in baseball in the second half last year is not quite accurate. I'd say it this way: The Yankees had the best record in baseball in the second half. Remember that after the all star break, they had 25 games that were against less than stellar opponents and they slugged their way to the best record. They were exposed in the playoffs as a team that a. Didn't pitch very well. b. Didn't play great defense. c. Didn't use bug spray
Some of these problems have not been addressed yet.

Jim & BB,

I equate pitching in the playoffs to defense in the playoffs for football. You will not win without it. Pitching and defense go hand in hand......of course timely hitting helps also (see A-Rod). LOL


No you was'nt

You may have been the one to say they SHOULD TALK to him.

Others said it was likely he would END UP with the Yankees somehow someway. there were a few people on here who said they have a feeling

last year a few said he would opt out and some said his wife will play a big part of this in the end.

Thanks BB,
I was one of those who said a while ago that if ARod kicked Boras to the curb, crawled back to the Yanks, AND gave us a discount, we MIGHT take him back (never believed it would happen). Guess he is comin' back, but I don't think he fired Boras.....YET!

Money grubbin' ambulance chaser.

ARod should now be called "Me-Rod"

"You may have been the one to say they SHOULD TALK to him."

Right - that's just what I did say and I WAS the only one to say THAT.

Ok then Jon K

I agree with that.

I know this though from the night it happened I said along with other mess that Boras hurt himself by dissing the Yankees whom he needs. (remember when I was calling for a boycott of all his players??) his client Damon was scared then we thought we was getting Crede then that was squashed (boras would have benifitted upon his up and coming FA if he Crede had come here)
I kept saying you do not burn bridges especially the Yankees

The "EXPERTS" were all grumbling that is not so , the sun is hot blah blah blah.

Only Chip and Jim A and somebody else was like Boras is messing with fire playing with the yankees

Me and Jim and Chip was like DON"T SLEEP ON HANK/HAL!

If the big three is stable and the pen is solid and some players stop swinging at the moon this team will win the AL ,and WS

Cynthia wanted to say in the big apple because of me.
Alex the best player in baseball comes up short when it comes to pleasing a woman. That's where the moose man comes in, I know how to please a woman.

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