Alex Rodriguez gets another honor

Alex Rodriguez was just added as a recipient of the Thurman Munson Award, which he will get Feb. 5th at the AHRC NYC Foundation benefit. Melky Cabrera was already named as a recipient of the award, as were the Mets' David Wright, longtime Astro Craig Biggio, the Knicks' Jamal Crawfod, and Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi.

All the athletes are expected to attend the Thurman Munson Awards Dinner Tues., Feb. 5th, at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. For tickets and other info, call 212-249-6188.

In the press release, Rodriguez said: "It is a privilege and honor to receive the Munson Award. Knowing of Thurman's legacy in the storied history of the Yankees franchise, and how much the dinner has done to assist children through AHRC NYC Foundation, it is a special honor that I will always cherish. I look forward to seeing Diana and being a part of a wonderful evening at the benefit."

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Not sure which is worse, some of the posts or the new security process to post them. This goes back to something posted a couple of threads earlier.

Santana is not being traded. Bill Smith is taking a page out of Billy Beane's playbook. Beane knew he couldn't keep players like Zito, Giambi, Tejada, or Damon but he also knew that to compete he couldn't trade them either. So he set the bar very high and in the end allowed them to walk away for draft picks.

I can't see Minny only getting a couple of draft picks when they can get proven players right now.

Holy$hit I just saw Hughes throw a changeup!!

Wasn't the most impressive change I've ever seen-doesn't appear to have the dramatic drop off in velocity that it probably should have...but it did have some pretty evil movement.

If this damn kid would get his change together Santana would be a dead issue at least for me...

Those who keep insisting that by avoiding Santana we'll have the money to sign other free agent pitchers...(DRU)

I'm sure you've noticed how incredibly rare it is for teams to allow their young or relatively
young ACE's to reach free agency.

It's been said enough to be common knowlege that now-a-days with all the revenue sharing going on teams lock up their Tim Lincecums et al...

Peavy signed an extension Sabbathia will likely do the same.

Show me a free agent ACE and I'll show you a pitcher who's over 35.

This opportunity may be the last of it's kind.


Jim A./Chip/Roy?

Maybe one of you original regulars (those here before me and knew Jim B) could bring the security code issue up to Jim B because Kat seems either distracted or unable to fix it.

The way you guys still speak of him it seems he took pride in this blog and maybe he would take the necessary action...

Just an idea.

Most of us have his email from the fantasy league but i figured you guys have more of a relationship with him..

Oh yeah forgot to mention Carlos Zambrano.

He was another example of a young top tier caliber pitcher that we were buzzing about possibly signing when he reached free agency...

I still think we need a lefty who's not friends with Roger Clemens.

Love Andy but he's getting old and if he leaves next year or is ineffective this year we'll be going into this, or next year, with Zero south paws...

I for one find it very strange that of all the hot young kids in minors -Brackman etc...NOT A ONE IS LEFT HANDED

Im with Chip, I think they're gonna hold on to Johan just like they did with Hunter last year. Minny still has a chance to do things this season.

If Liriano comes back to full strength, they will have a solid rotation, maybe #2 or #3 in the entire AL. Their bullpen will also be one of the best in the league. Loved the pickup of Delmon Young, he's gonna be a star. The heart of that order is solid..Mauer, Morneau, Young, Cuddyer, Monroe. Its not murders row, but maybe top half in the AL if it all falls into place. If they trade Johan they have to go into full sale mode and trade Nathan as well. No doubt its a tough spot for the Twins. If they trade away Santana and Nathan, then Liriano gets hurt….they will have a tough time just finishing .500 in the AL Central. Hows that gonna go over with the fans who are PAYING for the new stadium? Tough to sell season tickets packages for last place teams, I believe they open in 2 years - 2010

Billy Bean saw that his team was going nowhere this year, so he sold everyone that wasn’t nailed down to the Coliseum floor. The Twins need to decide which path they are going to take. What would I do if I was the Twins GM? I would ask the Billion Dollar Twins owner ( I think he's the richest owner in the league ) to cough up the dough for Johan and Nathan. IF the owner is set in not increasing the offers for both players, Id go into full sale auction mode. For some reason, I don’t see either option playing out at this moment. I think they will take whats behind door #3, play out the year then let Nathan and Johan walk for draft picks. I would hate to be a Twins fan right now.

PS. got my 1st post failure of the day...still an issue.

Very true Michael, I cant dispute those facts...lefty aces under 30 dont just fall off trees.

Peavy and Big Z were a couple guys I had my hopes up for last year, they got locked up though.

There are a couple guys on the horizon...

CC - lets see if the Indians pony up the cash

Bedard - lets see if the O's can trade him

Webb - Arizona will probably lock him up due to their young/cheap lineup.

You're right though, none of those player may ever become available.

I think thats more of a reason to grow your own crop of studs. As far as LHP aces...about as common as Haley's comet.

Speaking of Nathan...

Ironically I believe of the two Santana/Nathan I'd take Nathan if not for the MF Redsox!!

But Redsox aside...

I have a sneaking suspicion that Joba can and probably will be as dominant as we all hope in a starting role.

That said he can come out and blow people away ala Justin Verlander (of whom he's compared to as a starter) and it wont matter next year or the year after because he'll be closing not starting.

I'm happy to hear there are kids down there that are rumored to be potential Mo successors but as yet it's still Joba and by a VERY wide margin...

I don't know why we haven't heard any Huston Street or Joe Nathan rumors.

If Joba is as great as I think he will be as a starter I can't stomach letting him be a ninth inning guy.

I know that may sound strange coming from a Yankee fan who grew up watching the games greatest closer EVER win us 4 championships but I guess I'm too starved for a high 90s strikeout starter.

I hear ya Mike. I think we need Joba to develop into our #1 starter. That seems like a more pressing need for our future. Im sure any #1 ace could be a closer and kill guys for an inning; we need him in the rotation though BAD. I have confidence that Sanchez, Cox, Melancon, Brackman or Betances could end up filling the MO role three years from now. What we really lack is that Ace ( ready for the Johan crew to jump all over me on that statement ). If Joba fulfills these MONSTROUS expectations, the rest of the rotation slots into their natural roles


Not a bad rotation for the next 10 years! As far as Joe and Huston, Im also surprised there aren’t suitors lined up for their services.

I've talked to at least five different people about the posting code problem, so it's not a lack of effort on my part.

Don't sweat it, Kat.

When the season starts and there is plenty of Yankee-related topics to discuss, the regulars will return and the blog will be busy again.

There's just so many times people can talk about Santana, Clemens, and all of the other crap that has lingered the last couple of months.

Actually Viper some of the busiest times I can remember on this blog I can remember were over last winter so the code thing has really taken the life out of this blog. For those of you who were around last winter you surely recall the debates about A-Rod in October, Pettitte coming back and stuff like that.

Kat: I hope you find a competent IT person soon, I kind of miss this blog, heck I even miss "Roy". hahahaha


I certainly can't argue that this blog was extremely busy during the winter, but those topics have been rehashed so many times that most people are tired of talking about them.

As soon as the topics become relevant and exciting again, traffic will increase significantly.

There's just so many times we can talk about the steroid issue and Johan Santana.

One aspect that I enjoyed about Jim monitoring the blog was his ability to create topics of interest. It did not have to be a present topic but something about the team which is evident. This produced chatter which I observed from my knowlege of the blog back toward the middle of the 2006 season. Now, the topics or threads just remain the same for days. Its nice that news of the Munson dinner is made known but there have to be more thought provoking questions of topics than this.

Jim B. was active in his desire to cultivate conversation. Kat is topic in vogue and dealing with the security code has killed this blog. Its a shame I truly enjoy reading the comments of many of you who have a knowledge of players and the game.

Keith Law: (2:18 PM ET ) I haven't looked at any #s yet, but I'd have to guess the Yanks are around 90-92 wins as is, 93-95 with Santana.

LOL if this were the case, only an idiot would trade for Santana to be able to wint he Yankees around 1 to 2 more games for 20+ million.

the Yankees if they stayed healthy would be a 100 win team with Santana

100 wins? Back that up.

Yeah the chips would really have to all fall into place for 100 wins. Im a very optimistic Yankee fan, but 100 wins is a tough sell. I was hoping for low 90's....


The Yanks did win 94 games last season after starting off so miserably. If the young guns can give us some stability from the get go and our hitting produces the 1000 runs I believe they can score this season....100 wins doesnt seem that far fetched. HMMM never thought of it that way anon. Its not probable, but possible. Like any season, health is the X factor.

( try #1 )

Doing the Math.....

Approximately 1400 innings to cover in a season.


Pettite and Wang average 200 each then that leaves 1000.


Mariano pitches 70 as last year then that leaves 930.

If Mussina comes in at 150 that leaves 780.

The crux of the problem is then that the Yanks need two starters and a bullpen capable of covering those 780 innings, which is over half the innings in a year. Now with the "Young Gun" approach the innings count gets limited which then puts additional strain on the bullpen (remember the "Joe burns out relievers" mantra).

Last year the overworked bullpen pitched about 440 innings(minus Rivera). That means the two other starters have to cover 340+ inning for the situation to be better. Limiting the rooks to 160 innings puts additional innings into the pen ans makes it worse than last year.

This is why it is imperative the Yanks acquire another starter before the season begins. It doesn't have to be a Santana....but needs to be someone who can eat up near 200 innings and be effective.

Nice analysis Nudge....I see it another way though


People complain about the innings caps of the three kids. Lets examine =

Wang should go for 210-230
Andy should go for 200-220
Ian should go for 180-200
Phil should go for 160-180
Joba should go for 160-180

If needed we have Moose who could go for 200 if needed.

Listen, not everyone in the rotation needs to go for 200+ innings. Your #4 and #5 starters don’t go for 200 innings. No team in the league had a #4 or #5 starter go for that many. For an example, lets look at the Sox who had a rock steady rotation that didn’t really experience any major injuries. What were their innings last year?

Dice K = 204
Beckett = 200
Wakefield = 189
Schilling = 151
Tavarez = 134
Lester = 63
Bucholtz = 22

Those were the only 7 SP’s that registered a GS for the Sox.

What about the Indians?

CC = 241
Carmona = 215
Byrd = 192
Westbrook = 152
Lee = 97
Sowers = 67
Laffey = 49

Again, 7 SP’s, only two exceeded 200 innings. Pitchers miss starts all the time, sometimes a week, sometimes a month, it happens. It will happen to the yanks this year. That’s why having Moose and a young stud like Alan Horne is so important. You need to have great pitching depth over the course of a season. I think we are blowing the innings cap of the three kids out of proportion. Wang, Andy, Moose or Ian…could all approach the 200 innings mark..thats all you need. The #4 and #5 starters will only need about 170 innings, which both Joba and Phil could reach.

Only 38 players hit the 200 inning mark in 07, for 30 teams in the league, thats an average of a little over 1 per team. No team had more than 2 players surpass that mark.

I think we're fine with what we have.

( 1st try )


Your expectations are hopeful at best. Wang has never pitched 230 innings and Pettitte is past those days as well. Mussina is a pitcher in your rotation whether you like him or not. If you think he will put up 200 innings, which he hasn't done since 2003 then you are betting on a longshot.

Even without the Yankee imposed restrictions on the expect 3 rooks to average 170 IP is a pipe dream, even if they make the ML team it would be a bigger reach to expect them to be that effective.

Sounds like you've bought into the hype that always comes with a young Yankee (remember De Salvo, Clippard, Karstens, Rasner, Igawa, Wright, Ohlendorf, Jackson. All 2007 hypees).


Only players to register a start =
Lackey - 224
Escobar - 195
Weaver - 161
Santana - 150
Saunders - 107
Colon - 99
Moseley - 92

Pen =
Bootcheck - 77 ( long RP )
Shields - 77 ( 8th inning RP )
K-Rod - 67 ( Closer )
Oliver - 64 ( long RP )
Speier - 50 ( 7th inning )
Carrasco - 38 ( RP )

5 other RP registered innings, ( 8in, 6in, 6in, 5in, 4in )

I think the Yanks can do the same this year

Wang -224
Andy - 195
Ian - 161
Phil - 150
Joba - 107
Moose - 99
Horne - 92

Pen =
Karstens - 77 ( long RP )
Farny - 77 ( 8th inning RP )
Mo - 67 ( Closer )
Ohlendorf - 64 ( long RP )
Hawk - 50 ( 7th inning )
Edwar - 38 ( RP )

I think we will use more RP's ( Bruney, Britton, Veras, Albaladejo ). So Karstens and Farny wont need to hit 77, they could hit 50 each, the remaining 50 will be taken by Edwar and Bruney, Britton, Veras, Albaladejo.

Again, I think we're fine with what we have already. I dont think that scenario is far fetched by any means Nudge.

( 1st try )

I have to side w/ Nudge here. Again, too much hope is being pinned to three rookies and the backstop is either Mussina, who may not be done but he's pretty well cooked by now and Igawa who just plain sucks if you ask me.

I know people hated the idea before but (Santana aside) the Yanks should pick up someone like Freddy Garcia who will be ready in June and could give some of the kids a rest through July and August by making spot starts for each of them. If the kids are as good as we're hoping they will be, we want them to be fresh and tuned up for September and October so they will need a breather now and then and Garcia is a pretty competitive guy who could probably do a decent job for a while.
I named Garcia because I'm not sure who else is out there that would take a one or two year deal. When you look at the market and see guys like Livan Hernandez and Kyle Lohse asking for deals 3 years and up, you have to take what you can get.


Still leaves very many innings for the bullpen. With the exception of the Mariano innings then you are a hope and prayer. Again, the acquisition of an innings eater would ease the bullpen pain!


Still leaves very many innings for the bullpen. With the exception of the Mariano innings then you are a hope and prayer. Again, the acquisition of an innings eater would ease the bullpen pain!

Only took me 6 tries to only to end up with a double post!

I hear you guys, Im not gonna say Im 100% and you are 100% wrong, or vice versa..I think the right answer is somewhere in the middle. Maybe I do have high expectations for the three kids. Let me be clear though on what I expect out of the young guns.

Phil to get a little better
Joba to return back to earth
Ian to have worse numbers than his short stint last year.

Based on previous innings =

I think Moose and Andy can at least be in the 190's.
I think Ian can be in the 180's
I think Phil and Joba can be in the 160's

None of those projections are over the top or far fetched.

I agree that we need a vet innings eater, I believe we already have one though in Moose. I know he was horrible for a long stretch last season, but did have two months with an ERA in the 3's. He also had an excellent year in 06 - 197 in..3.51 ERA. I dont expect him to be that effective this season, but he could be Paul Byrd easily.( 192 in 4.51 ERA ). That was AL Central champ, Clevelands #3 SP. Moose could fill that same roll for us. He is a better SP than Freddy Garcia as well. So let me revise my rotation.

Wang - 220
Andy - 200
Moose - 190

The last two spots will be for the three kids. Again due to age and previous innings, Ian has the best shot at reaching 180. I have a feeling though that in the above scenario Ian would go back to Scranton. Joba and Phil could then slot in #4 and #5 and hit their 150in mark with ease.

The innings of the pen is not a big concern of mine. I have a feeling that we will see a large number of different guys, mixing and matching until we get the right combo. We have MORE than enough guys to call up that can eat innings in long relief or spot starts.

Bringing in a band aid like Fat Freddy Garcia, sets up back another year since we wont be able to see what our young guys can do in the majors. We have about 15 guys in the minors that need to get MLB seasoning, signing on Fat Fred stunts that progress.

( 2nd try )

Signing a stop gap like Garcia doesn't set anyone back, it helps the team give more time for the young guys to build up their arms in the minors. There aren't many of these youngsters that are ready to see ML action next year so it doesn't hurt anyone. If you think about it, If Ian Kennedy falters next year you will hear how he was "rushed through the system" as opposed to what you will read if he is successful, which will be "he had a meteoric rise through the system, dominating every level".
Last night on 'Yankees Hot Stove' one of the reporters worried that by mid-season hitter would figure Kennedy out since he does not have dominating stuff. Couple that with some fatigue and it could be tough for him.
The thing for me is this: I don't really expect the Yanks to win the WS next year if they stay as they are right now, but I'm okay with that because I think 2009 could be awesome, I've actually been saying that on this blog for a couple of years, but if the Yanks are worried about wasting the last couple of good seasons from players like Pettitte, Rivera, Posada and even Jeter then they might need to move up their timetable by acquiring a guy who can
throw 200 innings and be dominant right now....who is lefthanded....I can't think of anyone though :)


Oh man...I posted two things and no error message. I'm going for broke and trying it again!

Kat, if you are reading this I think you have fixed the blog!

Not fixed. Not by a long shot.

not fixed

(3rd try)


See the Teixera news?

You still want to save money and skip out on Santana?


We can stop searching for Bobby Fisher
-He's dead.

I guess Boras clients do have some say...

False alarm.

It wasn't a one year extension.

It seems I failed to read the fine print.

Bobby Fisher was 64.

The creator of the Frisbee and the Hula Hoop was 82. Also dead.

We're dying for something to talk about it seems (pun intended).

Rob Neyer's- Going to the extreme
I've been lukewarm about Marvin Miller's Hall of Fame candidacy, which hasn't endeared me to my (usually) like-minded friends. It's not because Miller isn't a significant historical figure. It's because enshrining a labor leader would be establishing a new precedent, and I think you should think long and hard before doing it. It's also because I'm not 100 percent sure Miller ever had the game's best interests at heart. Maybe that's not fair and maybe it shouldn't even matter. But it does give me pause.

All that said, there's a lot to be said for a strong union. Which brings me to a couple of opposing views on the issue of performance-enhancing drugs. First, here's Mike Lowell on the prospect of blood tests for HGH:

World Series MVP Mike Lowell is willing to give blood if that's what it takes to be tested for human growth hormone. But only if the test is 100 percent accurate. Not 99 percent.

"If it's 99 percent accurate, that's going to be seven false positives," the Red Sox third baseman said Thursday before the annual dinner of the Boston chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. "Ninety-three percent is 70 guys. That's almost three whole rosters.

"You're destroying someone's reputation. What if one of the false positives is Cal Ripken? Doesn't it put a black mark on his career?"

And here's ex-pitcher/broadcaster Jim Kaat:

I have made my solution known to the current commissioner during a game I was doing for YES ... The first is that they can allow the players take anything and everything available to them to help their performance and, as a result, their team's performance, but make sure there is an understanding that there are health and legal issues if they are obtained without a prescription. The second solution is that the Union and administration should enter into an agreement whereby a player caught in the authorized testing program using illegal performance-enhancing drugs, will be banned for life from professional baseball. The illegal drugs should all be listed in clubhouses and training rooms, so players have full knowledge of what they are.

So Lowell's saying no test can be used unless it's "100 percent accurate," and Kaat's saying that if a test is used and a player doesn't pass, he should be "banned for life."

Don't both of these positions seem a bit extreme?

No test will be 100 percent accurate. Even if you devise the perfect test that works perfectly on every subject, there's still the possibility of tampering, of tainting, of various other ings. Just like our justice system, the best we can reasonably expect is nearly perfect. So for Lowell to argue for a perfect test is to argue for no test at all. Which makes it easy for him to conditionally volunteer his blood sample.

No test will be 100 percent accurate. So for Kaat to argue for lifetime bans for first offenders is to argue that complete innocents, some of them in their early 20s, should occasionally have their livelihoods stripped from them.

When there is a test for HGH -- and by the way, some reasonable people think it's not worth the trouble -- it won't be perfect, any more than tests for all the other stuff are perfect. Usually it'll work as designed, and that fact will serve as a significant deterrent to prospective users. Some won't be dissuaded, and some of them will get busted and suspended. But not forever, which is OK because almost everybody deserves a second chance. Somebody will get busted unfairly and suspended, also unfairly. That's not OK, but if there's a second chance at least the damage isn't permanent.

As many observers have pointed out, a number of congressmen earlier this week displayed what seemed to be almost a willful lack of knowledge about the relationship between union and management. The union (Lowell) prefer no rules whatsoever. Management (Kaat) prefers no limitations on its ability to make rules and enforce them. Fortunately, the dynamics of labor relations ensure that neither of these extreme positions will carry the day.


One alluring possibility to keeping the kids-one I assume Dru is very familiar with.

If...(and it is a big IF) but if the kids all do well it would be one hell of a fun season to watch.

Last year I remember getting extra excited for a game that Hughes was pitching and for that matter Kennedy near the end of the year.

Can you imagine the excitement of watching Joba/Hughes/Kennedy start 3 out of 5/6 games every week?

There's something to be said about Joba/Santana starting 2 out of every 5 That would be fun too hah.

I hope the bullpen isn't a joke and the left side of the order doesn't decide to start the first half of 08 on strike like they did in 07.

I agree, it could be great fun to watch and if the guys get a boost from the young pitchers like they did from Shelley Duncan and Joba last year, it will be a lot of fun to watch.

I'm cautiously optimistic but far more optimistic about 2009.

Nudge your math and predications is a suspect as a dog on Diarreaha watch ,

Nudge Predications last season was

Seatle - WC

Yankee - 70 -85 wins

Enough said.

Jim/Mike, you guys hit on a nice topic...the FUN FACTOR. This is gonna be a little abstract but stay with me.

Johan comes in and dominates, its expected. Its fun watching it, but you pretty much expect it already.

Phil comes in and dominates, ITS FRONT PAGE. I can read it now on the Post.

HUGES YOUR DADDY ( yup, that one too )

Its news, its exciting, its enjoyable to watch. Im with you guys by saying it was just more fun watching Phil's Texas Game, Phils Playoff spot, Joba dominate...then anything else I saw last year. And thats with A-rod breaking every right handed batting stat in the Yankee book.

Remember Joba pitching at the stadium? JOBA JOBA JOBA
What rookie gets their name chanted their rookie year by 60,000 Yankee fans? Took Oneil his whole career to earn that.

I know there is risk guys, but the the best case scenario of getting Johan is nowhere near the best case scenario of keeping the kids....its not even in the same league.

Nice to see Nudge, Jim A and Michael PTRS.

We have to get rid of Farns and Mussina and Igawa. That's like a no brainer. I can't believe Cashman has his job after all he's done wrong over the years. Any CEO would be G O N E already. (We all know the mistakes, no need to list them).

We can't rely on Damon, Giambi, Godzilla.

We need Joba for the 8th inning.

We need more lefties.

Toronto and Tampa will be tough this year! Halladay, AJ, Jesse L, Marcum, McGowan ... then Scotty the K. James Anthony Shields hat 215 IP with 185 K and only 35 walks or so. He would win 20 for the Yanks easy! Sonanstine, Jackson ... not bad. Add in Bedard and Adam Loewen ... not bad either. Nice pitching. Plus Boston of course but we hit them pretty well.

We needed David Eckstein to lead off, Kevin Gregg for the 8th inning and Josh Hamilton for CF. Instead we are left with Cano and Melky at bat who have no discipline. And Farns.

I am very unhappy with this off season.

As an aside the woman JL killed in the accident must have been psychic as she was trying to get off from working nights for several weeks. A bad offseason on and off the field.

We spent 300 or 400 million for the same team that could not beat Paul Byrd when it counted most.

And he was pitching with a tumor!

Anyway, it is what it is ... we'll see what happens. I hope it is a fun season. I just think the team blew it with their moves.

I see DRU is at it again.

DRU you are the next Jon Heyman, why not have your own Baseball Blog and try to be a sports writer?

Here's a question from Viper's/Diapers Perdue University Economics 101 Final Exam.

Answer the following question ...

Would you rather have Kei Igawa and his stupid sunglasses for a US$ 46 million posting fee plus his salary and get 1 win and three okay outings ...


Ted Lilly cutting his walks in half, winning 15 games, pitching the Cubs to the Playoffs ... this after winning 15 in the AL East for Toronto ... all for er, let's say US$ 10 million per season. Rememeber, all four years of Theodore's contract will combine to be LESS than Igawa's posting fee alone!

Answer: Um, er, Kei Igawa

Final Grade F

Teacher's Note: Diaper does not work and play well with others.

Anthony is so psychotic that it makes me laugh. I've driven him so crazy that he can't come in here and post anything without mentioning me.

I think it's hilarious because he's obsessed.

As far as Lilly is concerned, we all know that the numbers a pitcher accumulates in the worst division in baseball (the NL Central) would automatically translate to the AL East, right?

Considering that I was against obtaining Igawa before the Yanks actually won the bid for him, I don't see how the righteous one's logic fits here.

In fact, I said a thousand times that neither Igawa nor Lilly were the answers for this team. Obviously, Anthony LOVES average pitchers who make $40M and won't let this stupid argument die after it has been shot down by virtually every regular but Rick Keyes.

Sorry, Anthony. Everyone thinks you're insane and don't have an ounce of respect for you.

Unlike you, I haven't driven people away from this blog because of my continuous stupid political/religious rants in addition to a creepy stalker-like tone with the female regulars like Lucy.

Remember Lucy? She was so creeped out by you that she hasn't been back in six months.

Go away, Anthony. Take your meds.

I agree with you that the team will be fun to watch this year. I just hope expectations aren't so high that these guys hear the boo birds when they have a bad start or two, but you know it will happen. I can guarantee if Hughes starts out slowly the papers will start openly wondering if Cashman should be fired because he could have traded him for Santana.
It will be almost impossible to succeed for these kids with one exception, and it has to do with their personalities and that's what might, just might separate these three from other rookies who have come and gone. I've noticed this about the three of them:
Joba: Has a great attitude and makes it clear he is just having fun. Big personality and lots of confidence so he won't get rattled by one bad start.

Hughes: Quiet confidence, feels a sense of entitlement, but in a good way like he has been wondering what has been taking so long for him to get into the rotation. Also seems like the type who can get nasty when needed.

Kennedy: Smart, quiet type who will try to out-think the batter. He may not get the crowd riled up but he may piss a few batters off by making them guess wrong quite a bit.

There might be a buzz around the Stadium a lot this year but we Yankee fans are an emotional bunch so it could get ugly if things don't go well early.

27 days to go.......

US$ 600 trillion in shakey global derivatives means the Yanks should tighten the belt. No Johan. We are all in for a ride of unimaginable proportions. This nation is a basketcase of what it was in 1929 ... political correctness is about to end, one way or another. It won't be pretty.

And Diaper my friend, please get a sense of humor.

I have written OFF LINE many times to Lucy and she even edited two of my stories which were published. I don't know where you get your information. You are in darkness as always.

Ted Lilly vs. Kei Igawa = What would any sane person think?


As many others have pointed out ...

Didn't Lilly win 15 in the AL East for Toronto two years ago?

Wasn't he like, on the All Star team?

I saw him pitch. His ball moves. Ankiel, Pujols, Edmonds and others, there are good hitters in the NL Central.

If you ever played the game, and were any good, which I doubt, you'd know there is talent all over the game in every division.

Think you could get a hit in 1000 tries vs. Carpenter or Mulder?

Not bloody likely.

If the NL Central is so weak, why did the Cards go to the WS in 2004 and win it in 2006, you duche bag?

You really want to defend Igawa at a 46 mil posting fee over Lilly?

Is that how your mind works bro?

Does your tattoo read "Igawa Rules" or something?

Everyone who wants Igawa over Lilly please write on the Blog and state your name and the reasons why ...

Sigh. I asked you weeks ago not to respond to any of my comments ever again because it takes away from the blog and you continue to push it.

I see that you’ve once again escaped from the asylum. I’ll have to call the men in white coats to come get you and take you back to the “quiet room.”

Obviously, you've taken so much Haldol and other anti-psychotics that your brain is fried (or simply can't understand English) because I've never once defended Igawa in any way, shape, or form.

I said in November of 2006 that bidding for Igawa was a terrible move and you favored it in addition to signing Ted Lilly for 4 years. Hmm, whose the idiot?

And that was a fine point about whether any of us can hit a major league pitcher. How relevant is that? By the way, I’m 6-5, 240 lbs and a far better athlete than you think.

Forget it. I don’t have time for your gibberish nonsense. Everyone here knows you are insane and don’t want anything to do with you.

I’m delighted that I’ve gotten into your head so much that you can’t write anything on this blog without addressing me. How pathetic for a self righteous old timer like yourself to behave in such a manner while trying to lecture us on morality time and time again.

Since, there has been no new thread posted. I will provide some info to my fellow Yankee fans living in the North country.

We all have some pie in the sky trades that we wish the Yankees would embrace and do. Mine has been trade for the Rays Kazmir. He's a talented lefty and performing for a team with a 23 million dollar payroll but things are changing in the front office of the Rays. A New Yorker has purchased the team a few years back and the mentallity is changing. The Rays with awful seasons and great draft picks are starting to try to win. They have signed Kazmir to a 3.9 millin dollar contract for next year avoiding arbitration thats 1/8 of their 2007 payroll and on top of this they signed Carlos Pena to a 3 year 24+ million dollar contract. Things are changing and apparently the lower budget teams are starting to pay and hold as long as they can their better talent.

Maybe the yankee should do a similar move and give their younger players a shot at sticking around with the big club instead of trade bait for the older, established player who may have seen his better days. This is not a response to Santana but does show a change in managements approach to the overpriced FA with agents bringing books of evidence for raises based on years prior work. Hopefully, the Yankees will show restraint for some of their desire to have an All Star at every position. It hasn't worked in along time.

Viper - I believe that everyone on this blog feels pretty much like you do about this head case. Lucy wasn't the only female driven away by his insidiously insulting remarks about women in general and her in particular (often made under a perfectly obvious pseudonym.) She had actually been quite friendly with him for a while and then it started downhill until, as I recall, she just blew her top and left.

The only reason I know that His Nuttiness is still making his ridiculous religious/political posts is because of you and a few others replying to his rants. I understand your frustration, especially since he constantly misquotes or just makes things up. But frankly, Viper, the best thing you can do is completely ignore him. When a nutcase approaches me on the streets of some city, I just smile and keep on walking. You don't want to argue with a loony bin. In any event, I always appreciate your very insightful and intelligent commentary. I’m sure that you’re not about to quit the community because of posting problems or screwballs.

Michael PTRS – In regard to your comment about Hughes’ changeup, I’m almost sure that I’ve read somewhere that Nardi and others praise his ‘teach-ability.’ This is just one more reason I feel so good about the kid. He’s not only got dominating stuff, but he’s also completely open to doing whatever needs to be done in order to get the job done – AND he’s got the physical/mental skills to put into operation what he’s being taught. I have feeling that that’s a very rare gift indeed.

Jim A. - I join you in being, as a rule, what I like to think of as a really cautious realist. I agree that the odds are against all of the Trio being special. But for this once in my life, I’m being exceptionally optimistic, because while there has always been extra hype about Yankee prospects right back to the likes of guys such as Jerry Lumpe, I can never recall three Yankee rookies come up with such an abundance of good numbers and reports to back up the hype. But even if the Yanks just have three middle of the rotation pitchers in these three, for me those three number three starters are worth more in wins and in FUN than a single, non-system Ace.

By the way, Jim, have you started Kahn’s “October Men” yet? I’d be curious to know if you found it as enjoyable as I did.

2nd Try!

when joba's one run leads vanish after the 7th inning then many on here will realize and will become very quiet in response

Hey People: When you first come onto the Newsday site you should get a window asking you to do a survey. I would strongly suggest you participate and voice your complaints not only about this "security" code nonsense but also the contents of the Yankees section of Newsday. Has anyone noticed that ALL the articles are about Clemens and Leyritz and steroids in general (even regarding the Congressional hearings)? Compare it to the Mets section and you'll see the difference. You find no articles about A-Rod's award (except for this blog) and Goose Gossage's HOF induction and an analysis of our farm system. MLB is examining each position for its strengths and weaknesses but not Newsday. Other sports sites are coming up with interesting insights, but not Newsday. If you want authentic sports news, you have to go to MLB and ESPN and -- because Newsday's Yankees section has become nothing more than an irrelevant GARBAGE DUMP. Now let's see if this gets through the first time or the 10th time -- if at all.

In New York... man I miss living here.

That video of Clemens is STILL on this page. What a disgrace. How about a video of the fantastic induction of Goose Gossage into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee? It was great seeing him talking about how special it was to become a Yankee and that's the team he preferred to be remembered most with. Then there was the Yankees hat that was placed on the goose. Classic. But you won't find that on this garbage site. It's all about Yankees/steroids. There are close to 40 articles on the Yankees page and they are all about steroids except for two (one is about Leyritz and one about A-Rod's contract). Then there's the article about MLB security being tightened but you don't see that same article on the Mets site. Why not? If it weren't for the local news and this blog (that used to be worthwhile but now sucks -- and NOT because of Kat and the posters) you wouldn't catch me on this poor excuse for media site. The Newsday Yankees section has become the sports version of the National Inquirer.


I appreciate the kind words. You are right. The best way to handle a nutcase is not to respond at all.

You're a wise man.

I haven't read the book yet, it's on my shelf and is about 3rd in line behind a couple of James Lee Burke novels and, believe it or not, "Game of Shadows" which I figured I should read before too much longer.

I'll let you know what I think of it as soon as I'm finished.

I've been away a few days during this past week, so I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I wondered what the thinking is on this blog regarding signing Cano and Wang to long term contracts now, or at the end of next year at the latest?

I know there are issues with that (just as there is an obvious upside.) If the Yanks did decide to break with the recent trend that they had established and decided to lock in each of them to multiple year contracts, how far do you think the Yanks should go, in each case, with the years.

I believe some folks fear that Cano's performance might suffer if he had a guaranteed contract, but I wonder if A-Rod's presence isn't a positive element in that scenario; the way Cano looks up to Alex and his work ethic leads me to believe that he wouldn't want to (or be allowed to!) slack off.

Sully, returning nearly every year to visit friends (and YS) is always a highlight of my trip. I get to at least Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx and it's an annual joy.

I think the Yankees should lock up Cano and Wang to long term deals, to me that's pretty much a no-brainer. I don't want to see another Bernie Williams scenario where one of these guys is about to leave as a FA, which luckily for us, didn't happen w/ Bernie.

Last week I had the chance to speak with four St. Petersburg, Florida police officers.

B. McNamee had sex with some woman in a public place in Tampa. She was tripped out on a date R drug and had to be rushed to the ER. He told the police he was "saving her life."

This was all documented on The police said "he lied."

This was all (also) documented in the Tampa Tribute and the St. Pete paper. I was shocked.

Another Yankee trainer was in the pool while McNamee was doing you know what with this poor woman. So, if you are Clemens, this is the kind of man you hire to be your personal trainer? What does that say?

The police also told me that JL is going to prison for killing that poor woman and will lose most of his money. What a nightmare.

They said poor Mel Hall may go to prison for having you know what with two teens he coaches.

Then the Yankees traveling secretary is going to jail too ...

If Clemens lies to Congress, he can go to jail.

Anyone wonder if character matters, as someone on this Blog (with no character) often laments "doesn't matter."

The Yanks are being assassinated with these incidents. Hank S. told the New York Post "you want to do it with class."

Sure .....................

Hopefully this year will bring on a new set of happy stories.

Today is my Birthday by the way!

Attention all "Santanaphobes/Santanaphiles"

I found a facinating article from the Lohud blog...

It discusses the case for and against from a very unique perspective.

Check it out it's great stuff.

Ps. After reading this article I've become officially agnostic about Santana at the current price -(Hughes/Melky/Pros/Pros).

Like Jim A. and Diane, I am still very upset that we are going into the new season essentially unchanged from last years 3rd consecutive 1st round bounce but I'm warming to the idea of keeping Phil.

Oh my god that was a 1st try!!

I hear you Michael...I can't wrap my mind around the Santana deal either.
If you read Ken Davidoff's blog he says that "someone close to the situation" says there is no way the Twins will hold on to Santana as Buster Olney says they will do. The point was that the Twins will not wait until July when they risk Santana not approving a trade when he can become a free agent two months later. This is the point I've been making for a while, I just don't see the Twins holding on to this guy just to collect two draft picks.

Supposedley Santana's order of preference is Yanks, Mets, Red Sox. I think he's going to end up on Boston, just because they are on an incredible run of luck right now.

1st try. If you are reading this, I think things might be improving on this blog.

I guess not wanting our cowardly "leaders" like Bill Clinton, Bush Jr. et al who ran away from Vietnam to send our young women off to fight, die, get blown up and maimed and also get sick from depleted uranium is "anti women" in the sick minds of Viper and 61. They hide behind women's skirts, I'd bet. No class.

Sigh ... pretty sad.

Anyway ...

The world just got a bit more dangerous. Here is a crazy idea, Russia announcing they will launch nuclear ICBM's as official policy in a pre-emptive war ... (they carried out nuclear weapons launch tests on Christmas Day of 2007 BTW.)

Here's the link from USA Today

The world continues to spin out of control.

Our nation is financially bankrupt and cannot pay what it owes. We can't defend our border. Russian missile power has combined with Chinese manpower to face us down all around the globe. No one in DC can see this. They lie to themselves and call our enemies, (who openly say they want to destroy us) "friends."

The people who need medication are those without the manhood to see what's what, to see what's coming and warn others. Rather hide behind sports and other idols as a way to escape reality. (Tempting I would admit, but really too big of a distraction now.)

"No one cares ..." is what I've heard.

I think we'd all better care, and fast.

As an aside, the moral collapse of the Yanks, all of these people who are going to jail or should be, it's a sign of a larger problem in society. It's sad that the team we root for has turned into something none of us ever imagined. Every week there's a new tragedy or let down it seems.

Those who are not offended or at least concerned by this are amoral people. Maybe it's all too terrible to contemplate? In the end it's like Ancient Rome. I don't think any one cared then either.

Jim A.

Did you get a chance to check out that link I posted?

It's written by Vince Gennaro. Apparently, he wrote some "sabermetric-ish book" or something and he breaks down the Santana situation using his theories from it.

Since you have pretty much been the leader of our now seemingly minority opinion-(Get Santana send Phil packing)
I was really hoping I could get your take on it..

Gennaro has me convinced that the Redsox aren't really serious about Santana (because of the financial impact it would have) and that both the Yanks and Sox should, and probably will, stay away until the price goes down.

If the price does go down ie-offers are scaled back to say...

Kennedy/Melky/Pros vs. Lester/Coco/Pros or Elsbury/Pros/Pros

Then I'm afraid you're probably right. The MF Redsox will indeed likely get him because I would assume a price lowering would have to exclude Hughes and Phil was the only piece has kept us in the mix this long IMO.

PS. Like you, I too believe that Olney is full of $hit on this one.

Draft picks are nice but come on...

The Twins are gonna let Santana walk and pick up 2 little kids who at best wont be MLB ready for 2 yrs?

Sorry this is so long but I've got one more thing.

To this point I've only been half serious when I claimed that I hoped the Mets would end this war, but today I would consider it my first choice and the best possible outcome.

Let me know what you think of Gennaro's take if you get a chance ;-)

Here's the link again...

Go Giants!!

My second attempt at posting today, Saturday was my last post. Michael, I appreciate the link to Gennaro's thoughts on the trade of Santana.

I have always been ambivalent to the trade but now seem to want to take our chance with a FA acquistion as opposed to the cost of players and cash. I do not look at the trade in a revenue sense as the reporter does but in the value back in wins. If the Yankees come up with some injuries to any key personnel than Santana wins will not assist us making the playoffs. This is some of my basis for not doing the trade because there is some age and the likelyhood of injury to players, such as Posada, Jeter, A-rod or Damon. You get my point.

I do believe the team could squeeze into the playoff with the present roster and an upgrade in the bullpen with relatively minor injuries. Also, 150 million can acquire key FA's down the road and sign more better quality drafts at lower positions in the draft with the money. I would not be unhappy if we sign him but there is no guarantee he would bring a ring to the Bronx and its really about 25 guys and sometimes 40 guys bringing the ring home. Too much to pay with one arm as the return.

Happy Birthday Ant!!

Ps. Mine was yesterday. I SWEAR TO "GOD" LOL

Seriously I'm 28 and 14hrs old.


Thanks for checking that out.

I basically agree with you but I'll be really pissed if we lose out on Texiera or Phil fails to meet our expectations.

I also agree that determining Santana's worth in the Playoffs/WS (which is impossible to quantify) is the biggest and most important consideration to be made when making a decision like this.

Somewhat unrelated...I wish that Kazmir was "gettable"

How PERFECT would he be!!

1. He's like 24
2. His K/9 is absurd
3. HE EATS THE REDSOX ALIVE (I watched him embarrass the Sox at Fenway and fell madly in love...)

Completely tuneless crooning:

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Michael!!!
Happy birthday to you... that you are 'getting on'...


Thank you Ninja ;-)

I read the article and I'm still torn on what to do. I agree though that a reduced price for Santana plays into Boston's hands completely.

I don't agree with Gennaro's assertion that Santana is only worth 5 regular season wins to the Yanks, I don't know the method he used but I just don't agree with it. I'd say he makes a bigger difference than that, especially in October.

For those who are waiting to pounce on me as you have on Roy when he wanted to trade Joba for Gagne, I'll gladly eat crow if Hughes is all he's cracked up to be and/or something happens to Santana. As I've said all along, this trade is one of the hardest choices to make that I can ever remember in my 30+ years of following the Yanks.

Michael: Man, you are one young motherphucker! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend.

Ant: Happy Birthday to you as well. You better enjoy this one as I hear the world will be ending soon...hahaha.

By the way, the blog is still broken. This is the third attempt to post this.

Jim A.

I thought you may like that article...

The major issue I took with his analysis was his implied performance level of a 29yr old Santana being-(I assume)-equal to one who is 4 yrs older.

I like the deal but I'm not crazy enough to think he'd be a Cy Young winner in the AL East in his middle to late thirties.

I agree that Santana's potential win totals do seem a bit light...More importantly they're nearly irrelevant to my personal decision on this issue.

Not all wins are created equal...Nomsayin ;-)

The prospective "Win Totals" that allow me to even consider letting go of our prized pitching prospects are those that are earned in OCTOBER.

I want a left handed ACE whose back we can ride twice in the ALDS and 3 times (if necessary) in the ALCS...

A pitcher who can cover our offense's collective A$$ when they (Alex & Derek/Jorge) decide to leave 22 guys on base etc....

I hope Joba is that ACE (I can live with the fact that he's not left handed ;-) but this is one of those rare chances to acquire the "difference maker" blah blah you've all heard it before...

I'll spare you the rest.


Thanks for the Birthday wishes Jim ;-)


I couldn't have said it better myself. To me, our choices are "hope" and "immediate results".

If, and I hope this isn't the case, Hughes turns out to be a bust, there will be a lot of younger Yankee fans who will be learning a hard lesson about prospects being a shot in the dark and if he's the real deal (another Santana) then I guess I'll have a lot more faith in Cashman and his staff.

Your Giants are in the Super Bowl! Party on Garth!






I watched the NY Giants beat Dallas

I watched the NY Giants beat Green Bay

And what I am thinking of is that they remind me of the Yankees from 1995 to 2001 or even to 2003.

Class and heart. I could not have been more thrilled. What a throw back to a better age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the Yanks, you can't win with five languages and a hodge podge, Tower of Babel team. I mean, they can all be very good people and good players on their own as singular entities ...

But in the end you need esprit de corps.

That's what's missing from the Yankees. They are NOT a team.

There is something hollow about the Yankees, I can't put my finger on it. And I wouldn't know how to fix it either, aside from Hamilton, Gregg and Eckstein. Others have their own suggestions.

There are so many holes; no small ball, not enough LHPs, pen, Igawa, Mussina, Farns, Giambi ... just terrible how a third of the roster is a total waste.

On the other hand, the NY Giants have started a DB in the playoffs making an NFL DEBUT and he is out there making big plays. I know it's a different game, but we have the highest equity and payroll by a long shot.

They won't win another World Series till they fix that issue. And it's what, 7 years and counting?



Doing it right


Esprit de corps

That's such a bogus argument and the five languages comment sounds a bit racist.

The Yanks haven't been back to the World Series since 2003 because of their lack of starting pitching. It has nothing to do with chemistry.

Winning = Chemistry

Nobody talks about how great team's chemistry is when they lose - it's only when they win. So if the Pats blow out the Giants in the SB, are you going to tell me that it was because the Giants lacked chemistry?

I'm not a Giants fan but I do hope they beat the Pats. I mean, I really hope they do.

But, very few football fans thought that this Giants team had what it took to get to the big dance a couple of weeks ago.

How did they create such "chemistry" in such a short period of time that they beat two teams they weren't supposed to beat?

A Romo TD pass in the endzone last week instead of the INT is now the difference between a team with great chemistry and a team with bad chemistry who should have lost to Dallas?

I just don't buy it. That's way too oversimplified and lacks reason.

Man... here I am Sully... Mr. Red Sox fan... normally sparring with Yankee fans.

And tonight at my buddy's wedding, I was sparring with Patriots fans cheering on the Giants.

How things are different in other sports.

Anyway, Go Giants! Beat the Patriots!
(And then I go RIGHT BACK to rooting for the Red Sox... and Celtics)

What can the Yankees learn from the Giants win. Its not about how the game is played, the rules or the players. Its about an organization who does not have a all star at every position just look at the defensive backfield ready to self-distruct on every pass play. Its about the sum of its parts. There are strong parts and weak parts (players) but the parts are allowed to grow /mesh together.

Eli just didn't turn into this heady QB over night making pin point passes to his receivers. He had 4 years of hell learning the ropes while being ridiculed by some of his players/fans and newspaper writers but one thing was certain, the Giants stood by him and their half-a$$ secondary. They will be underdogs again and may not pull another upset against NE but they won and losss as a team with direction and comittment from the brass and a good coaching staff.

The Yankees can do the same but in a quicker fashion with their young pitchers. The Yankees just need some patience to allow for the growth which will yield a solid team and a winning team with some parts added along the way with the money or players not spent on Johan. One guy just doesn't cut it especially if the price would be an everyday pitcher and outfielder.

Read Pete Abe's guest blogger today to get an interesting take on the increased-innings issue and how it could affect Joba, Hughes and Kennedy.

Oops, forgot to add the link where you can read Pete Abe's guest blogger.

Now let's see how long it is before the system lets me get it to you...

Trying again -- remember when this would have taken seconds?

Happy (belated) Birthday.
There is one question I have for you.

After reading your diatribes on this blog about our country, why don't you get your liberal a** elsewhere. There are other people on this web that have shed their blood for this country. If you must write all your garbage, please do so on a Political blog.
Thank you very much, have a nice day. 27/08.


Happy Birthday!


You're birthday is the 19th? So is mine. Although I passed 28 eons ago! I turned 51 on Saturday.

Happy Birthday to you too!

John G.


Well Happy Birthday (Belated) to you too my fellow Capricorn ;-)

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