Feeding Frenzy

It was yet another quality start from a member of the Yankees rotation in the season's second half, most recently this afternoon by A.J. Burnett, who said afterward the starters are competing against each other and doing some “feeding” as well.

“It’s a friendly competition, you want to go out there and do the same job, if not better, than the guy before because that’s what we’re here for,” said Burnett, who allowed two runs and six hits over seven innings. “There’s no doubt were feeding off one another.”

Said Joe Girardi: “I think they do feed off of each other, and they don’t want to be the one who stops the streak. They want to go out and throw well. And they compete against each other, and to me that’s a great situation.”

The Yankees (57-37), in winning their sixth straight, reached 20 games over .500 for the first time since September 2007 and maintained their lead over the Red Sox in the East. They haven’t been 20 games over .500 on July 22 of a season since 2004.

“Those kind of things you don’t worry about,” said Alex Rodriguez, who had two hits and an RBI. “When you’re in the middle of July we’re trying to get better. We know what we’re capable of doing and we just try to worry about what we do in our house. We’re doing a good job and just have to keep going.”

CC Sabathia (9-6, 3.66) tries to keep it going tomorrow night.

As for the one downer for the Yankees from the afternoon, there were those home runs allowed by Brian Bruney in the ninth.

“It’s the best stuff we’ve seen since he’s come back,” Girardi said. “You don’t always look at the results, you look at the stuff and his stuff was much better today, and it’s really something to build on.”

Now, there was an element of truth to that in regard to the first two hitters Bruney faced. The 91-mph slider Bruney struck out Robert Andino with was nasty, and the 95-mph fastball he got Brian Roberts on was outstanding.

So Bruney’s stuff, overall, did look better than it did in his previous outing in Anaheim, but he didn’t do himself any favors attempting to downplay the home runs either.

“I thought I threw the ball tonight like I had thrown at the beginning of the year and it just so happened that they hit two out of the park,” Bruney said. “Hats off to them. I’ll get them next time.”

Bruney said later: I felt good about the way I pitched today, if I didn’t, I’d tell you I didn’t.”

That is certainly true. It was Bruney who, after the game in Anaheim, told us, ““I’m pitching like ----, that’s all I can say.”

He definitely wasn’t that Wednesday afternoon but it’s tough to “yeah, but…” two home runs in an inning.

Some other things, courtesy of the postgame notes.

* Mariano Rivera has converted 24 straight save opportunities and his last 40 at home since August 2007.

* Burnett is 7-2 in his last 10 starts with a 2.31 ERA, limiting opponents to three earned runs or less in each outing.

* Phil Hughes has not allowed a run in 14 straight outings, a stretch of 20 innings.

Finally, Newsday is launching a “new look” tonight with the Web site so we’re likely to have an altered look soon. Nothing wrong with a little change and a perfect time for our first Live Chat, which is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) at 11 a.m. We’ll talk about this current winning streak, Roy Halladay (why not) or whatever else is on your mind. Talk to you then.

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Does this new look for "Newsday" include a log-in system for the blogs? Boy that would be swell.

Mac, from what I understand, yes it does! But it obviously hasn't taken
hold yet.

The new look is interesting. I see the comments sections on each story are similar to USA Today's web site but the Newsday site is extremely slow right now- hopefully that will be fixed.

I like change as much as the next person but let's not change this blog too much- we have a good thing going. I agree that some kind of registration would make it better if we don't have to deal w/ the trolls.
If the trolls go away maybe we'll see some old friends returning....even those who think the middle of the country is a vast wasteland used to store old furniture and hot water heaters. You know who you are.

Anyone see Girardi's interview today, basically he is telling us that Joba is returning to the bullpen. Great minds really do think alike. Wheres Viper and his followers now.

Why is this blog dead?

I just read a report on Wang that said he may miss the remainder of the season. That is not good news at all.

Jim A

This used to be a great blog back in the early days. Remember all the commraderie we had? And the great variety of regulars? I have my view of what happened to it, but think it best to remain silent.

Jim A.
I may have read the same article. I still say the
Yankees are responsible for Wang's injuries due to
their mishandling his initial (foot) injury.

It's unfortunate you don't read more posts on this
blog. About 6 to 10 days ago, I posted Chamberlain
would be returning to the pen, given his 'innings limit'
and the unlikely move of the NYY shutting Joba
down. In another post, I cited the innings limit, Joba
going to the pen and the playoffs, all happening at
about the same time.

I didn't see Girardi's interview today. When did he
say Joba would be going to the pen and under what
circumstances? Did he say the Yankees were
reversing their decision about Joba being a starting
pitcher? I highly doubt they did and would be very
surprised if they have.

I for one, would be interested in what you think, even
though it might be shown I've disagreed with you on
one point or another. Go for it, if you dare... LOL

Viper has been seen posting frequently (under an alias) over at another (well known) blog where he is a highly respected commentator (I'm no relation, I assure you!)

So far as I understand it, nothing has changed vis-à-vis Joba’s status as a starter. The Yanks have indicated all along that he will remain a starter until he reaches his (unstated) innings limit, at which time he’ll go to the pen to conclude the season (hopefully including a long October.)

I couldn’t agree more about what a shame it is that this blog has lost so many interesting people. I’m a long time reader (very rare poster), who misses the great posters there used to be here, including Sox fan Sully (though not the Mets’ troll Nudge who is, no doubt, now nursing his misery somewhere else.)

I really hope a working system to allow for reserved nick names is implemented on this blog (As well as the Knicks Fix) soon. There is to much exciting things going on in Yankeeland these days to have people discouraged from posting because of trolls.

I fear the worst for Wang. The Yanks seriously need to try and grab another arm for the rotation. Having a bullpen of Joba/Hughes/Mo is only good if you don't have guys like Mitre/Igawa as your 4th and 5th starters.

Hughes has been dealing. The thought of messing with his arm and placing him back in the rotation scares me. I would rather see Joba finish the season as a starter then they potentially only need to worry about a 5th starter.

Another great win last night. I almost felt bad for that pitcher. Imagine you are 22 years old and pitching against a bunch of guy's that you idolize. It is great to have the confidence again that if the Yanks are down that they have a very good chance of coming back.

So this is the link to the new blog....


Comments don't appear to be working. But you can reserve names. Not so sure the format for comment threads is that great but I am willing to give it a chance.

Jim A., I do read here occasionally, but my usual blogs these days are River Avenue Blues, Was Watching, Replacement Level, and Respect Jeter's Gangster. I comment on three of them but not under this handle.

I went to the link Mac gave us. Really bad visually -- not only ugly and garish but gray type against a dark background? Some sections are virtually unreadable. But they're trying something new and like the new Stadium we can hope maybe changes and improvements will follow the tryout period?

This was indeed a great venue for civil, intelligent, well-informed discussion back in the day! A warm hello to all of you who were there!

I'll drop in again next week to see how things are going. In the meantime there is nothing wrong with this blog taking a new direction -- or with old-time regulars moving on to sites that suit them better now.


I checked out the new blog and it looks pretty good. I must be missing something though, how do you enter a comment about a blog or reserve a name?

I agree, I think the Yankees handled Wang's foot injury all wrong last year, just as they did A-Rod's hip.
Wang should have undergone surgery almost immediately and A-Rod should have done so as soon as the Yanks were eliminated from the post season.

The old George would have been firing doctors left and right! I mean how bad is it when Wang has to go to a METS doctor for an opinion? Yikes!

In my eyes the site itself looks good. The two major issues I haven noticed with it are:

1) The comments section was much nicer on the middle of the page. Not squished on the right hand side. But I am willing to give it a shot.

2) There is no easy way to navigate through the posts by Mr. E-Boland once you are in a post.

To register go to this link and click "Log In to Post" on the right hand side. Once there, you can register a new user and start posting.



Thanks for the info. I'll sign up now.


I agree. I hate the comments section on the side. Also I don't like that you have to click the title of the blog to see or add comments to that blog. I do like the search function though. The comment section isn't working right now. Every time I try to sign in, I get a "run time" error.

I can't add a comment. When I click on the link to add a comment the page just freezes. Is anyone else having this problem?

I'am not....try a different browser maybe? Log out of the site and then back in maybe?

When I click on the "sports blogs" link and then "E. Boland and The Bombers" The blog appears but no comments are shown and the ability to add them is not there.
When I use the link provided by Mac, it works.

For those of us who have been around a while, we've now seen the comments section move from the left side, to the bottom and now to the right!

Jim A you have to click on the title of the blog to see the comments for that blog.

I clicked on the title of the blog, logged in and so forth and yet I still cannot see the comments section.

It appears as if there are three versions of the blog right now: A. this one
B. The one that Mac linked us to. I can see the comments and post comments on that one (after I log in I can post comments).
C. A third version with a new post by Erik about last night's game, but I cannot see comments or post comments on that one.

How could Newsday let this site go live without figuring out these bugs? I hope this gets straightened out quickly.

I can't seem to find the gameday live chats, are they still here?

We lost and cant buy a winner since 2000., waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

It looks like you're gonna have to find a new playground soon.

Now go take out the trash before your father gets home!

Jim A.
Add one more 'issue'. I registered and went to the
comments section but it was split in half. You
could read the left side of the column but the right
hand side was blank. Needless to say, no reason
to stay when I can only get half of the story. :-)

My daddy died and I milked it here for sympathy points, Waaaaaa. My Spankees lost and I need a need daddy and a beau.

You're grounded for two weeks! Just wait until your father gets home!

At least this troll is a little bit funny.

Where's my son?

He was supposed to pick up some tampons and cigarettes for me on his bicycle. I can't turn tricks tonight without them.

My daddy was very abusive to me, like watching the Spankees play the Red Sox, he used to spank me, turn around and say.Do me now.

Boy, did you get my tampons and cigarettes!?!?!?!

You better not come home without them or my belt is going to reintroduce itself to your ass!

Jim, You wear tampons, And Smoke, lol. I True Yankees fan.

This is what happens when you have a high school dropout for a son.

He spends his time trolling websites all day long and doesn't have a job. We'll see how funny he is when he's living in a homeless shelter sucking guys off for a dollar.

You know whats worse than a fool troll, someone like Jim A continuing to Enable the troll!! Who really is the pathetic loser Jim.

Troll = Anonymous

It's pretty pathetic that the same troll now has to post under an "Anonymous" alias to fight his battles for him.

Get your pathetic ass home right now or my belt is going to beat your ass black and blue!

My daddy died when Boston came back from 3-0 down and Spankeed us, he hung himself with a Red Belt. Mommy has cancer.

What's a "Trools Whore"? Are you that flustered? Are you so beaten and battered that you can't fight back?

Now dust off your knees and get back home so you can give momma your trickin' money. I need to buy some more Red Dog and some Old Gold cigarettes.

I really am beginning to get attracted to Sully Baseball site, Extra Bases site, and My Mother, the Spankee Hankee, and my personal troll. Hope my daddy survives to see one more championship, in twenty five years.

Firefox is the only browser I am capable of posting with on the new site. This link works fine once you register a name:


Lets get some people over to the new site.

I've found that if you use Firefox you can get the new blog to work if you click on the blog "headline" (right now it is "Gardner to DL; Albaledejo up"), then you can see the comments and post your own.

With Internet Explorer as soon as I clicked on "post comment" IE froze up.

You guys have stuffed up the best baseball blog on the net. The old format was perfect. You could immediately see the number of comments made and pick up where you left off. This was particularly beneficial to me, as we are 14 hours ahead of New York in time. Also listing the most recent comments at the top makes it more difficult to read the posts in chronological order. Stop experimenting and change it back and then maybe you will get previous posters returning to what was an excellent blog. Right now both the Yankees and Knicks blogs are sadly lacking in intelligent content.

Burnett seems to be so unpredictable. You never know what you are going to get. It sucks that we somehow didn't land Halliday, that would have been sweet. Regardless, the AL East is ours.

Burnett seems to be so unpredictable. You never know what you are going to get. It sucks that we somehow didn't land Halliday, that would have been sweet. Regardless, the AL East is ours.

eric where ya been?

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