Gameday Live 92: Orioles at Yankees

Andy Pettitte (8-5, 4.85) vs. David Hernandez (2-2, 3.94) tonight at the Stadium.

Pettitte has been durable this year, which, with Joba's struggles and Wang's health issues, has proven very valuable. However, that's about all he's been. He's significantly better away from the Stadium (which doesn't bode well for tonight) and his ERA has risen every month of the season - April: 2.96, May: 4.95, June: 5.06 and July 7.27. His last start was a six run, 4 1/3 inning disaster to the Angels.

But teams, and rotations in particular, tend to have a streaky quality about them, and the Yanks have just had three great starts in a row, so perhaps Pettitte will add to that role as well.

With Wang experiencing pain once again in his arm, it's absolutely essential that Pettitte get back on track to being at least league average.

Back before first pitch.

- Cody Derespina

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2 great plays at home plate, Andy pitching pretty darn good and Matsui hitting a walk off. Red Sox and Rays both lost.And my coffee taste really good this morning. have a good day yankee fans.

Wow! It really doesn't get any better than this - tied for 1st - 4 great games in a row from starters and bullpen - great defense and clutch hitting (althought not a lot of hiting the last 3 games).

ST may be right - 104 here we come!

OK, back to earth - but I still can enjoy the moment.

Jon K,

Nothing wrong with getting excited about a big win but you don't want to get ST all fired up. Haha Great win last night. Some of the best defense the Yanks have played all year. It looks like they are gelling at the right time. All I know is it is fun to watch!

MEts TURNED down a Trade for Halladay... Are their prospects BETTER than the Yankees ???? we shoulod be able to do better than that

MEts TURNED down a Trade for Halladay... Are their prospects BETTER than the Yankees ???? we shoulod be able to do better than that

Bronx Bomber

As far as prospects go, we could definitely put something better than that together. Including Joba or Hughes. Along with Montero or Romine. And A-Jax would be a better package. But the fact is.....why would the Jays ever want to send Halladay to the AL East? We would need to blow them away with a deal in order for them to do that.

I still believe the only reason the Jays would even talk to the Sox or Yanks for a deal is to drive up his price. They would seriously need to be blown away with an offer to actually accept it.


Don't forget, Toronto is going to want either Joba or Hughes. Are you willing to give up either of them? I do think it is interesting that the Mets have no Major League ready players but Toronto still would have made that deal. That just shows that they are making it tougher on teams in their own division. Also, Halladay said he wants to go to a winning team and the Mets are definitely not a winning team.


I love the web site that you have entered when I click on your name. It is great reading when you are having a bad game. Haha

I meant "having a bad day".

Haha Mike

Yeah FML is a solid site.

The Mets refusal to part with the package Toronto requested,
is the equivalent of the Mets waving the White Flag on this
season. The front office knows they aint got a chance at
making the playoffs, so why part with the marginal talent
requested by Toronto? A Yankee Package including
Chamberlain and Melky beats the players Toronto requested
from the Mets handily, and the requested package was the
Sticker Price. Nobody pays the Sticker Price at a car dealer,
and when Horse Trading, nobody pays the initial price asked.
You bargain down from The Sticker\initial price, and both
buyer and seller know this, so the package requested by
Toronto and the ensuing final players agreed to, would have
been very reasonable for the sevices of an impact player
like Halladay for a roughly a season and a half. I believe
Toronto would NOT have accepted that package if the Mets
had agreed. Toronto was merely setting the bar, and would
have shopped that offer around. I like the fact MLB Network
broke the story, and ESPN ignored it as long as possible.
The MLB Network and their Live, non-stop, in-game,
look-sees, for hours on end, has made ESPN and their
baseball coverage look extremely slow, and like sports
coverage circa the 70's. ESPN has even changed their
Bottom Line baseball layout, but it's still laughable. If they
have a Yankee game on, I'll watch ESPN. Other than that,
ESPN is very seldom on in our house. Long live the MLB

I do think the jays will deal within if the price is right. at this point the Yankee s would need to really place the magic on Toronto they need to consult with Stick Michael on this one. Looking at what the they wanted from the Mets and package of Hughes , Coke and a bunch of "and's" and IF"S they may even take Melky or Brett .

I do think the jays will deal within if the price is right. at this point the Yankee s would need to really place the magic on Toronto they need to consult with Stick Michael on this one. Looking at what the they wanted from the Mets and package of Hughes , Coke and a bunch of "and's" and IF"S they may even take Melky or Brett .

Forget Halladay, yes he's an answer for many clubs issues but the balance that this team has should not be disrupted by over paying on talent from the 25 man roster. Handing over Hughes and Joba who have 10/12 years of service at a high level would be the wrong deal. The Yanks have to replace a 5th starter, Wang's performance as of this year, not the Wang of old. Try within if not get a serviceable starter. They will be out there and cheaper. The team chemistry will remain and development of the 40 man roster will not be hindered. (IMHO)

So Sergio Mitre gets the start tonight. I am really not expecting to much out of this guy. If he is capable of giving us a few good starts I would be happy. But the Yanks really need to find a more reliable pitcher to trade for now that it appears Wang could be out longer and may not even come back this year.

But a little background on Mitre.....He throws mainly fastballs around 90MPH, his 2nd pitch is a Change at about 83 MPH. He can also throw a Curve and Slider but he doesn't throw them very often.

He needs to locate in order to be successful since he doesn't have a very good strike out pitch.

His best season was in 2007 when he played for the Marlins. He was off to a great season posting a 1.12 ERA in May but began fighting injuries to his finger (blister) and an injured hamstring. The following season he required Tommy John.

Lets see what the kid has got. He is still only 28 so maybe he can put up some solid numbers the rest of the season. Adjusting to big league hitting as he continues to make starts may be his toughest obstacle.

Mitre's numbers are horrible. This could be a disaster in the making tonight.
I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I'm not expecting much.

He has to do well. If he doesn't the alternative to him for the 5th spot in the rotation is.........


I hope that I didn't make any of you sick just now.

Larry there is no "within " star at this point. While I'll agree to keep Joba I would trade off Hughes if that means bringing in Roy who happens to be AJ's mentor then your gamble is only WANG. and if somebody said well do you keep Austin or Montero the answer is Montero . It's not like you trading Hughes for jason schmidt you would be trading him for possibly the best pitcher in the game

How about a package of Chamberlain, Melky, Austin, and a
2 maybe 3 mid-level minor leaguers for Halladay and RIOS?

good deal just erase Joba. add Hughes . Joba has more upside

Bx Bomber: I believe the Yanks do not need Halladay. He would be great to have but when is enough , enough. I like watching the young guys get the opt. especially with the club that we have. We'll see i just don't think the Yanks go for him with the payroll considerations and the economy affects.

You've been blowing Hot and Cold on Chamberlain. Are you
saying he is now an Untouchable in your estimation?

BB: You're basing this upside on what exactly? Truth be told that if you look at their history, make-up, accomplishments, and expectations, then it's Hughes with the greater upside.

ST - at the end of the day you KNOW Joba is a great RP he decent as a SP so there is your upside.

Larry -

The Yankee OF next season and beyond may be a Internal process. Like I stated you would not be trading Hughes or Joba for scrap heap you be trading them for one of if not the BEST in the game that can anchor your rotation for many years.

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