Sergio Mitre to the rescue

Okay, so maybe a little overly dramatic but Mitre's first start in almost two years was anything but a disaster.

Mitre went 5 2/3 innings, allowing eight hits and four runs -- three earned -- while striking out four and walking one, pitching the Yankees into sole possession of first for the first time since the morning of June 9. He threw 91 pitches, 57 for strikes and showed, at times, a very good sinker. He was far from perfect but for the fifth starter, not bad at all.

"I thought he did a nice job, he threw a lot of strikes," said Joe Girardi, who managed Mitre in Florida in 2006. "He worked quickly, he almost got through six, so I was happy with his performance."

“Extremely,” Mitre said, asked how satisfying it was to get a victory after having not started a major league game since Sept. 15, 2007. “It’s been a long way back. Been out for a year, a little bit over a year. A little bit too excited today, but I was able to stay under control, throw strikes early in the count."

“He pitched well,” Derek Jeter said. “He went out there and did exactly what we needed him to do. Threw strikes, worked quick, got a lot of groundballs.”

Mitre will take the ball again in five days and, presumably, a few more times after that. He said he feels bad for Wang but this, the big leagues, is also where he feels he belongs.

“It’s unfortunate that I’m here because of that, he’s a great pitcher,” Mitre said of Wang. “[But] I don’t look at myself like I’m here to fill in. I know I can pitch here so hopefully I’ll get the ball every fifth day, show that I belong here and stay healthy first and win some games.”

A couple of other things, courtesy of the postgame notes:

* Of Alex Rodriguez's 54 RBI this season, 30 have either tied the game or given the Yankees the lead.

* Mariano Rivera has converted his last 39 save chances at home since August 2007. He's converted 23 straight save opportunities, which ties him with Detroit's Fernando Rodney for the longest streak this season in the Majors, according to Elias.

* Damaso Marte threw one inning for Scranton tonight, allowing two hits and a run in a 2-1 victory at Columbus.

Back tomorrow afternoon as A.J. Burnett (8-4, 3.81) takes on Jason Berken (1-7, 6.44).

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Give the kid credit and throw him out there in 5 days. He maybe our Mel Stollemyer of 2009. If he can develope thats great.


Mel Stottlemyre, was a great pitcher. He was the Yanks #1 pitcher for like 5 years. I think that is a tough comparison for a kid who doesn’t have the talent that Mel had. I would hope that he is more like the Aaron Small or Shawn Chacon of this year.


You are right. Mel won 20 games 3 times and 15 or more games 4 times. The guy was a very good pitcher on some very bad teams. He won 164 games and had a lifetime ERA of 2.97. If he was on the great Yank lee teams of the 50's, he would have easily won over 200 or more games. There is no way you can compare a Mitre to Mel. It is a joke to bring them up in the same conversation. Also Mel was a highly touted prospect where Mitre is just a throw in 5th starter that you hope keeps you in a game. I am sorry Larry but you are way off on that comparison.

It would be great if we can get these kind of outings out of Mitre for the rest of the season but the Yanks still need another starter if Wang does not come back.

Joba is almost at 100 innings on the season. By the end of August he should be around 130 innings and should probably be moved to the bullpen.

Do they stretch out Alfredo and let him be the #4 starter?

Do they stretch out Hughes again after how well he has been doing in the 8th?

Do they make a waiver trade?

Sign Tom Glavine?

I have not a clue what they will do. But if Hughes is pitching lights out in the 8th there is no way you move him back to being a starter. Having Hughes and Joba in that bullpen come the playoffs would certainly make for one of the best bullpens in the majors.

Mike and Dave; I appreciate the comments. I guess a comparison would be referenced from my comment. It was an attempt at a young guy coming to the rescue of a big club. You may never know if Mitre does develope to something special unless the opt. is given.

He won last night and appeared to have some control over what he was doing. Thou, I did feel lack of knowledge of his pitching may have added to his better than expected performance.


Thanks for the great stats about Mel. My father in law still talks about how good Mel was in the 64 series against the Cardinals as rookie who was called up in August. He pitched three times in that series all against Bob Gibson. He was a tough competitor.

Mitre had one mediocre outing as far as I'm concerned so I'm not ready to say he is the answer for the fifth spot in the rotation. The fact is Andy is still shaky and inconsistent and the back end of the rotation needs to be stabilized. This is where Wang is so important- the Yankees need that guy to return to form and good health ASAP.

If I were the Yankees, I'd make a run at Cliff Lee. They will have to give up too much for Halladay, but if they could get Lee, he would be a really nice fit for them.

I say no to Tom Glavine or stretching out Aceves- Glavine is toast and Aceves is too valuable in the bullpen.

Can you folks imagine if the Yankees had been able to play just .500 ball against Boston this season? Jeez....that is what they need to fix right there, they need to win those head to head match ups not only for the sake of the standings but for their psyche as well.


I wasn't trying to beat you up over your comparison at all. I hope Mitre can be a savior, but I don't think his career will ever end up like Mel's. Of course it would be great for the Yanks if it did. Haha


The Yanks have to stay away from Glavine. How about Vicente Padilla from Texas? They were willing to put him on waivers and maybe eat some of his salary. I am not a huge fan of his but he is a better option than Glavine.

Ah yes, Cliff Lee. The guy that several posters repeatedly
told me was NOT available. Lee's a top SP, but the price may
just be too high. I still say fill out the back end of the rotation
with KC's Bannister, and try and get Teahen at the same time.
Our corner OF defense continues to be an area of concern.
Damon is quickly becoming more of a DH, than a position
player, and Swisher is an adventure out in RF. This is a big
reason we have so much trouble with the Angels. They go
1st to 3rd, and 2nd to home on our OF'ers like nobody's

Ah yes, ST is going to remind everyone that he could possibly be right about something that he predicted. Hmm I wonder when was the last time that ST mentioned when one of his predictions were wrong. Can anyone guess?

Larry's version of Stottlemyre's name gave me a good chuckle. It reminded me of my father's inability to pronounce anyone's name correctly. I think it must be a Brooklyn dad had some good ones:

Phil Simms: Phil Smits
Bill Parcells: Bill Purcel
Cal Ripken- "that Ripson kid"
Ed Figeuroa- Ed Figaro
Chris Chambliss- Chris Chambles

and many others. Of course with that Brooklyn accent he mangled many more words, not just names.
Toilet = Turlit

I love it! Thanks Larry!

Jim A,

Brooklyn accents are gold! I'll nevah lose mine.

Nice job by Mitre. However, there's a problem looming over the horizon when Joba reaches his innings limit. You all know that he'll be moved to the pen and Girardi wants to keep Hughes out there as well because it will take too long to stretch him out. Cashman may be forced to look outside the organization for help. He can approach the Tribe about Lee, go out and look for bullpen help and put Aceves in the rotation, or promote, drum roll please,...
kei Igawa.

Pass the Pepto, GULP.

Stott was a great SP, and in the mid to late 60's all we
really had was him and Roy White. 2 great players with a
lotta class, amid a bunch Horace Clark's.

Don't forget Bobby Murcer, ST.


Horace Clarke was really a decent player. He was a great fielder and an average hitter for a second baseman. At the time that he played, he could have started for several teams.

Yer right about Murcer, and we got Bonds for him straight up,
and later got Figgy and Mick The Quick for Bonds, so he gets
bonus points, though he doesn't need em. As for Clarke, yea
he was decent, but ya give me a team full of Horace Clarke's,
ya got the "68" Yanks.


That's true. That's what happens when a big company like CBS buys a team and tries to run it like a business. Thank god for George Steinbrenner.

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