Today's lineup

Jeter ss
Damon lf
Teixeira 1b
A-Rod 3b
Matsui dh
Posada c
Cano 2b
Swisher rf
Gardner cf

Comments (7)

Thank you Joe, for not starting Melky. This kid has been terrible at the plate the last two months. Hopefully Gardner can get hot and light a bit of a fire under him.

What does Hinske have to do start over Swisher? Hit two homers a game?

Holy Mackerel!
Why is Posada playing AGAIN! Why do we have a back up catcher?
Why is Damon playing over Melky at least Melky can field?
Why is Hinske sitting over Mr. .235?
When does Jeter or Cano get a day off?
Do not be fooled by the wins against mediocre teams this is not a good ball club and sadly will be exposed against the Devil Dogs and the Red Sox.

Rumors are beginning to surface that the Yanks are
looking into the cost of the A's Holliday. Cashman may be
trying to Rent Holliday, while everyone else is preoccupied
with The Doc and Lee. I hope he is using the same MO
regarding Bannister.

why are you people complaining so much when we have won 5 in a row and 19 of 24? Let GI Joe do his job!

Boston just traded for Roy Halladay, and signed Adam Laroche today as well. Great moves there.

Nothing on the MLB Network or Boston's Home Channel\ESPN
regarding Halladay. Getting LaRoche is a good move for them.
Getting knocked outta 1st Place has brought the Red Sox Trolls
outta the wood work.

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