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July 30, 2011

LeBron, D-Wade fall out of top 10 most marketable NBA players; Dirk tops Nielsen list


The nationwide disdain directed toward the Miami Heat as they lost the NBA Finals led to a steep decline in the endorsement potential of their biggest stars.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have fallen out of the top 10 most marketable NBA players since the Finals, according to a Nieslen/E-Poll. Dirk Nowitzki, who led the Dallas Mavericks to the championship to the delight of most fans outside of South Florida, ascended to the title of most marketable man in basketball with an N-Score of 132.

The N-Score measures name and image awareness, appeal and personality attributes such as sincerity, approachability, experience and influence, both at the national and local levels.

James’ N-Score plummeted from 131 to 26, while Wade’s dropped from 117 to 34.

“The extreme N-Score declines of LeBron and Dwyane Wade demonstrate that endorsement potential is about much more than consumer awareness,” said Stephen Master, vice president at Nielsen Sports. “From endorsement superstars to being knocked off the top 10 list, they’ve learned the hard way the importance of public perception and appeal.

“After that whole Game 6 press conference, do you think companies are going to be lining up to do business with LeBron James? Probably not.”

That is not to say consumer sentiment is irrevocably cast. Kobe Bryant has regained some of the key endorsements he lost while facing allegations of sexual assault since charges were dismissed, and now ranks second to Nowitzki with an N-Score of 83.

Top 10 Most Marketable NBA Players
RANK Player Team Current N-Score
1 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks 132
2 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 83
3 Steve Nash Phoenix Suns 68
4 Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics 65
5 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs 51
6 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks 47
7 Grant Hill Phoenix Suns 41
8 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls 41
9 Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers 40
10 Vince Carter Phoenix Suns 38
Source: Nielsen / E-Poll N-Score

Dolphins off the charts

Nielsen announced its top 10 most marketable NFL players this spring with Peyton Manning topping the list by a wide margin with an N-Score of 262 over Drew Brees’ 166.

Not surprisingly, current Miami Dolphins ranked low in recognition and appeal. Mather said players such as Ricky Williams, Jake Long and Brandon Marshall registered little recognition even in South Florida.

New Dolphin Reggie Bush carries much higher awareness, but his marketability has taken a hit through several years of tabloid headlines and the scandal regarding improper benefits during his college career at Southern California.

“His latest score had a lot more negative. His negative appeal went from 10 to 12 percent [early in his career] to 25 percent,” Mather said of Bush. But, “Reggie Bush’s national score was higher than just about any [Dolphin’s] local score, which is hard to do.”

Nielsen sells information about marketability ratings to companies considering signing athletes and celebrities to endorsement deals, Mather said.

E-Poll maintains a national online panel of 250,000 people age 13 and up. Each individual N-score National survey is administered to 1,100 people within that panel via the Internet. The sample is representative of the general population based on gender, income, age, and education.

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July 26, 2011

Miami Dolphins toil in No. 4 hottest NFL training camp

With the Dolphins beginning training camp Thursday, they already rank among the league leaders in one dubious category.

According to The Weather Channel, the Dolphins are No. 4 on the list of the 10 Hottest NFL Training Camps. That was one spot behind Tampa Bay and one ahead of Jacksonville as all of the state’s teams made the list.


The Saints’ camp in Metaire, La., ranked second, leaving the Texans’ camp in Houston the most miserably hot by a wide margin, according to The Weather Channel.

The list was created to draw attention to concerns about keeping players hydrated during a summer of record-breaking heat and drought throughout the country. Meteorologists for The Weather Channel devised the list based on average August temperatures, high temperatures and the number of 90-degree days at all of the NFL training camps.

It was 10 years ago that Vikings lineman Korey Stringer died from complications brought on by heat stroke during Vikings training camp at Mankato, Minn., on an August day with the heat index near 110 degrees. A few days earlier, University of Florida freshman Eraste Austin died after collapsing from heat stroke.

Vikings camp did not make the top 10 list.

Tampa Bay ranked as the wettest training camp, with the Dolphins also near the top in that category. Tight end Anthony Fasano, pictured during 2010 training camp, can attest to the rigors of training in South Florida. But the Dolphins can get relief from the heat and rain by practicing in their air-conditioned practice dome.

Texans camp ranked No. 1 in all three categories that were considered. Temperatures there sometimes push into triple digits, and there isn’t nearly as much rain to cool temperatures as in Florida.

The Weather Channel report pointed out that the Texans actually have a weatherman on their roster. Tight end Owen Daniels graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science.

Here’s the list:

1. Houston Texans
2. New Orleans Saints
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4. Miami Dolphins
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
6. St. Louis Rams
7. Tennessee Titans
8. Carolina Panthers
9. Kansas City Chiefs
10. Atlanta Falcons

Analysis and reasoning behind the top 10 can be found at The Weather Channel.

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Florida Panthers to convert sedats to red in lower bowl at BankAtlantic Center


Panthers fans will not only be seeing red on the ice this year. The team is extending the renewed emphasis on red to the décor at BankAtlantic Center.

When the Panthers debut their new red jerseys at the home opener Oct. 15 they will match the 8,689 seats in the lower bowl, which are being converted to red as well. The change is part of the We See Red campaign launched earlier this summer.

The Panthers made the switch to red as the primary uniform color to reconnect with the early success of the franchise and to project a more aggressive, passionate attitude. Perhaps it is those more passive green seats (above) that are to blame for the decade-long playoff drought.

All the lower bowl seats will also bear the logo of Zimmerman Advertising, which created the campaign as part of a multi-year marketing partnership with the Panthers.

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Football fans can change channel, pop open beer with one handy device - fight off zombies too


The end of the NFL lockout means that fans will soon be able to get back to the basics of enjoying games on television.

One enterprising company wasted no time offering to lend a hand. About the time NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith was confirming the players’ acceptance of the deal early Monday afternoon promotional material was going out touting a dual-purpose gadget to celebrate the return of football.

The Clicker eliminates the problem of misplaced bottle openers – provided you don’t lose track of the TV remote. Both are combined in one handy device: a universal remote that can control up to eight components with a sturdy opener built in to pop the top on your favorite beverage. It can be purchased online for $20 at

The device has been around since last football season. David Dignam, a contractor and structural engineer in Wisconsin conceived the idea for the Clicker while returning home from a Thanksgiving weekend football binge with some buddies. Dignam, from Ireland, studied civil engineering at University College Dublin, where he presumably developed an appreciation for a reliable bottle opener on game days.

The Clicker has received favorable reviews for quality and utility. It comes with 800 device codes programed for controlling TV, DVD player, cable box, DVR, satellite, CD and AMP, and also supports twin view and picture-in-picture. gave it a resounding thumbs-up, stating: “Did we also mention it’s a bottle opener and hefty enough to bash zombies in the head?”


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July 25, 2011

Miami Dolphins to reinstate salaries, return wages lost in lockout

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said Monday that with the end of the lockout all employee compensation would return to normal levels effective immediately.

In addition, the team will reimburse employees for all pay that was withheld during the lockout, Dee said.

Dolphins employees, from support staff to coaches and front office, reportedly had salaries cut 10 to 20 percent effective May 15, with steeper cuts for higher paid staff members. Lagging ticket sales due to the lockout were cited as the reason for the cuts.

Other teams acted Monday to restore wages lost during the lockout, including the New York Jets, who delivered checks to employees' desks while the staff was assembled in an auditorium for an organizational meeting.

The Bills and Falcons were among other teams reportedly taking action to the return lost compensation. The trend would suggest that teams made out satisfactorily in the new collective bargaining agreement.

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Abby Wambach to sign autographs Tuesday at Macy's in Boca Raton

Abby Wambach, an offensive catalyst of the U.S. women’s World Cup team, will sign autographs during a meet-and-greet session Tuesday in Boca Raton.

The first 200 fans will receive autographs beginning at 2 p.m. on the second floor of Macy’s at the Boca Town Center Mall, 5700 W. Glades Road.

Wambach plays for magicJack of the Women’s Professional Soccer League, which plays its home games at Florida Atlantic University Soccer Complex, also off Glades Road. She was named last week as player/coach for the remainder of the season.

Wambach and several other members of the U.S. team will play their first home game since the World Cup on Wednesday against Sky Blue FC.

Wambach, 31, was a two-time Southeastern Conference Player of the Year at the University of Florida and led the Gators to the NCAA Final Four as a senior. She ranks third all-time in scoring for the national team with 122 goals.

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July 22, 2011

Nick Arison looks like heir apparent to Pat Riley as Heat president

The Miami Heat’s big personnel move of the summer didn’t come with the fanfare of last July’s Big Three.

No introduction amid a cloud of smoke, no pep rally, no grandiose pronouncements.

Nick Arison, named Friday at chief executive officer to oversee the day-to-day operation of the Heat, isn’t even doing interviews beyond the statement issued by the team, a spokesman said.
Like father, like son. Micky Arison, team owner and managing general partner, is media shy in the extreme, the anti-Mark Cuban. The CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines, he prefers to assemble a good crew and let them run the ship.

Nick Arison, 30, appears to be following his dad’s example in operating under the rader. That is not to say this is an insignificant move by the Heat. Nor is it unexpected.

The younger Arison has been groomed for leadership of the franchise since he graduated from Duke, where he was team manager of the Blue Devils basketball team under Mike Krzyzewski for four years.

Since being named vice president of basketball operations in 2008, he has been working under the hand of another legend, Pat Riley. He has done considerably more than fetch coffee.
Notably, Arison was actively involved in recruiting LeBron James and Chris Bosh during the 2010 free-agent sweepstakes.

The seeds of those relationships were likely planted while Arison was on the support staff of USA Basketball under Krzyzewski for the 2006 World Championships. James, Bosh and Dwyane Wade all played on that team, and it has been cited as the genesis for the Big Three ultimately coming together in Miami.

In his new role, Arison will report directly to Micky Arison. But make no mistake about who will continue to call the shots that guide the team on the court.

“As far as the decision-making process goes concerning coaches, training staff and players, that will remain my responsibility as it has the last 16 years,” Riley said. “Over the years, we as a front office have always come to a consensus, along with Micky and Nick, on personnel moves and Nick has played a major role in those transactions. I will continue to support Nick in all ways possible.”

That is status quo for now. But Riley is 66.

Nick Arison started out as a team attendant. He has followed a comprehensive progression through community affairs, sales, marketing and helping convene the Big Three for that now-infamous unveiling party a year ago.

Clearly his next step is to into the Heat president's office. What remains to be seen is when Riley will elect to pass the torch.

When that happens, the logical move will be to bring in someone in a role as general manager to direct the basketball operations, a position that doesn’t exist under Riley.

Friday’s announcement doesn’t come with any predictions of championships aplenty, but it does bring into clearer focus the future of the Heat from the top down.

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July 20, 2011

Super Bowl advertising fails to reflect diversity of audience, study shows

Super Bowl television commercials, and the advertising agencies producing them, remain out of step with the diversity of the audience for the nation’s most popular sporting event, according to a study released Wednesday at the University of Central Florida.

White men continue to dominate advertising agencies, and the lack of women and persons of color as creative directors in Madison Avenue agencies is reflected in the commercials that aired during Super Bowl XLV, according to the study by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

In addition to the continuing use of gratuitous sexual content, this year’s ads managed to depict some women in an antagonistic manner featuring a number of ads portraying men attempting to appease their overbearing girlfriends, TIDES reported. There was also a lack of people of color featured as main characters in the advertisements. Of the 66 ads, only eight featured a person of color in the lead role.

According to Nielsen demographic data, there were 12.5 million African-American viewers and 10 million Latino viewers of the 2011 Super Bowl, up from 11.2 million and 8.3 million, respectively, in 2010. Also, there were 51.2 million female viewers, up from 48.5 million female viewers in 2010.

Meanwhile, TIDES found that only four Super Bowl ads had a person of color as creative director. That was an improvement from zero in 2010. The gender breakdown of creative directors remained the same from last year at 94 percent male, 6 percent female.

“This year’s Super Bowl study continues to underline that there is so much room for improvement in the hiring of women and people of color as creative directors in Madison Avenue agencies,” said Dr. Richard Lapchick, director of TIDES and principal author of the study. “It is heartening to see that there has been an increase in the number of people of color who are creative directors in this year’s Super Bowl ads. However, there was no change in the number of women who are creative directors.

“These ads also show that having a woman or a person of color as the creative director does not guarantee that the content will be free of stereotypes and negative images. Nonetheless, the record shows that it is likely to be an improvement in the content in both racial and gender images if there is a woman or person of color in charge.”

The study flagged the five most offensive ads: Groupon’s “Tibet,” Teleflora’s “Faith Hill,” Sketchers’ “Kim Kardashian,” GoDaddy’s “Danica Patrick” and Pepsi’s “Can Thrower.” Following criticism of its Super Bowl ads, Groupon severed ties with advertising agency CP&B earlier this year.

Ads from recent Super Bowls can be viewed at

This was the second year that Lapchick and a team of graduate students conducted the study at the request of the Madison Avenue Project, an initiative of Mehri & Skalet, PLLC, and the NAACP. In 2009, the Madison Avenue Project uncovered a decades-long pattern of racial discrimination in New York City’s major advertising agencies.

“Despite the overwhelming diversity of Super Bowl viewers, the advertising industry continues to turn a blind eye to both creative and on-camera diversity. The 2011 report illustrates the glacial pace of equal opportunity in advertising,” said Kim Keenan, general counsel for the NAACP.

The study will be posted at TIDES also issues annual report cards on racial and gender diversity in professional and college sports. The group recently gave the NBA the highest mark on diversity among men’s professional leagues.


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July 19, 2011

Florida Marlins offer All You Can Eat tickets at Friday's Mets game

I’ve often noticed at Marlins games that many fans are more focused on loading up at the concessions stands than following the action on the field.

Not sure if it’s like that at other major league parks or if it’s a reflection on the Marlins or South Florida Short Attention Span Sports Theater. Or all of the above.

There is a promotion for the Marlins’ game against the Mets on Friday that may appeal to those more inclined to munch than cheer. All You Can Eat Seats in sections 212-215 provide unlimited access to a buffet of Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts and fountain soda from the time gates open until two hours after the first pitch.

This is a recurring promotion offered on the final Friday home game of each month. Others remaining after this week are Aug. 12 against the Giants and Sept. 2 against the Phillies.

The seats are in the club level of the power (eating) alley in left field. The buffet is in the air-conditioned interior of the club level. All You Can Eat Seats are $47 in advance, $52 on game day.

Another notable promotion during this week’s Marlins homestand is 790 Infield Box Blowout for Wednesday’s game against the Padres. Infield box seats can be purchased for $7.90, a saving of $35 off the game day price. The offer also stands for remaining Wednesday games on Aug. 10 against the Braves and Sept. 7 against the Mets.

Purchase in advance at by entering the promotional code 790. They can also be obtained at the stadium box office on game days by presenting the Sports Talk $7.90 Infield Box Blowout coupon, available at WAXY studios at 20450 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, or at most 790 The Ticket and Marlins events.

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Hope Solo featured in bittersweet Sports Illustrated cover story about women's World Cup


Hope Solo, goalkeeper of the U.S. World Cup team, will be the first women’s soccer player on the cover of Sports Illustrated in eight years when this week’s edition hits the newsstands Wednesday.

It is a bittersweet distinction as a somber Solo stares out above the headline “Heart and Heartbreak.” The story details the emotional rollercoaster of Team USA’s stirring run to the Cup Finals, from the improbable comeback against Brazil to the stunning defeat against Japan.

Solo is one of six members of the U.S. team who play for the magicJack, a Boca Raton-based club in the Women’s Professional Soccer league. The group, including Cup standouts Abby Wambach and Christine Rampone, will return this week to the magicJack, which plays their next home game July 27 at FAU Soccer Stadium.

The last women’s soccer player to grace a cover of Sports Illustrated was Mia Hamm on Sept. 22, 2003, under the heading, “The Reluctant Superstar.”

This week’s cover wasn’t what Solo and her teammates envisioned as they twice protected leads Sunday that would have given the U.S. women their third World Cup.

The story quotes midfielder Carli Lloyd: “I’m kind of in shock. I had no doubt [about winning]. When we went up a goal in regulation time, I’m like O.K., we’ve got 10 more minutes I knew we’d close it out. Then we score in overtime and I’m like O.K, we’ve got five minutes left. Then they equalize again. Even when we were stepping up taking penalty kicks, we’re like, We’ve got this. Maybe it just wasn’t our time.”

Where does the defeat leave women’s soccer in the United States?

Rick Chandler of offered the opinion that the minimal criticism in the wake of the U.S. Cup collapse is evidence that women’s sports haven’t attained equality with men’s, or at least aren’t viewed with the same importance. Chandler mused about the reaction a similar failure by a men’s basketball team led by LeBron James would receive:

“Can you imagine the dump truck-load of grief he and his teammates would receive in the media? For one thing, he wouldn’t be allowed back into this country, except disguised as a woman (imagine the confusion in the TSA pat-down line). The smoke and heat from all the LeBron jerseys being burned would melt the polar ice cap, resulting in catastrophic flooding.”

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Michael Jordan dunks at Charlotte Bobcats fantasy camp with ease at 48

Who is the most athletic owner in sports?

Michael Jordan showed it’s not even a debate as he provided an emphatic answer to a question about whether he can still dunk Monday during a fantasy camp for Charlotte Bobcats season-ticket holders.

Jordan made it look easy as he rose to the occasion for a smooth-as-silk right-hand jam.
Was there any doubt? So what that he is 48 with worn-out knees. He’s still His Airness.

Thanks to M.J., Bobcats’ fantasy camps may be more entertaining than their games. The account of his antics at Monday’s camp at is the most entertaining item to be found on any NBA website with all references to current players removed during the lockout.

Rest assured no South Florida owner will be dazzling fantasy campers any time soon. Stephen Ross (Dolphins), Jeffrey Loria (Marlins), Micky Arison (Heat) and Cliff Viner (Panthers) would all need a step ladder to throw one down.

And which of those four ranks among the 15 richest owners in sports? That’s as easy as the answer Jordon provided Monday. Arison was No. 7 on this year’s list compiled by Forbes Magazine. Arison was second among Americans on the list behind Paul Allen (Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trailblazers), who was fifth overall.

Here’s more evidence that the United States is losing its hold on the sports world: Only three Americans rank among the 10 richest owners; there are three Russians as well as one from the Ukraine. Five of the top 10 own soccer teams.

No. 1 is India’s Mukesh Ambani, who owns the Indians – the Mumbai Indians, that is, a cricket team. He’s worth $27 billion, according to Forbes. Arison’s net worth is estimated at $5.9 billion.


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July 10, 2011

Fan who returned Jeter's 3,000th hit ball gets mixed reviews

Reaction to the fan returning Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit ball provides revealing commentary on the perspective of our increasingly cynical society.

While many applaud Christian Lopez as the embodiment of a true fan for not seeking to cash in, the All-About-the-Benjamins crowd on the Internet is trashing him as stupid or worse.

Blok-TV blogger Heaven Hollywood dubbed Lopez “Blok head of the day.” Rapper Jay-Z, who was at the game and captured the moment on video, said in a TV interview: "He's crazy, but OK, better man than me."

The ball Jeter drove into the left-field bleachers in Yankee Stadium for his milestone hit Saturday was estimated to be worth at least $100,000, perhaps considerably more on the memorabilia market.

The same week that a fan in Texas gave his life is pursuit of a souvenir ball, Lopez fought to get it and didn’t hesitate in giving it to Jeter. The Yankees rewarded the 23-year-old cellphone salesman with seats behind home plate Sunday and suite tickets for the rest of the season as well as bats, balls and jerseys signed by Jeter.

Lopez’s choice was life imitating the old MasterCard ad campaign. Having your picture taken with your sports idol: Priceless.

Opinions from the cheap seats range from, he lived up to the spirit of his first name, to idiotic move.

In recent years every milestone hit and home run has been viewed by fans as a winning lottery ticket. Barry Bonds’ record-breaking 756th home run ball sold for more than $750,000.

Lopez’s throwback gesture was a throwback to another era. Another Yankee fan, Sal Durante, had the same impulse after catching Roger Maris’ 61st home run in 1961. Maris wouldn’t accept the ball, told Durante to cash in, and even helped broker the sale for $5,000.

Should Jeter have offered more than a grip and grin?

Getting hit No. 3,000 on a home run while going 5-for-5 and driving in the winning run will endure as an iconic baseball moment like Reggie’s three-homer game in the World Series and Ripken passing Gehrig.

It cements Jeter’s legendary status and further boosts marketing appeal that needed no help. Jeter is already baseball’s endorsement leader at about $10 million a year. Earlier this year a Sienna College poll revealed him to be New York’s all-time favorite athlete. Jeter can push his earnings as high he wants.

Does it always have to be about the Benjamins? Seems that’s how we keep score now, while feel-good stories are fun but few.

Michael Vick’s new Nike deal is proof that redemption can be measured in endorsement dollars.

Rory McIlroy’s runaway win at the U.S. Open prompted estimates the Northern Ireland pro could match Tiger Woods’ $1 billion in career earnings. McIlroy has won one major, Woods 14, but a repeat performance this week in the British Open would only heighten McIlroy Madness.

Meanwhile, Dirk Nowitzki, the summer’s other sports marketing darling, has shunned the flood of offers that have followed his MVP performance in the NBA Finals, telling the German publication Spiegel, “I am satisfied with what I have.”

Good for Dirk, and good for Lopez.

The Yankee fan may yet cash in if he’s patient. Those items Jeter signed for him could eventually be worth more than the 3,000th hit ball. Meanwhile, he has secured his place in Yankee lore.

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July 1, 2011

Panthers offer lots of fireworks - with free-agent signings and July 4 celebration


There were plenty of fireworks emanating from Florida Panthers headquarters Friday on the first day of the free agency period.

GM Dale Tallon addressed all three areas of the ice by signing veteran goalie Jose Theodore, forwards Scottie Upshall and Marcel Goc and bringing back former Panthers defenseman Ed Jovanovski (pictured at left).

Should add to the festive mood at Monday’s July 4 celebration in the parking lot of the BankAtlantic Center. Sunrise Sports & Entertainment is joining with the city of Sunrise in the free community event outside the arena where the Panthers hope to make more noise than they have in years.

The celebration is from 5-10 p.m., featuring live music, food vendors and family fun zone activities. The Gin Blossoms will play at 6 p.m. Fireworks show is at 9. Lawn chairs and umbrellas are permitted in the parking area.

Good chance to gather and discuss the Panthers flurry of acquisitions. Though none of Friday’s signings are stars in their prime, the moves mark a long-overdue departure from reliance on the potential of youth that too often didn’t pan out.

Jovanovski, at 35, is no longer the player that earned five All-Star selections, but Tallon is banking on him having enough left in the tank to justify a four-year contract. Jovo, part of the Panthers’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1996, will join with newly acquired Brian Campbell to provide the top defense combo missing through the long playoff drought.

Theodore, 34, is a former Vezina and Hart Trophy winner, and at this stage of his career a wash for Tomas Vokoun walking away.

Question will be, did Tallon overpay for these guys or will the Panthers finally send out a gritty veteran cast not seen since Jovanovski was a youngster.

For now, the realization that they will not be the same old Panthers is worth a cascade of fireworks.

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Beware the bigger beer illusion at the ballpark

You’ve made the trek to the concession stand at the ballgame, stood in line and are thinking you might as well get the large beer.

Is that a good idea? Maybe not so much.

This video report from The Young Turks Network demonstrates that there is little difference between the different sizes of beer served in major league ballparks except the price.

A fan at the Oakland Coliseum poured a $5 beer into an $8 cup and it nearly reached the brim.
The video compared the three sizes of beer at Dodger Stadium and found that the difference in volume doesn’t match the increase in price. The price per ounce of the small was $.33, compared to $.44 for the regular and $.39 for the large.

Better off buying a couple smalls.


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