Give each manager two challenges per game...


A lot has been made of the use of instant replay in baseball this season. I think it’s good to determine whether it’s a home run or not. As for plays at first base or pitch calls, that can’t happen, those have to be spontaneous. Instant replays on home runs are already taking five to seven minutes. Everyone is waiting and waiting and it delays the game. You don’t want to take away too much from the umpires, but the most important thing is getting it right. What I’d like to see happen is to have what head coaches have in the NFL – give each manager two challenges per game to help determine the right call. This way everything isn’t reviewed and time is not wasted all throughout the game. Managers would have to pick their spots. But overall, I do think the replay is good in terms of the home run.

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Hi Gary,

First, it's great seeing you in the coaches box and as manager at the Ducks' games this season (I'm a season ticket holder). Who knows, perhaps one day you'll step into the manager's shoes at Citi Field. Welcome back to NY.

Being more of a traditionalist, I have never liked instant replay in any sport, including football (I even dislike the "ball spotter" equipment used at tennis tournaments to determine whether or not a ball is in play). It's bad enough professional sports are slowed down tremendously with all the media time-outs (whether it be TV or radio), but having instant replay only adds to these delays. Referees and umpires are only human and they do make mistakes ... that has always been a part of the game and should be restored to the way things were originally designed in the old days.

And while I'm on the subject of the old days, let's do away with the designated hitter, interleague play (which should ONLY be reserved for championship series'), and regular season overtime (in hockey and football). If the game is tied after regulation play, then leave it as a tie. Reserve OT for playoffs when a winner has to be determined.

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