You better run out everything....


We saw a couple of instances recently when the Mets weren't running out the ball. I was asked in the comment section what I thought of Fernando Martinez, a rookie, not running when he popped up in a game against Washington.

I had Fernando in 2006 and he’s a good kid. I think what happened was obviously a mistake. He played hard for me. But whether it’s Fernando or with anyone, if you’re given the gift to play in the majors, you better run out everything. The one time that happened in my career, I hit a shallow ball into center field and I didn’t run hard in Bill Virdon’s eyes and he benched me. It was in 1982 and I learned my lesson. Actually it started way before in the minors. If we didn’t run hard or hustle to our positions or hustle after a walk, we would have to run extra and that definitely stayed with me.

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Gary great post. It's happened a lot with the Mets. I haven't watched many games but I can already mention

1) Beltran doesn't slide
2) Beltran doesn't slide again
3) Reyes doesn't slide
4) Wright stares at a ball thinking its a homer, against the Marlins on 4/27. He had a legitimate chance at an inside the park home run, but instead had an easy standup triple.
5) Reyes does what Wright does and stares at a ball when he hits it. Gets a double instead of a possible triple.
6) Beltran stares at a ball that he hits thinking its a homer. This time it definitely costs them. He jogs to second and then sprints to third. Instead of a man on third, the inning ends.
7) Fernando Martinez hits a popup, its dropped. He's out
8) Veras hits a grounder, doesn't run to first.
9) Beltran for the FOURTH TIME (and I've seen very few games) again doesn't hustle. Strike three goes behind the catcher. Instead of running to first and easily making it, he waits at home for the catcher to get it and gets thrown out.
10) Sheffield jogs around the bases when he thinks Murphy hits a home run. It was a home run but Sheff was called out at home. Only a replay saved him.

Gary, I know you don't want to bash other managers, but would you accept this type of play? Or would you have benched these players. I think once you bench someone, they probably wont do it again. I mean Beltran and Reyes are great, but cant you bench a great player for one game? Wouldn't that send a message?

A lot of people say its good that guys don't run because you don't want them to get injured, and

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