The art of motivation


Question from Shelby: How did each manager you played for motivate you?

When it comes to motivating my own players, I took a little bit from every manager I played for.

Karl Kuehl was my manager in the minors and he was great. He was very caring, but he did yell and scream from time to time. I had Gene Mauch who was known as the "Little General" and everyone was fearful of him and I didn’t like that. I think a manager should be open with his players and players should feel comfortable going up to him. Bill Virdon was a disciplinarian and everyone was treated the same. Felipe Alou knew everything that was going on.

So, I got a little bit from everyone of them. I don’t feel I miss much during the game while I coach third base. Also, you have to give pats on the backs and give credit where credit is due. I also think you need to get on guys who are not hustling. But I think they see me going out, working hard and they want to do the same.

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This is great.

I guess a real major league organization won't have you because you were so arrogant while you were a professional.

Hey everyone -

Who needs more money: Me, for having to coach in the Atlantic League. Or Lenny Dykstra?

Also, who has lost touch with reality more, myself or Lenny? I saw my good 'old friend Lenny on HBO the other night, and I must say, the old chap is sounding pretty good!

Kids, 1986 was fun, but boy, we're all screwed up for it!!!

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