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See Isles third jersey Monday

The Islanders are going to unveil their third jersey on Monday. First to see it will be the members of the Islanders Business Club who attend the meeting scheduled that evening before the Isles meet the Rangers for the first time this season at the Coliseum. Then, the jersey will be displayed for fans during the course of that game.

The first time the Islanders actually wear their new uniforms will be on Saturday, Nov. 1 against Montreal. They will wear them at all subsequent Saturday home games. Including the Canadiens game, there are 13 such dates.

I happened to see the helmet yesterday, and it’s a switch back to the traditional royal blue of the classic Islanders jersey. In the past, I heard the third jersey would be the same as the ones the team wore two seasons ago that had orange numbers. But that might not be the case. The Isles might go all the way back to their roots to wear the original blue jersey with white numerals. That was the “road” jersey way back when. But we’ll have to wait a couple days to find out for sure.

Sean Avery has been acting up

When Dallas visits tonight, Islanders goaltender Rick DiPietro no doubt will get reacquainted with old nemesis Sean Avery, who was rejected by the Rangers and left to sign as a free agent with the Stars. So far on this three-game swing through the metropolitan area, Avery has tried to mess with Rangers goaltenders Steve Valiquette (in warmups) and Henrik Lundqvist (during the game) and Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur, who not only moved him out of the crease a couple times but recorded a 5-0 shutout.

Avery caused a stir in the playoffs last season by facing Brodeur and waving his arms to distract the goaltender, a cheap move that since has been ruled illegal by the NHL. Of course, Islanders fans vilified Avery two seasons ago when he jumped on DiPietro’s head as the goaltender dove on the ice to cover up a loose puck. That resulted in DiPietro’s second concussion in two weeks that season and put him out until the second game of the playoffs. It also is one of the main reasons the Islanders don’t reveal exact injuries.

Asked what he would do if Avery were waving his arms in front of the net, Isles coach Scott Gordon, a former goaltender, said: “At the time, there was no rule against it. That was done in the IHL. Because it was the IHL, it didn’t draw as much attention. All you can do is present it to the referee. As it played out, they thought it wasn’t appropriate. You don’t see as much hacking and whacking by the goaltender now, and the defensemen used to have the ability to clear a guy out and make him pay a price. The NHL took steps to make sure you’re not abusing the situation.”

If it weren’t so costly, it would be fun to see DiPietro take a poke at Avery. A couple years ago, DP was brave enough to throw punches in practice at teammate Arron Asham, a legitimate enforcer. But Gordon naturally wants his goaltender to stay focused on the game.

“The best retribution is winning the game,” Gordon said. “With Ricky getting back in there and having a good game Saturday, I’m sure he wants to play hockey and not worry about the other stuff. Going into it, I think his focus will be on the game against Dallas and not just one player.”

Sim trading places?

Gordon benched left wing Jon Sim for all but one shift in the third period of Saturday’s 2-0 loss in Florida, and Sean Bergenheim since has moved up from the fourth line to skate with center Doug Weight and right wing Bill Guerin on the top line in practice. But Gordon cautioned yesterday not to read too much into that move at this point.

“That’s subject to change,” Gordon said. “Nothing is written in stone there. We could very well have someone else there before the game or during the game. Right now, I’m comfortable with Dougie and Billy playing together, and I think they’re comfortable. It’s just finding the right guy, whether we find that with Bergy or something else, it’s part of the process. If it’s not working, it’s something we have to take a look at.”

Sim is supposed to be the Isles’ Avery-like pest and puck retriever with the occasional goal thrown in for good measure. But he’s off to a bit of a slow start (as are many of the forwards). He’s been skating on the fourth line, but he took the lineup change in stride.

“He’s the coach,” Sim said. “Obviously, we didn’t produce a whole lot in five games, so, he makes the decision to switch the lines. It’s something to change the momentum. He didn’t say my game is bad. It was just one of those things. There wasn’t a lot of chemistry that was building. Change might be good.”

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How long before Guerin and Weight are separated? I know Weight came all the way here to play with his best pal Guerin, but it really hinders each of their production to play together. Bergenheim might be a better fit than Sim for now, but the two aging vets should probably be split.

This team needs to start believing they can score goals. Everyone on the team seems to be afraid to shoot and that is causing many opportunities to go to waste. Can't always look for the perfect backdoor pass and an easy tap in--garbage goals count just as much.

"How long before Guerin and Weight are separated"

Probably 25 games from now when Mark Parrish is ready to take the NHL by storm again.

"On another note... since the Islanders will shed Guerin, Weight, and Comrie's contracts for next season ... Why not overpay and get both Gaborik AND Hossa."

the main reason this won't happen is there's a pretty good chance there won't be a next season for this team. other than the supposed youth movement, they're not thinking passed this year at all.

"Why not overpay and get both Gaborik AND Hossa"

Because good players don't want to be Islanders.

Sad that I agree with Mr. Harbor. Enough with the let's sign this allstar let's sign that allstar nonsense. We are talking about the Islanders, not a fantasy hockey draft.

Hey Duh Harbor:

Real simple question for you....If the Rags are so good and the Isles are so bad why do you waiste your time on our blog?

Here are more simple questions for you:

1) How many cups have you seen? I have seen 4. In your whole life you will not see that.

2) Name me ONE thing the Rags have done lately that has been so special, except poor money down the drain before the cap??

3) Why does DP beat you all the time ??

4) Are you 4 yrs old ?

5) Is the Rags are such a great place to play, why did Jagr and Avery leave ?

6) How many goals does Druury have? What is his pay ?



1) wow

2) draft Dubinsky, Staal and Lundqvist

3) he does?

4) no

5) money

6) 0, 7 million a year

1) I am on some new medicine that will enable me to live to 175 years old. So I have a chance at seeing 4 considering I haven't seen any yet. (See #4)

2) Well we did sign Naslund and Drury, both are snipers in the prime of their careers. So meh.

3) Because we let him.

4) 11 and still awaiting my first Cup.

5) We chose to let Avery go and Jagr too. The MSG is the best place to play and I do not think you will find anyone to agree with you there.

Let's do something cheap and shameless to put fannies in the seats tonight and bring Billy Smith back to play the 1st period (in a retro jersey, of course)

And run an over/under pool on how long before Avery leaves the game with an undisclosed lower torso injury.

"It's an undisclosed lower torso injury to a previously undiscovered part of his lower body" is how the Dallas Press release will read.

Drury is my hero. He is better then all islanders put together. His 0 goals are fine, we can afford to pay someone 7 million to not score goals. Actually I heard we are going to ask Gomez to stop next, because its not needed.

the Rangers are such a loser organization. They won ONE Cup in 68 years, by taking half the Edmonton Oilers, and they act like hockey royalty. It's comical. you havent even been to the finals since 94 yet you act like the Red Wings. Since I'm sure you tools dont want to go back 68 years, lets talk recent history too :

you havent made a finals in 15 years

you made the playoffs the past 3 years . isles made it two of them.

before that, you MISSED the playoffs from 1998-2005 despite having the highest payroll in the sport BY FAR during every one of those seasons - with no salary cap....

your greatest captain ever won 5 cups WITH ANOTHER TEAM!! you actually think he is a Ranger?? what a joke

in the past ten years the rangers have made the playoffs three times, isles have made it 4 times....

so please do me a favor. you guys are a joke, stop acting like hockey royalty. you are one bought edmonton oilers squad from being the chicago cubs....

cant wait for all the jersey ceremonies of your heroes

Graves in '09 (2nd leading scoring #9 in your loser teams history)
Booker in '10
Lowe in '11
McTavish in '12
Tikkanen in '13

OK, Lets bring back the classic roal Blue jerseys and dump that crap they are wearing now! In with the classic and out with the pajamas!

Remember ISLES! When it comes to uniforms Less is best. And don't mess with perfection.

from previous thread:

A Department head at Morgan Stanley can't go to a game so he gives his tickets to a Financial Analyst who looks pretty good in business skirt. She decides to take her 11 year old son to the game because she can't find his father... well actually they won't give out his name at teh sperm bank.
towards the end of the first period she figures out what they've been chanting from the blue section and can be seen escorting her b@st@rd son out covering his ears.

Season Ticket holder pays $85 to see a Tuesday night game against the Columbus Dinner Jackets. During the game he has time to calculate the relative value of his seat. It comes to a tank of gas and bowl of chili... meanwhile there is a guy sitting next to him who's seat has a similar value... only he gets the gas from the chili.

Hockey, my friends, is not what it used to be!

Bring back the Fishsticks jersey as the third jersey.

Screw new uniforms.

How bout some new players?

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