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Islanders release preseason schedule

2009-10 preseason schedule (All times EDT)

Mon., Sept. 14 -- Isles vs. Vancouver at Terrace, B.C., 10 p.m.
Wed., Sept. 16 -- Isles at Edmonton, 9 p.m.
Thur., Sept. 17 --Isles at Calgary, 9 p.m.
Sat., Sept. 19 -- Isles vs. Calgary at Saskatoon, Sask., 9 p.m.
Sun., Sept. 20 -- Isles vs. Edmonton at Saskatoon, Sask., 9 p.m.
Tues., Sept. 22 -- Isles vs. Los Angeles at Kansas City, 6 p.m.
Wed., Sept. 23 -- Devils at Isles at Nassau Coliseum, 7 p.m.
Tues., Sept. 29 -- Isles at Devils at Prudential Center, TBA

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9/15: Islander rookies vs University of Saskatchewan Huskies (Prince Albert)

9/16: New York at Edmonton (Rexall Place)
9/17: New York at Calgary (Saddledome)

I see 3 sellouts on that schedule.

So does Wang.

Wonder where Wanger will be Sept. 22nd ???? Interesting to see who he sits with!

Regarless of who Wang sits with the Town of Hempstead will be laughing because this ploy to force their hand will not be working. Let's just hope an agreement can be reached because the Isles are finally moving in the right direction. It would taste bad to see another city bear the fruits of our patience…like Quebec - Colorado. I guess we'll all know by October.

Interesting to see what Garth does after his players get run in the exhibitions. I'd really like to see a gritty team.

Which of these games will be broadcast locally is a better question.

As many of you know, I never go or post on any other blogs. For sh^ts nd giggles I went on the Botta blog you guys have all seemed to flee too.

Talk about boring dribble?? The people posting their are litteraly zombies. I mean no disrespect, as I see some of the old guys from here are there, but come on. It is like everyone drank the kool-aide and follows along.

Here we may have a million trolls and what not, but at least there are original thoughts, arguements, and some spice.

That blog is a like Vegetable Lasagana !!

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Steady, CB has dedicated his life to enforcing His Holy Comment Guidelines, which, though not explicitly stated, includes no disgreeing with the Isles decisions and no criticizing CB's continued paychecks from the Isles.

Sheep only at islanderspointblank.com

What an embarassment...


LOL just because he doesn't want to read what you have to say doesn't mean everyone there agrees. There's plenty of disagreeing over there that anyone can see. Maybe he just doesn't like you? Go start your own blog and let's see if you let everyone show up and complain all the time. Either way showing up on another blog just to whine about that makes you look pathetic.

I'm not whinning about his blog at all, simply stating my opinion of it...But thanks for proving my point robot.

Lorenzo fgh

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