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Nate Thompson arbitration set

Forward Nate Thompson, a restricted free agent who asked for arbitration, will get his hearing on July 27. The decision must be rendered within 48 hours. A team then has another 48 hours after the decision to accept the contract awarded or to walk away and declare the player a free agent. Arbitration awards are for one or two years.

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Please walk away from this guy. Snow is so worried about taking ice time away from worthy players yet this waste of space is still here. How could he possibly think he is going to be awarded anything to his liking in arbitration? Good bye Nate. Don't let the door hit you in the arse!!!!

this guy is a waste of a roster spot ditch this loser and bring in someone usefu,l only on the islanders can a guy who should be in the minors get a chance at fame

GONEDIIIIIIIII !!......Use this roster spot for throwing some coin an a guy like Andre Roy.

GONEDIIIIIIIII !!......Use this roster spot for throwing some coin an a guy like Andre Roy.

I just went to the Isles official web site and Thompson isn't listed on the roster or in the 'In The System' section. Maybe the Isles will walk away if they don't like the decision?

good riddance

Thompson proved nothing; but, hes twice as valuable as Tambellini. If you want him gone, you should want Tamby gone first.

Believe me I am no Tambellini fan but feel more comfortable giving him one more year to prove himself. See what kind of condition he comes to camp in? He may surprise and if he doesn't, see ya! Thompson sucks and has zero upside except for being the team punching bag. He sucks in all ends of the ice

I agree with Matt on Tambs. It's the last year of his contract I think so let's see what he brings. Thompson is another story. They will only sign him to a two way contract so he can be depth behind Weight, Tavares, Bailey, and Neislen. No big deal there either way. 77 more days. I don't care how much they suck. Let's get it going already.

Can't walk away from it if the award is below $1m+, and it will be far below that. It's all about Thompson wanting a one-way contract with guaranteed NHL money.

Above was not me.

The first person on this team that needs to go is SIM !

How does he get ice time? Zero upside and no role. He was Snows poor man pest, and he was horrible at it once healthy!

If Hunter could ever make some of his hits count a little more , he could get under peoples skin.

Bergy really annoys people, but is simply too up and down! Needs to be more consistant.

WOW! What a story! Slow hockey day huh?

We need to develop more players from Bridgeport and fewer from Providence.

This guy is one of the worst players in the league and deserves only the league minimum. A nickel more and it's a rip off. I say let him go and sign an enforcer

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