UFC 97: Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites = terrible

(Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites / UFC Photo)

MONTREAL - The most action we saw in the first 14 minutes of the Anderson Silva-Thales Leites main event at UFC 97 was when the two middleweights touched gloves before the start of each round.

With one minute left in the third, we saw Silva come with a flying knee. The rest of the time we saw very little, unless you count Leites dropping to the mat every 14 seconds to try and pull guard as "action."

Seriously, we've seen better fights in the parking lot at the Meadowlands between Jets fans after the Jets won a game.

So boring was this fight, at the two-minute mark of the third round, the Bell Centre crowd started a "GSP" chant. Georges St-Pierre, Montreal's favorite son and a guest in the crowd. Not even on the fight card.

I felt bad for the crowd in the higher-up seats who had to watch this fight. At least I had a good view of Octagon girl Logan Stanton to help pass the time during the rounds.

Silva, defending his middleweight championship for a UFC record fifth straight time, picked up the offense in the fourth round, aiming leg kicks at Leites' ankle. At no point in time would he engage Leites when he lay on his back in an attempt to play jiu-jitsu. He just rolled his eyes and walked away.

The crowd did pretty much the same thing, trading boos and more choice words for walking away.

In the fifth and final round (thank you, sweet Jesus!), Silva finally punched Leites while he was on the ground. The crowd roared. It was the best thing they'd seen in 23 minutes.

We can't wait to hear Dana White apologize to the fans at the press conference. He's never been a man who's short on words. This should be an interesting post-fight interview.

Oh yeah, since every organized fight needs a winner, or at least a final scoring decision, I suppose we should oblige and give you that: Silva won the bout, his ninth straight, by unanimous decision. The judges scored it 49-46, 48-47, 50-46 for Silva.

Fightin' Words scored the bout 45-45. Yep, five rounds of 9 for each fighter in a 10-point must scoring system.

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Comments (76)

This fight was terrible, this is the last time Dana White gets my money, what a freaking joke. This should have been free on TV. Silva fight was one of the most biggest jokes since boxing.

I didnt see this fight, but I know Silvas last fight against Cote was'nt the most exciting fight either. Silva is gonna turn into another Tim Sylvia. Exciting the first couple title fights, then BORING.

Seriously, what are you supposed to do when your opponent refuses to engage and just flops to the ground whenever you touch him?

I here you

There's 25 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

If Silva is really the Michael Jordan of MMA, he shouldn't have to rely on being a counterpuncher who has to be engaged on the feet to win.

Seriously in response:

The fight should have never happened! It's a joke of a matchup.

Why not have him fight any of the following fighters for a better event:

MACHIDA-after the evans fight

Let him beef up to 225 and fight FEDOR the greatest ever


There is noone in the world at his weight right now that can challenge him.


BRING GSP! Bring real fights


This was a freaking waste of money and time!! This is the last time I rent another ufc fight and give Dana anymore of my money either! You guys said exactly what I was thinking!! I am good minded to call and throw a fit and ask for my money back!! What a waste!!

Silva is the current Tim Silva.. BORING.. he could have engaged him more when they were standing.. But he knew thales strengths and did not want to risk.. making him self vulnerable. I will never watch another silva fight! A waste of money!!

Hey idiot, he defended it 9 straight times.

And, those other guys are in different weight classes.

Anderson Silva needs to move up a weight class!!!!!!

how does one judge give 50-46 if the loser of a round must get 9 points or less?

Look. You can scream at Silva all you want. The guy is a monster. If you have to scream at anyone, blame Leites. Every time Silva was going for the kill, Leites would flop down on his back. It happened like 8 times in the second and third rounds. It was ridiculous. Shows that without the steroids he did in Pride, he has nothing. He never should have been given a shot. He is not even in the same class as Silva. I think that Silva and GSP would be an awesome fight, even with them at their current weights. I would pay to see that. No more of this Leites crap though.

boringest main event fight I ever seen in 10 years of watching MMA

but the Shogun fight made up for it, because I won $820.00 at the bookies



Dana sign Fedor

why would u want to engauge someone on the ground
Knowing the amount of training that Thales has.
It would have been a lot of back and fourth
And prob made u guys even more mad
I think it was a well thought out fight and
My congrats to silva.

In my opinion Silva fought an intelligent,
tactical, technical fight. His multiple sidekicks directly above
Leites' knee in an effort to thwart takedown
attempts were not only innovative and creative
but highly effective. Silva justly gave Leites a fair amount
of respect. I was hoping to see a full on striking
assault resulting in decapitation but nevertheless
it was a brilliantly crafted fight. Silva walked away
without a scratch. You naysayers would do well
to train a bit of MMA or compete in sport jiu
jitsu events so you can truly understand Silva's

Ya i agree the fight wasnt exciting at all and not what anyone wanted to see, but I also agree that what is Anderson Silva supposed to do there? Thales is a savage ground fighter so his strategy was smart just really LAME. The different styles of both guys didn't create the best matchup but UFC 98, 99, and 100 are all looking like sick cards, and you are bound to get lame fights like these but also really exciting ones which is why we all love mma cause its unpredictable. Don't give up on the UFC yet! One more shot at least with these good cards coming up

I gotta say his fights are boring, but that fault is not on the fighter that is on Dana White. He needs to find someone worthy of fighting Silva. I thought Sandman would've been a good matchup or Dan Henderson but they went down quick. Currently there is no one who can compete with him. Some needs to step up maybe GSP?

man, you guys are the biggest babies ever..the guys dont put on an explosive show, so you complain..Silva played a smart fighting game, and won because of it. he had 8 consecutive wins under his name @ ufc, why would he want to mess that up?? he did what he had to do, and thats that....i do agree with some of you about him going to a higher weight class...hes just handling middleweights left and right!

bottom line is, silva should have finished this fight in the first round.. yet it went to a decision? you have to be kidding me, he could have been alot more aggressive and just finished leites in dramatic fashion.. he obviously had the CLEAR advantage standing up, why not just go for the KO and give the fans what they wanted? and i was really disapointed in Liddell, i was hoping he had just been caught a few times and could recover in this fight, i guess shogun "showed up" for the fight after all

This fight was lame. Silva didn't live up to his potential at all. Granted Leites spent half the time on his back, Silva still didn't deliver what he is capable of. I've been watching him since pride and he is the real deal. I also thought he embarrassed himself with that shimmy thing he was doing to Mock Leites. To the Jeff guy that posted about retiring whom he refered to as "Drunk Chuck"....You are fool man. Do you even know anything about Chuck Lidell? You are probably an armchair critic that's been into MMA for 6 months and knows nothing. Chuck Lidell is past his prime but was once a force to be reckoned with. Maybe he should retire, but give him some respect douche, he'd tear your liver out and shove it up is ass while he was sleeping, he's just getting old for the sport.

This fight was lame. Silva didn't live up to his potential at all. Granted Leites spent half the time on his back, Silva still didn't deliver what he is capable of. I've been watching him since pride and he is the real deal. I also thought he embarrassed himself with that shimmy thing he was doing to Mock Leites. To the Jeff guy that posted about retiring whom he refered to as "Drunk Chuck"....You are fool man. Do you even know anything about Chuck Lidell? You are probably an armchair critic that's been into MMA for 6 months and knows nothing. Chuck Lidell is past his prime but was once a force to be reckoned with. Maybe he should retire, but give him some respect douche, he'd tear your liver out and shove it up is ass while he was sleeping, he's just getting old for the sport.

your not "is"

Who are you guys saying that Silva fought "an intelligent fight". He didn't fight any fight. He didn't engage Leites once. I agree Leites floping on his back was discracfull and should earn him no more seriouse fights. having said that Silva was content just letting him flop and retaining his belt he didn't want to fight him. That's atleast 2 fights in a row for Silva that wern't worth watching. I will never pay too watch either of these bums fight again. FU Dana White GOOD CALL ON THIS ONE. AND U THOGHT THE CTE FIGHT WAS BORING! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pathetic show. Best pound for pound fighter in the world an you can't knock out Thales sh*thead Leites? Give me a f*ckin' break. UFC Homers need to wake up and smell it. Fedor hasn't gone to decision in 4 years. Waste of f*ckin' time. Leites isn't even top 10 in his weight class and Silva couldn't finish him with his fake Bruce Lee BS. F*ckin' joke.

This was a ridiculous fight. No excitement, very boring. However, Silvia did what he did and protected his belt. It's not how you win it is that you do win. He was just as frustrated too. It reminded me of Paulo Fihlo vs. Chael Sonnen 2 on WEC. Fihlo just laid on the floor because he knew he was out matched. Hence exactly why Leites did the same thing. He is a one sided fighter who withdraws once he realizes he won't win. Remember the intimidation he emulated at the post prefight interview? He was scared from the gitgo. I'm sure if D.White would put him up against a scrapper Silvia would perform quite well.

I felt like going inside my t.vo a kicking both guys ass for waisting my time. I could have well been banging my chick. Dam It!!!

That was not a fight. I payed to see a fight.

Silva disgraced himself and embarressed the UFC, so did Leites.

I know both of these guys could kick my fat ass, but I would have at least tried to hit somebody. I've seen better fights in bars.

Dana owes us all a free show......

I hate getting ripped off.

Man, get outta here!!! Silva was certainly not to blame for that miserable fight; it was all leites. That guy was scared $%#less. The guy wanted one of two things. To either submit Silva or not get knocked out. Silva is the champion, it's up to leites to be the aggressor. I also blame Dana White for the lousey choice of an opponent. Silva should only get the best fights, not cold fish. I've never seen someone so scared in the octagon. It was be stupid for Silva to fight leites' fight and fool around and get submitted. Then everyone would be saying "Why did Silva fight Leites' fight? He didn't have to..." They should think twice before allowing Leites any more TV time. Get Silva some fearless opponents!!!!!

Silva did everything but spit on the guy to get him to fight. What else, non-stupid, could he have done to get his opponent to fight like a professional. Don't blame Silva! That's simply not fair...

Just read where Dana White is critical of his Champion and Legend Anderson Silva. Not one word against Leites. Way to go Dana! Throw your champion under the Bus! No, on second thought, throw yourself under the bus for matching a Legend against a Kitten. The guy was falling down for no reason at all... Silva did his best to anger and embarrass the guy, in order to get him to fight. The guy was simply scared to death. He was not worth fighting. Ridiculous...

Joe Rogans clown comments last night about Silva not giving the fans what they want just shows how much of a wet brain he has. Silva has the belt period. If you want the belt GO AND GET IT. Its not up to Silva to put on a show for the fans. Silva not worried about marketability, he's about to retire, plus he already takes lower pay than a lot of fighters. Rogan really out did himself last night. People are going to remember on the other hand, how Silva defended the belt 8 straight times gracefully. Its not up to Silva to put on a show, its up to the UFC. Rogan your A CLOWN. GET WOUR WEIGHT UP SUCKA AZZZZZ....

The UFC should impose new rules for not engaging and for falling down too many times without being touched. These new rules would force the %^^% fighters into actually fighting. They do the same thing in Boxing for holding too many times. They need to get these rules established pronto!!! Also, the promoters need to penalize fighters like Leites and not put them back on TV for a period of time and lower their pay for the next "N" number of fights. I bet they would stop fighting like a B@#$% and Man-up!!!

By the way watching Pacquiao v/s Hatton is looking real good right about now!!!!

yeah i agree that boxing match looks good right now, i would to see pacquiao and f.mayweather jr. go at it. ufc still the best though.

I hear you, Pacquiao v/s Mayweather Jr, would/will be a tremendous fight. I even like to see Paquiao v/s Mosley. I enjoy both the UFC, Boxing, K1; I enjoy fighting... They need to get Silva some fearless competion. Even if competion doesn't win, as least the fight will probably be exciting. How about Anderson Silva v/s Cung Le??!!

just think about this...ALL the people Silva has knocked out, they ALL fought back pretty hard...Cote n Leites wernt sh*t! if Dana wants to keep the fans happy, then give Silva some good damn fighters!! also kno that Silva is a resectful fighter. hes not gonna knock u out, if your not trying to knock him out

I don't know why people are intent on blaming just Leites for this fight. I was spectacularly unimpressed with the way he kept falling down and staying on the ground. Now, in reality it's a smart thing to do. If someone wants to kick his head in, and he knows his strength is on the ground, that's what he should do. But, given that the UFC and MMA in general is not about self defense, it's entertainment, and we fans pay to see an entertaining fight, he shoudln't be doing that. If Leites wants the fight on the ground, he needs to take Silva down to the ground, not expect him to follow him down. On the other hand, you have to give Silva equal parts blame for this fight. He barely engaged Leites even when they were both standing Two punches were thrown (1 from each) in the first 3 minutes of round freaking 1. Silva would back him up against the cage, and he wouldn't throw combos. He also hesitated on several strikes. I will give Silva all the credit in the world as a talented fighter, and someone who shows respect to other fighters. But, as long as he refuses to actually engage his opponents, his fights will be a bore.

Greg, I hear you. You do make some pretty good points. I guess Anderson is one who feeds off his opponent and there was nothing to feed off of when fighting Leites. Silva probably needs to have a plan for offensively engaging fighters like this in the future. He does best against aggressive fighters...He has to get a KO in his next fight, otherwise he might lose some fan-base. Not the real ones, just the fair-weather fans.

Seriously guys, give Silva a break. I know it was a boring fight, but like many of the people have said already, what do you expect Silva to do when Leites flops onto the ground? Jump into his submissions? He went for the win whether it was to amuse the crowd or not. Congrats to Silva and a sad day for a Chuck Liddell fan.

Anderson Silva fought tactfully and intelligently. He's a counter striker, you can't just expect him to change his style when the fight gets boring. Then, when he did get aggressive and Leites was in any sort of trouble Leites just fell down on his back. If you want to take the fight to the ground you have to shoot and take the guy down, you can't just lay down and hope he jumps on you. Silva wanted to keep the fight standing, Leites has a great ground game and jumping into his guard would be careless.

If you can't appreciate Silva's discipline and strategy in this fight than you obviously don't understand the sport. Maybe you should go watch WWE, there is pleanty of non-stop action there for you.

UGh if only there was picture in picture of Logan Stanton then i could have atleast got some enjoyment out of that 25 minutes.

So is she as hot as she is on t.v.?

Leites dove to the ground more then a russian hockey player

Leites doing his est turtle impression was horrible...I thought he had the first two rounds until he started that crap...Silva shouldn't get grief for this fight...it's hard to fight a guy when all he wants to do is lay down on the mat for half the match.

First off if you can't respect the superior fighting of anderson silva than you are an idiot who has never fought anyone and probably too fat to get off your couch. I am a fighter and I tell you this, he is the greatest fight of our time. His talents are wasted on low brow morons like yourselves. Its called Mixed Martial (ARTS)!!!! This man honestly has no and I mean No competition in the UFC and its not his fault. Personally I think he should retire and not deal with the BS. And Just for your info the MMA fighters aren't in the UFC and you will never see them there. You should all be thankful that one of them just luckly graced us with his presence. PS.. Keep watching the UFC if you want to see a bunch of low tier guys knock each other out. Good Day.

How could anyone blame Silva for that boring fight? He did his best to end the fight. I would stop being his fan if he got stupid and got into the ground with Leites and lost the fight.

You people need to chill out and stop complaining. Anderson Silva isn't there to entertain you, he's there to make successful career for himself. Leites is the one that made the fight boring, he refused to engage Silva on the feet and exchange.

Everyone who is complaining about silva is a f***in retard who would rather get drunk at an MMA event than really appreciate what these fighters do. Silva was brilliant, stuck to his plan and totally owned leties. There was nothing leties could do, just flop. IMO leties should have really tried to gain the title and put up a fight, but he was just totally outclassed. It is always worth watching silva dominate... even if other retards do not know what that truly is. GSP vs SILVA!!!! I would love to see GSP get worked over like he worked over Penn.

Silva is a joke, he won't even engage. Calling him the pound for pound best fighter in the ring is an emberassment to the rest of the UFC fighters. There was more action in one round in any other fight that night than all rounds put together in the Silva. Dana White owes the fans there money back and a good free fight card.

Alright, I spent some time reading through all of these, and many of you bring up valid points. The only problem with some of these comments is that you can not blame Spider for a boring fight. Rooting back to the beginning of man, every battle/war has been fought by two sides... an attacking/offensive/challenging party (in this case Leites) and a defensive party (Silva). Last time I checked, the defensive party has no reason to leave the protection of their realm (whether it be a castle, a country, or a fighting style) to be victorious. As a challenger, it was up to Leites to be aware of his position as the challenger. It is outrageous to think that he would consider at all the fact that he could win this fight by a draw. I can understand trying to trick Silva in to letting down his guard and engaging Leites on the ground. But after two rounds of 50+ unsuccessful attempts, he needed to evacuate that game plan. There is no legitimate reason for Silva to ever have to ditch his game plan... that's his right as a title holder. Although this fight was a boring one, it was intelligent fighting by Silva. Leites extremely disappointed me, along with EVERYONE that watched this fight. I would be extremely surprised if Dana allows Leites to ever fight in his octagon again. I mean for real guys... it was a title shot and he definitely didn't appear to care whether he won that fight or not.

good words Tony. i agree with you 100%

Seriously, I went to a bar who had to pay 2 grand to show the fight for the crowd, they were freaking pissed at that fight. Instead of the typical awesome final fight, where everyone at the bar starts getting crazy and ordering drinks and staying out later, everyone got their checks early and left. I felt it was the biggest waste of a half hour I have ever experienced.

To all who think Silva had no chance to attack, you are wrong. Thales was standing up plenty, but Silva was too much of a puss to risk his win streak.

This was an amusing fight. Anderson Silva is the best fighter that the world has ever seen, I cant believe that people are actually criticizing him. He likes to have fun and it was very clear to see he did. Maybe if someone was a man and give him a challenge he would try in a fight. Im not saying that I could because lord knows he would probably kill me with his toes, but when he gets some serious competition he will show the world he is still the Anderson Silva of old.

Sometimes fights just end up being boring and i can see why some of you guys would be upset at paying for it , but silva has in the past gave us all more than our money's worth, so dont be so criticle, unless your willing to step in the ring with anyone of these guys. UFC fighters train for years with- out any compensation, they commit their lives to it and still dont get paid like other proffetional athletes, football, Basketball, etc. hang in there keep sopporting the UFC.

Sometimes fights just end up being boring and i can see why some of you guys would be upset at paying for it , but silva has in the past gave us all more than our money's worth, so dont be so criticle, unless your willing to step in the ring with anyone of these guys. UFC fighters train for years with- out any compensation, they commit their lives to it and still dont get paid like other proffetional athletes, football, Basketball, etc. hang in there keep sopporting the UFC.

To "Frank" that posted Silva is a joke...what planet do you live on? Silva is no joke. I will agree he performed poorly, even if his opponent was ducking him. He had several opportunities standing up to do damage instead of picking at him with jabs and side kicks to his thigh. You are talking about a guy who has a 75% accuracy rating striking. That fight was one of the most boring main events I've ever seen...up there with a few of Tim Silvia's. Where is Tim Silvia now? Not with the UFC because he quit being entertaining. If a fighter stops being exciting fans will stop watching, the organization won't make money and they'll can that fighter despite what his potential is. IMO Silva should move up to 205 and stay there a while. That is where the talent is and a lot of hungry competition.

I think Anderson wanted to engage. He closed the distance every time. Tried everything to get Thales to fight. Thales made it boring, not Anderson.

They need to start carding fighters for no action like in Pride. If the ref calls for action to a fighter and doesn't get it they'll be carded and have 15% taken from their purse the first time. Both guys "wanted" to fight and neither would fight the others game. Anderson would try to make something happen standing up and Thales wouldn't have any of it and when Thales tried to take it to the ground then Silva would walk away. I was watching the fight with friends...we bet drinks on who would win at first..by the third round we were betting on which one of us was going to fall asleep first. For the first part of the event(especially the Shogun/Liddell fight) the place was going crazy...during the ENTIRE Silva/Thales fight you could've heard people snoring...because they were.

sylva sucks! Anybody who stands by him after his last two outings knows nothing of MMA cause the fans love the heart of a fighter and Sylva showed he has none!

Seeing a snorefest like this UFC reminds me of why I stopped buying the fights about 2 years ago. Here's the smart thing to do: go to a bar that has the fight and eat some food and drink some beer. You're going to eat anyway, so eat and watch the fight for free! Or, if you so choose, pirate these fights off the internet like you can pirate everything else. I'm personally a fan of the first option because you're hanging out with cool people in cool places, eating delicious food and drinking some beers. <--always a good time.

Dude, Thales is definately to blame. he clearly didnt want to engage with silva. Everybody says silva didnt want to engage on the ground but he infact did, he had a great guard, worked good strikes from the bottom, then used his great jiu-jitsu skills to work around Thales' jui-jitsu and performed an escape escape. Its impossible to fight a guy who not only doesnt want to fight u, but hits the ground when u swing at air. personally, i cant wait for gsp/silva. and in the 185 weight class silva/bisping.

One of the worst and boring championship fight I've ever watched.This Andeson Silva is becoming a bullshit ASSHOLE! If he is really the greatest P4P fighter in the world(as Dana White claims),why is he scared to go to the ground with Leites? According to me, to be considered the best, a fighter should be willing to trade in his opponents strengths as well(Take for instance Fedor,GSP, esp Fedor who was not scared to go to the ground with Nog,stand up with Cro Cop,Arlovski etc... beating them all in their game. Thats what a real champion should be)and not look to beat them where he is good at.I personally dont think Anderson Silva is among the top 3 P4P fighters.No doubt he is a great fighter,but not among the greatest.Top 3 fighters P4P belongs to Fedor,GSP and Torres.Anyone agree with me?

The fight was a good fight ! Silva did exactly what he was suppose
to do to win the fight. Leites is no punk and did his best not to get
knocked out .

All negative critics need to learn about the sport to appreciate it.

If anyone is to be blamed is Dana White !! "Bad match up !"

Silva would knock GSP out ! I like GSP but he is no match for Silva
Even though he would put up a good fight.

I missed this fight, good thing it wasn't amazing.

What people expected was a grappling ace vs. a striker, with the possibility of an upset.

What everyone got was a striker who did not want to engage on the ground, and a grappler who did not want to engage standing up.

So who is to blame? Both fought their fight, albeit not very well.

It was a poor match up, with the real loser being the fans, as they paid to watch.

I am a fan, but may be forced to watch only the free UFC's as it certainly did not live up to the price.


Yes it was a booooring fight, nuff said. Thales job was to GET the title though. If you want to fight on the ground, shoot and take your opponant down. Being a challenger you need to put it out there. Still Silva was so dominant he could have taken a little bit more of a risk and still have been on the safe side.

I'm pretty sure anderson didnt feel like knocking him out.It looked to me like he wanted to make him look like a fool ....wich he easily did..did anyone catch the dead leg punch he gave thales? it looked like someone betting up a speacial ed kid. not to mention the scared ass look on thales's face, he was flinching like he was having a PTSD flash back.
On a second note, Joe Rogan is a retard... that front side kick to the knee is not new, its old school its just not used because the fighters dont want to hurt each other. Anderson started using it cause he was pissed off, and was trying to get a rise out of the coward he was in the ring with.
Lastly if you think anderson sucks you have no appreciation for watching a truely skilled and dangerous guy, he could most likely have littaraly killed thales if he felt like it....he has true honor for not seriously hurting the weaker fighter.

I already posted earlier but have to agree with a comment posted after me. Leites was the challenger and by all mean should of been there to take the belt by any means possible. Instead he didn't PERIOD! A flurry would of definitely been great but Silva is indeed a counter striker and was pretty disgusted by the challengers lack of attack so to speak. If I was the challenger and the other guys belt was the prize then I'd train like hell to take it from him. I'd train to capitalize on his style and do everything to knock him the
F#@K OUT !!!!

I've been watching UFC and PRIDE since it started, Silva vs Leites fight was one of the most boring fights for the FANS ever but technically, it was a good fight. Both fighters did what they have to do to defend themselves, some say it would be much better if it was Silva vs GSP. Honestly, GSP can't match the skills of Silva. GSP vs BISPING would be a good match up, or SILVA vs EVANS.
Silva will not fight Machida, because they're best friends that's what he said in 1 interview.

Silva game plan was smart. He tired the guy out. Leites did not have the energy or strength to take down Silva after the second round. My beef is why would Silva not through any combinations? It looked like he could have his way with the exsausted Leites. Ok be careful, but by round 5 lets throw a few combos. Very boring fight.

I'm sorry, but i have to ask. Are you a fighter? Were you expecting Thalles to be Anderson's target. He was for the 3 first rounds standing and trying to exchanging punches and kicks with the best in the world. And i don't know if you know Thalles came from JiuJitsu, not from MUAYTHAI, so if anyone should be attacking suppose to be Anderson, because he was in his territory, and Thalles for a while accept his game. But when Thalles tried to be in his game (grappling) Anderson didn't accept.
That's alright, people that watch UFC fights not all the time knows anything about fight and we have to respect that, but if you don't know anything about it, SHUT YOUR F>>> MOUTH UP!!!

Sorry guys after listening to this video and seeing how dana was 50 50 on backing up one of his greatest money makers he just got bought out by Donald Trump and affiction

and too all u dumb people who thought this fight was boring just cuz there wasnt a knock out obviuosly u guys dont kno mma. to a real fan u should be able to see the dominance anderson had over his opponent that should be exciting enough

but on other note he might be TOO dominant in his class, which i think he needs to fight more at 205

Wolney, are you a fighter? If you are a striker fighting a guy with a better ground game what would your plan be? It should be, keep the fight standing. Thales couldn't take the fight to the ground so he stopped trying and started falling down on his back (even without getting hit). As a striker you would jump in his guard when he throws himself down? I hope not.

Thales should be embarrassed. He was given a huge opportunity and he gave up by not shooting past the second round. That was the only chance he had and he was too scared of getting KOed to take it. Falling down and asking a striker to come into your guard is like asking a grappler to not block your punches. I'm sure he's very disappointed in his performance.

I wish Leites could have taken him down. I still think Silva would have won even on the ground and it would have been a much more exciting fight. But why take the chance if you don't have to?

Silva stuck to his game plan and did nothing wrong. If his opponent can't take him down and refuse to stand up with him that makes for a boring fight. Not his fault.

There is a lot of strategy and discipline in this sport that one day you people might appreciate. It's not all knock outs and highlight reels.

I'm glad to see some people who know what they are talking about posting in here. The first few posts from dumb asses bashing Silva really got me worked up.

To str8cash805:
"how dana was 50 50 on backing up one of his greatest money makers"
That pissed me off. He's just trying to keep the people who didn't like the fight from blaming it on him.
"he needs to fight more at 205"

To Jay:
"Joe Rogan is a retard"
You are so right, I hate that guy.
"the dead leg punch he gave thales"
That's just an insult

check me out anderson is still the best fighter there is not matter what and no one can deny it.and to say anything different is just dumb. he defended his title 5 times how many other people have done that.

anderson silva is the man, no one can deny that. so the fight went 5 rounds, he probably got bored withing the first five minutes and wanted to drag it out to see what thales was gonna do, which was nothing. so dont get on his case for trying to give the man a fighting chance, if anyone should be getting booed is thales. what a waste, if your not ready then dont step in the ring, thats just how i see it.

Once again you guys are overlooking the obvious. Anderson already has the belt so it is the challengers job to do whatever is possible to take the belt away from him. I'm am confident that if Leites would have came to win then Silva would have accomodated him. Lietes doesn't have the skills or talent to beat Silva. Silva defended the title as expected. As a challenger Leites should have studied Silva and made a determination of what needed to be done to take the belt away and nothing more instead he laid on the ground and did nothing to capitalize. He realized in the first round that he was out classed and I'm sure he was thinking to himself,"Damn, maybe I should have studied how to defeat this guy rather than defend myself against attacks that aren't goijng to happen since he is indeed a counter striker" "What on earth was I thinking"? I think it would be interesting to see a rematch. I think the second time around Leites might have a different approach. As far as Silva moving to a different weight class...no way, why ruin something good. Dana just needs to do some scouting and pull some Pride fighters over to this end of the map. I'm sure there will come a day when Silva meets his match. Until then I wish him the best of luck and hope he can keep it going as long as Miguel Torres has! 36-1 Baby!

In some sense this is an amazing fight. I wouldn't discount it if you haven't seen it.

One of the real highlights of it was how effortlessly silva scrambled and stuffed take downs. Just this completely relaxed posture with force where force was required and looseness everywhere else slipping out of clinches. Just beautiful stuff really.

I don't mma. I took ju jit su when I was a kid. And my instructor always made a big deal about not forcing moves. The high point of the technique was to be completely loose and let the move break the hold. And when this guy grabbed silva, that is what it reminded me of but on a whole different level. This world class grappler would grab ahold of silva and he would just slip away like butter. It really was awesome.

So why isn't it received as awesome? He didn't go for the kill. That is the bottom line. That is what is pissing off fans like this blogger. There is nothing else you can fault about the man in the fight other then that he didn't pretend the guy across from him had just killed his mother or something and he didn't use that magical skill to construct a brutal and devestating knockout.

And what does that mean? Let us be clear. There was zero doubt past the second round that anderson silva was winning. When I typically get riled up about not going for it it is because the fighter can't look me in the eye and say he knows he is going to win on the judges cards. Is there really an obligation to knock someones lights out if it is clear to everyone that has seen it that your opponent was completely ineffective?

I don't think so... but man the way he stuffed those take downs. A thing of beauty.

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