UFC 98: Lyoto Machida knocks out Rashad Evans

Let the "Karate Kid" jokes and quips start flying!

Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida, a karate specialist, used his kicks to gain the advantage and then landed a series a punches that knocked Rashad Evans down three times in the second round to win the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 98 in Las Vegas.

The final blow was a devastating left hook that flattened Evans. His 205-pound body collapsed faster than the last few grains of a sand in a timer.

"I tried all my life to be a champion, and I'm very, very happy," Machida said. "And now, I'm going to keep this belt for a long time. And to everyone, if you have a dream in your life, go ahead, it's possible.""

Machida's unorthodox style kept Evans (18-1-1) at bay the entire fight. Machida (15-0) landed big left kicks in the first and second rounds, helping to keep Evans at bay. Machida connected on a left leg kick to the body, followed by a left hand that dropped Evans to the ground toward the end of the first round. Machida pounced on Evans and landed a few shots before the champion got back to his feet.

"A little dizzy," Evans said when asked by Joe Rogan how he was feeling after the fight. "This is the first time ever being on the other side. You gotta take it how you give it, just smiling and knowing that every time you get a chance to come out here, you get a chance to prove yourself. So, maybe next time I'll do better."

Should be interesting to watch how Quinton "Rampage" Jackson or Forrest Griffin -- or Anderson Silva? -- will fare against the Karate Kid.

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Comments (19)

Silva and Machida are friends so it won't happen.

Machida knocked out that chump. NEXT!!!!!

Machida knocked out that chump. NEXT!!!!!

that was domination. he spacing is amazing. Machida is the real deal.

Anderson Silva has admitted he gets owned by Machida when they've trained. Silva won't even fight him.

duh ur smart, just bcuz they are friends doesn't mean they wont fite if joe silva puts them on the fight card then they hav 2 fite of forefit which is highly doubtful..


Plenty of good opponents (victims) available for Machida no reason to look at the middleweight champion....yet.

that dumb ass would get his ass laid out if he went against someone like anderson silva or dan henderson

I hated the idea of this match; two totally nice resprectable dudes, one had to lose; so much better when one is a jerk, but lyoto and rashad are the nicest on the planet. props to lyoto

Uhr. Because they are friends means that they are not fighting, according to Anderson Silva himself. So you are wrong, good sir. Besides Silva also already stated that he is only interested in fighting in the middle wieght division and would only have to forfeit his title if he decided to change weight divisions. But I'm sure you knew that already.

Sorry but the Spider is fighting his next fight against Forrest at light heavyweight but I'm sure you knew that already.

Silva will knock Machida a** out. Silva is my favorite fighter. he fight with very mean intention. 1st class fighter.

Come on!! the edgar vs sherk should have been fight of the night runescape gold!
from my opinion the hughes-serra fight was kind of a boring fightmichael jordan shoes! i was expecting more of those two!!
I didn't see any rivalry or hate!!

Smeckel, you stated that Henderson or Anderson could knock out Machida? You wanna put money on it? Machida would KO henderson in the first round, and Machida would win a unanimous descion over Anderson, gauranteed.

The UFC always had problems finding fighters that were willing to fight Machida. Nobody wants to fight him, Forrest Griffen flat out told Dana, "I want nothing to do with Machida". I have been following Machida since he Knocked out Rich Franklin years ago, and Machida is in a class above all the LHW in the UFC. Rampage is the next KO victim,.

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