UFC 100: Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago

I usually get slightly perturbed when these swing bouts follow the main event. The main event is supposed to be just that: the main event. The last fight of the night. The showstopper.

I understand how and why they happen, but it's still very anti-climactic.

The crowd is almost always asleep after the main events. There is rarely any energy in the arena for these swing bouts. A good portion of the crowd here at Radio City left after the Brock Lesnar-Frank Mir fight.

Sometimes, we're lucky enough to see a great fight. Other times, not so much.

Jon Fitch and Paulo Thiago's welterweight bout at UFC 100 was somewhere in between. Nothing too spectacular at all. In fact, the bout -- a unanimous decision victory for Fitch (23-3) -- was sort of boring. Had it happened before the main events, it might have been more intriguing to watch and appreciate the groundwork. Fitch won the bout, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

This is not a slight on Thiago (11-1) or Fitch. Not in the least.

The issue is after driving a Lamborghini for a few hours, how do you get behind the wheel of a Chevy Lumina?

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poorly worded say the least. How can you write the last comment knowing both fighters are on the same level as the fighters in the previous bouts? I think you should be asking Dana White, why the decision to have Fitch fight after the main event? You were still driving a nice car after the Lesnar fight, so to disrespect Fitch and Thiago as you just did, shows you lack the brain cells to comprehend the sport!

amen to that!! is dana white still mad at fitch for barely signing on to that damn video game
which is nuts. fitch is the second best fight in the welterweight class. but now insteed of a
rematch with gsp but dana will give that to the winner of swick and kampmann and fitch will
have to fight someone like condit or something and beat him just to prove he deserves it.

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