Jim Fassel finds Tom Coughlin comments 'offensive'

fassel_jim1217.jpgTom Coughlin infamously suggested in his introductory news conference in January of 2004 that some injuries are a state of mind, and made other comments that widely were interpreted as thinly veiled shots at his predecessor, Jim Fassel.

Wednesday morning on WFAN, Fassel (now a radio analyst) fired back in response to a question from Craig Carton. Here is what he said:

"Well, I'll be honest with you, I've never really said this, but I took offense to it and I know players had to take offense to it and medical staff had to take offense to it that injuries aren't real injuries, you know, you solve all that.

"Well, you don't do it as a coach. It doesn't need to be said. It does not need to be said. When you go in as a coach, you don't try to say something in the past about somebody, because the whole thing that came out about me and running a country club and all that stuff came from those opening comments. That's what it came from and that's offensive to me.

"I remember when I took the New York Giants job after Dan Reeves left, Dan was fired and I took the job, the very first meeting I had with the team, the very first meeting, and it got back to George Young and he said, 'Jim, you said the right things to your team,' I told the team pointedly, one of the first comments, I said, 'If you think all of the problems of the 5-11 season you just had [actually 6-10] walked out the door with Dan Reeves and his staff and you want to blame them, we're in real trouble, because it didn't all walk out with them. We've got problems in this building and I need to solve them.'

"That's the way you start it with the team. You put it on the team to do some things. I took offense to [Coughlin's comments].''

Carton asked Fassel whether he ever has confronted Coughlin. "No,'' he said. "I moved on with my life. That's it. There's nothing I can handle that way. I never did.''

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Pity nobody listens to NORMAN IN THE MORNING!

Nice catch, I did not know anyone cared to ask Fassel his opinion on anything. I doubt it helps in his employment struggle to whine about. Injuries have continued to kill the Gmen, and they appear to be poorly conditioned this season. Coughlin will be fired, he has failed. Fassel on the other hand was a joke. That bogus/fluke SB trip killed. Where would the organization be if they'd missed the playoffs? Fox might be rocking the Meadowlands. Instead we whipped a pathetic Viking squad then utterly failed to compete in the big game. Days of enjoyment, years of mediocrity. Thanks Jim, get the a college job on the West Coast and leave us alone.

Coughlin is a terrible NFL coach. He should be coaching a High Shcool girls soccer team not an NFL FOOTBALL TEAM! Come on!! Coughlin should have been fired after the Giants FIRST playoff loss! How can an NFL Footbal coach be so lost an unprepared? As life goes on, i'm amazed every day.

Fassel will never coach in the NFL again--he was canned as O.C. of the Ravens last year, that killed his pro career. He might coach a college team, however. Coughlin was hired because Fassel lost control of the team and would bring a more disciplined, tough approach. Yeah, he was tough, the Giants didn't like it, and no team with a loser like Shockey and whiners like Strahan and Tiki will ever be disciplined. 14 more losses and say goodbye to your coaching career too Coughlin.

How long till Parcells is announced as the next coach?

Neil, I have heard over last few years that there is a SPECIFIC off the field reason that Fassel has never been able to get another head coaching job.(certainly qualified). Do you know what that is as you were giants guy?

Fassel was done in by Accorsi, who failed to provide him with any semblance of an offensive line his last season. Accorsi let Rosenthal, Whittle etc. walk rather than paying them the modest salaries they got with other teams. Remember Ian Allen keeling over one play before the center snap? I've never seen that before or since. Collins was getting hammered behind that line before finally suffering a season-ending injury. I noted that when Coughlin came in and the line was just as bad in preseason, he got Accorsi to reacquire Whittle so that Warner and Manning would not suffer the same fate as Collins. Fassel had lousy special teams, but he was the only one to get big production out of Collins.

There have been so many jobs and less qualified people selected over him. Its an off-field issue. Neil, we give you the floor.

He was a hot candidate all over the league, could not close face to face. He was a jock sniffer, never stood up and commanded respect in the locker room. He is unlikely to get another shot after cutting his own throat in Baltimore. What a scene that was, 2 offensive geniuses failing. Sean Payton was not the problem, his boss was. Good riddance.

Jim Fassel was one of the worse coaches I have ever seen. Everyone forgot he was Handleys offensive coordinator when the Giants offense was horrible. Watching the Giants collapse in the playoffs in humiliating fashio to the Vikings and 49'ers was pathetic. Fassel was the leader of the country cluc style of coaching. Since Fassel got canned, all he does is make excuses why he can't get another job and why he got fired as offensive coordintor with Ravens whose offense got much better after he was canned there. Fassel, stay off the NY airwaves. No one in NY cares what you have to say.

All these comments bashing Fassel is ridiculous. People talk up the playoff collapses versus the Vikings and 49ers while conveniently omitting the Superbowl run in 2000-2001. You can't have it both ways people!

Jim Fassel was a class act and even handled his dismal gracefully.

Thanks to all for reading the Fassel post and for commenting. I'm surprised this stuff didn't create more of a stir Wednesday in news media world. Must be baseball season or something.

Transcribing that long, convoluted, run-on JF sentence gave me flashbacks to my previous life on the Giants beat.

Neil, you didn't answer the question. Whats the personal deal with Fassel? (obviously qualified to have a job).

"Jim Fassel was a class act and even handled his dismal gracefully."

No argument here.

"obviously qualified to have a job."

Not in the NFL.

Even though this is just a blog . . . I have to stick to the same reporting standards I have in the newspaper, and thus I can't repeat the various rumors I've heard over the years about JF or anyone else. Sorry.

Ok. Here is one of the rumors presented right here: Fassel tried to get the GM's job from Accorsi and that's why he was hung out to dry.

Clearly, whatever the rumors are, they have cost him a job. After he lost giants job, there were so many openings and he got none of them. Very telling. just surprising that no one has reported the rumors about him. I find that odd, Neil. (i respect you but i'm surprised no one has reported it). Weird.

Neil, what happened with fox news reporter and giants thursday? Mike/dog were discussing?

Not sure. I'm counting on our reporter on the scene to give me and you the details.

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yes, we were all curous on why jim fassel never got a job? we know something happened "off field", but was it more about woman etc... fun times etc.. as opposed to football!?

yes, we were all curious on why jim fassel never got a job? we know something happened "off field", but was it more about woman etc... fun times etc.. as opposed to football!?

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