Long-time NBC sports announcer Charlie Jones is dead

almostanythinggoes1.jpgTim Russert died today, a huge loss to NBC News in addition to his family and friends.

That news understandably will overshadow the death of another long-time NBC figure, sportscaster Charlie Jones, a stalwart of its AFL and NFL coverage for many years.

Jones wasn't a star of the magnitude of Jim McKay, who died last weekend, but he was a solid pro whom many of us grew up with.

Here is a statement from NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol:

"All of us at NBC are saddened at the passing of one of the great pioneers of NBC Sports. His work in particular on the NFL, golf and the Olympics left a lasting legacy."

Here is Jones blogging about McKay, courtesy of Fang's Bites.

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My goodness - a rough week for NBC and sportscaster. Did Charlie ever do Notre Dame football - I seem to remember his voice during the mid 90's, especially 1993 during Notre Dame's last championship run.

Not only Charlie Jones ... but Russert. Both associated with the old AFL ... Jones as announcer, Russert as a Bills fan.
Russert was a huge sports fan ... the Yankees, too ... friend of L. Peter Berra ... was on the board of the baseball hall of fame ... there were many Meet The Presses with sports themes ...
Sad couple weeks ... first McKay, now this ...

Charlie did close to 60 different sports on ABC and NBC. He was one of the most versatile announcers. He sat in the 18th tower for golf, called track & field, could do just about any sport professionally and ably. He'll definitely be missed.

My memories of Charlie Jones center around the early days of the AFL. He was pretty much the voice of the AFL in the early 60's.

As much as Joe Namath and the Jet's are given credit for bringing respectability to the league, so to did the professional coverage given by Charlie Jones week to week.

A consummate pro.


OOPs...last post me really me...I was having fun with Norm and forgot to change back my handle.

I hope someone in Obama's camp reads Charlie's letter about the inauguration. What a great idea.

Two things I remember about Charlie Jones: In the late 1960s he cohosted the one hour football highlights show "This week in pro football" with Pat Summerall. Which was how you saw highlights and recaps from out of market games 40 years ago. Also in the mid 1990s when his broadcast partner mentioned Phil Simms had two Super Bowl rings, Jones observed that Simms had something to do with winning one of them.
I guess Jones was too classy to be associated with Dick Ebersol's XFL. Just in case Phil Mushnick fails to mention it in his column on Sunday.
Enjoy the 17 1/2 hours of the "24 hours of LeMans" starting at 730 AM on SPEED saturday.

Great voice silenced. When I think of Charlie Jones I think of two things: 1) late Sunday games from the west coast on NBC (when the NY market could get the rare non-Jets game); and 2) his great call of the then-unknown tainted Ben Johnson 100 meter run at the Seoul Olympics -- ". . . NINE . . .SEVEN . . .NINE !"

I remember Charlie Jones call the 1992 AFC Wild Card Game between the Houston Oilers and the Buffalo Bills in which the Oliers had a 35-3 lead. But then the Bills rally back to win 41-38 in overtime in one of the greatest comebacks in a postseason game in NFL history. I'm sure Bill Russert was excited that day for his Bills.

Friday the 13th was a really rough day this time around. Curt Gowdy and Charlie Jones were the voices of 1960's NBC Football, along with Jim Simpson. I know one of his last play-by-play jobs was baseball with the Rockies, I believe, but NBC used him more like their Jim McKay, doing the sports that weren't so popular like track. RIP

I can only describe in one word how Mike Francessa treated the Tim Russert death news. BIZARRE!

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