In other sports news, Yankees in first place, Mets not

headless.pngAnother interesting day of Erin Andrews coverage from our friends at the Post, this time featuring a front-page story built around her lawyer essentially reiterating what he said in a statement Friday night.

At least Erin is clothed in the picture on the cover, unlike Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I make an appearance in the story, too!

The article quotes something I wrote in Newsday about a brief conversation I had with Ms. Andrews recently.

But instead of crediting it as "Newsday's Neil Best wrote" it reads, "Sports blogger Neil Best said," as if the Post reporter had interviewed me for his story.

Oy. In lieu of an apology, please don't do that to anyone else ever again.

(Full Erin Exploitation disclosure: I just noticed the version of my column includes three separate links to photo galleries of her.)

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Neil, I posted yesterday that you were going down a slippery slope here. How dumb can Newsday be to post 3 links to Erin Andrews TNA shots on a page with an article ripping other papers or media outlets. The Post was wrong but at least they are treating anyone like a fool. You and Newsday and playing the wholier than though card and then going *wink *wink here are some nice shots of Erin to look at and build up our page views.

BTW Raissman took a shot at you and Newsday in the DN yesterday, I would be more concerned about setting that straight than the Post quoting you as a Sports Blogger.

Hey Neil,

Go to Palm Beach Post .com and look up Greg Stoda article this AM regarding the Erin Andrew incident.
Interesting Article.


And we only thought Raissman stole stories from your blog.
Now the Post steals your name but doesn't attribute your employer.

Erin Andrews is back at #1 in the google trends, there could not be a bigger story for the sports blogs I could imagine.


You're a total hypocrite on this one.

I understand, though, that the opportunity to see your name is print is very rare these days. Ever wonder why?

Neil, totally weak by you and Newsday. Big deal you make a note on your blog that its "full exploitation". Take it down if you are holier than though. It reminds me of an Imus type situation where all of a sudden WFAN is outraged by what he said about the Rutgers hoopsters when that was his show. Meanwhile you post Miss Andrews and other assorted women in your blog almost daily with a snicker, yet comes the fallout and you are outraged and holier than though. Give me a break, Neil and spare me the Newsday did it line. (which is owne by cablevision---we know!!!)

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