Tom Watson bums out boomers; Cink stirs Twitterers

48156230.jpgAs a journalist and a baby boomer, I was hugely bummed out by Tom Watson's late collapse Sunday.

As the man himself put it, "It would have been a hell of a story."

But as a human being and fellow Twitterer, I was happy for nice-guy Stewart Cink, who bailed me out with a story when I really needed one at the U.S. Open last month, and whose already impressive half-million-plus Twitter followers is sure to skyrocket now.

As for the coverage on ABC - the last before the entire British Open moves to ESPN next year - the announcers generally were good. Mike Tirico on Watson's gag at 18: "That was a zero confidence putt."

But some of the camera work was mind-boggling. That was mostly not ESPN/ABC's fault. The network has to rely on the BBC's feed, which at times offered strange angles that did not feature an important element of the shot: the ball.

Photo: AP

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I caught Watson's 16th-18th holes. What a bummer. I enjoyed the shots of Ailsa Craig looming in the background. I also noticed the ABC, ESPN and my local ABC affiliate logos take up a lot of room on a 13" screen when all three are shown at the same time. I don't know why the graphics clutter was necessary.

I heard one TV analyst say that he wanted to get the name of Tom's pharmacist, meaning, of course, that you can't be that capable at 59 without the use of drugs or at least hormone therapy. This is selling Tom short on his accomplishments. I have seen years of athletes that have tried to excel with the use of drugs and it doesn't work in golf and certainly doesn't help reduce the effects of age. Tom has done this the old fashion way, with work and determination.

The Baby Boomers had Tom Watson making a run at golf. The Greatest Generation had 81 year old Herschel McGriff finishing 13th (of 28) at a NASCAR Camping World West race in Portland Oregon.This series is the equivalent of a Class A baseball team.

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