Chris King, Steve Mears out as Islanders' radio team

Breaking sports media news here and here from Isles beat scribe Greg Logan: Chris King and Steve Mears have been removed as the team's radio team.

Their replacements? Um, no one. Looking to cut costs, the Isles will simulcast MSG Plus' TV coverage, featuring Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe.

That's going to be a little strange.

In unrelated Islanders media news, Logan and I learned today that C.J. Papa did not have his contract renewed as MSG Plus' reporter for game telecasts.

No word on a replacement yet.

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A # of NHL teams have supposedly floated the idea of radio/ TV simulcasts recently- the Bruins were among them

that's unfortunate. if you're 25 or younger, you'd be amazed to learn the islanders were once a significant sports team. not only that but their stars embraced a community that had as much love for them. c.j. papa was a big fan who must have loved doing that job. it's a shame he didn't get a chance to continue doing it. if they're going to simulcast the games, why bother even putting them on at all.

I think because it is seen as a marketing tool... by strict economics, I'd guess that most pro teams really shouldn't have radio or even Internet broadcasts (not sure how profitable's radio subscription is, plus they do also add it on to MLB.TV) since they tend to pay for the airtime or receive a modest rights fee nowadays.

The Sabres have done a simulcast with separate TV and radio hosts for many years, plus a few teams in the NHL or elsewhere have their TV announcers do games not carried on the local RSN, but yeah, I'm surprised more teams don't already simulcast.

How can anyone tell? The Islanders radio signal is so weak you can not pick it up inside the Coliseum. You can even pick up ESPN 1050 there, but not the soon to be Kansas City Islanders.

It is a shame to see simulcasting going on.
It just takes away from the different on-air personalities that you can choose to listen to.
somedays I liked listening to the radio and others the tv casts. Each has its own feel to it.
Its a shame that advertisers don't recognize that.
I liked all those guys. I am sad to see them all go. Papa was nice to watch with a warm touch to his casts,it made losing not feel too bad.
The radio guys were terrific making me feel like I was there when I couldn't be. It will be weird to see how a television play by play can describe it through a radio medium. It can not be as descriptive.
Listening to the tv guys describe a play based on video is so different from listening to the same play described on a radio. We viewers can see the tv screen so we don't want too much talking but yet the radio listener needs MORE talk to understand what is going on in the game.
You can't mix both and have a quality product. It seems like quality is being thrown out the door these days to save on money in all aspects of media.
I thought NY is the top market - why is NY cutting out standards - NY stations should be sticking to them!

This is weird. What will they do if the Isles are on NBC or Versus? Not air the game on radio at all?

I'm surprised we didn't see a quote from Charles Wang: "The franchise cannot remain economically viable in its current venue, and because Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray consistently burdens the advancement of our spectacular LI Lighthouse project, we have been forced to make some difficult financial decisions. Once the LI Lighthouse construction becomes a foreseeable reality, we will reinstate our radio broadcasters."

I remember the Flyers doing this in the 70's. Gene Hart had to compensate

The Flyers did simulcasting in the 70's. Gene Hart ( the Flyers' play by play guy) had to provide a lot of description for the radio side. It created a very wordy TV broadcast that was difficult to watch.

There is no better person in sports than CJ Poppa. The guy is a class act.

When he was at 55 and I was at LI News Tonight (a low low low low low low budget TV station) I would do sports stories, and ask him if he had any file footage. He'd always come through for me. I just assumed he had an intern do the editing, until one day I went over and he showed me around the place and edited the stuff himself.

The man knows his sports and didn't deserve to be let go so late after the season. And maybe I'm bias, but I dont think he deserved to be let go at all.

Simulcasts are nothing new.....In the 50's and 60;s, Hockey Night in Canada simulcast Canadien games but the thing was this...the radio broadcast started at 8:30 (the game started at 8) and the telecast started at 9.

The legendary Danny Gallivan would seamlessly switch from a radio call to a simulcast call (now the puck comes to #4 Beliveau ahead to #14 Provost who takes the shot...Worsley stopped that one and leaves the puck for #3 Howell.....

And the great Vin Scully, when he's doing a Los Angeles National League baseball game (he only does home games and games wet of the Rockies) simulcasts the first three innings.....

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