Ed O'Bannon would like college jocks to share in pie

Big-time college athletes in revenue producing sports have been getting cheated economically for more than a century.

Ed O'Bannon wants to help.

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They already get help...its called a free college education. And some are getting
getting a little extra on the side. Lets not fool
ourselves, when it comes to getting an extra piece, Ed is
only talking about a small group of athletes, some of them only at the exclusive college
because they can play. If they were to get a scholarship based on
GPA and Test scores then they would be lucky to play at a CC because those rosters would be loaded.

No offense but is this not pretty much the same reason why SJU RedStorm have played poorly over the past 10 to 15 years.

Their players were getting housing stipends only to find out that
it was a no no. I agree relax the rules a little bit, allow the dinners and sodas and rides in cars, but money for having yourself in a game just because you went to Notre Dame or whatever school is a bit excessive

The St. John's stipends were not a no-no. They were legit because there were no dorms then. I did a huge story on this in March of 1995 that caused everyone at St. John's to be extraordinarily furious with me. Once they built dorms, the stipends were out.

yes, but to believe those stipends were used just for the dorms is like saying George
Steinbrenner has always been an Angle.

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