ESPN bans New York Post staffers from its outlets

ESPN retaliated Wednesday against the New York Post for its decision to use still images of Erin Andrews from a surreptitiously obtained videotape, banning Post staffers from its various outlets, including its TV networks and 1050 ESPN Radio.

"In light of the New York Post's decision to run graphic photos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, we have decided to stop utilizing Post reporters on any of our outlets," ESPN's senior VP of communications, Chris LaPlaca said.

"Erin was grievously wronged here, and while we understand the Post's decision to cover this as a news story, their running photos obtained in such a fashion went well beyond the boundaries of common decency in the interest of sensationalism. This is not a decision we undertook lightly, but we feel it is an appropriate one."

The Post used images both in print and on its Web site Tuesday from a video the showed Andrews in the nude in a hotel room.

It is not yet clear where the video was shot or who shot it, but Andrews' attorney has promised legal action against any media outlet that publishes the material.

It has not been determined how long the ban on Post employees will remain in place.

Among those most affected are Kevin Kernan and Lenn Robbins, who regularly appear on "First Take" on ESPN2 and Joel Sherman, who appears on 1050 ESPN radio.

Mark Cannizzaro also appears periodically on ESPN outlets, and beat writers from various sports sometimes are interviewed in 1050 or other stations.

LaPlaca stressed that the decision was not directed at the Post employees who have appeared on ESPN outlets, whom he called "innocent bystanders."

A spokesman for NewsCorp, which owns the Post, declined comment. The Post's communication department did not respond to a request for comment.

CBS and Fox used snippets of the video itself Tuesday, which LaPlaca called "beyond the pale."

But he said ESPN could not take the kind of action against those networks it did against the Post because ESPN does not regularly employ those networks' personnel.

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ESPN now sets the media standards? I think not. A whopping three reporters affected? NYP should go to the mattresses. Start running a series on the Bristol misfits.
Funny how media members play by their own rules. The NYT successfully quashed the story on their kidnapped reporter. I applaud their effort, the reporter was owed that much, but every other outlet that embargoed the story embarrassed themselves. It was news, it should have been covered. Once the soldier was captured by the Taliban nobody at the Times showed any restraint. Their reporter was a person worthy of every protection, our soldier is just a story.

The Post going beyond the boundaries of common decency? Great Caesar's Ghost!

Don't worry, the Post will certainly go after all the stuff ESPN does, big or small. Tabloid war time!
PS maybe that means ESPN will put on more of Newsday's great scribes, excluding Best [conflict of interest]

Since the Post sportswriters (among others) love to criticize players for not demanding tougher drug testing, should they take the lead in criticizing management for the photos? Or is that as unlikely as "Newsday" writers criticizing the Rangers for a choke job featuring the coach being suspended during the playoffs and subsequently raising ticket prices in "the worst economic crises since the Great Depression"?

LOL @ ESPN they banned all there personalities from Francesa show. He is laughing at ESPN after destroying Kay in the ratings.

ESPN and the Post are very simliar.

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Paul Schwartz was also affected as well as he was going to
be the regular Giants beat reporter for the station replacing Paul
Dottino who went to the FAN.

Also don't forget this is the same paper The NY Post who's media
critic was told by his superiors to never ever write about Wally
Matthews and Tom Keegan. Reap what ye Sow!

What a joke this is. Especially the whole farce where ESPN gets tough with the Post but says they "can't go after CBS or FOX". It's ESPN and guys like Neil Best keeping this story alive. ESPN should shut up about it and sit tight for a few days. It will blow over like all news stories do and then Andrews could pursue it quietly if she wanted to.

That would be too smart. I am also disappointed in Neil. He has been called out on the carpet hear by a lot of commentators on his blog regarding his hypocrisy on this issue and yet he hasn't responded to anything. Disappointed in him for that.

Good for ESPN. While I'd love to see this story die (I'm sick of it!), I'm glad ESPN is taking some sort of retaliatory action.

Remember that the Post and Fox both have the same corporate owners (Rupert Murdoch), so don't think they are untouchable.

Kimbo: I've already written I'm going to cut back on the cheesecakse. What do you want me to say further?

Kimbo: I've already written I'm going to cut back on the cheesecakse. What do you want me to say further?

Kimbo: I've already written I'm going to cut back on the cheesecakse. What do you want me to say further?

The Post Pervs could also face sex crime charges. the Post Pervs, incredulously, still have the photos on their website. Obviously News Corp cares more about page views than they do about their staffers (like Kernan) who had no role in the story...

"Cut back on the cheesecake?!!!!!"


Shame on you.

Even though you seem to have lost your ability to shape a sentence -- "What do you want me to say further?" -- you know you need to acknowledge your hypocrisy and complicity in this controversy.

More to the point, you helped to create it.

thats funny

Damn, that sound's so easy if you think about it.

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