ESPN Radio hopes new antenna helps its 1050 signal

The New York Times recently sold the 96.3 FM frequency long used by WQXR to Univision, which will turn it from classical music to a Spanish language station.

That is relevant here because ESPN Radio was in the mix for that frequency, which it would have used to shift its New York outlet from the unreliable signal at 1050 AM.

For now, ESPN remains stuck there, with hopes a new transmitter in North Bergen, N.J., will improve its signal quality, especially after dark.

Speaking of which, need some help here: Would like to get feedback from WatchDog Nation members around LI - particularly in long-time trouble spot Western Suffolk - about whether the new antenna has helped the 1050 signal, especially after dark.

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I enjoyed the story you wrote a year or two back when you took a ride around western Suffolk to test the signal of WEPN.

That was a nice read.

I am a loyal ESPN radio listener, who has been waiting for something to help with reception. Over the last 3 weeks I have had a lot of oppurtunity to listen after 6pm. The reception has not been better. I have mainly been in the Babylon and Deer Park areas. I hope in the future it will get better because I listen religiously to Michael Kay and even his show is inturrupted by poor reception

You mean the Brandon Tierney show is not co-hosted by Flo and Eddie?

WQXR is being sold? No more Bach, Mozart and "Live at the Met" over the airwaves of New York City, the self proclaimed cultural capital of the world?
As far as ESPN 1050 getting a new antenna, they will still have the same mix of mostly idiotic ESPN-promoters twits (except for Don LaGreca). Keep dialing, JC.
As far as their signals goes in Western Suffolk last Friday I hit the search function around 4PM (to listen to Joel Sherman's weekly spot). My desktop radio didn't stop at it. So it was computer feed to hear him.

yet I did hear 1050 in my car over a good chunk of Suffolk yesterday afternoon... I guess you can never tell with transmitter strength these days

Actually heard the MLB All-Star Game out east last week - but on 107.1 FM WLIR [the WEPN simulcast station with those historic call letters, which makes me think of Schmidt's of Philadelphia for some college-related reason] Coming home the signal was good until about the Nassau County line on the Southern State, then I unfortunately had to turn to 1050 AM to get the rest.

Jim: WQXR will continue to exist as a classical station up the dial.

Tried listening to 1050 tonight around 10pm in Babylon, still didn't come in clearly.

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