Erin Andrews video should lead to jail for cameraman

Here is Deadspin's take (complete with an apology) on the Erin Andrews video scandal, prominently featuring a link to my earlier post on this subject.

Hmm. Thanks for the link, but now I feel I should clarify my position:

I certainly wasn't calling out Deadspin in particular. I meant to implicate the entire sports blogosphere (this one included).

Even though the vast majority of us obviously do not endorse what happened, our playful obsession with Ms. Andrews - about which she consistently has been a good sport - surely helped set the stage for this.

What I do endorse is this: That the guy (or gal) who pulled this hidden camera trick spend some quality time in prison.

ESPN's statement: "Erin has been grievously wronged here. Our people and resources are in full support of her as she deals with this abhorrent act."

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So tired of Erin Andrews and rapidly growing tired of this story too. She's pretty we get it! It's awful what happened to her and she deserves no blame for some pervert stalking her. Neil is dead on when he calls out the entire sports blogosphere.

Hopefully, this blog will now focus more on New York sports media and other blogs can get back to whatever they are supposed to cover.

I am simply ecstatic, from two time zones away, that no one has yet muttered the words, that I heard all too often during the Presidential election, that "well, she brought this upon herself".

Nobody "brings it upon themselves".

NO ONE is "fair game"

The media needs to remember that simple golden rule at all times, in all areas of "news" coverage.
Whether it's Entertainment, Sports, Politics or Gardening.

Just my opinion....from two time zones away.

What exactly was on the footage taken of her? Did someone release it on the web anywhere?

I appreciate the comments so far. This is something I could see coming. As a sports junky and a girl, I'm so used to the frat guy mentality of sports blogs (I read them all) that I forget to be offended.

I'm very sorry that it's at Erin's expense, but it's quite a reality check for the boys with the bylines and their followers. I think a few are just scared for litigious reasons, but some appear to have a conscience.

Maybe, at least for a little while, I won't have to wake up to the babe of the day on The Big Lead. Eh, doubt it.

I agree what happen to her was wrong. But you cant be surprised this happened. The only reason she is so popular and has a job with ESPN is based off the way she looks. Its tough to take her seriously.

Mad Dog put it best when he said "Erin Andrews is clueless"

I like Erin Andrews because she is likeable and she is not married to some
dork as insurance. I hope they find the suckers who did it and spend a long
time behind jail.

Kosko this isnt about her job, her looks or her qualifications. The fact that you're not surprised someone's privacy was invaded and published in this manner is part of the problem.

She was victimized and THAT is the only issue here.

I think it is it too bad that the sports blogosphere is going to get blamed for this, as it seems to be the convenient thing to do nowadays. If this had happened to Jessica Alba, it would have been awful, but people wouldn't be pointing the finger at TMZ and Perez Hilton and US Weekly and Page 6. This is creepy and awful, but let's blame the perv who put it online, as blaming the people who think Ms. Andrews is attractive is akin to blaming rock music and TV for the world's problems.This isn't China, if people want to write about Melissa Stark, EA, or any of the other flavor of the month sideline girls they are going to, and don't need you talking down to them about it.

To Matty - Of course you have to blame the perv who put it online...but you can't deny that there were quite a few blogs that linked to it before they were threatened with legal action. I think that's worthy of a mention.

I'm not making this a crusade, I just think it stinks.

I feel for EA.....This shouldn't happen to any woman.

Anyway what's so special about Deadspin that they need to apologize? Other sites had links to the videos, so it wasn't only Deadspin that did it.

Here is a really good article that mentions the Andrews piece in great detail:

Chris Russo called her clueless???? HAHAHAHA Thanks for the laugh. Talk about the pot calling the kettle.......

people act like shes the most beautiful woman ever. shes a regular white broad. if she didnt have breasts she would be a white boy. wheres her sex tape? and people respect this broad. shes not finer than that broad nicole manske on espn nascar coverage.

erin andrews your nothing to look at why all the fuss

Deadspin are such hypocrites. They say the Erin Andrews peephole video is terrible & awful & how could anyone do such a thing - yet they put a link to the site that had it up.

So one question remains unanswered and makes the whole thing stink of publicity stunt: How the hell could this guy shoot video through a one way peephole?
Let me say it again, in religious fundie all-caps:


It's impossible. And I say so is the possibility that it's actually Erin Andrews. Some other blogger said the peephole was on an inside door. That's retarded. What purpose would a peephole serve on a door that's already INSIDE of a hotel room? The guy would have had to be in the room with her!

And yes, I saw the video. The "peephole" looks to be about 2 inches wide, as usual for a typical fake peephole video. And to even be shooting it, he'd have to be in the frakkin' HALLWAY, with people walking up and down it. And where's the hotel security video that should be covering all hotel hallways and would have easily shown a guy with a camcorder or cellphone crammed up against a door?

I cry fake and foul. I don't think it's her. And if it really was Andrews, she was in on it. 15 minutes are about up, honey.

The media has always found it okay to mock blonde haired woman. I don\'t know why that is. Maybe its because they dont have the Al Sharptons of the world to go on a crusade. If they aren\'t mocking Erin Andrews, they are going crazy because Tony Romo is/was dating Jessica Simpson. Why were they mocked as a couple and Dwayne wade and his gf isn\'t. Her only crime was that she had the audacity to wear a pink cowboys shirt. Then it was her fault that Romo lost. I feel bad for Andrews, but espn has been doing this frat boy act just like everybody else. Its just more painful to them when it happens to someone they know.

"So one question remains unanswered and makes the whole thing stink of publicity stunt: How the hell could this guy shoot video through a one way peephole?"

I thought that at first but it doesn't say anywhere that it was a one way peep hole.

I did see the video for research purposes only. I think it's obvious that she was set up by hotel employees. I would guess she was given a particular room that had a peep hole installed and the room next to that room was where everything was viewed from. I'm sure the people have already been caught and I predict a 5 million dollar settlement from the hotel chain which ever one it was.

So Mr. it appropriate for a major newspaper to have the EA video links in the comment section? Is there any quality control? Disappointing.

I don't know what's worse the scum who filmed EA or the lame idiots who are looking for the video/have watched the video/providing links for the video.

The woman's privacy was violated, have some decency.

Clean up these blog comments Neil. This is disgusting

"I don't know what's worse the scum who filmed EA or the lame idiots who are looking for the video/have watched the video/providing links for the video"

You forgot the self-righteous pricks that come on message boards and post what you did. :)

"You forgot the self-righteous pricks that come on message boards and post what you did. :) "

That's self-righteous? Please. Maybe next time your wife or sister or daughter can be secretly filmed in the nude and the video can be spread all around the internet with idiots panting to get a peek. Oh wait, what was it again? Watching it for research purposes..


I am deleting the links as fast as I can get to them, people.

Thanks Neil.

Though beware, those that desperately need to see the video for "research purposes" might get upset. :o)

It's unfortunate that Neil has to stay on this blog 24/7 for the next few days deleting links that are posted by commenters. (Although, in all likeliness, those links are dead rather quickly, anyway).

In response to the comment about a "one-way peephole", there is really nothing one-way about it. It's just a lens: a curved piece of glass. When you look through properly, it makes the image appear large and close. When you look through backwards, the image is tiny and distant - so small that the human eye can't make anything out. I suppose with the proper camera lenses, this could be brought back to viewable size. Now, how someone managed to rig such a contraption on the outside of a door, I don't know.

That said, it's going to be really hard, if not impossible, to rid the internet of this video. Which is sad.

This is all a publicity stunt for EA. She and ESPN are playing the idiotic public sooo well. It's either all made up, or actually happened with a script. No way that it's real, as reported. No eff-ing way. Suckers would think this is real.

Can Erin Andrews sue Carton on WFAN for character assassination? If I'm not mistaken, he just said that she set everything up for publicity. Are you kidding me? I'm not sure I could be more disgusted now.

My hunch is that you want no part of this story and you will not pursue...but who will?

Is anyone accountable anymore?

That is not an accurate characterization of what he said.

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