Rail service to Giants Stadium open for soccer Sunday

43211841.jpgI rode in a train car from Secaucus to E. Rutherford Monday with John Mara, Woody Johnson, Jon Corzine, Damien Woody, Jerricho Cotchery, Rich Seubert and Kareem McKenzie.

Then I wrote a newspaper column about the new rail service to the Meadowlands, a feature 33 years overdue.

Mara called it the most exciting element of the entire new stadium project.

It's unclear how many fans will take advantage of the spur to the Meadowlands - particularly those in far-off Long Island - but the teams hope at least 10,000 per game will.

The idea is to fill some of the tailgating gap with new stuff to do (and eat and buy) near the stadium for those arriving by train.

Also in the column, Jets executive VP Matt Higgins discusses the recent mailing offering anyone on the waiting list a shot at tickets for 2009, and Mara discusses the Giants' decision to cut prices on some club level seats for 2010.

Photo: AP

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Please find a new picture. The last thing you want to do is give Corzine any extra publicity. If he wins reelection in November, there is no way I'll be able to afford to read this blog when Newsday starts charging for online access.

Does this mean the Devils can now move back to the Meadowlands? ;)

Hey Neil,

Do you know if this will be available for the 5 Bruce Springsteen concerts there in October? Thanks.

Neil, you've probably ridden NJ Transit more in the past year than that collection of asshats has combined in their entire lives.

None of them would be caught dead on public tranpotation unless there were television cameras there to chronicle the moment.

To be clear, the asshates I was referring to were our soon to be former Governor and the money-grabbing owners of the Jets and Giants, not necessarill the players

"It was a third of a century late, but better that than never, right?"


Are you in pursuit of awkward sentence structure or does it come naturally?!

Jeremy: Yes, it's for all football games, concerts and other events (i.e. soccer) expected to draw 50,000 plus.

But the question that still goes unanswered....

Is there a bar car?

Neil, Will there still be buses from the Port Auth?

Doug9494: Yes.

Doug: I just checked with NJ Transit. The answer it yes.

Eric - The day that the Devils draw a crowd of 50,000 is the day that hell freezes over (no puns intended).

Is the Xanadu debacle expected to draw crowds of 50,000? And if so, would the Meadowlands become a regular stop for those who want to shop or downhill-ski inside of a giant, 70s-retro-painted air conditioner duct?

For those who haven't seen the eyesore that is Xanadu, see: http://www.meadowlandsxanadu.com/static/node1315.jsp

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